Book 3, Chapter 92 - Escape Trouble

“You want to reincarnate? Dream on! Someone as sinful as you deserves to be obliterated so you can never reincarnate!”

Pei Su Su sneered. She hated garbage humans that only knew how to bully women, and she no longer wanted to waste time talking to him.

While Pei Su Su spoke, the sword in her hand shined once more and a dazzling light flashed from the tip. She clearly wanted to launch another attack to end this perverted monk’s life.

“Hehe, plant good karma and harvest good karma—what bullshit. I only know that I should live for myself. I had a good life and played with all kinds of women. I’m content. Consider it my bad luck to have encountered you guys today.”

Facing Pei Su Su, who was filled with killing intent, the Happy Monk didn’t reveal any sign of fear. On the contrary, he looked at them with disdain and sneered.

After saying this, the Happy Monk used all his strength to endure the pain and stand up, resisting the light that surrounded him. He trembled and let out a crazed roar. “You’re all still too naive! You want to destroy my soul? It’s too late now, hahaha! I, the Happy Monk, have cultivated for more than 200 years and have lived as I pleased. In the end, I fell to two juniors like you.”

At first the Happy Monk had a crazed laughter, then it became like a sob. Then powerful spirit force fluctuations erupted from him. Pei Su Su and San Wu were surprised by this, but not too shocked.

The Happy Monk’s pale face turned abnormally red, and his blood-stained white monk robe fluttered without any wind.

Pei Su Su and San Wu just watched this and didn’t attempt to stop him. Pei Su Su put down her sword, while San Wu continued to maintain control of the Buddhist beads that were binding the Happy Monk.

The Happy Monk had chosen to self-destruct. Although he would die, he could still have a chance to reincarnate. If he fell into Pei Su Su and San Wu’s hands, his soul would be destroyed without a chance to reincarnate.

Pei Su Su coldly looked on, not feeling any joy from killing the Happy Monk. She had a cold expression, and she thought about how those captured women would finally be free.

As for San Wu, when he saw the Happy Monk fall to this state, he found it hard to look at. After all, the Happy Monk was still a Buddhist monk, and San Wu was too kind-hearted. He hated the Happy Monk, but he still felt sorrow from seeing another monk choose to self-destruct. They didn’t think that the happy Monk would give up and self-destruct instead. However, this was where the Happy Monk was clever. He was out of spirit force and had no chance of winning. If he continued to fight, his soul would be destroyed and he would really be gone forever. With this, he would still have a chance to reincarnate.

The Happy Monk’s aura continued to swell, and he released a chaotic spirit force while his face turned even more red. Then that aura seemed to reach a breaking point.


A burst of pink light erupted, and the shockwave it created made it feel like the entire Bliss Palace was shaking.

The self-destruction of a Nascent Soul Realm was terrifying. The bright, pink light immediately surrounded the Happy Monk. Although Pei Su Su and San Wu couldn’t see inside the light, they could feel that the Happy Monk’s life had disappeared without a trace.

San Wu spat out a mouthful of blood, but he endured it and continued to control the Buddhist beads. The brownish-black light distorted like it was going to break. The powerful, pink light inside wanted to break free and injure Pei Su Su and San Wu.

The Happy Monk didn’t repent at all. In order to ensure that his soul wouldn’t be destroyed, he wanted to injure Pei Su Su and San Wu with his self-destruction.

However, by pure chance, the brownish-black light that was holding the Happy Monk became a natural barrier against this explosion.

The pink light continued to tremble, but as time passed, the power from this self-explosion slowly weakened. San Wu’s face became pale, but he continued to resist the pink light with the Buddhist beads. When all of the pink light from the Happy Monk’s self-destruction dissipated, San Wu put away the Buddhist beads. However, there was some blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth and the flow of spirit force inside his body was a bit chaotic.

As for the Happy Monk, because he had self-destructed, both his nascent soul and body had disappeared without a trace.

