Book 3, Chapter 96 - Revenge on their captors

After the fire was frozen, the ice extended toward the Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Bird seemed to feel danger and was no longer as proud and lazy as it was before. It prepared itself to face a powerful enemy, but it was too late.

The ice phoenix cried once more, then the Vermillion Bird was hit by its blue spirit force, showing signs of being frozen. Finally, the Vermillion Bird was completely frozen for a few seconds before it cracked and dissipated.

The underground chamber suddenly became so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling could be heard. Soon, the sound of blood being coughed out rang out. The other four women spat out blood due to the backlash and became even weaker.

The women in the cells were silent for a moment and then they burst out in cheers for Zhao Jiuge. He put away his sword, and the ice phoenix let out a few more proud cries before returning to the flying sword.

All the women, including Han Yu, looked at Zhao Jiuge with burning gazes. It has to be said that they all found him rather handsome at this moment. He had only made one move and instantly incapaticated the eight women. If he wanted to, he could probably take a few of the women and form a dao pair with them. However, with Pei Su Su around, Zhao Jiuge wouldn’t even look at them.

Zhao Jiuge faintly said, “As for how to deal with them, you guys decide.”

He naturally saw those burning gazes, but he ignored them. He was no longer the youth that would blush just from talking to a woman—his skin was much thicker now.

He was also not someone who liked to kill. He only killed those truly evil and irredeemable people. As for these women, he didn’t think their sins were worthy of death, but he couldn’t let them go either. He decided to let Han Yu and them decide their fate.

“Okay, let me free them first.”

Only when Zhao Jiuge spoke to her did she awaken from her daze.

Watching Zhao Jiuge’s beautiful performance, she forgot what she was doing. She quickly waved her sword to break the lock on each door. However, each lock required her to swing several times to break. Zhao Jiuge couldn’t watch this anymore and pulled out his sword once more. He waved a few times and all the locks were destroyed. The locks were cut through by the rays of sword energy like tofu.

Soon, all the women were released, and the naked ones had put on clothes. Now that they were free, some of them naturally wouldn’t let the women loyal to the Happy Monk go, while others wanted to quickly escape. They didn’t know what was happening outside and were afraid of the Happy Monk coming back to capture them again.

At this moment, footsteps echoed behind Zhao Jiuge, and he felt two familiar auras.

“Su Su, are you alright? Did you deal with the Happy Monk?”

Without turning around, Zhao Jiuge knew who the two people were. He was still worried about Pei Su Su, so he looked over.

Pei Su Su smiled sweetly at Zhao Jiuge and shook her head. She looked at the corridor underground and at the women who had been released. Then she softly said, “I’m alright. That perverted monk chose to self-destruct in the end. Consider him lucky, or else I would have beaten him until his soul shattered.”

Zhao Jiuge was startled. He didn’t expect the Happy Monk to have the courage to self-destruct. Most people would rather not reincarnate and go all out until the end. However, he was only startled for a moment and didn’t say more. Someone as evil as the Happy Monk would naturally suffer the consequences of his actions. Only by planting good karma would one be able to harvest good karma.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge pay him no mind, San Wu couldn’t help but mutter, “A fellow that values sex over friendship. I didn’t hear you asking how I’m doing.” After the battle with the Happy Monk, his aura was a lot weaker and his face was somewhat pale. However, his face had always been white and tender, so it wasn’t very obvious.

He had suffered more injuries than Pei Su Su. If San Wu hadn’t endured and maintained control of the buddhist beads, they wouldn't have dealt with the Happy Monk so cleanly.

Hearing San Wu’s complaint, Pei Su Su rolled her eyes at this fellow that always destroyed the atmosphere. Zhao Jiuge ignored San Wu. He originally wanted to ask San Wu how he was, but since San Wu had said that in front of everyone here, he decided to simply not ask.

