Book 3, Chapter 111 - If I Can Afford to Offend, I Can Still Afford to Hide

“You want to run? Do you think that’s possible?”

Seeing that Zhao Jiuge was about to run, Bai Zimo was naturally not willing to let it happen. He quickly pulled out his flying sword, and it released a dazzling, green glow.

Bai Zimo didn’t even blink, brandishing the sword in his hand without a second thought. A ray of sword energy flew toward Zhao Jiuge. It was strong enough to kill, showing how much Bai Zimo hated Zhao Jiuge.

After being expelled from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, Bai Zimo had continued to focus on sword arts and also his family’s secret arts. Normally, one was not allowed to fight inside Qing Cang City, but Bai Zimo stopped caring when he noticed that Zhao Jiuge was about to run. After all, the four families were the ones setting the rules, and the formation only prevented people from flying.


Feeling the spirit force fluctuations behind him Zhao Jiuge let out a snort of disdain. When he saw Bai Zimo release his spirit force, he forcefully pushed Pei Su Su and San Wu along, indicating for them to go first.

Then he took out his sword and released his sword art without hesitation. A ray of silver sword energy flew out like a dragon toward Bai Zimo’s attack.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them collided and the victor was decided. Bai Zimo’s sword energy shattered and disappeared.

The remaining sword energy shot toward Bai Zimo’s head. Noticing this, Bai Yang suddenly opened his drowsy eyes. He didn’t do anything, but his powerful spirit force fluctuations destroyed the residual sword energy. Unfortunately, the two rooms were not so lucky. The well-decorated walls were destroyed and the first floor could be seen.

The shocked Bai Zimo said, “Good, good, good!”

Bai Zimo was originally feeling smug about his own strength, but in the first exchange, he was forced to suffer a loss against Zhao Jiuge and had his guard protect him. This made Bai Zimo furious, and his hatred for Zhao Jiuge grew deeper. In his mind, that was only a hasty attack and that it didn’t mean Zhao Jiuge was stronger. After all, wasn't Zhao Jiuge also only at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm?

After this short exchange, Zhao Jiuge’s group of three disappeared from the second floor  down to the first floor.

The exchange had shocked the other guests. Could it be that some cultivators had formed a grudge during the auction? But who would be so bold as to make a move here? Normally, they would leave the city and have a big fight, and some people were even killed for the items they bought. Who was so arrogant to make a move here?

This rare event suddenly made the cultivators excited again. They quickly hid far away, preparing to watch the show. At the same time, they wanted to know what had happened.

“Chase! Capture that young man, you must capture him.”

After Bai Zimo shouted, he charged down the stairs. Li Changhao and Bai Yang looked at each other, but they naturally had to follow Bai Zimo. As Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, they didn’t have to listen to Bai Zimo, only protect him. However, since they were under the Bai family, sometimes they had to do something against their will.

“Bai Zimo, you stinky brat, if you want to cause trouble, do it outside. Your Bai family also has a share in this auction. If anything gets broken, call your father here to pay for it.”

Li Lanxin had already figured out what was going on. After seeing the broken box, she couldn’t help but shout at Bai Zimo. Even Bai Zimo’s father would have to treat her politely as an equal if he came, so there was nothing wrong with what she had said.

“Auntie Li, after I deal with this issue, I’ll come and pay you back for this,” Bai Zimo shouted without even turning back. He then resumed chasing after Zhao Jiuge.

The cultivators who had come to watch the show finally realized what was going on. When they realized that it was the Bai family’s young master, they understood who would dare to make a move in the auction house supported by the four families. They sympathized with the two men and one woman who had rushed out. There were no good endings for people who offended the Bai family’s young master.

Zhao Jiuge’s group of three had already left the auction house. Bai Zimo and his two guards had only gone down from the second floor to the first floor when they ran into the guard he had sent out earlier.

“Young Master, Senior Li said that they have nothing to do with the Li family. You can deal with them as you wish, just don’t cause too much of a mess.” Seeing that Bai Zimo was not happy, the guard was very careful, fearing Bai Zimo’s bad temper

After hearing this, Bai Zimo revealed a gloomy smile. As long as Zhao Jiuge had no relation with the Li family, everything would be fine. Zhao Jiuge being an inner disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect didn’t matter. If he died, he could only blame himself for not being strong enough; even his teacher wouldn’t know how he died. Zhao Jiuge could only blame his own bad luck for coming into Bai Zimo’s territory.

