Book 3, Chapter 97 - Stubborn Heart

Seeing the charming and beautiful women before him, Zhao Jiuge didn’t know what to say. He raised his brows and asked, “Everyone’s out?”


Han Yu had recovered a bit and gently nodded. Then she turned toward the group of women and said, “Come and thank your saviors.”

“Thank you, heroes, for saving us.”

The 80 or so women all said this in unison. Perhaps due to Pei Su Su and San Wu’s powerful auras, their voices were somewhat weak. Their gazes all locked on to Zhao Jiuge with burning passion.

Among the three, Pei Su Su was an absolute beauty, but since she was a woman, she held no charm for them. The other youth was a monk, so they naturally had no thoughts about him. This left Zhao Jiuge. Even though he was the weakest, he was also the most handsome. Most importantly, his actions had left a profound impression on their hearts.

These charming women were not naive youths—they had passed that age. Having been with the Happy Monk for so long, they were experienced and rather bold. Now that the Bliss Palace was gone, they became more lively.

“Hmph, since everyone is out, then go where you need to go. You’re all free now.”

Seeing their gazes, Pei Su Su let out a cold snort and released the fierce aura she had been holding back. This terrified all of them.

Those charming women quickly said their goodbyes and left. They had regained their freedom and could continue their cultivation. Perhaps many years from now, some of them might have some success in their cultivation and remember the people that saved them.

However, some of the charming women were not afraid of Pei Su Su’s aura and stayed around acting pitiful, hoping to follow Zhao Jiuge. If Zhao Jiuge agreed, they wouldn't mind warming his bed.

Seeing Pei Su Su's expression turning angry, Han Yu quickly coughed. They felt that the atmosphere was turning tense and quickly left. However, when they left, they still looked back with lingering gazes.

Some people were anxious to leave to regain their freedom. Some people had been captured for so long, they had no place to go. Now that they were suddenly free, they felt lost. Soon, only four people remained in front of the Bliss Palace.

The sunset caused the atmosphere to become a bit sorrowful. As the light shone on Zhao Jiuge’s face, his eyes narrowed and he looked at the direction the women had gone off to.

After a long time, Zhao Jiuge, who was in a daze, noticed that Han Yu was still around. He was surprised and asked, “You’re not leaving?”

From his view, having been trapped inside the Bliss Palace for so long was like being locked up in a birdcage. He thought she would be eager for freedom. The moment the cage was open, the bird would quickly fly away.

“Leave? There is no place I can go. I used to move around while I cultivated. Then I finally reached the Spirit Core Realm. I thought I had finally embarked on the real path of cultivation, but then I was captured. I don’t have much time left to live, so no matter where I go, my fate remains the same.”

Han Yu’s eyes were a bit lost and there was no expression on her face. She stared at the surrounding scenery in a daze.

Zhao Jiuge was suddenly lost for words. Han Yu stood in the sunset in her green silk dress, and there was a hint of melancholy on her face.

San Wu naturally knew Han Yu’s situation, and being so kind-hearted, he couldn’t help but worry. After thinking about it for a moment, his heart softened and he said, “Then what do you plan to do? If you don’t have any plans, you can temporarily accompany us and then follow me back to the sect.”

“Aren't Buddhist monks forbidden from getting into relationships with women? You’re so young, yet your heart is already impure.”

Zhao Jiuge was used to teasing San Wu, but when he blurted this out, he immediately regretted it. He didn’t have any ill intent, but Han Yu was here, and she didn’t have much time left.

“No need. Although I have no place to go, I want to have a good look at these mountains and rivers. Then I’ll find a quiet place to die.”

Just when Zhao Jiuge thought Han Yu would agree, her response shocked everyone. Pei Su Su was filled with sorrow, but there was nothing they could do. Not even elixirs could help. Yin energy could not be replenished.

“It’s fine, life and death depend on fate. Compared to cultivators who have their souls destroyed, I have it pretty good. I have to thank you all. If not for you guys, I would have died in the Bliss Palace being tortured by that pervert. Now I have two years left to live for myself, and I sincerely thank you.”

Han Yu withdrew her gaze from the distance and turned toward the three of them. Her face was filled with sincerity, and when she finished speaking, she respectfully bowed at them.

Zhao Jiuge opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t the only one—both Pei Su Su and San Wu couldn’t bear the thought of her fate.

“I’ll take my leave. Don’t pity me. Isn’t it better to think about happy things instead?”