“Even if someone like him could reincarnate, he would be a pig or a dog, yet he wants to be human again.”

San Wu’s aura was a mess and he spoke with a weak voice. He looked around at the messy Bliss Palace with a complicated gaze.

The scourge that had controlled this area was finally dead. Now the rogue female cultivators wouldn’t have to fear being kidnapped, and no more innocent women would have their lives ruined.

Due to a chance encounter, Pei Su Su, Zhao Jiuge, and San Wu were able to remove the Happy Monk and free the women imprisoned at the Bliss Palace. During this time, Zhao Jiuge and Han Yu had arrived underground, where there was a row of secret chambers.

The underground area was not as long as Zhao Jiuge had expected. After crossing the short, dark corridor, they made a turn and a two-meter-wide corridor opened up before them.

This corridor was man made, with greyish-white walls that looked rather shabby. Zhao Jiuge walked in front, and the moment he entered, he could feel the auras of almost 80 people here. The two sides of the corridor were filled with secret chambers, but they were not as exquisite as the Bliss Palace above. They were more like prison cells.

At the start of the corridor was actually a door made of iron with black and white octagons on it. This was the only secret chamber different from all the other ones.

All the secret chambers had doors that were two people wide. Each door contained palm-sized openings to look inside. Zhao Jiuge was surprised that although the chambers were simple, the doors were made of refined metal. Refined metal wasn’t rare, but it was mostly used to refine treasures.

A Foundation Realm cultivator could not open such a door without any help. However, once Zhao Jiuge felt the spirit force of the women detained here, he understood. Most of them were at the Spirit Transformation Realm and Foundation Realm, there weren’t many at the Foundation Realm either.

The Happy Monk was simply too vicious. He had locked up every woman that didn’t yield to him, and he slowly tormented them. If he was not in a good mood, he would just force himself on them. These womens' fates were doomed the moment they were brought to the Bliss Palace.


Zhao Jiuge slowly walked forward and looked inside each of the secret chambers to get an idea of what was going on inside. Once he finished walking down this short corridor, he got a general idea of the situation inside.

Some of the chambers had only one woman, some had three or five, and some of them had more than 20 women inside. Some of the women were bound by something, and they couldn’t move while others were naked. Zhao Jiuge felt disgusted by the Happy Monk’s actions.

Zhao Jiuge’s arrival was naturally noticed by these women. When they saw Zhao Jiuge quickly pass by, they were very surprised but were too numb to react. A few of the women looked at Zhao Jiuge like he was something disgusting, as if all men were trash.

Zhao Jiuge frowned slightly. He had noticed their reactions, but he softly said, “All of you that aren’t dressed, put some clothes on, I’ll get you all out of here. As for the Happy Monk, calamity has arrived for him.”

He had to get them out of here first even though he didn’t know the situation above. That loud explosion made him a bit worried, but he was confident in Pei Su Su.

What shocked Zhao Jiuge was that after he finished speaking, there was no movement inside the secret chamber, as if nothing had happened at all. It was like throwing a stone into a river—after setting off the initial ripples, there was no response.

He thought that these women would burst out in cheer and couldn’t wait to escape this place of suffering. This reaction was far from his expectations, and Zhao Jiuge’s brows became even deeper. Could it be that the Happy Monk had other means to make these women fear him to the point of not even daring to escape? Or had the torture killed their hearts and they were too numb to have any other thoughts?

“Blah, there are no good men in the world. Don’t pretend, you’re just one of the Happy Monk’s lackeys. I don’t know what scheme that pervert has, but tell him he can dream on if he expects me to serve him. Has he never looked in a mirror before? There is no way I’ll yield to him!”

While Zhao Jiuge was secretly pondering the situation and was about to continue, a cold voice came from the woman in the secret chamber to the upper right corner.

Zhao Jiuge looked up toward that secret chamber and remembered that there was only one woman there, and her limbs were bound by chains made of black metal.

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