Book 3, Chapter 85 - An Eyesore

Han Yu was a rogue cultivator. Through luck, she had obtained a cultivation method from a low-level cultivator who had just died. Relying on that, she cultivated until the late stage of the Foundation Realm.

Then she managed to find a blessed location in the area. Not only was the spiritual energy there dense, there were even a few pills left. Relying on these, Han Yu was able to form a grade-3 spirit core after a few months. Although it was only grade-3 spirit core, her lifespan had increased greatly since she had reached the Spirit Core Realm.

She knew that her talent was lacking and that there was no hope of reaching immortality, but she was very satisfied and excited that she had reached the Spirit Core Realm.

She didn’t get to be happy for long before the Happy Monk set his eyes on her. The Happy Monk controlled everything within a few hundred kilometers. He had grown tired of weak cultivators, so he would naturally not let a Spirit Core Realm cultivator who had suddenly appeared in his territory go. He made his move and forced her into his Bliss Palace.

As for what happened after the Happy Monk brought her to the Bliss Palace, she remained silent for a while and didn’t say anything. In the end, she said they would understand once they saw the inside of the Bliss Palace.

Pei Su Su and Zhao Jiuge didn’t ask more. It was enough that they had a general idea about the Happy Monk. As for the things Han Yu wasn’t willing to speak of, they could guess it was something heartbreaking for her.

Once Han Yu finished speaking, everyone fell into a brief moment of silence.

Zhao Jiuge suddenly broke the silence and asked, “Should we head directly to that so-called Bliss Palace?”

His gaze moved over to the remaining women here, and Han Yu had put her clothes back on.

Hearing Zhao Jiuge’s words, Pei Su Su and San Wu couldn’t help but look at them as well. San Wu didn’t mind—he was always kind-hearted and was naturally infuriated by this. The Happy Monk was also a buddhist monk, and he had completely tarnished the image of a buddhist monk. San Wu felt the same way as Pei Su Su: he wasn’t going to give up until he got rid of the Happy Monk.

However, when this happened, all of the women immediately dodged their gazes or lowered their heads, pretending they hadn’t heard anything.

Only Han Yu remained unchanged, as if she already expected this to happen. Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su looked at each other and understood what was happening. These women had been detained at the Bliss Palace for a long time and had suffered a lot here. Naturally, they wouldn’t want to go back to such a painful place. However, without someone who was familiar with the Bliss Palace leading the way, it was possible that they would alert the Happy Monk and allow him to escape. He might give up on the Bliss Palace completely and escape elsewhere.

“I’ll go, let them leave. It’s enough with just me taking you guys there, the rest will depend on you. It was not easy for them to finally escape, and no one wants to go back to that place.”

As Han Yu spoke, she seemed to enter a trance. It was unknown what she was thinking about. After she finished speaking, the rest of the women cast her grateful looks.

What Han Yu had said was right. Although the Bliss Palace sounded like a good place, for them it was a deep pain that left a lingering shadow on their hearts.

Pei Su Su nodded in agreement and helplessly said, “Okay, lead us to the Bliss Palace. However, rest assured. With us here, nothing will happen to you.”

“The Bliss Palace is the Happy Monk’s nest, and he has many layers of protection in place. Even the three of you won’t be able to do anything.”

A woman whose eyes were filled with fear suddenly spoke up, and her body trembled.

“The rest of you can leave now. Go as far away as possible. Forget what happened before, we’ll take care of it.”

Pei Su Su’s expression was a bit cold, and she didn’t even look at the woman who spoke. Pei Su Su didn’t like this woman who was afraid of death, but she didn’t blame her. After all, fearing for your life was normal.

Hearing this, all of them respectfully bowed and then scattered like birds. They were grateful that Zhao Jiuge and company had saved them, but they weren’t going to stick around. If the Happy Monk came back, they would definitely suffer. The Happy Monk’s methods were still fresh in their minds.

Soon, all the female cultivators all disappeared. They had all suffered physically and mentally during their time at the Bliss Palace. However, once they started their new lives, perhaps all these memories would slowly fade.

