Book 3, Chapter 88 - Fury

Although he only saw three blurry figures through the dust, he had a feeling about who they were. His body tensed up and he didn’t dare to move; he maintained his current posture. However, the spirit force inside his body began to move. The two beautiful women that were beneath the Happy Monk had already been frightened into hiding.

After a few breaths of time, the dust fell to the ground. The three figures had gotten closer, and this short time felt like years for the Happy Monk. When he saw the three figures, his pupils shrank.

A young man wearing black with a quint sword on his back. A beautiful young woman wearing a green silk dress, and a young monk with white teeth and red lips. It was Zhao Jiuge, Pei Su Su, and San Wu!

Seeing that it was indeed the three of them, the Happy Monk panicked. He had encountered them by chance and had tried to take Pei Su Su home with him. He didn’t expect them all to be so strong, so he escaped, and he thought this matter was over. Who could have expected them to actually chase him all the way here? He hadn’t gone looking for more trouble, but instead they had come to him. This made the Happy Monk angry.

He rapidly thought about how to deal with this situation. He was debating between two plans.

One was going all out to take down the three of them. This could endanger his life and would consume a lot of his treasures. But the return would be great—he would obtain all their treasures and have an excellent cultivation furnace in Pei Su Su. After duo cultivating with her, he would have a chance to reach the Soul Formation Realm.

The other was to abandon this sinking ship and disappear. He would give up this place and all the women he had captured here. He would run as far away as possible to some remote place to live the good life again.

He considered these two options in his heart. The Happy Monk was not someone who took a lot of risks; he believed in being cautious and stable. As long as he had his life, he could continue to enjoy these beauties, but he was unwilling to abandon this nest he had spent so long setting up.

Before the Happy Monk could make a decision, his chest began to heave up and down. When he saw the figure behind Zhao Jiuge’s group, he roared in anger, “Han Yu, you bitch. How dare you bring them to the Bliss Palace! It looks like you don’t want to live!”

Han Yu slowly walked inside behind Zhao Jiuge’s group. When Han Yu first walked in, her body trembled slightly. There was still a shadow cast over her heart when she thought about what the Happy Monk had done to her here. She was scared, but she slowly walked forward while looking around.

However, she saw Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su staring the Happy Monk down, so even when he angrily shouted at her, she was not scared. She straightened her back and the fear disappeared from her face.

Han Yu’s face was a bit pale and her body seemed to be trembling from excitement. She coldly shouted,  “Hmph, you trash of a human. Even if I die, I’ll drag you down with me. How much evil have you committed? How many women have you ruined? How many women have killed themselves after being forced by you? And even for the women that submit to you as your slaves, will they be able to escape death?”

After Han Yu finished speaking, she looked at the group of women huddled together. Her eyes were filled with sorrow. She was exactly the same as them just a while ago.

Those trembling women didn’t know what was happening. They had all gone numb. Even though part of the Bliss Palace had been destroyed, they weren’t even trying to escape. However, some of their eyes shone, and they seemed to contain a glimmer of hope.

“Hahaha, good people don’t live long and bad people live for a thousand years. Look at me, see how I’m still alive! Then look at you. You don’t have much longer left to live. Before, you still had two years, but seeing that you’re tired of living, let me send you on your way!”

The Happy Monk had already gotten up, but he was still naked. He laughed arrogantly and his eyes were bloodshot. As he laughed, the thing below swayed, a nauseating sight.

After Han Yu appeared, anger had taken over the Happy Monk’s heart. He only wanted to get revenge on Han Yu. As for Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su, he would deal with them later. If not for Han Yu, this wouldn’t have happened. He had been here for many years, and nothing like this had ever happened before. Those who were weak would fear him and those who were as strong as him would feel his aura and leave. Now two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and a Spirit Core Realm cultivator had broken into his nest. Not only was the Bliss Palace damaged, he had lost all face. Although the Happy Monk didn’t underestimate the three before him, he still believed that if he went all out, he could defeat them.

“If there is anyone who is going to die, it’s you! Watch this old lady break that third leg of yours!”

Pei Su Su grinded her teeth and sneered. She glanced at the naked Happy Monk, and seeing that disgusting thing made her want to kill him immediately. She had only seen him twice so far and both times he was naked, so naturally she didn’t have a good impression of him.

“Then I’ll show you my real power and deal with your three. After I kill those two, you’ll have to serve me. And if you break it, what will you serve?”

The Happy Monk laughed. Now that it had reached this point, he was in no rush to escape. In order to vent his anger, he had decided to bet his life. Either he would die or he would get a big harvest!

“Screw you, watch how I kill you today!”

Zhao Jiuge was the first one to erupt. Encountering someone as shameless as this, even Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but curse.

Accompanying Zhao Jiuge’s cursing, his Cold Underworld Sword also echoed in response with a crisp phoenix cry.

Rays of silver sword energy shot toward the Happy Monk’s nether region. The Happy Monk felt a cold sensation down there and quickly avoided the attack. He picked up the white monk robe he had thrown on the ground and casually put it on.

He had avoided the rays of sword energy, but the sword energy continued toward the giant bed.


A thunderous rumble echoed and the huge dragon bed was broken by the sword energy. The quilt on the bed was turned to dust.

“Mere tricks and you dare to show off?”

The Happy Mook mocked Zhao Jiuge with a smile while he casually put on the robe.

Zhao Jiuge’s expression sank and the spirit force inside his body surged. He raised the sword in his hand and was prepared to use the fourth layer that he had used to break the formation.

Zhao Jiuge had a thorn in his heart because he was always one step behind everyone, whether it was the other Chief Head Disciples of the holy lands or Pei Su Su and San Wu, who had long reached the Nascent Soul Realm, leaving him behind. He was stuck at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, unable to break through. He was always troubled by this, but he didn’t say anything about it even though he always felt a bit awkward around Pei Su Su. Several times now, they had encountered trouble and had to rely on Pei Su Su to resolve it. As a man, this made Zhao Jiuge unhappy. The Happy Monk’s words had directly poked at Zhao Jiuge’s insecurities, and he was ready to go all out to prove himself. After all, Pei Su Su was right beside him.

What he didn’t know was that Pei Su Su didn’t care about this. The reason he couldn’t break through was because of his grade-8 spirit core. The higher the quality of the spirit core, the more difficult it was to break through, but once he did reach the Nascent Soul Realm, his nascent soul would be a lot stronger than those of other cultivators. Heaven was always fair; there were always pros and cons to everything. A grade-8 spirit core would let one crush those at the same realm and even challenge cultivators one realm above. As a result, the bottleneck at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm would be naturally more difficult.

“Blockhead, me and San Wu will go together to end this battle quickly. Otherwise, this monk might escape again. This is not the time to let your anger get the better of you.”

Pei Su Su seemed to see through Zhao Jiuge’s intent and gently pulled his arm. She spoke softly to Zhao Jiuge, looking at him with her beautiful eyes.

Zhao Jiuge let out a sigh and silently nodded. The anger in his heart disappeared after hearing those tender words from Pei Su Su.

“Hehe, look at you two being such a lovey-dovey couple. I’ll make you pay and force you to watch a good show later.”

The Happy Monk finished putting on his clothes and let out a lustful laugh. His words were naturally filled with ill intent.

San Wu looked at the Happy Monk with a look of disgust. He had no intent of looking at him again. The buddhist beads in his hand moved faster and faster. Finally, he said, “Let us attack together to end this quickly. I really don’t understand how such a person can exist. Shameless!”

After San Wu finished speaking, he didn’t have any intent to argue with the Happy Monk, and his cultivation erupted.

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