Book 3, Chapter 110 - So It Was You!

Bai Zimo helplessly said, “This Junior had eyes but couldn’t see Mount Tai. I wonder, what family are you from, Senior? How about this junior gives this Herculean Spirit Ape soul fragment to Senior as a gift for his sins!”

Although a soul fragment was valuable and he really needed it, it was nothing compared to offending a Spirit Sea Realm cultivator.

The main issue was that this Spirit Sea Realm cultivator was a friend of his old ancestor. If he offended this old man, his ancestor would not spare him, even though he was the eldest son. After all, a Spirit Sea Realm cultivator was very important when the family faced great danger.

Seeing Bai Zimo immediately becoming respectful, the old man’s expression softened a bit. He then said, “Why would an elder like me want something from a junior like you? Since it looks like you can be respectful, I’ll let this matter go.”

After the old man finished speaking, he chuckled and said, “The Bai family’s descendents act more arrogantly than the last using their family name. However, this kind of energy is good. The auction is over and this old man will take his leave first. When you go back, greet your ancestor for me.”

There was no movement inside the box after this, only a wave of spirit force fluctuations could be felt. It was obvious that the old man had left with his disciple. There was no need for Spirit Sea Realm cultivators to use the door.

Although the old man had already left, Bai Zimo maintained his posture and attitude, not daring to slack the slightest. His heart was still in shock, and he didn’t know whether he was lucky or not to have something like this happen to him. Fortunately, he hadn’t offended that senior; otherwise, if the senior had decided not to give his ancestor any face, the result would not have been pretty.

Thinking about this, Bai Zimo couldn’t help but feel lucky and relaxed a bit. A Spirit Sea Realm cultivator was very powerful. Even a Spirit Core Realm cultivator would be able to build their own footing to gain resources, much less a Spirit Sea Realm cultivator.

After waiting for a long time, Bai Zimo only returned to normal once he was certain that the old man was gone. He ordered one of the guards to pick the soul fragment up. There was naturally no need for him to pay right away. The Li family would send someone to the Bai family to collect it. They were naturally not afraid of the Bai family not paying up.

Seeing that there was no movement upstairs, the people below began to talk. The aura from the Spirit Sea Realm cultivator had made it hard for them to even breathe. Both the Bai family and the old man were behemoths that none of them could afford to offend.

After the auction ended, the VIPs on the second floor left one by one. However, they were not as powerful as the old man, so they left through the front door. The first floor was much more empty now, and the only people that refused to leave were the ones that wanted to look at Li Lanxin a bit more. Li Lanxin was happy to comply because these people made money for her family. The sales today were very good, which made Li Lanxin very happy. Her chest trembled from her laughter, causing the male cultivators’ eyes to almost fall out from staring.

When the auction was over, Zhao Jiuge felt that it was a bit regrettable. He called Pei Su Su and San Wu to leave. They opened the door and walked toward the stairs. He saw the people leave from the box next door out of the corner of his eye, but he didn’t mind and walked ahead.

Although Zhao Jiuge didn’t care about the other group, they cared! Heaven sometimes likes to make fun of people like this. The Li family box and the Bai family box were right next to each other, and the group that was coming out was Bai Zimo’s group, who had just bought the Hercule Spirit Ape soul fragment.

“Zhao Jiuge! It really is you!”

The first person to walk out of the box was Bai Zimo. When he saw Zhao Jiuge’s side, he couldn’t help but shout out in surprise. It turned out that the figure he had caught a glimpse of when he first entered the building was really Zhao Jiuge!

Li Changhao and Bai Yang stopped when they heard Bai Zimo’s voice. They began to observe the three figures on the other side. The three guards remained silent.

Hearing someone call out his name, Zhao Jiuge quickly looked back. Pei Su Su and San Wu were a bit shocked—they weren’t expecting to encounter Zhao Jiuge’s acquaintances here.

At this moment, both sides were looking at each other, and Zhao Jiuge was even more shocked. Looking at the jade-like face that had matured but still remained the same, Zhao Jiuge exclaimed, “It’s you, Bai Zimo!”

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge remembered many things from the past. Back in the outer sect, Bai Zimo was very arrogant due to his family. He didn’t expect to meet Bai Zimo years later in Qing Cang City. It was clear now that the Bai family, one of the four families that ruled the city, was Bai Zimo’s family.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t recall their grievances at first, and a strange sense of reunion arose. When he saw Bai Zimo, he thought about when he first entered the sect.

