Book 3, Chapter 106 - The First Bid

Sure enough, after Li Lanxin finished speaking and the hammers were revealed, the entire auction erupted. The noise seemed like it was going to cause the building to collapse. Fortunately, Zhao Jiuge was on the second floor; otherwise, the vibrations alone might’ve shattered his eardrums.

“The first item today is actually a top-quality spirit treasure. Am I seeing wrong? It has been almost two years since the last top-quality spirit treasure appeared. I remember it was also the first item last time, and it was a ribbon.”

“It’s another weapon this time, but a hammer is a bit more precious than a ribbon. The ribbon you are talking about was the final item last time. I didn’t expect the first item today to be a top-quality spirit treasure. I really look forward to what other items will appear today.”

“I have cultivated for many years, but this is my first time seeing a top-quality spirit treasure. I have only seen a few spirit treasures so far. It was worth coming here today to expand my horizons.”

“Hmph, what does a bumpkin like you know? I have lived in Qing Cang City all my life, and this is the first time I have seen a top-quality spirit treasure. I wonder who will buy it.”

“I don’t think it's going to sell. The starting price is already one million spirit stones. Who can afford that? Even 10,000 spirit stones is an astronomical number for me.”

“That’s why you’re a country bumpkin. Tens of thousand of spirit stones is an astronomical figure for you, but it's nothing for Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Do you know what Nascent Soul Realm cultivators are? They can call the wind and summon the rain; millions of spirit stones aren't much for them.”

The chatter among the crowd echoed nonstop. Some were dumbstruck like wooden chickens, while others were inhaling deeply. Li Lanxin couldn’t help but feel a bit proud when she saw all of this. This was exactly the shock she wanted. Only this kind of shock could continue to increase the fame of Qing Cang City’s auction. The shock of this top-quality spirit treasure was indeed not small.

Forget the cultivators on the first floor, even Zhao Jiuge was shocked. Were top-quality spirit treasures so worthless nowadays? Pei Su Su was much more calm and didn’t care about the pair of hammers at all.

Zhao Jiuge was not only shocked by the sudden appearance of a top-quality spirit treasure, but also by the fact that the starting price was one million spirit stones. If people found out about his Cold Underworld, he feared they would do whatever it took to steal it.

Zhao Jiuge couldn’t contain the doubt in his heart and asked, “Su Su, are those hammers worth that much?”

“Yes, these kinds of treasures are basically all priceless. If it was an armor instead, or a flying sword, then it could never be bought with spirit stone and would have to be traded for. Treasures at the top can’t be valued with spirit stones, they can only be traded for items of equal value.” Pei Su Su was much more knowledgeable on this matter as she had seen much more. These hammers making everyone go crazy were not worthy of her attention.

After the top-quality spirit treasure appeared, the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators on the first floor couldn’t contain themselves, and their eyes burned with passion. The Nascent Soul Realm was when one could display the true power of a spirit treasure. A spirit treasure refined by one’s purple origin flame would be able to display more of its power. Although your power underwent a qualitative change at the Nascent Soul Realm, it was also a realm where you competed with everything you could use. Now that a top-quality spirit treasure had appeared, how could they stay calm?

However, some weapon treasures had no use for some people. A sword cultivator needed a flying sword, but if you gave them a hammer, it would not be of much use for them. Armor was something everyone could use. Normally, armors were the most precious, followed by some auxiliary treasures. Then it was the flying swords, and finally other weapons. Weapons that only female cultivators used were even cheaper.

After a few minutes, the situation calmed down and everyone began to settle down. Ignoring the question of whether the hammer was suitable for them or not, they also had to consider the starting price of one million spirit stones. It was not a small number.

However, some people didn’t think like this. Even if the hammer wasn’t suited for them, they could still use 70% of its power. After all, it was a top-quality spirit treasure. However, no one took the lead to bid. Perhaps this was because of the shock from the auction starting with a top-quality spirit treasure, or maybe it was the price of one million spirit stones.

Li Lanxin didn’t expect this either, and her brows furrowed slightly. However, she soon calmed down and a seductive smile reappeared on her face.

