Book 3, Chapter 83 - Discontent Spreads

Zhao Jiuge saw the Happy Monk take out a wooden alms bowl. It was the size of his palm and looked very ordinary, but there were mysterious, golden characters printed on its surface. The moment the Happy Monk took it out, he looked much more confident.

When the alms bowl appeared in his hand, the Happy Monk didn’t hesitate to inject his spirit force into this treasure.

The bowl suddenly began to shine, releasing a golden light. The golden characters carved on it seemed to have come to life.

This wooden alms bowl was one of the three spirit treasures he had and one of the reasons why he had been able to do as he wished for so long. Aside from the blood beads, he also had a cloth spirit treasure called the White Lotus Buddhist Robe. The final spirit treasure was this alms bowl, the Energetic Golden Alms Bowl.

Facing a crisis, the Happy Monk had to reveal some of his hidden aces. Normally, he avoided using them as much as possible. After all, cultivators' spells and treasures were all private affairs. The unknown was the most terrifying, and only by having a hidden ace could you make the opponent fear you.

When the treasure named Energetic Golden Alms Bowl released layers of golden ripples around the Happy Monk, the piercing sensation he had been feeling disappeared. Even though it hadn’t been fully activated yet, its defensive power was already this strong!

The dragon roar grew even louder in the Happy Monk’s ears. At this moment, the Happy Monk was prepared and smoothly turned around. He raised the Energetic Golden Alms Bowl and swiped it downward toward the golden dragon.

A giant shadow shaped like a bowl surrounded the Happy Monk while a ray of blackish-brown light shot toward the golden dragon.

A muffled sound echoed and the golden dragon was captured by the blackish-brown spirit force before being trapped within the bowl. No matter how hard it struggled, it wasn’t able to break free.

San Wu’s expression became a bit ugly. Just like how the Happy Monk didn’t think San Wu and Pei Su Su were at the Nascent Soul Realm, San Wu didn’t think the Happy Monk would be so strong. When he saw how the Happy Monk immediately flee, he thought that the Happy Monk only relied on his cultivation to suppress others. However, when forced into a corner, the Happy Monk showed off amazing strength.

If San Wu released five golden dragons, no matter how strong the Happy Monk was, it wouldn't have been so easy to resist that attack. However, after the battle at the Wind Mountain Villa, it would take a while to recover his five golden dragons. It had only been a few days, and he had only managed to recover one of them. He had to use it because if he used anything else, the Happy Monk would have escaped already.

“Hehe, little beauty, I’ll take my leave.”

The Happy Monk was very proud about seeing the two people behind him suffer a setback. He quickly withdrew his treasure and ran away without hesitation. He didn’t dare to stay much longer, or else he would be in a lot of trouble once they caught up. As long as he could get away from here, he would go back to living the good life. Although he had used a lot of spirit force, it wasn't much for a late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator like him.

Pink spirit force continued to spread out around the Happy Monk. Without the danger of the golden dragon, he seized the opportunity and fled a few hundred meters. This made San Wu and Pei Su Su stop as they wouldn't be able to catch up to him anymore.

“Hmph, we let him get away.”

Pei Su Su was very angry and her brows were tightly locked. She stared angrily at where the Happy Monk escaped to, and at this moment, Zhao Jiuge arrived beside her.

“San Wu, you’re really useless. You actually let him escape. Now that he got away, who knows how many innocent women will be ruined by that perverted monk.”

Seeing the Happy Monk escape without a trace, Pei Su Su was filled with anger. She had her hands on her hips and was staring angrily at San Wu.

The corner of San Wu’s mouth twitched. He knew that Pei Su Su wasn’t really blaming him and that she was just angry, but he still felt wronged. How could he know that the Happy Monk would be so cunning and have several spirit treasures?

However, he felt a bit helpless, so he did the smart thing and chose to remain silent instead of arguing. He knew that the more he argued, the more energetic Pei Su Su would become. After being together for a while, they all knew each other’s personalities.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge softly said, “No problem, I’ll just ask them to tell us where the Happy Monk usually stays. I refuse to believe that a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator doesn’t have a cave.”

At the same time, he gestured toward the 20 or so women in white.

Pei Su Su and San Wu’s eyes lit up. Since these women were with the Happy Monk, they naturally knew all about him. Not to mention, one of them was a precious cultivation furnace for the Happy Monk.

With that in mind, the three of them immediately moved toward them. They were not afraid of them pulling any tricks, because one, they were just far too weak, and two, it was likely that they had been forced to cultivate with the Happy Monk.

When the women saw the three of them walk over, they panicked. They had seen them fight and knew that the three of them were much stronger. Even the Happy Monk, who was high above them, had been forced to flee.

Fortunately, there was no malice coming from the three youths. This calmed most of them down.

“Everyone, we were forced by the Happy Monk to obey him. We didn’t do anything evil, we normally just satisfy his lust.”

When Zhao Jiuge’s group arrived, the woman with the goose egg-shaped face wrapped in the quilt immediately pleaded with them. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was naked, she would have knelt down to beg them.

“That’s right, please save us.”

With the strongest of them taking the lead, the rest of them knelt down and cried. Aside from the four cold-looking women, everyone else had knelt down.

“All of you get up so we can speak properly. Don’t worry, we won't let this matter go.”

Pei Su Su’s expression became gloomy. Looking at them, she could figure out what kind of pain these female cultivators had suffered. From the short contact earlier, she knew that the Happy Monk was not a good person.

Just when a teary female cultivator was about to speak about all the suffering she had endured, one of the cold-looking women shot her a venomous gaze and shouted, “Hmph, don’t forget about the Lord’s methods. If any of you dare to reveal any information about the Lord, prepare to be tortured.”

This shout caused the woman who was about to speak to shudder, and even some of the other women kneeling couldn’t help but tremble. They seemed to recall the torture they had endured before—it had became a shadow on their hearts.

Pei Su Su’s expression changed and her Nascent Soul Realm cultivation spread out. The venomous-looking woman was only at the Foundation Realm—how could she withstand the pressure from a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator? Her face turned pale and her body trembled. 

“It looks like you all fear the Happy Monk. I presume he has done terrible things to all of you. Say whatever you want, it's best if you tell me where he lives. This old lady will definitely exterminate him; it was his misfortune to have encountered me!”

Pei Su Su could understand what kind of pain they had experienced, and she was furious for them. She could also tell that the cold woman who had spoken was not a good person either.

“Can you really deal with that perverted monk? As long as you can kill him, I’m willing to give my life!”

The goose egg-shaped face woman’s expression was ferocious and she grinded her teeth. It was obvious how much she hated the Happy Monk.

“Han Yu, are you not afraid of the Lord’s revenge? You have to think it through!”

The cold woman seemed to remember something and shouted hysterically at the woman wrapped in the quilt. However, what she got was a cold snort from Pei Su Su, and the pressure caused blood to flow out from her orifices. Her legs went soft and she knelt on the ground.

“Continue to speak, I’ll get revenge for you.” Pei Su Su was rather calm and camly spoke to the woman named Han Yu.

The woman named Han Yu cast a grateful gaze at Pei Su Su.

Just when Han Yu was about to continue speaking, a sudden change occurred.

“The three of you, kill her now, don’t let her reveal information about the Lord.”

The cold woman endured the pain while laying on the ground and shouted at the other three around her.

Before she finished speaking, the three of them released their cultivation and reached for their swords. The killing intent they released made it obvious they were planning to kill all the women here to prevent them from leaking any information.

However, with Zhao Jiuge, Pei Su Su, and San Wu here, how could three women at the Foundation Realm do anything?

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