Book 3, Chapter 113 - Counter Attack

Bai Zimo’s eyes froze in shock. When he first noticed that Zhao Jiuge was also at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, he was surprised but not shocked.

After all, Zhao Jiuge’s cultivation level was not lower than his back then, and the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was a holy land with resources not at all inferior to what his family could provide him. Therefore, it was not shocking for Zhao Jiuge to be at the same cultivation level as him. However, when he noticed Pei Su Su and San Wu’s cultivation levels, he found that he had underestimated Zhao Jiuge. Things had taken an unexpected turn—while he had progressed, others had progressed as well. The situation had become a bit troublesome.

These thoughts flashed only for a moment in Bai Zimo’s heart before disappearing. He was a proud person, and this was the Bai family’s territory. Now that the other party had attacked, he had to respond. Most importantly, he still believed that he was better than Zhao Jiuge. Their line-up was similar, and he didn’t believe his guards would lose against these youths.

“Old Bai, Li Changhao, let’s all move. Go for the kill.” Bai Zimo sneered before letting out a roar. When Zhao Jiuge heard this, he frowned and then the killing intent in his heart soared.

The first person to make a move was naturally the angry Pei Su Su. She quickly launched an attack against Li Changhao. Her sword appeared in her hand and she repeatedly swung it to fill the sky with rays of sword energy.

The second person to make a move was naturally Zhao Jiuge. He didn’t release sword energy but instead charged at Bai Zimo. His aura intensified as he closed in, and a layer of rich, golden light appeared about him. It was his Sanskrit Divine Body. After taking the two elixirs, his Sanskrit Divine Body had become much more powerful. Pei Su Su said it was like a very durable tortoise shell.

San Wu didn’t make a move and continued to turn the beads in his hand. He stared at the old man without moving. He would naturally not kill, plus he didn’t like to fight. However, being with Zhao Jiuge seemed to make it difficult to avoid trouble. His task was to simply hold off this old man at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

As those attacks closed in on Bai Zimo, his eyes narrowed and he was filled with battle intent. The day he had waited years for had finally come. Today, he was going to wash away the shame from back then and let Zhao Jiuge know that he was stronger.

He injected spirit force into his sword and a burst of cyan erupted as he met Zhao Jiuge’s attack head-on. He felt like this was the only way to prove that he was stronger. After being expelled from the sect, he had not given up on cultivation. In fact, he had redoubled his efforts, waiting for this day to drive. He was going to prove that he was more dazzling than Zhao Jiuge.

Neither side cared about the guard from the Bai family because he was far too weak to matter here. However, for some reason, he seemed to not fear death and rushed forward, wanting to impress Bai Zimo. Zhao Jiuge saw him from the corner of his eye but completely ignored him. At a certain difference in cultivation levels, numbers would stop matteriing—the gap was simply too large. This guard was destined to end up with a miserable fate.

Facing Zhao Jiuge’s attack, Bai Zimo rushed forward; however, Bai Yang and Li Changhao’s actions were the complete opposite.

Monstrous amounts of sword energy appeared around Li Changhao. His eyes were still cold and the spirit force inside his body continued to gather. After a certain point, when he started to feel the sharpness of the sword energy around him, he finally made his move.

The originally thin blood mist on the blade became more intense and rushed out from the tip of the sword. Li Changhao only made one strike with all the sword energy he had gathered!

The blood-colored blade was only a medium-quality spirit treasure, but its power was no weaker than the rays of sword energy covering the sky.

A large ray of sword energy flew out like a curved, blood-colored moon, looking particularly beautiful in the night. It was covered by a blood mist, and the moment it came into contact, those rays of sword energy disappeared.

In the end, the sky filled with sword energy disappeared together with the blood mist. The probing strikes from both sides ended in a draw. Pei Su Su calmed down and no longer underestimated Li Changhao. Someone who could reach the Nascent Soul Realm could not be simple, and all Nascent Soul Realm cultivators had tempered their bodies inside a spirit vein. 

