Book 3, Chapter 105 - Great Spirit Divine Hammer

When the time came, the atmosphere in the auction reached its peak. The first floor was overcrowded, and even the second floor was full aside from the two families who hadn’t come. Qing Cang City’s auction house really had its unique charm to attract so many people. Some people even came from far away to attend!

It has to be said that looking down on the auction from the second floor while enjoying fragrant spirit tea was very comfortable. Zhao Jiuge thought that these families really knew how to enjoy themselves. This was very different from the simple life at the sect where everyone only focused on cultivation every day.

There was basically no empty seat downstairs, and it was actually crowded, but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the cultivators below. Zhao Jiuge saw that the cultivation levels of the people below were not high, but that didn’t mean there weren’t a few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators below. There was an empty area around each of these powerful cultivators, and even though it was very crowded, people would not get close to them. After all, the spirit force pressure they gave off was not pleasant. 

When a beautiful young woman wearing a purple feather coat walked up the red carpet, the scene seemed to lose a bit of control. There was a lot of shouting, cheering, and whistling. It seemed like this beautiful young woman was no stranger to the people at the auction.

The young woman looked like she was about 30, and on her cuff she had the same symbol as Old Li. Her spirit force fluctuations revealed that she was actually a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. These families were indeed powerful; just the surface power could rival third-rate sects, and their true strength had to be a level higher.

The young woman had a sweet expression and a mature temperament. Her long, slender legs and the charming smile on her face made the rogue cultivators below lose their minds. Even some of the more powerful cultivators couldn’t help but take a few extra glances. The quality of the auction house in Qing Cang City was indeed high. Even the person presiding over the auction was not only a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, but was also very seductive.

Zhao Jiuge took a few extra glances, but that was it. Although she was beautiful, she couldn’t compare to Pei Su Su or Ling Bo Re. As for temperament, she could not compare to his senior sister Fu Hongling; the difference was like night and day. Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but miss that red figure and wonder what she was doing.

Zhao Jiuge suddenly felt pain from his right ear. Pei Su Su’s slender hand had already caught his ear. She had an angry smile on her face as she said, “Always looking around with those lustful eyes. I see that you are becoming more and more bold lately.”

Zhao Jiuge revealed a bitter smile, but when he thought about his senior sister Fu Hongling, he felt a surge of warmth and didn’t want to try to explain himself.

San Wu’s mouth was stuffed with cake as he enjoyed watching Zhao Jiuge’s suffering. He smiled and shook his head, saying, “A knife dangling above your head, the fairer sex only invites calamity.” However, his mouth was stuffed with cake and there were a lot of crumbs around his mouth. This made his words muffled and not clear. Otherwise, if Pei Su Su heard this, San Wu would be in for a scolding.

At this moment, the auction officially began.

“First, I would like to welcome everyone who came to participate at today’s auction in Qing Cang City. This month my Li family is presiding over the auction. Presumably, many of you are already familiar with me, and those that aren’t will get to know me.”

The young woman had to wrap her voice in spirit force for her words to reach the first and second floors. She had a big smile on her face as she swept the crowd on the first floor. However, she didn’t look at the second floor at all, as if she was ignoring them.

The interests in Qing Cang City were firmly controlled by the four families, so the four of them took turns presiding over the auction each month. This young woman was particularly popular for no reason other than her attractive appearance.

“Who doesn't know you, Li Lanxin? I’m very familiar with you, only there are some parts I’m not that familiar with. How about you come back with me tonight so I can take my time getting familiar with all those unfamiliar parts?”

After the young woman named Li Lanxin spoke, a big man in the corner immediately laughed. He was wearing black clothes and was very muscular. However, he didn’t seem like a ruffian and instead looked rather handsome. There was no one around him, and it didn’t take a fool to tell that he wasn’t simple. The fact that he dared to tease Li Lanxin meant that he was at least at the Nascent Soul Realm.

This big man’s lewd words caused the surrounding men to burst out in laughter. They all ogled Li Lanxin’s beautiful figure. However, they lacked the strength to tease her like this and only dared to secretly glance at her.

