Book 3, Chapter 82 - You Dare to Scheme Against Me?

Book 3, Chapter 82 - You Dare to Scheme Against Me?

As the red light closed in on Pei Su Su, the wind and air in the area seemed to stop.

Zhao Jiuge’s expression changed slightly. He seemed a bit worried about Pei Su Su. He tightly grasped his sword in his hand. His body was tense and he was ready to make a move the moment something went wrong. Although he was a full realm weaker and the disparity was too great, he couldn’t just watch Pei Su Su suffer any harm. He was already very unhappy that Pei Su Su had to step out to protect him every time, but he could only bury this feeling deep in his heart. He could only feel anxious and wonder why he couldn’t break through to the Nascent Soul Realm yet.

Seeing this situation, the Happy Monk’s expression returned to normal and a proud smile crept up on his face. He seemed very confident in his attack.

“Happy Monk, endless power!”

At this moment, the women in white respectfully stood there and respectfully shouted in support of the monk. The four cold-looking women were holding on to their flying swords as if they were ready to join the fight. The four of them were slightly stronger than the others; they were at the late stage of the Foundation Realm.

Pei Su Su was originally filled with killing intent, but when she heard this, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing. She gave the Happy Monk a playful smile. She didn’t think a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would do something like this.

“Hmph, you dared to have dirty thoughts about this old lady. Endless power? Today, I want to see how much endless power you have!”

After she finished speaking, the green robe around her fluttered even more violently. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she reopened them, there was a flash of light.

The next moment, cyan light appeared in the air, but it was rather insignificant compared to the blood red light. However, after one breath of time, the cyan light expanded into a cyan lotus.

Pei Su Su abandoned her sword art and directly used her spell. She wasn’t holding back at all—it looked like the Happy Monk had completely enraged her.

When the cyan lotus first formed, it was just a bud, but as it slowly rotated, the leaves of this life-like lotus slowly opened up.

The red light that was going to surround Pei Su Su was blocked by the cyan lotus. At first, the lotus swayed a bit under the red light, but soon it stabilized and completely blocked the red light.

Only now did the Happy Monk’s expression begin to change. If he still didn’t see the problem, then all his years of cultivation would be in vain.

With his strength, he was a tyrant that ruled over everyone within 500 kilometers. He was used to doing as he wished, and he even had his Bliss Palace here. However, since the beginning of this fight, he had been pressured by Pei Su Su, and this made him very cautious.

That powerful flying sword and the overbearing spell all struck the Happy Monk’s nerves. His buddhist beads weren’t ordinary, and whenever he used them, he normally could win the battle easily. However, this time he lost to Pei Su Su.

In the air, the dazzling, blood-red light and the soft, cyan light were competing against each other. Although they were in a stalemate, anyone with eyes could see that the red light had no chance of breaking past the defenses of the cyan lotus.

The Happy Monk’s eyes narrowed and he began to ponder. He was already thinking of escaping. He still had aces left, but he didn’t want to use them. He didn’t feel like this was worth it. Even when faced with the temptation of beauties and treasures, he valued his life the most. That’s why he was still alive even though he had done so many evil things. If he encountered anything he felt was off, he would immediately escape far away.

Most importantly, Pei Su Su was very difficult to deal with, and there was still that young monk there. Although the young monk looked harmless, he had this prickling feeling about him. At this moment, the Happy Monk made a decision to quickly escape.

As long as he could escape back to his own Bliss Palace, he could still live the good life. It didn’t matter if he missed out on this excellent cultivation furnace before him. After all, he was very clear that there were things he couldn’t touch at this current level.

Although he felt it was a bit of pity to leave behind the Spirit Core Realm cultivation furnace, when he thought about how she was almost all used up, he felt relieved. While top-quality cultivation furnaces were difficult to find, there would be more opportunities in the future.

