Book 3, Chapter 112 - Pursue

There weren’t many people walking around Qing Cang City, so Zhao Jiuge and company only took a few minutes to escape out the gate.

Their mood when leaving the city was very different from when they entered. It was night, but the city gate was still bright. There were still some stalls outside the city trying to make a bit more money before turning in for the night. When the three of them rushed by, everyone turned around in shock.

After exiting the city, Zhao Jiuge relaxed a bit. He was confident with his two Dao Origin Realm sword energy treasures, plus he was certain Pei Su Su also had some powerful cards, but they weren’t absolute security. Who knew what kind of hidden power a long standing family would have. Now that they were free from the shackles of the formation, the three of them were a bit more secure.

Pei Su Su was the first to leave the city, followed by Zhao Jiuge, and San Wu causally followed the two of them.

Seeing Pei Su Su pause, Zhao Jiuge had a good idea what she was thinking. He also looked back at the city and said, “Let’s run a bit more so it's more convenient to escape. Then we can see if any helpers from the Bai family came as well.”

Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su were a bit worried about Bai Zimo and his two escorts, but they were not afraid. They were definitely not willing to suffer this kind of humiliation without some payback. As for San Wu, he was simply here to join them in whatever mess they got into.

When they were about 300 meters away from Qing Cang City, the three of them stopped and released fierce auras. Zhao Jiuge stood in the middle with his sword out, which was emitting a glow. His eyes narrowed as he watched several figures leave the gate.

Pei Su Su was standing on Zhao Jiuge’s left, but she hadn’t taken out any treasures. Her green robe was fluttering in the wind, outlining her beautiful body. Her face was coated with a layer of frost that made her look somewhat cold.

San Wu was to Zhao Jiuge’s right, and his yellow monk-robe fluttered in the night wind. There was no concern on his face—it was as if he had already reached a realm of detachment. His right hand turned his buddhist beads while he looked at the magnificent Qing Cang City.

Bai Zimo’s group of three were just outside the city. He originally planned to immediately blade soar to chase after Zhao Jiuge, but when he saw Zhao Jiuge waiting for them, he was shocked. Then he began to laugh in anger.

Shortly after, a large number of cultivators poured out from the city. They didn’t expect to see the two sides facing off. They thought those three unfortunate souls would  flee, but instead they were stupid enough to wait here. From the looks of things, they wanted to fight the Bai family’s young master, and it looked like there would be a good show to watch.

When the people outside the city saw the people swarming out, they seemed to understand something. When they noticed the situation with Bai Zimo and Zhao Jiuge, some even stopped their business to watch. Something like this didn’t happen often!

However, everyone was afraid of getting too close. Some of the weaker cultivators even hid behind the city walls and could only see the dense crowd ahead. They knew how powerful Bai Zimo’s guards were, and they were afraid of getting caught. This was an empty field and a great place for battle.

It had been many years since Qing Cang City had been this lively, and so more people poured outside. When Zhao Jiuge saw that, he couldn’t help but frown. The more people there were, the bigger this matter would become. If this became too big, the higher-ups of the Bai family would find out.

“Each person takes one and we’ll make a preemptive blow. Finish the fight quickly, and when I say ‘scatter,’ don’t keep fighting.”

Zhao Jiuge spoke with a tense voice. In the past, he avoided trouble at all costs, but he remembered his teacher’s words. He not only represented himself, but also the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, and he was the Chief Head Disciple! If he really fled in a sorry state like this, it would affect his sword art greatly. Not to mention it was indeed hard to swallow being chased out like this.

Pei Su Su and San Wu both nodded. Neither of them was stupid. They knew that once the Bai family’s helpers arrived, they would have to leave, no matter how unwilling they were. They only feared that the elders of the Bai family would come. No matter how talented they were, it would be a very difficult situation.

When Bai Zimo saw Zhao Jiuge standing there, he was no longer in a rush. He slowly walked forward with Li Changhao and Bai Yang and stopped about 100 meters away from Zhao Jiuge.

At night, Qing Cang City was not as magnificent as it was in the day, but it was still bright. The lights of the city could still be seen from far, far away.

Bai Zimo was at the center, and his handsome face was locked onto Zhao Jiuge with a playful smile. He spread out his late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivation, making his clothes flutter. He held his sword tightly in his hand, and when he looked at Zhao Jiuge, he felt like he had already seen himself capture him.

Bai Yang was standing behind Bai Zimo to the left. This old man no longer had that sleepy expression, and his eyes were filled with life. He released his late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation and then the cane in his hand shined brightly. It turned out to be a magic treasure!

The entire cane was brownish-black and made of some unknown material. There were patterns carved throughout its length, with a life-like dragon head carved at the top. The mouth of the dragon was slightly open, and there was a crystal bead inside. It was clearly a precious material that increased the quality of the treasure.

To the right of Bai Zimo was Li Changhao, who had the aura of a silent wolf. He gave off a gloomy mid-stage Nascent Soul Realm aura. He was shrewd and capable, and he carried a large blade that was 1.5 meters long. The blade was blood-red, and it looked like there was blood mist flowing out of its edge. There seemed to be a blood tank on the hilt of the blade.

At this moment, they stood beside Bai Zimo. Since Bai Zimo hadn’t ordered it, they wouldn't take the lead. The main mission was to simply protect Bai Zimo and occasionally help with his bullying. They didn’t consider the three youngsters a threat. Although Pei Su Su and San Wu had released their spirit force, they hadn’t revealed their true strength.

Just at this moment, a figure flashed through the night and arrived beside Bai Zimo. It was one of the three guards from the Bai family. Two of them had returned to the Bai family to get helpers. He only had Foundation Realm cultivation, so he only arrived now.

The four of them looked fiercely at Zhao Jiuge’s group of three. However, Zhao Jiuge and company were very calm. It was as if they weren’t in the Bai family’s territory and showed no hint of fear.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge in a difficult situation, Bai Zimo revealed a proud smile and said, “Hmph, Jiuge, why are you not running anymore? Did you finally give up on the idea of running away? I’ll give you a chance. I don’t bully you with numbers, I alone am enough to deal with you. I’m going to settle the grudge between us from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.”

Although Bai Zimo had become more handsome, he was still petty like back when he was at the sect.

There were likely thousands of people watching from the crowd already. Most of them had low cultivation and some were even enemies of the four families. When they heard Bai Zimo’s words, they were shocked .They hadn’t expected the young man in black to be a disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

And it couldn’t be an ordinary disciple. When Bai Zimo entered the Mysterious Heaven Sword, one of the holy lands, it caused a sensation across the entire city. Then it caused another sensation when he was expelled. It wasn’t difficult to come to the conclusion that this young man must have had a higher status than Bai Zimo in the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

While the crowd was noisily guessing Zhao Jiuge’s identity, something shocking happened. The young man in the black robe and his two companions completely ignored Bai Zimo’s words. Instead, they released their spirit force and rushed toward Bai Zimo.

The people who didn’t know what was happening were shocked, thinking they were all courting death. Forget Bai Zimo’s cultivation, just the two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were enough to deal with them. Many people assumed they were doomed, but Pei Su Su and San Wu released their full cultivation, leaving everyone shocked. It seemed like these three youths were so daring because they had the strength to be.

The beautiful woman and young monk had mid stage and late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation respectively, no worse than Bai Zimo’s side, not to mention they were much younger. It was now clear which side had the advantage.

The spectators went into an uproar and were very happy that there might be a good show to watch. Bai Zimo was used to being a tyrant, but it seemed like he had kicked a metal plate today. Many people were long sick of the arrogance of the four families.

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