Li Lanxin’s charming face showed no sign of anger at all after hearing those teasing words. Instead, she smiled and said, “Oh? As long as Lord Feng has the ability to bring this lowly one back home, then I’m certainly happy to get familiar with you. I’ll ensure that Lord Feng is satisfied.”

The person sent by the Li family to preside over the auction not only had to have a certain level of cultivation, but also a degree of attractiveness to sell something worth 100 spirit stones for 1,000 spirit stones. Now that was real skill! The auction received 10% of the sales, and this was why none of the four families were willing to let the auction go. In the end, they compromised and had one family preside over each auction in rotation. Li Lanxin was a smooth and slick woman, so just being teased a bit wouldn’t do her any harm. This big man called Feng was at the mid stage of the Nascent Soul Realm and would likely go further in his lifetime. At that time, he would be an esteemed guest for one of the four families. Although one Nascent Soul Realm cultivator wasn’t enough to shift the balance, it was still a big deal. If Li Lanxin did spend the night with him at that time, she wouldn't be looked down upon.

Although Li Lanxin said this, Lord Feng didn’t really have the courage. Everyone in Qing Cang City knew what a dangerous beauty Li Lanxin was. Not to mention she also had the support of the Li family behind her. At most, he would only tease her a bit. If he really did make a move on her, the Li family would make it impossible for him to live here. All four families had a few old monsters who hardly showed their faces. After chucking, Lord Feng didn’t continue.

Li Lanxin revealed a shallow smile, but after this episode, she no longer bothered with the small talk and went to the main topic. “Today’s auction will be a good one. The items for sale this month are rarer than normal, especially the last three items. They are things that even Nascent Soul Realm cultivators rarely see.”

Li Lanxin’s words caused a sensation among the crowd, and everyone began to talk.

“Three items? If Li Lanxin is saying it, then they must be extraordinary. Well, we certainly can’t afford them, but just being able to see them is enough.”

“Hmph, what do you understand? The quality of the items in Qing Cang City has gotten higher and higher over the years. Even ordinary items are much higher in quality than those in the auction houses of other cities. Even if people didn’t have anything to sell or buy, they still come here to expand their horizons.”

“I only heard that the main item today is a material for treasure refining. Normally, no matter how rare a material is, it is never the main item. I can’t even imagine what it might be. As for the other two items, I probably haven't even heard of them.”

“Who cares what they are, we can’t afford even one. I doubt we can even afford a normal item. Let’s just watch the show in peace.”

Li Lanxin only smiled and watched the people below talk. After a few moments, she turned to the side and nodded. Two tall women wearing long, blue dresses walked up the stage carrying a small table. There was a red cloth covering the object on the table. It was obvious that this was the first thing being auctioned today.

These two women were the same as the woman who brought in the snacks, obviously personnel of the auction house. The red cloth was made of a special material to block out a cultivator’s divine sense to prevent them from taking a sneak peak.

“The first item today is a top-quality spirit treasure. We all know that spirit treasures are all valuable, but top-quality spirit treasures are very rare. They require the right material and person to create, and each piece naturally has its own unique power. This spirit treasure is a pair of hammers called the Great Spirit Divine Hammers, and it contains the power of thunder. There's no need to talk about my Li family’s credibility, we naturally won’t deceive you. The starting bid for this treasure is one million spirit stones, and the minimum bid increase is 100,000.”

Li Lanxin explained softly and then waited. She knew that the crowd would go into an uproar after this, so she would wait for them to calm down first. She didn’t believe that a top-quality spirit treasure like this wouldn't sell.

After Li Lanxin finished her introduction, the two women in blue removed the red cloth and revealed the true appearance of this top-quality spirit treasure.

There were two small hammers that looked like a pair. They were only about ⅔ of a meter long each and didn’t feel like they matched their name. However, the pressure people felt from them made people realize that they weren't simple. The hammers were yellow, with small, black lines along it, and the handle was completely black. There was no spirit force injected into them, but there were flashes of silver across their surfaces!

After seeing this, everyone realized that this was the unique feature of this treasure—it actually contained a lightning attribute! Normally, the most common attributes were fire or water for treasures. Forget about the quality of the Great Spirit Divine Hammer, just the lightning attribute was enough to make people go crazy for it!

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