Book 3, Chapter 98 - Restless Night

“Blockhead, tell me, what kind of people are considered evil?”

Pei Su Su’s expression was quite ugly, and even Zhao Jiuge noticed that something was wrong. Pei Su Su sat up straight and leaned slightly forward while she questioned him with a serious tone.

Feeling that Pei Su Su was a bit overbearing, he was confused. He didn’t understand why Pei Su Su was so serious about the subject of evil people. He had some doubts but didn’t think much about it. Instead, he pondered about Pei Su Su’s question.

“How do you want me to define evil people? I really don’t know. Anyway, the evil people on the demon ranking list must be evil. Also, those famous demonic sects are presumably filled with evil people as well. I want to kill all those evil people. As long as I meet them, I’ll kill them.”

Zhao Jiuge frowned slightly. He pondered while slowly answering Pei Su Su.

Hearing the words “demonic sect,” Pei Su Su’s eyes twitched and her heart seemed to skip a beat. When she heard Zhao Jiuge’s final words, her chest started heaving up and down, and even her breathing became rough due to anger.

Seeing that Pei Su Su’s breathing was rough and her aura unstable, Zhao Jiuge panicked and anxiously asked her, “What’s wrong, Su Su? Did you get injured in the battle against the Happy Monk?”

Seeing Zhao Jiuge’s worried expression and anxious words, Pei Su Su’s expression became a bit better. However, she forced herself to calm down and didn’t answer his question.

She turned toward Zhao Jiuge and said, “I’m alright. I just want to say that sometimes things are not as they seem on the surface. You should know the terrifying power of public opinion. Perhaps something wasn’t much of an issue, but once it passes from one to ten and ten to one hundred, it becomes overly exaggerated. You talk about these demonic sects, but are they really filled with evildoers? Perhaps some, but not all of them are like that. I ask you, are the holy lands filled with only righteous people who do no wrong? Even hundreds of years ago, the infamous Carefree Valley was cursed at and beaten by several holy lands saying they were evil. However, in truth, it was because the sects were after a heavenly treasure they possessed. Even the demonic sects haven’t done anything excessive in the last few hundred years. Why do you people always look at these problems with a colored lens?”

Pei Su Su got more and more energetic as she spoke, and she said a lot of things at once while staring at Zhao Jiuge. Her questions caused Zhao Jiuge to become speechless. She realized that she had lost a bit of control and angrily turned her head away from him.

Even though Zhao Jiuge was a fool, he knew there was something wrong with Pei Su Su. However, from how angry she looked, he thought it was his own stubbornness that had angered her.

Seeing this, Zhao Jiuge wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in. Even her angry face was beautiful, and he said, “Whatever you say is the truth, and I’ll listen to you. I’ll do whatever you want me to do as long as you stop being angry.”

Pei Su Su glanced at Zhao Jiuge and asked, “Really?”

Zhao Jiuge kept nodding like an idiot, and Pei Su Su couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Even a blockhead like you knows how to coax a girl. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. You’re only agreeing with me on the surface, but in your heart you still intend to follow your own ideals. I know that whatever I say can’t change your mind.

Although Pei Su Su was smiling, hidden beneath it was a complicated and elusive feeling.

Zhao Jiuge had his inner thoughts exposed, but he wasn’t angry, and he didn’t try to explain. He just had a silly smile on his face as he looked at Pei Su Su like a block of wood.

The wise Pei Su Su wanted to continue, but when she saw Zhao Jiuge like this, she knew it was pointless to go on. She sighed in her heart and didn’t continue this topic.

Zhao Jiuge’s right arm was wrapped around her, and she took the opportunity to lean against his shoulder. This simple action made Zhao Jiuge’s heart soften, and the fragrance coming from her body made his heart numb.

He remembered Pei Su Su talking about the Carefree Valley and couldn’t help but ask, “Su Su, you spoke of the Carefree Valley earlier. What is it? I only heard it mentioned casually once by my teacher.”

Going to the Carefree Valley to find someone for Ye Wuyou was one of Zhao Jiuge’s top priorities. Even if Ye Wuyou hadn’t asked him, he would still go to find out what had happened.

Jian Wuxian had only casually mentioned that the Carefree Valley was a place equal to the holy lands, but they had done some terrible things that caused the other factions to team up against them. Then they disappeared. Afterward, the Demon Sect rose up and acted arrogantly. However, after the sect leader changed 100 years ago, they were no longer as vicious and had been very low-key. However, the Demon Sect was not weak and hadn’t disappeared like the Carefree Valley. They also vaguely showed the power to compete with the holy lands.

