Book 3, Chapter 109 - Hearing an Old Acquaintance

“10 million.”

Before one wave settled, another wave started. Before Bai Zimo’s voice finished reverberating through the room, an old and hoarse voice shocked everyone.

The owner of this old voice hadn’t tried to hide his identity at all. It had come from the box diagonal to the Bai family’s box. Following his voice were faint spirit force fluctuations. These fluctuations made people’s hearts stop—this person was at the Spirit Sea Realm!

This time even Li Lanxin was a little shocked. Her seductive, red lips were open and her eyes were wide. However, she was immediately filled with joy. The auction had just started and it had reached 10 million already. The soul fragment was only valued at four million, so it was already more than twice its value. She couldn’t help but be happy about this. Although she was surprised at the old man’s Spirit Sea Realm cultivation, she was more concerned about the spirit stones. There were not a lot of Spirit Sea Realm cultivators around Qing Cang City, but there were still a few old fellows who showed up from time to time.

“My God, 10 million spirit stones. I have never seen so many spirit stones in my life.”

“Are you stupid? Don’t you see his cultivation level? With his Spirit Sea Realm cultivation, spirit stones aren’t worth much to him.”

“There is a good show to watch. One is the Bai family’s young master, while the old man is someone at the Spirit Sea Realm. The two of them should be able to compete financially, and the Bai family’s young master won’t have to worry about the old man’s cultivation.”

There was never a lack of people who wanted to watch a good show. They hoped things would get more fierce so the spectacle could be greater.

The auction had just started and the price had risen to this point. This caused some of the VIPs on the second floor to smile bitterly. Some had wanted to bid, but they immediately gave up. For one, they lacked the Bai family’s financial resources, and two, they didn’t have the Bai family’s strength.

The bids the two of them had placed might have shocked other people, but they didn’t affect Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su, who came from extraordinary backgrounds. Zhao Jiuge was surprised that a Spirit Sea Realm cultivator would appear here, while Pei Su Su was on guard against something. There weren’t many Spirit Sea Realm cultivators around, and they should all be famous people.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge frowned and seemed to remember something.

“What’s the matter? Are you moved by the soul fragment? Although spirit stones are worthless to me, I didn’t bring that many. However, if you want it, I can buy it and just trade some items with the auction house.” Pei Su Su looked serious when she saw Zhao Jiuge’s expression. She thought that he was tempted by this soul fragment.

“No, it’s just that the young man’s voice is very familiar, as if I've heard it before.” Zhao Jiuge tried to recall who that voice belonged to. However, when he tried to recall, he couldn’t quite put a face to it, which made him frown even more.

Zhao Jiuge had almost completely forgotten about Bai Zimo. After that test to enter the inner sect, the disciples that hadn’t qualified had all been kicked out from the sect. This naturally included Wang Baiwan, Li Yinger, Bai Zimo, and other old acquaintances. Back then, Zhao Jiuge, Leng Rufeng, and Luo Xue had quite the feud with them, but this feud had naturally disappeared now that most of them were gone.

After being in the inner sect for so many years, Zhao Jiuge had forgotten about most of the people from the outer sect. The only people he remembered were his two brothers Leng Rufeng and Luo Xue. The only other person was Bai Qingqing, who had accompanied him for three years in the outer sect. Every time he thought about the alluring Bai Qingqing, he wondered if she was safe and doing well. He wondered if she had already found a man she loved. Was she accompanying that man like she had accompanied himself back then?

Whenever Zhao Jiuge thought about this, he had to push those thoughts away. He only knew that he would certainly go look for her someday. It didn’t matter if she already had someone she loved, he had to find her to make sure she was safe. If for nothing else, he would find her because of his promise to travel the 13 provinces with her.

A laugh broke Zhao Jiuge’s reminiscence, and he couldn't help but angrily glare at San Wu.

“I thought you were only interested in women and to find a way to talk to them. However, now I realize you go both ways. Not only are you interested in women, you are interested in men as well.”

After finishing the two plates of cake, San Wu had nothing left to eat and was just lying in his belly. He couldn’t help but laugh and tease Zhao Jiuge. After following Pei Su Su for a while, the only thing he had learned was how to tease people.

Pei Su Su couldn’t help but laugh until tears came out, she didn’t care about her elegant image. She didn’t think that this little monk could get so good at teasing people. However, Zhao Jiuge liked her for her straightforward personality. She was bold enough to love, laugh, and cry. She wouldn’t change her behavior for someone else.

“You're a monk and so young. You weren’t taught anything properly at home, but now you know all about the matters between men and women.”

Zhao Jiuge was not as good-tempered as Pei Su Su, and so he scolded San Wu. San Wu’s words had made him angry, but he wanted to laugh at the same time.

