Book 3, Chapter 115 - Awe-inspiring presence

Just when the buddhist beads were about to descend on Bai Yang, the ordinary-looking beads began to spin and release their power.

Black light poured out, forming layers of halos that were going to surround Bai Yang. As a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, Bai Yang knew that nothing good would happen if he let this attack land on him. He swung his cane, now aiming at the beads instead of Zhao Jiuge. He wanted to destroy the lights and knock away the buddhist beads.

San Wu was already chanting, and the spirit force inside his body had begun to move. At the start, the spirit force in his body was like a dried-up stream, but it quickly became like a lake. Finally, in just a breath of time, his spirit force was like the vast sea, surging with golden light.

Bai Yang revealed a bitter smile. He knew that it was not going to be easy once he made a move. This monk looked young, but his strength was definitely not simple.

One wave started before the first wave even ended. Before the black light disappeared, another surge of powerful spirit force rushed out. Bai Yang took a deep breath, then a powerful fluctuation flew out from his body toward the golden spirit force. That powerful fluctuation was his purple origin fire!


A muffled bang echoed. San Wu’s beads shook a bit but remained stable in the air.

Bai Yang’s arm felt numb. He had managed to destroy the black light at the cost of his arm. A short moment later, San Wu began his next move. San Wu’s spirit force and Bai Yang’s purple origin fire were about to collide in the air, and San Wu was already prepared to use another move.

San Wu quickly began to form seals, and a sense of heat came from his body. Soon, a golden flame even more dazzling than the purple origin fire appeared. This was San Wu’s purple origin fire, but due to reasons, it had turned into a special kind of fire like the Happy Monk’s! The fire was golden, but upon closer inspection, it contained some milky-white color within.

All of this had happened in a flash. San Wu’s actions were so dazzling and amazing that all the spectators were shocked. Even Bai Yang felt bitter—he hadn’t wanted to actually attack, his intention had been to maintain the stalemate from before. He suddenly felt pressure from San Wu. Fortunately, San Wu had only wanted to help Zhao Jiuge stop Bai Yang and held no killing intent. Whatever Bai Yang did, he would do the same to negate the attack.

The brilliant, golden spirit force collided with the purple origin fire. After they collided, the purple fire was scattered, but the raging purple fire had destroyed the golden spirit force. Fortunately, the golden fire from San Wu’s body quickly arrived.

The two fires interweaved and lit up the night sky outside Qing Cang City, leaving the earth charred and blackened. The grass and flowers on the ground that were swept up by the fire instantly turned to ashes.

Howling sounds continued to echo. Bai Yang could see that it was very difficult to deal with this gentle-looking monk!

Bai Yang’s purple origin fire was no match for San Wu’s golden fire. The originally powerful purple fire ran when it saw the golden fire. However, it couldn’t escape its fate of being exterminated.

After destroying the purple origin fire, San Wu first recovered the buddhist beads and then recalled the remaining golden fire. The light disappeared as fast as it had appeared, and Qing Cang City quickly returned to normal.

After doing all of this, San Wu looked at the depressed Bai Yang and asked, “Do you still want to go?” 

He had a smile on his face like everything was under his control.

“Hmph, let’s go again.”

Bai Yang was enraged from his own embarrassment and wouldn't accept San Wu’s good will. Whether it was Bai Zimo’s order or his own pride, he would fight against San Wu until the end. However, at this moment, Bai Yang's mentality was subtly changing.

Bai Yang had been famous for a while, so he naturally felt unhappy to encounter San Wu, who was so young and yet was at the same cultivation level. Being pressured by San Wu was making him even more unhappy. He grabbed his cane, and the spirit force inside his body surged. As a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, he naturally had many abilities at his disposal.

Black spirit force continued to gather around his body, and soon a strange scene appeared. The black spirit force slowly covered him like a layer of sticky substance. It was clearly a special spell, and Bai Yang was no longer probing—he was launching a killing blow.

“You want to continue? I don’t want to do this anymore. Since you want to, then you can continue. I’ll just watch.”

San Wu helplessly pursed his lips and then put his buddhist beads around his wrist. Then his smiling face became solemn.

After doing all of this, San Wu closed his palms and began running toward Bai Yang. When he started sprinting, a violent spirit force seemed to be raging inside his body.

Bai Yang still hadn't moved even when San Wu closed in. He continued the spell with his cane behind him, his body standing straight.

At this moment, San Wu was less than 10 meters away from Bai Yang, but Bai Yang still didn’t move. The wrinkles on his dried skin had tightened up. He was also in a rush to complete the spell he was preparing before San Wu arrived. If he chose to dodge now, then all that effort would be wasted and he would have lost his chance at striking first.

Bai Yang could feel a dangerous aura inside San Wu, and he knew that San Wu wouldn’t approach for no reason. But he still decided to take the gamble—would he finish his spell first, or would San Wu arrive first?

The cultivators on the sidelines were completely concentrated on the two of them. They both had countless moves, not to mention the highest cultivation levels. Naturally, this exciting fight had attracted the most attention.

Everyone’s pupils enlarged and then quickly shrank because at this moment, the result of San Wu and Yang Bai’s battle had come.

In the end, San Wu had the advantage. He was five meters from Bai Yang when Bai Yang revealed a fierce expression like his spell had finished preparing. When San Wu saw this, he immediately stopped and stood in place. The violent spirit force that had been surging inside him erupted.

A smiling buddha like the one inside Zhao Jiuge had appeared around San Wu. This Buddha Law Body was different from the Sanskrit Divine Body on a fundamental level. The Buddha had a similar posture to San Wu’s, but its eyes were closed and its hands were together. The moment it appeared, layers of golden buddhist light gathered around San Wu. 

San Wu formed a seal and then a dazzling light surrounded himself and Bai Yang. The light covered everything a few dozen meters around them. If one looked closely at the light, they would see that there were golden dragons swimming in it!

After San Wu released this spell, people found it weird that such a powerful spell had no killing intent within it. Bai Yang's heart first turned cold, but then he found that nothing was happening to him. He was filled with joy, then he quickly released his own spell.

San Wu released a formation passed down by his sect. It was called the Unmoving Golden Bright King Formation. Buddhists also had various formations, but they weren’t well known to the public. This formation didn’t do much, but it was first-class in trapping people.

The fire inside San Wu’s body was the Buddhist Fire, a special fire created after cultivating the Buddhist path. One could see how strong someone was from their treasures and abilities, and San Wu was obviously no ordinary person.

The light curtain surrounded San Wu and Bai Yang, forming a pillar. There were golden dragons moving around the light curtain along with golden lotuses. The people watching were shocked, and they knew that this was not something an ordinary person could do.

Even Bai Yang was shocked, but he could not back down now. Inside the golden light, he felt a sense of pressure. He clenched his teeth, raised the cane in his hand, and began to rotate violently. His power increased with each rotation, and he shot toward San Wu, who was five meters away

The black light around Bai Yang became more and more faint with each turn. This was a spell that allowed the user to gather their strength and explode with more power than before. However, the consumption of spirit force was several times higher as well, and there would be certain aftereffects. This powerful spell was actually not very good, but it was still a spell that most cultivators couldn’t obtain. Even trash spells like these were extremely valuable to rogue cultivators.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…

Countless crisp sounds echoed. It was Bai Yang’s cane hitting the smiling buddha around San Wu. San Wu didn’t move at all—it was clear that every attack was being blocked by the smiling Buddha around him.

This formation was indeed powerful; not only could it resist this powerful attack, Bai Yang was also trapped here. He could only move within this area.

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