The ones that were most happy about the Happy Monk’s death were Han Yu and the women. When they felt the powerful spirit force fluctuations coming from them, they knew that Pei Su Su was not lying. They had only felt that kind of power from the Happy Monk before.

When the eight cold women in white heard this, their hearts fell into despair. They thought that they would soon be rescued by the Happy Monk. However, if someone as powerful as the Happy Monk had ben killed, their fate wouldn’t be much better. Perhaps due to fear, their faces were devoid of color.

Some of the women that were imprisoned began to cry out of joy. No one could understand what their days were like being captive here, living a life that was like death. Perhaps death wasn’t the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing was living every day doing something you hated until you became numb to everything. The spiritual and physical torture was what people feared the most.

Han Yu muttered something to herself and was in a daze. Only after a while was she able to react. Now her most hated person was dead and she could finally relax. She had less than two years left to live and had no other choice. With the Happy Monk dead, her final wish had come true.

The rattle of a chain suddenly filled the tunnel. The woman who was chained up in a room by herself had picked up her chain and whipped the women in white who were struggling to support themselves with their swords.

The woman in charge and several others were immediately hit by this chain. Now that the Happy Monk was dead, they were in no rush to escape, and they wanted to vent their grievances.

The clothes on the woman who was hit were split open and some of her tender skin was revealed. Those areas were now red and swollen. These eight women were the Happy Monk’s loyal dogs and had much higher status than everyone else. Their freedom was not limited, and they could even get treasures to cultivate. They would also join the Happy Monk in bullying and abusing the women here.

Now that the Happy Monk was dead, they were the targets of all the anger of the women here. As the sound of the chain echoed, the women that escaped immediately surrounded the eight of them. These eight had been seriously injured by Zhao Jiuge and had no power to resist.

Zhao Jiuge frowned slightly as he watched this; however, he didn’t stop them. No one was right or wrong in this situation. Although he couldn’t bear this, he wasn’t going to interfere. He simply sighed in his heart.

These women were victims like them, but they couldn’t resist the temptation and had chosen to voluntarily help the Happy Monk abuse the other women here. Zhao Jiuge only knew that the culprit behind all of this was the Happy Monk. Without him, the situation wouldn't be like this.

Han Yu was filled with melancholy, and no one knew what she was thinking. The other women went up to vent their hatred, while she stood there by herself.

Zhao Jiuge let out a sigh and said to Han Yu, “The three of us will wait upstairs for you guys. We’ll leave this place together. Someone will come to clean this place up, but it won’t be any of your business.” He pointed at the slightly messy situation and signaled her to hurry up.

After speaking to Han Yu, he ignored her response and said to Pei Su Su and San Wu, “Let us go up first.”

San Wu and Pei Su Su were somewhat shocked by the violence, but since Zhao Jiuge had said this, they didn’t ask anything. However, they had a vague idea of what was happening.

The three of them left through the dark corridor. As for the rest, it wasn’t something for them to deal with. It was certain that not only were these eight women going to die, but all the suffering they had caused would be returned to them before their deaths.

Zhao Jiuge saw that the Bliss Palace was already a mess from the battle. He quickly looked around and then the three of them left. None of them wanted to stay in this perverted place any longer.

Standing at the entrance, their hearts were rather heavy. Seeing the various goods and evils of the world, their mentalities were slowly changing. Perhaps this was the purpose of training—to allow them to accept all aspects of the world.

Soon, the women that were captured arrived at the entrance led by Han Yu. There were almost 80 people. The moment these charming women arrived outside, they greedily inhaled the fresh air. Some of them had been imprisoned for far too long. If not for Zhao Jiuge’s group encountering the Happy Monk, they might never have been released, and they would’ve eventually died down there.

Zhao Jiuge carefully looked through these women, and he indeed didn’t find signs of those eight. He couldn’t help but bite his lip. The world was indeed the strong preying on the weak. He thought, “Once you’re strong enough, are you allowed to do whatever you desire without any regard for how others feel? If so, then the immortality that everyone chases is a disappointment.”

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