Once they were all gone, Pei Su Su grasped Han Yu’s arm and her beautiful eyes locked on to Han Yu. She softly said, “Do you believe me? If you believe me, then you can rest assured. No matter how dangerous the Bliss Palace is, I'll keep you safe. As long as no Spirit Sea Realm or higher cultivators appear, you will not be in any danger.”

This was the first time Pei Su Su had been so kind to someone besides Zhao Jiuge. Perhaps she sympathized with this woman. Also, all the other women had run away in fear and only Han Yu was willing to lead them to the Bliss Palace. This might’ve been why Pei Su Su had a very good impression of Han Yu.

Han Yu’s expressionless face was startled for a moment and her hollow eyes seemed to be filled with disbelief. After a long time, she felt warmth surge inside her and she smiled. Her red lips moved slightly as she said, “I believe you.”

Han Yu’s voice was not loud, but her suppressed heart was undergoing a subtle change.

“Then let us head out,” Zhao Jiuge said with a heavy heart. There was an unclear feeling in his heart. On the one hand, he felt sorrow for what Han Yu had experienced. On the other, he felt rage at what the Happy Monk had done.

Zhao Jiuge just couldn’t understand why people would commit these atrocities when they had a certain amount of strength. Was it just to fulfil their desires?

Zhao Jiuge thought that once he had enough strength, he would certainly right the wrongs in the world. He had only been out for a few months, but he had already gone through a lot. Only now did Zhao Jiuge more or less understand why all those geniuses needed to go out to train. It was as simple as it looked on the surface. It wasn’t just simply searching for opportunities to improve your strength. Instead, it was to experience the world and see just how sinister the world could be. Only by training your heart could your strength grow rapidly and maintain a stable foundation.

Although Zhao Jiuge looked calm, his slightly heaving heart betrayed his emotions. Why did so many powerful cultivators do such evil things? Why would mortals or weaker cultivators live just to suffer? In the end, strength was the culprit of everything.

Zhao Jiuge clenched his right hand. Even though his nails were digging into his palm, he ignored the pain. He thought that one day, when he was as strong as his teacher and he encountered someone as shameless as the Happy Monk, he wouldn't waste time talking. He would raise his flying sword and get justice for all the innocent people!

Kill all evil-doers in the world and right all the wrongs!

The four of them quickly flew toward the Happy Monk’s Bliss Palace under Han Yu’s guidance.

Pei Su Su flew with Han Yu, while Zhao Jiuge carried San Wu.

Flying through the air, the wind blew into their faces and their expressions couldn’t be seen. None of them spoke, and an invisible killing intent began to build.

The surrounding scenery was naturally beautiful. This was the border between the Yan Province and the Huang Province, so there weren’t many people living around here. This meant that this area was filled with undisturbed nature.

It took less than half an hour to travel more than 90 kilometers. Under Han Yu’s guidance, the two swords flew into the mountains and circled around before descending. They flew in between two mountains and slowly descended.

After a few breaths of time, the four of them saw a small but magnificent building between the feet of the two mountains. From afar, the Bliss Palace looked like it was one with the two mountains.

The building wasn’t very tall, only a few dozen meters in height, and it was mostly gold and red. The shape of the building was strange—it was irregular. It wasn’t symmetrical like other buildings, but built around the mountains.

There were white, palm-sized lotuses lining the edge of the golden roof. These lotuess were exactly the same as the White Lotus Buddhist Robe the Happy Monk wore.

The upper part of the building was all gold, while the lower part was all red. This gave the building a remarkable aura.

The top of the building had a plaque a few meters wide with the words “Bliss Palace” written on it. There were signs of spiritual patterns along the edges of the plaque.

There was a layer of light around the entire Bliss Palace. It was clear there was a formation inside!

The two flying swords circled the Bliss Palace once. Zhao Jiuge found that the Bliss Palace was indeed not large and didn’t just look small from above.

The Bliss Palace couldn’t be as small as it looks on the surface. There was only one explanation: there had to be something beneath the palace. That had to be why the Happy Monk had built it into the mountains!

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