These were only matters on the surface. Zhao Jiuge didn’t dare to ask too much at the time because he was afraid that Jian Wuxian would doubt his intentions. He was also too weak and was in no hurry to find the Carefree Valley. However, now that he had heard about it from Pei Su Su, it seemed like she knew something as well. He suppressed the excitement in his heart and quickly asked her about it.

Pei Su Su first adjusted her posture into something more comfortable and then softly said, “The Carefree Valley was always a place that had good and bad. Although it was a sect, it didn’t have the restrictions other sects have, and it took in a lot of outsiders. They had many powerful cultivators, and many powerful rogue cultivators were happy to join them. This just shows how attractive the Carefree Valley was at the time. However, due to the large number of people, its relationship with the other sects was very complicated. Eventually, due to some unknown reason, the three of the holy lands—the Ten Thousand Dao Sect, Barbarian Mountain, and Yue Hua Academy, along with a dozen or so first-rate sects—teamed up against the Carefree Valley. Overnight, the Carefree Valley hid itself. A great siege didn’t happen, and there weren’t many casualties. Afterward, the Demon Sect rose up, and I know that a group of people from the Carefree Valley joined the Demon Sect. Most of them were people who couldn’t stand being bound by rules. This is all I know.”

Zhao Jiuge carefully listened to Pei Su Su’s words and learned some new clues. Something big must have happened, but outsiders didn’t know what. In order to learn what happened, he would have to find the Carefree Valley himself. Fortunately, from Pei Su Su’s words, the Carefree Valley hadn’t perished, they were just in hiding. However, he would only be able to find it once his strength improved, and unfortunately, he still hadn’t reached the Nascent Soul Realm. This made Zhao Jiuge a little sad.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge remain silent, Pei Su Su softly said, “If there is nothing else to talk about, I’m going to sleep. I don’t want to cultivate today. Hold me tight.”

She snuggled up against his chest.

Zhao Jiuge’s arm tightened around Pei Su Su, and the softness of her body made his heart pound. He already knew about the affairs between men and women, which made his mouth dry. The more he tried to calm himself down, the more he thought about it.

Late at night, the wilderness was completely dark, and only the Bliss Palace was still bright. San Wu was the only one who was peacefully cultivating. Pei Su Su and Zhao Jiuge didn’t actually sleep.

The two of them maintained the same position, with Pei Su Su snuggled against Zhao Jiuge’s chest. Zhao Jiuge was feeling restless due to his desires and couldn’t calm down. Pei Su Su was still thinking about the quarrel they had and was pondering things.

Zhao Jiuge couldn’t see that Pei Su Su’s eyes were open and in a daze, thinking about things.

“Blockhead, blockhead, I was mistaken this whole time. I thought that once our relationship got deeper, I’d take you to see my father after your training. I believed that at that time, you would have an easier time accepting my father’s identity. However, looking at it now, it seems impossible. I was completely mistaken about this matter.

“I always thought I could change you, but although you seem easygoing, you have always had your own bottom line. After this training trip, I’ll tell you the truth and only hope the result is what I hoped for.”

As she was thinking about this, two streams of tears were flowing down her beautiful face.

From the beginning, Pei Su Su had always been faithful to Zhao Jiuge, and she loved him very much. However, her identity was something she couldn’t easily reveal, and she had her own difficulties. She always had a plan to deal with this. While she was uncertain about the plan, she always hoped that it would end the way she wanted. However, the argument today made her feel despair. She seemed to already be able to see what would happen once she told him the truth in two years.

They spent the night in silence, and Pei Su Su spent the whole night thinking about this. She wanted to spend her whole life with Zhao Jiuge until they died of old age. However, with Zhao Jiuge’s position, this relationship was certain to be filled with countless difficulties. She felt endless regret in her heart. If she had just brought Zhao Jiuge back to the sect, she wouldn't have all these worries right now.

The night soon passed, and after a night of rest, San Wu was lively once more. However, Pei Su Su seemed rather fragile and ignored Zhao Jiuge. Zhao Jiuge found this rather strange, but he would never think something was wrong. He just thought that he might have done something to anger her again.

Soon, the three of them continued eastward.

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