Thinking about this, the Happy Monk secretly looked at the 20 or so women in white with a hint of pity in his eyes. However, on the surface he pretended like nothing was wrong and continued to manipulate the blood-red beads against Pei Su Su.


While the Happy Monk was thinking about how to escape, Pei Su Su was already getting frustrated at the stalemate.

Following the cold snort from Pei Su Su, there was a flash of light from her body and the spirit force she emitted became even more fierce. The cyan lotus around her started rotating even faster.

When the cyan lotus bloomed, its leaves were able to completely block out the red light. Then a ray of cyan light shot out from the center of the lotus toward the Happy Monk!

The Happy Monk was filled with shock. He thought this cyan lotus was only for defense, he didn’t expect it to attack as well.

The Happy Monk was originally hesitant about leaving all these beauties behind, but now all that hesitation disappeared. He quickly withdrew the buddhist beads and escaped. He could see that Pei Su Su was difficult to deal with. Even if he could eventually beat her, he would have to pay a considerable price. As for these cultivation furnaces he was abandoning, he didn’t mind. He had far more beauties at home.

After the Happy Monk took back the buddhist beads, the blood-red light immediately dissipated. The light from the cyan lotus was the only thing that remained. It was so bright that the sky looked dim in comparison.

“Want to run?”

San Wu, who had been watching this battle the whole time, suddenly let out a roar. He attacked without hesitation, and he didn’t care if they were fighting two against one.

He had remained silent because he couldn’t understand why a buddhist cultivator like him would embark on such a path. However, just because he didn’t understand, that didn’t mean he would do nothing. Otherwise, countless more innocent women would be ruined by this flower thief.

The moment San Wu’s words rang out, a ray of golden light appeared before him. It was a golden dragon!


Not only did the Happy Monk have a way with words, his feet worked just as well. The cyan spirit force landed where the Happy Monk was, setting off a thunderous boom and splattering dirt everywhere.

At this moment, the Happy Monk had already escaped several dozen meters and didn’t suffer any damage. He was still idle enough to look back, but when he saw the giant pit, he trembled. His feet moved even faster and the spirit force fluctuations around him became even stronger.

Seeing her powerful attack miss, Pei Su Su’s expression became ugly and she became angry from embarrassment.

However, just because the Happy Monk had escaped Pei Su Su’s attack, that didn’t mean he could escape San Wu’s golden dragon. The life-like golden dragon roared and appeared not far behind the Happy Monk. The golden dragon moved so fast that it created a powerful gust of wind.

San Wu watched this with a serious expression. He felt ashamed because he was very proud to be a buddhist monk, and he never thought he would encounter such a scumbag here. This made him feel a sense of rage. Normally, a monk wouldn’t feel anger like this. He had been silent this whole time because he was thinking about how to deal with this scum. No matter how talented he was, he was still young. When he saw the Happy Monk attempt to escape, he decided to eradicate this scourge so that no more innocent people would be harmed by him.

When the dragon roar echoed, the escaping Happy Monk felt that something was wrong. However, what frightened him even more was the late stage Nascent Soul Realm aura that had just erupted from San Wu!

He was used to doing as he wished in this region, and he didn’t expect to encounter two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators when he was just out for a walk. What’s more, each of them was as strong as himself, which frightened him greatly. He was eager to get away from this place and wondered why he was so unlucky to lose almost 20 of his beautiful women.

The pain from his back made him realize that he couldn’t escape this attack at all. He also knew that even if he didn’t die, he would be gravely injured.

The two auras behind him continued to close in. The Happy Monk’s expression tightened, and he understood that staying here was a terrible idea. However, the golden dragon was the biggest issue. He couldn’t just ignore it, but if he attempted to block it, then Pei Su Su and San Wu would catch up.

The Happy Monk didn’t have much time to think, and he wasn’t a particularly indecisive person. When he felt that aura, he frowned and immediately took out an item.

This item wasn’t large—it could be held in his hand. The item emitted a grey light.

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