“Hahahaha, heaven has eyes for me to actually meet you. After failing to enter the inner sect and being expelled by the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to get my revenge. I silently waited for a chance to meet you outside the sect to wash away the shame from back then. I didn’t expect this day to come so soon. Hahaha”

After the initial shock, Bai Zimo was filled with excitement. His face was distorted and his eyes were filled with killing intent. This was Qing Cang City, the Bai family’s home turf. Playing with Zhao Jiuge would be very simple. Forget venting his anger, even killing Zhao Jiuge would be easy.

Seeing Bai Zimo’s killing intent and crazed smile, Pei Su Su and San Wu couldn’t help but frown. The difference was that San Wu thought Zhao Jiuge had caused trouble before and now it had returned to bite him, whereas Pei Su Su thought that the blockhead must have been bullied when he first entered the sect. Her expression became ugly.

After seeing Bai Zimo's attitude, Zhao Jiuge’s mood changed and everything from the past slowly came back to him. Back then, the feud between the disciples from the wealthy and poor families was very deep, and the feud between Zhao Jiuge and Bai Zimo was undoubtedly the deepest.

“Bai Feng, hurry back home and call more people. Today, I’m going to make him stay here to vent my anger.

“Bai Lei, go ask Li Lanxi what relationship that boy has with the Li family to come out of their box.”

Bai Zimo had directed these orders at the guards. Although he was arrogant, he was not stupid. This was the Bai family’s territory and he had two Nascent Soul Realm guards, but for safety’s sake, he wouldn’t make any reckless decisions. Since Zhao Jiuge’s group of three had just exited the Li family’s box, he wanted to be sure of their relationship with the Li family. He didn’t want the relationship between the Bai and Li families to break down over this matter. The two men in white quickly followed Bai Zimo’s orders.

Bai Zimo looked at Zhao Jiuge, and when he thought about how he could step on Zhao Jiuge later today, he couldn’t help but feel happy. Unable to help himself, he proudly said, “Zhao Jiuge, there aren’t rules here like in the sect. I’m no longer a disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, and this is my territory. You’d find it difficult to escape this city even if you had wings. I advise you to give yourself up to suffer a bit less.”

After returning to the family, Bai Zimo's heart had been weighed down, and it was because he couldn’t settle his grievances with Zhao Jiuge. Although he had been expelled from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, Bai Zimo was not concerned. He just thought about finding a chance to get revenge. Today, it seemed like his chance had finally arrived, and his body shook from the excitement.

Pei Su Su frowned and asked, “Blockhead, what’s up?” 

She completely ignored Bai Zimo’s words, and while San Wu was quiet, he could tell that the matter was serious from Bai Zimo’s expression. He silently waited for Zhao Jiuge’s answer.

“It’s no big deal, just a little grudge from when I first entered the sect. I didn’t expect to run into their territory. But this might be a bit troublesome. San Wu, run as far away from this place as you can. The Bai family is not some weak family, they are not a group we can fight. The further from the Huang Province, the better.”

Zhao Jiuge’s expression was serious and he couldn’t help but curse. There were too many coincidences in this world. He had thought he would never interact with those people again. However, he was overthinking the situation. The Bai family’s elders would not bother with this, because Bai Zimo was merely the young master, not the family head. The elders wouldn’t help Bai Zimo with this small matter. They would only make a move if people attempted to kill Bai Zimo for no reason. Otherwise, these old fellows were too lazy to bother with anything else.

San Wu unhappily said, “Hmph, what do you take me for? Aren’t friends supposed to help in times like this? Also, this is merely a small matter—this little monk had been through worse.”

Those words had made him feel like Zhao Jiuge didn’t consider him a friend.

Zhao Jiuge revealed a knowing smile. Although he didn’t say anything, he remembered this. However, San Wu was still young, and pretending to act mature made him look funny.

“Give up? If you want to capture this old lady, we’ll have to see if you have the ability!”

After hearing Zhao Jiuge explain the situation, Pei Su Su’s temper erupted and her words completely broke her image of an elegant lady. She didn’t even have to think about it to know that it must have been the other who had started this feud, given Zhao Jiuge’s personality. Other people bullying Zhao Jiuge made her more angry than other people bullying herself.

Zhao Jiuge frowned and pulled Pei Su Su before shouting at San Wu, “Let’s get out of here first, there is no need to waste time talking to them. Once more people come, we really won’t be able to leave.”

As the three of them quickly walked toward the exit downstairs, Zhao Jiuge felt anger in his heart. Unless he had to, he really didn’t want to needlessly form more feuds with others, but sensing the killing intent coming from Bai Zimo, this matter would not end so easily.

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