Book 3, Chapter 94 - Four Divine Formation

Just at this moment, the eight figures rushed out of the chamber. The woman leading them had a cold expression and acted like she was above everyone. Her expression didn’t change at all as she coldly said to Han Yu, “Han Yu, you traitorous bitch! You brought outsiders to the Bliss Palace. The Lord always treated you well, giving you delicious food and resources to cultivate!”

The eight women were all wearing white palace dresses and held the same kind of sword. Perhaps because they cultivated the same cultivation method, their auras were also very similar. They were exactly the same as the four women from before, at the late stage of the Foundation Realm.

These eight women were all very beautiful, and their cold temperament made them even more alluring. Zhao Jiuge let out a cold snort. That Happy Monk really knew how to enjoy himself, choosing women like them to be his loyal servants. He could enjoy them when he wanted to and they could help him kidnap other women.

“I’m a traitor? Didn't you guys and that pervert force me here? As for all the things I received, wasn’t it so he could absorb my yin energy and spirit force?”

Han Yu’s face was filled with anger and she was filled with resentment. When she had just reached the Spirit Core Realm, they kidnapped her! If it weren’t for them, she could be living as she pleased and perhaps her cultivation would have improved.

The woman with an oval face and seductive, red lips paused slightly and then coldly said, “No matter what, to serve the Lord is your fortune. I advise you to turn back now and join me against the enemy. That way, I can plead for you with the Lord. If you don’t, I’ll make you wish you were dead when the Lord comes.”

It was as if everything that happened in the Bliss Palace was a matter of fact.

Han Yu spat at the ground and then happily smiled. “That pervert will have a hard time surviving. He won’t have time to worry about us.”

After Han Yu finished speaking, she turned away from that woman and continued to slash down on the mark she had made on the lock.

This time, it created a dull sound and the lock was broken. Once the door was open, Han Yu rescued the woman bound by chains inside the chamber.

This caused a surge of hope to arise in the hearts of all the women watching from inside other chambers. They weren’t worried about the Happy Monk but wondering if this man would be able to deal with the eight loyal dogs. Although he didn’t look weak, these eight women were not easy to deal with. When they joined forces and used a formation, they were very powerful.

Seeing Han Yu’s actions, the expression of the woman in the lead changed, but she didn’t waste time talking. It was obvious that Han Yu was not going to change her mind.

The woman in the lead looked at Zhao Jiuge and shouted, “Attack, kill all the intruders!”

The sword in her hand was pointed at Zhao Jiuge. She obviously had noticed Zhao Jiuge and felt a pressure that made her breathless. She naturally felt dread, and the first target she picked was him.

After she shouted, the seven women behind her moved as well and their swords shined. The eight of them gave off the same aura and their movements were in sync—this would greatly boost the power of any formation. However, the Happy Monk didn’t have any good formations, and his few mediocre ones had no effect against Zhao Jiuge.

“Four Divine Formation.”

The woman in the lead didn’t need to say more; the eight of them immediately moved into formation. They were divided into two groups of four.

They also practiced a formation that was their main formation, but it needed 12 people. However, four of them had been killed, so there was no way to use it. If all 12 of them went all out with no regard for their lives, they could even trap a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator for a while.

They had no choice but to use this formation. If they were alone, they wouldn't dare to fight against Zhao Jiuge. These 12 women were the Happy Monk’s beauty guards, and they usually cultivate with him in the secret room. Everything they used was provided by the Happy Monk. They were usually divided into three groups of four, and the Happy Monk always had one group with him. This ordinary four-man formation was just there as a backup.

As the eight women moved, two Four Divine Formations were complete. All of them were shrouded in light, and a silhouette appeared behind each formation. This was similar to when Zhao Jiuge released his law body, but it was not as life-like and looked rather dull.

On the right was the figure of a white tiger. Although it was clear, it didn’t give off any pressure and felt like a hallucination. This meant that the people maintaining the formation were too weak.

On the right was a red figure with a long tail. Zhao Jiuge immediately knew that it was a Vermillion Bird. This group included the woman leading them, so it was much stronger than the white tiger.

The eight of them continued to release their spirit force, and their auras continued to rise. Their spirit force was connected, and because they cultivated the same cultivation method, the power of their formations increased.

After the Four Divine Formations were complete, the eight of them raised their flying swords and flew through the air. Their white dresses fluttered with their movements, and they didn’t dare to waste time. Although the formations had given them a burst of power, they couldn’t maint them for long, so they had to deal with Zhao Jiuge quickly.

The two silhouettes followed close behind them. Their flying swords smashed down toward Zhao Jiuge like meteors and the two shadows pounced on him.

The large white tiger raised its left claw and smashed toward him. This created a storm of greyish-white spirit force.

The slender Vermillion Bird opened its eyes and raised its noble head. It then opened its mouth and spat out a brilliant, red light. The red light was like a real flame, dazzling and bright.

Rays of sword energy came at him from the front while the wind and fire came at him from behind. There was no way out, so Zhao Jiuge would have to face them head on. This was, after all, a corridor, so there was nowhere to dodge.

However, was there a need for Zhao Jiuge to dodge? From the beginning to end, Zhao Jiuge just coldly looked at the eight of them with disdain. The Four Divine Formation was weak and contained no trace spirit; it couldn't compare to his golden dragons at all. As for the rays of sword energy, Zhao Jiuge came from the holy land that focused on swords! He was also the Chief Head Disciple of that holy land. Playing around with swords before him was simply courting death.

Just because Zhao Jiuge didn’t care, it didn’t mean others didn’t care. Han Yu turned numb after seeing this and didn’t know if Zhao Jiuge could survive the attack. She knew that he wasn’t ordinary, but she still couldn’t help but worry. If she was in his situation, she knew she would not be able to withstand this sudden attack.

Even the women locked in the secret chambers were holding their breaths. They were afraid of breathing too loudly, in fear of affecting Zhao Jiuge. They were secretly praying for him, they wanted to know if this man who claimed to have come to save them would deal with the Happy Monk’s guards.

Zhao Jiuge was extremely calm this whole time, coldly watching the eight of them. After cultivating for so many years, he was no longer the naive little boy he was before. He could now remain calm no matter how dangerous the situation. What’s more, compared to the dangers he had faced before, this was nothing.

After seeing the elders of his sect and his teacher attack, Zhao Jiuge understood that not only were high level cultivators strong, they also made very precise attacks. There was not an ounce of wasted spirit force when they exchanged blows. Some people liked to launch very flashy attacks, but no matter how powerful an attack was, if it couldn’t land, what was the point?

The dense rain of spirit force was less than a meter away from Zhao Jiuge, and only now did he move!

His spirit force was already rapidly flowing through his body, just waiting for him to make his move. Zhao Jiuge simply raised the sword in his hand, and it shined brightly. The difference between top-quality spirit force and ordinary spirit force was displayed in an instant. The difference in the sharpness of the rays of sword energy was obvious.

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