Now that her anger had faded, she realized that the opponent before her was not simple. She thought that if it weren’t for her extraordinary heritage and treasures, she would not necessarily be his match. Suddenly, Pei Su Su felt pressure, and soon both sides began launching powerful attacks at each other.

As for Bai Yang, he carefully looked at the young monk who gave off the same level of aura as himself. Although the enemy was young, Bai Yang didn’t dare to be careless. He felt a vague sense of danger from San Wu, and this shook his heart.

San Wu only had a smile on his face as he harmlessly turned the buddhist beads in his hand. Bai Yang was happy to do nothing at all too. As long as he could keep San Wu in check, it was fine. Bai Yang found that he had no will to fight this little monk, and this created a strange scene. The others were fiercely fighting, while this old man and the young monk were just staring at each other.

When the surrounding people saw this, they wanted to laugh, but no one dared to mock them. The auras these two gave off were powerful enough to make them feel suffocated.

On the other side, Bai Zimo and Zhao Jiuge were in a fierce battle, and both were holding flying swords. Zhao Jiuge hadn’t yet used the cold phoenix in his sword because it was too precious and might lure unwanted trouble.

After a short 50-meter run, Zhao Jiuge’s Sanskrit Divine Body had been completely released, a layer of rich, golden light covering his body. After taking the two elixirs, the golden light showed signs of turning solid. With the Sanskrit Divine Body activated and a top-quality spirit treasure in hand, Zhao Jiuge was not afraid of another cultivator at the same cultivation realm as him. He believed that very few people had a higher grade spirit core than him.

Bai Zimo’s body underwent a clear change while running, but it was not as obvious. When Bai Zimo saw Zhao Jiuge’s golden Sanskrit Divine Body, he let out a cold snort. “After all these years, it's still the same old tricks. Do you think you’re the only one with a protection spell now?”

While thinking this, a layer of spirit light surrounded his body. The cyan spirit force took the form of a suit of armor around him. This was the Bai family’s unique spell, the Cyan Spirit Heavenly Armor. After reaching a certain threshold with this spell, a heavenly suit of armor would be formed around the user’s body. It was very different from the body armor one could wear.

After releasing both their body protection spells, the two of them were less than 10 meters apart. Both could feel the violent spirit force fluctuations from each other’s bodies.

Both of them decided to go for the direct approach. Perhaps it was because this was the best way to prove their strength.

Both swords shined brightly, and Zhao Jiuge directly used the third layer of the Mysterious Heaven Sword art.

Bai Zimo decided to use a sword art as well. His Bai family naturally didn’t lack spells or sword arts. However, when he entered the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, the family was still very happy. After all, a holy land had a much stronger foundation than their Bai family. Later, Bai Zimo failed the test and was expelled from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect because he feared death. When he returned, he naturally learned the Bai family’s sword art. For the three years that Bai Zimo had spent at the sect, he only had access to the first layer and was not qualified to learn the later layers.

However, thanks to the foundation laid by the three years at the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, Bai Zimo’s sword art had improved greatly. As long as a solid foundation was laid, there was no fear of building a building too high.

Bai Zimo had always held a grudge in his heart because he had repeatedly lost to Zhao Jiuge. He felt that he was better than Zhao Jiuge in every way and was unconvinced by what had happened. Now, after years of cultivation, he had a chance to display his power in Qing Cang City.

A brilliant light came from Bai Zimo’s sword, along with a sword art containing a mysterious intent. The sword intent contained killing intent like there was an entire army rushing at an enemy.

Zhao Jiuge’s sword art contained the vast power of the sun and moon. It was as dense as water but as fierce as fire.

At this moment, the area around them was covered with people, everyone excitedly watching the two fights. People only watched Bai Yang and San Wu for a moment before losing interest in them.

A fight between powerful cultivators like this was rare, and Zhao Jiuge and Bai Zimo’s attacks were about to collide!

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