Seeing the sympathetic expressions on their faces, Han Yu revealed a smile. She was like a wildflower that had bloomed overnight. This was the impression of Han Yu that stuck to their minds. After Han Yu finished speaking, she immediately flew away from this place of sorrow.

In the blink of an eye, only three people remained, though their moods were rather unhappy. They could right the wrongs and slay evil, but they couldn’t save Han Yu. The world was too vast, and there were too many poor and vicious people. They could right the wrongs they encountered, but there were too many things happening in the world, and they were powerless to do anything about them.

The three of them all had extraordinary identities and were geniuses, but at this moment, they questioned their own abilities. No matter how strong they were, they couldn’t change certain outcomes. Death happened in an instant, and no matter how powerful a person became, they couldn’t beat the ruthlessness and vastness of heaven.

“Let’s rest here for the night and continue east tomorrow. From the looks of this place, we should be able to officially enter the Huang Province tomorrow.”

Seeing that the atmosphere was rather heavy, Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but break the silence. He had noticed that Pei Su Su’s aura was a bit messy and that San Wu looked rather ill, so he made his decision.

Seeing the sun already setting, Pei Su Su nodded and wrapped her slender arm around Zhao Jiuge as they walked back into the messy Bliss Palace. San Wu followed the two of them.

Although the Bliss Palace was broken from the battle, there were still night pearls lighting up the place, and it was better than staying outside in the dark. The three of them felt disgust toward this place, but it was still a good place to hold out for the night. Pei Su Su and San Wu needed a chance to recover. 

It wasn’t a big problem, but the outside world was dangerous, so they had to be careful. It was not as safe as the time they spent inside the sect. Zhao Jiuge hadn’t used too much spirit force, so he didn’t need to recover.

The moment they entered the Bliss Palace, San Wu found a random corner. He sat down on the ground and weakly said, “Do as you guys wish. Jiuge, guard me and pay attention to the situation outside. We are in the wilderness, so accidents may occur. I consumed a lot today, so I need to cultivate to recover. Just call me before departure tomorrow.”

Perhaps due to what the Happy Monk had done as a monk, or perhaps because of Han Yu’s fate, San Wu was a bit depressed.

After seeing Zhao Jiuge nod, San Wu quickly entered the state of cultivation.

Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su looked at the messy hall and chose not to sit down on the carpet or bed. They felt disgusted by them because the Happy Monk used to play around on them. They also went to a corner and sat down. Pei Su Su’s aura was just a bit messy, so she was in no rush to cultivate like San Wu.

“Su Su, why do you think people become so self-righteous and do whatever they desire with no regard for anyone else when they become strong? Why must they build their joy on other people’s suffering? Although this is a world of the strong preying on the weak, is there no sense of justice at all?”

After the two of them sat down Zhao Jiuge voices the doubt in his heart.

It had been a few months since he left the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, and he had experienced a lot. He had encountered a lot of evil people, which made Zhao Jiuge wonder why these kinds of people existed. Even if he killed the ones he encountered, the world was very big—would he have the ability to deal with all of them?

Pei Su Su was startled, and she didn’t understand his question. Seeing Zhao Jiuge stare at her, she softly said, “Blockhead, no one can deal with it. It's just like cultivation. No matter how strong you become, in the end your own desire and greed are the most dangerous things. As long as we don’t do things we can’t reconcile, it’s enough. After all, we are not omnipotent. When there is light in the world, there will be darkness. It's impossible to destroy all evil in the world. Just like the sun that rises and sets, there will always be day and night.”

Zhao Jiuge blinked. He seemed to be digesting Pei Su Su’s words. Although there was logic in her words, Zhao Jiuge had his own thoughts.

“I don’t care. I’ll kill them as I encounter them and I’ll intervene with any injustice that I see. My greatest wish is to kill all evil in the world and right all the wrongs in the world.”

Zhao Jiuge pouted and spoke in a powerful voice. Having gained an understanding of his heart, his mood beame better.

Pei Su Su angrily said, “Stubborn!”

Her beautiful eyes stared at Zhao Jiuge, her tense gaze indicating that she was a little angry.

“That's always been the case. The reason I cultivate is because I want to protect certain people and kill evildoers. The sword art I cultivate is to follow my heart and kill those that should be killed.”

Zhao Jiuge was somewhat excited and was completely immersed in his own thoughts. He didn’t notice that Pei Su Su’s expression was becoming uglier and uglier.

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