Book 3, Chapter 93 - Distrust

Zhao Jiuge’s mouth twitched. He didn’t think the Happy Monk would leave such a deep impression. He had come to rescue them, but not only did they not believe him, they were cursing him as well!

He quickly arrived at the door of the woman who had scolded him. Even though she didn’t believe him, at least she was willing to speak, unlike the other women, who ignored him like he was air.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge’s helpless expression, Han Yu couldn’t help but chuckle. Zhao Jiuge stared at her and she rolled her eyes playfully. Then she stood next to him.

The two of them looked inside the palm-sized opening. This chamber was a bit dark, and the soft light from the light outside barely made its way in. Inside was a petite figure that had two big hills before her and an alluring figure. She looked quite young, only around 20 or so years old. She gave off the aura of a late stage Foundation Realm cultivator.

No wonder this woman was so special—she was being held in a secret chamber by herself and was bound in chains. She seemed to be a bit breathless from her cursing, and the chain around her chest was somewhat tight, making it difficult to breathe.

“Hmph, why should I care what you say? I’m here to get you guys out. As for the Happy Monk, he won’t be alive for long. Whether you believe me or not is up to you.”

Although the chamber was somewhat dark, it was easy to tell that she was beautiful. However, Zhao Jiuge wouldn’t feel pity for them, though he did feel angry after being scolded for no reason. In addition, he didn’t know how to explain what was going on, so his tone was a bit stiff. He thought that at most he would use force to get all of them out of here. Once they got outside, they would naturally believe him.

Hearing Zhao Jiuge’s tone become stiff, Han Yu revealed a helpless smile and whispered, “Let me do it. They know me, so they will believe me.”

After she finished speaking, she ignored Zhao Jiuge and moved toward the palm-sized opening. Although Zhao Jiuge’s aura was spread out, she was not afraid of him at all. On the way here, she had learned that the members of Zhao Jiuge’s group were cold on the outside but very kind on the inside. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be going through the trouble of fighting a late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator to help the captive women.

Zhao Jiuge remained silent and moved to the side, but his breathing was rough. He was anxious and he had almost forgotten that Han Yu was here. With her here, there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings.

“I’m Han Yu, and what he said is correct. That pervert is being dealt with right now. We should leave now, the sisters above have already escaped.”

Han Yu directly explained the situation. She had been trapped here for more than a year,so she understood them. She knew that they yearned for freedom, so she mentioned that the women above had already escaped.

Han Yu moved to each of the cells and made sure they all saw her.

After Han Yu spoke, the previously silent corridor seemed to explode. The first thing they heard were footsteps and the sounds of chains rattling, followed by whispers.

“It really is Han Yu. It doesn’t look like she is lying.”

“Nonsense. Her being down here either means that the perverted Happy Monk is not at the Bliss Palace or he is really being dealt with by someone.”

“Yes, but how can this Spirit Core Realm man rescue us? If we escape and get caught, we’ll suffer greatly. At least now we are just restrained. If we anger that pervert, our lives will be in danger.”

As their voices echoed, all the women scrambled to the doors and looked through the palm-sized gaps. They wanted to see Han Yu and see what Zhao Jiuge looked like.

Han Yu became a little impatient and frowned. She could understand their trauma from being tortured by the Happy Monk, but not to the point of wasting time like this! 

When she saw them all chattering away, she interrupted them and shouted, “If you want to escape, then come with me in a minute! There are two more cultivators battling the Happy Monk above. I can’t guarantee it will go well, so we should quickly escape. Also, be quiet. If we awaken the Happy Monk’s lap dogs, there will be more trouble.”

Sure enough, the women were shocked by Han Yu. They knew that Han Yu was at the Spirit Core Realm and that she was the Happy Monk’s favorite cultivation furnace. No matter where the Happy Monk went, he would take her with him. They knew that she would not lie, because she was likely the person that hated the Happy Monk the most.

A weak-looking woman weakly said, “Then quickly break these doors, we’ll leave with you.”

Afterward, all the other women nodded in agreement.

Seeing all the women finally quiet down, Han Yu turned toward Zhao Jiuge and said, “Let us both act at once. If those dogs wake up, there will be trouble. The door can keep them locked in, but it shouldn’t be much trouble for Spirit Core Realm cultivators like us.”

These refined metal doors were not a problem for her.

“Who are the Happy Monk’s lap dogs?”

Zhao Jiuge raised his eyebrow and looked at the secret chamber at the start. From Han Yu’s words, there were people inside. Zhao Jiuge was a bit shocked. He thought that was the Happy Monk’s personal chamber; he didn’t expect there to be people inside.

“Who else? Those women who hold flying swords and chose to duo cultivate with the Happy Monk in hopes of increasing their cultivation. They are all at the late stage of the Foundation Realm. There are 12 in total, but you guys killed four earlier, so there should be eight more inside.”

Han Yu had lived here for a year or two, and she was Happy Monk’s favorite and had the highest cultivation level. Her position here was relatively special and high, so she had a good understanding of this place.

After Han Yu finished speaking, there was a faint smile on her pale face. Her eyes followed Zhao Jiuge’s gaze toward the refined metal door, and a playful smile appeared on her face as she continued speaking.

“It’s going to be busy again. Those loyal dogs are coming to cause you trouble. You can’t let a weak woman like me deal with this, right? You deal with the trouble and I’ll break the doors to let these women escape.”

Zhao Jiuge didn’t show any sign of fear but felt a bit restless. Eight Foundation Realm cultivators were nothing to him, and he had a belly of anger he couldn’t vent. He couldn’t do anything against the Happy Monk because he was too weak, but there was no need to hold back down here!

“I’ll deal with these people and you quickly get these women out of the Bliss Palace. The battle above should be almost over, so let’s finish this quickly.”

Zhao Jiuge spoke calmly and ignored Han Yu’s teasing. He stared at the door and pulled out the Cold Underworld Sword.

As for the women locked inside secret chambers, they all rushed toward the doors and looked through the openings to see if this man had the ability to deal with the Happy Monk’s royal dogs. The reason they didn’t react before was because there were still people in that chamber!

A cracking sound echoed through the underground corridor. Then a disc on the door pushed out a bit and the door slowly opened.

Zhao Jiuge vaguely sensed eight people inside, and they were all at the late stage of the Foundation Realm. He saw that the chamber they were in was much better than the ones the other women were locked in—it could compare to the Bliss Palace upstairs.


When Han Yu felt those auras, her face turned cold and she no longer had a playful smile on her face. She ignored them and took out her sword to begin cutting the doors open. With Zhao Jiuge here, she was not worried. She had seen his strength and was very confident in him.


Han Yu surged her spirit force into her sword and slashed on the metal locks on the doors. The sound of metal colliding with metal echoed through the corridor.

A white mark appeared on the lock. Although the mark was very deep, it didn’t cut through. This made Han Yu’s expression change. Even with a weak treasure, she should still be able to easily break this lock with her Spirit Core Realm cultivation. It looked like it would take a few strikes to break the locks. The only explanation for this was that she had lost too much yin energy. It not only affected her life force, but also her cultivation.

While thinking about this, Han Yu looked toward the eight figures coming out. Her gaze was filled with resentment and her heart was bitter. Zhao Jiuge saw this but didn’t care. These locks were no issue for him, and he could cut them as easily as cutting cucumbers. But he needed to deal with these eight women first!

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