“Go back and tell people to head straight to the city gate, there is no need to come here. They are likely trying to escape the city.”

Bai Zimo revealed a sinister smile. After issuing the command, he gave chase, and Li Changhao and Bai Yang followed. He no longer cared about what others thought of him, because he was completely blinded by hatred. As long as he could get his revenge, he wouldn't mind turning the entire city upside down. After all, he had the elders in his family to sort things out for him.

A young man in black and a beautiful woman with an annoyed expression were running through the streets of Qing Cang City with a young monk following them. Their bodies were covered in spirit force, and if not for the formation guarding the city, they would have already flown away instead.

The passers-by were all shocked when the three of them ran by. They wondered if those three were not afraid of the four families.

The three of them didn’t care about what they thought, but if they got trapped in the city by the people of the Bai family, it would be difficult. If they could leave the city and fly, then they could go wherever they wished.

“I’m so angry. When has this old lady had to suffer like this? I don’t like that guy at all, I really want to teach him a lesson.”

Pei Su Su was extremely unhappy and spoke with her teeth clenched. This was the first time in her life someone had chased her like this.

Zhao Jiuge looked behind him and said to Pei Su Su, “I don’t like this either, but we can’t fight here. Once we leave the city, we can take advantage of the situation and teach Bai Zimo a lesson. If we leave the city, I’m confident in escaping.”

He was only afraid of being trapped inside the city, where they didn’t have the means to deal with a longstanding family. Once they were out of the city, even if they couldn’t win, they could still escape.

“Then let’s do that. If I don’t settle this grudge, I won’t be able to sleep at night. Once we leave the city, San Wu, you leave first. The two of us have life-saving measures.” Pei Su Su’s expression was gloomy and she was plotting something.

“What? Do you two think you’re the only ones with hidden cards? That I can’t have any? Both of you are telling me to leave, but I’ve already said I’m not leaving, so I’m not leaving. I’ll accompany you both to create as big of a mess as you two want!” San Wu normally never talked back to Pei Su Su and would deliberately pretend not to hear her. This was the first time he dared to talk back like this.

“Oh? So young but still so righteous. Seeing your good performance, this old lady won’t make fun of you anymore.”

The moment the two of them talked back and forth, Pei Su Su’s mood got better. If they weren’t running for their lives, she would be laughing.

“That’s right, do you think I’m like you two? I help you guys fight, but you two won’t even get me anything to eat or drink. Anyways, ever since I met you two, it has been endless trouble.”

San Wu always had an innocent look on his face. It felt like he was constantly pretending to look simple!

Pei Su Su and Zhao Jiuge smiled, perhaps this kind of life was pretty good. No matter what, at least they were accompanied by their beloved ones. Their impressions of San Wu changed a lot after this. Pei Su Su was already on guard against San Wu, and now she relaxed her guard a lot more.

Just at this moment, the three of them felt three fluctuations of spirit before behind them, and each one contained a hint of killing intent. Bai Zimo’s group of three had caught up!

When Zhao Jiuge felt Bai Zimo catching up, he frowned and gently reminded everyone, “Run faster! Once we leave the city, we can get our revenge. We must hurry!”

Two men and a woman covered in spirit force rushed through the city. Everyone before them could only quickly move out of the way in fear of getting caught up. After all, if you lacked strength, you could only endure.

Behind them was a handsome young man, a cold-looking middle-aged man, and a pale old man chased after. They were filled with killing intent, and monstrous spirit force surged inside their bodies.

The passers-by only stared at this and had a general understanding of what happened. It had been a long time since someone dared to provoke the four families like this.

However, most people recognized Bai Zimo and knew that the people running ahead must have offended him. Bai Zimo didn’t have a good reputation, but some cultivators did not worry about trouble and followed them. The six people running through the city had already reached the main road. It was obvious they were heading toward the city gate. More and more people became hot-blooded and followed them toward the gate. There was power in the number of people, and this was no expectation when watching a show.

The sensation caused by this had quickly spread across the entire city, and some people immediately rushed outside the city to watch. Some people were hoping Zhao Jiuge’s group got caught, then there would be a good show to watch.

However, most people believed that Zhao Jiuge’s group would be finished once they left the city. Once they left the restriction of the formation around the city, how could Zhao Jiuge’s group be a match for Bai Zimo and two famous Nascent Soul Realm cultivators?

If one looked down the city from above, they would see that everyone was moving in the same direction that Zhao Jiuge’s group was moving.

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