Book 3, Chapter 91 - Delusional

Facing Pei Su Su and San Wu’s all out attack, the Happy Monk naturally went all out as well. He would not hold back, and wasn’t hoping to get lucky. If he made one mistake, he would die and never be able to see tomorrow.

He had thrown out two of his three spirit treasures, and the only one he had left was his robe. However, this robe was only a defensive treasure that could not be used against Pei Su Su and San Wu’s attacks.

The Happy Monk’s hand gave off spirit force fluctuations and quickly formed seals. He thought he had a rich enough foundation, but encountering these two geniuses, he could only shut up and suffer the loss.

With every seal the Happy Monk formed, more white lotus fire was released. Unlike before, these white lotuses were even stronger and more intense.

The White Lotus Karma Fire and Purple Origin Fire couldn’t be released nonstop. You would have to keep a bit and slowly create more in your purple palace. Earlier, the Happy Monk suffered a big blow when Pei Su Su and San Wu destroyed the white lotus fire he had released. However, with the crisis before him, he had to endure the injury and release the remaining bit of white lotus fire to save his life.

The White Lotus Karma Fire appeared with a howl, but unlike before, it turned into a river that surrounded his body like a shield.

Pei Su Su and San Wu thought the Happy Monk was finished, but he kept going!

The Happy Monk’s expression was serious and the spirit force inside his body was flowing faster than ever before. Pink spirit force was rapidly released from his body.

The overbearing pink spirit force attached close to the Happy Monk’s body, forming a second layer of protection. At this moment, Pei Su Su and San Wu’s attacks arrived!

The first attack to arrive was not Pei Su Su’s black light but the sword energy she had released.

Rays of sword energy instantly landed on the golden alms bowl that the Happy Monk had thrown in her direction. The bowl flashed rapidly, and the light coming from it became more and more faint.

The bowl expanded into a giant shadow and blocked the dragon-like rays of sword energy. This resulted in sounds of metal colliding, and these sounds lingered for a long time. The rays of sword energy dissipated, but the bowl trembled violently and darkened. From the looks of it, it would need to be nourished by purple origin fire for a while before it recovered its power.

The Happy Monk suffered backlash from his spirit treasure being damaged. This new injury piled on with his old injury, causing him to let out a groan. However, he endured the pain and continued to release spirit force to surround his body.

At this moment, the Buddhist beads that San Wu had thrown were now above the Happy Monk. They released brownish-black light that surrounded the Happy Monk.

However, the Happy Monk was not a pushover. The blood-colored beads he had thrown out shined brightly and a blood-colored light appeared to resist the brownish-black light from San Wu.

The two spirit lights collided and pushed back at each other. Drops of sweat started to appear on the Happy Monk’s face at this point. This was a pure contest of cultivation!

The two of them were actually exactly even! There was a slightly painful expression on San Wu’s face, but he could still hold on. Although San Wu was a genius only seen once every thousand years, he still found it difficult to deal with these old monsters who had lived for hundreds of years.

While the two treasures were in a deadlock, the black light and golden lotus flew by the stalemate and charged toward the Happy Monk’s body.

The black light landed on the defensive river formed by the white lotus fire. There was no sound, but the moment the black light touched the white lotus fire, the white lotus fire began to disappear like melting ice!

In the blink of an eye, this attack brought about an obvious effect. The White Lotus Karma Fire disappeared completely, and there was still some residual power left in the Black Flame Divine Art. The black light continued and hit the last layer of protection the Happy Monk had.

The Happy Monk’s eyes were filled with fear from the incoming attack. However, his focus was completely on his blood-colored Buddhist beads that were battling against San Wu’s beads. He could only watch the black light land on his armor.

When the black light hit the pink spirit force, it created a muffled sound. After breaking apart some of the pink spirit force, the black light disappeared.

The Happy Monk’s heart tightened when he felt the spirit force armor around his body tremble, but fortunately, the danger he felt from the black light disappeared. He quickly released more spirit force to repair his armor, which was his last line of defense.

However, before he could let out a sigh of relief, his pupils shrank. He saw San Wu’s golden lotus closing in on him already!

The golden lotus was dimmer than when it was first released. However, even at this state it was not something the Happy Monk could withstand.

The Happy Monk’s entire body was tense, but he was a bit indifferent to the golden lotus. He could only wait to see what would happen.


A thunderous explosion echoed through the Bliss Palace. The Happy Monk’s face became pale after suffering the attack.

He had been sent flying and spat out a mouthful of blood that dyed a large portion of his white robe red.

The moment the Happy Monk was hit by the golden lotus, the pink spirit force around him shined brightly. However, this pink light quickly disappeared like a firework.

The protection around the Happy Monk disappeared without a trace after being hit by the golden lotus. The next instant, the residual attack landed on the Happy Monk’s body.

He flew through the air for a few moments and then landed on the destroyed dragon bed. The Happy Monk let out a groan and collapsed on the ground.

The blood-colored beads that were resisting San Wu’s budhist beads stopped working because the Happy Monk had lost control of them. This allowed the brownish-black light from San Wu’s Buddhist beads to spread out and surround the Happy Monk. This undoubtedly made the Happy Monk’s situation even worse.

The brownish-black light didn’t harm him. Instead, it tied him up and made it so he could not move.

The Happy Monk only symbolically struggled a few times before giving in, because there was no point at all. Not to mention he was seriously injured and the spirit force in his body was no longer functioning properly. He wanted to escape with his nascent soul, but it was impossible with San Wu’s buddist beads active. Not only was his body bound, even his nascent soul couldn’t escape. He was better off saving some strength for now.

The somewhat weakened Happy Monk sat up, leaning against the broken dragon bed. He looked unusually calm, and he looked at San Wu and Pei Su Su without any complaint or regret. This was the result of his own choices, though he didn’t think he would end up like this. However, he accepted the outcome in his heart. These two juniors were strong enough to defeat him. His meridians and dantian had been severely damaged, making it impossible to use spirit force properly, and he looked like a mess. He just silently sat there in a daze; no one knew what he was thinking about.

“Go die, you perverted monk. I want to see how you will try to run!”

Seeing the Happy Monk about to die, Pei Su Su shouted at him. Thinking about how those women had suffered, Pei Su Su’s anger surged and she didn’t have a place to vent.

“Hahahahaha, I’m going to die? I’ll do it again in my next life. What have I not done in this life? I've lived enough.”

The Happy Monk remained motionless and seemed very weak at first. However, when he heard Pei Su Su’s words, he suddenly got up and his mouth twisted into a crazy smile. There was not a hint of remorse on his face—he was still as arrogant and proud as before.


San Wu had been coldly watching the situation and couldn’t help but let out a cold snort. He couldn’t imagine how there could be someone so shameless in this world. A Buddhist monk was not supposed to do these immortal things, and not only had the Happy Monk committed these immortal acts, he didn’t even feel any remorse!

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