“Didn’t I learn it from you? I finally understand what my teacher meant when he said that you learn good from good people and you learn evil from evil people.”

Although San Wu didn’t dare to argue with Zhao Jiuge, when he lowered his head, he couldn’t help but get the last word in. This made Pei Su Su laugh even harder.

The atmosphere inside the Bai family box was very different. Seeing someone openly provoking him by increasing the price by two million spirit stones had made Bai Zimo extremely angry.

“12 million!” While angered, Bai Zimo increased the price without hesitation. Normally, he would ask people to inquire about the other party to see who was crazy enough to bid against him. However, he had felt the faint Spirit Sea Realm aura from the old man. This old man was not ordinary and was even giving him a warning.

Although he wouldn’t dare to do anything due to the old man’s cultivation, he still had to get his face back in public. He couldn’t compete with the old man’s strength, but he was not afraid to compete financially. Bai Zimo’s eyes were shining and his chest started heaving up and down. He wondered if the old man was going to increase the price.

Inside the big box, the old man couldn’t stop smiling and shook his head. He muttered, “That Old Monster Bai has such monstrous strength but his great-grandson is so stupid. I’ve already warned him with my cultivation, yet he still dared to increase the price. Does he really think spirit stones aren't money? If not for Old Monster Bai, I would smack that boy a few times.”

Looking at his teacher’s expression, the young man behind the old man couldn’t help but laugh. Most old monsters had strange temperaments, but his teacher was quite mild in comparison. A cultivator at the Spirit Sea Realm was even willing to give some face to the four families. Today, he had just come here on a whim and had made a last-second decision to buy this item to refine a treasure for his favorite disciple. Who knew that his old friend’s great-grandson would compete with him?

The old man looked at his introverted disciple and said with an irritated tone, “What are you laughing at? You didn’t learn anything from me besides my good temper. I just don’t want to bother competing with my old friend’s descendent. You won’t be getting your treasure today. I want to see if you can still laugh now.”

“It’s fine. I know that my teacher will still help me refine a treasure eventually, and I know that its quality and attribute won’t be bad.” The young man smiled.

Looking at his useless disciple, the old man couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

His silence caused the crowd to become silent as well. No one dared to speak, they just quietly waited to see the final result.

As time passed, Bai Zimo’s anger gradually faded and the look of pride returned to his face. “So what if you have a powerful cultivation? You still can’t compete with me financially!”

Li Lanxin blinked a few times. The time had come. Although it was regrettable that the two of them weren’t going to continue the bidding war, the rules of the auction had to be followed. The final price was 12 million spirit stones.

“12 million going once!

“12 million going twice!

“12 million going three times and sold!

As Li Lanxin’s words echoed, an arrogant laugh came from the Bai family’s room. The cultivators below were disappointed. They thought they would see a bidding war between the two of them. Could even a Spirit Sea Realm cultivator be afraid of the Bai family?

“Hmph, you ignorant youngster, what’s there to be proud of? If I weren’t giving my old friend Old Monster Bai face, do you think you could win the auction so easily? Do you really think I don’t have the financial resources or that I’m afraid of you?”

The old man originally wanted to let this matter go, but hearing Bai Zimon’s arrogant laugh had roused his anger. His Spirit Sea Realm cultivation spread out and pressured the entire auction house. Li Lanxin’s expression changed, fearing the old man would go on a rampage. Although the Li family also had powerful cultivators, by the time they arrived, it might be too late!

In just a few breaths of time, the old man could kill a lot of people, and the Li family's Old Huayu wasn’t stationed at the auction house. Normally, several Nascent Soul cultivators were more than enough. It wasn’t often that a Spirit Sea Realm Cultivator would show up.

Hearing the scolding and the pressure of the Spirit Sea Realm, the first reaction Bai Zimo had was anger that the old man would dare to do this. Although the old man was at the Spirit Sea Realm, this was Qing Cang City, his territory.

Li Changhao, who had his eyes closed this whole time, suddenly opened them when he felt the Spirit Sea Realm pressure. His eyes shined and he suddenly stood beside Bai Zimo, his mid stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation on full display.

Bai Yang’s eyes no longer looked sleepy and he didn’t look like an old man anymore. His late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation was released and he stood by Bai Zimo’s other side.

After pondering the old man’s words a bit, Bai Zimo felt like something was wrong. Old Monster Bai was his ancestor, and he suddenly thought of something from the past. He realized that this old man was his ancestor’s good friend, and his heart skipped a beat.

Bai Zimo’s expression became anxious and he quickly signaled Li Changhao and Bai Yang to stand down. He pushed aside the two maids and respectfully stood up toward the old man’s box.

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