“This top-quality spirit treasure is this cheap because weapon-type treasures have too many limitations and might not suit a lot of people. If it were a flying sword, a lot of people would want it, but a flying sword won’t sell for just one million spirit stones. Even if it's not a suitable weapon, a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would be able to use at least 70% of its power. It's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed—a top-quality spirit treasure rarely comes on sale.”

Li Lanxin spoke with a smile and tried to rile up the crowd. When she saw a few dozen Nascent Soul Realm cultivators in the audience looking moved, she immediately added oil to the fire. “The Great Spirit Divine Hammer—the starting bid is one million spirit stones!”

A skinny old man covered in a black robe who was at the mid stage of the Nascent Soul Realm looked at the pair of hammers on the table. He felt a bit of heartache at the cost, but he pursed his lips and said, “1.1 million, I’ll take it!”

After he finished speaking, his heart ached at the cost. This was almost all the spirit stones he had gathered over the years. In order to find a suitable treasure, he had sold most of his own treasures to convert them to spirit stones.

“1.2 million.”

Before the skinny old man finished speaking, another voice echoed. The person who had spoken was an elegant middle-aged man. He was very calm, as if one million spirit stones was nothing to him.

Seeing someone else bid, the skinny old man felt a sense of disappointment and no longer bid. He only had a bit more than 1.1 million spirit stones, and even calling out on the bid had taken a lot of courage.

After a few moments of silence, a hoarse voice echoed and caused a sensation throughout the entire auction.

“1.5 million.”

All the eyes in the auction focused on this person. This was also a middle-aged man. He had a cold expression and wore a leopard-print cloth. Even when everyone looked at him, his expression didn’t change at all.

He had increased the price by 300,000 in one go, simply remarkable. Some people were still worried about just a few tens of thousands of spirit stones. The gap between cultivators at the Nascent Soul Realm was indeed large. There were a few other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who were still tempted at first, but after hearing this, they all gave up.


Seeing someone who dared to compete against him, the elegant middle-aged man let out an unhappy snort and said, “Two million spirit stones.”

After he finished speaking, he shot the other person with a provocative look. He came from one of the nearby families, and he didn’t believe someone could beat him financially today. He had to get this treasure as it would improve his strength greatly.

Those simple words shocked everyone in the room. The two of them were acting like money wasn’t worth anything. However, the cold middle-aged man soon spoke again and showed people what a real nouveau riche was.

“Three million spirit stones.” The cold middle-aged man didn’t show a trace of pride or emotion, but everyone else’s hearts skipped a beat.

The elegant middle-aged man was already a little angry and was then shocked. Although his family was pretty strong, even after reaching the Nascent Soul Realm, he had less than three million spirit stones. After all, the family wouldn’t give all the resources just to him. He was so confident before, but now his face turned green. He clenched his teeth and then felt helpless. He could only fight with financial resources in this place.

In the end, he could only lower his head, and no one knew what he was thinking. Other people would think that he was deciding to kill the cold middle-aged man afterwards to steal the treasure. However, this could only happen after they leave the city, as he wasn’t bold enough to do it in Qing Cang City.

Li Lanxin smiled while watching this. She loved it when people fought over their pride. This often increased the price of something worth 100 spirit stones to several times its value.

“Three million going once!

“Three million going twice!”

After a few seconds, Li Lanxin continued, “Three million spirit stones, sold!”

Li Lanxin was satisfied with the price. The family had estimated the price at only 1.5 million. After all, a hammer was just not a weapon many people used.

After this, more than a dozen items were sold in the next half hour or so. However, none of them sold for as much as the hammer. Most of the items were elixirs or materials, and Li Lanxin’s charm ensured everything was sold.

Pei Su Su originally wanted some suitable things for Zhao Jiuge. However, at their level, it was rare to find something worthwhile. Unless someone really needed the money, people rarely sold precious items for spirit stones; they always traded for other materials. Spirit stones held no value among powerful cultivators.

When a dull atmosphere appeared on the first floor, Li Lanxin smiled and shouted, “You must all be getting bored, right? So our next item will be the second precious item for the day, let us see exactly what it is!”

She couldn’t see the people on the second floor clearly, but most of the items just now had been brought by the people up there. Most of the customers on the first floor lacked the money and had only come to expand their horizons.

After Li Lanxin spoke, the atmosphere erupted once more. They all wanted to know what the second precious item for today’s auction was!

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