Book 3, Chapter 81 - Bliss Palace

He usually travelled around with the dragon bed, but he wasn’t angry about it being destroyed at all. He had a proud smile as he raised his brows and said with disdain, “You want to fight? You should consider your own strength first. However, since you’re about to die, I won’t blame you.”

After saying this, the Happy Monk felt that it was a bit uncomfortable to hold the woman wrapped in the quilt with one arm. He changed posture and held her with one arm around her waist and the other around her legs.

The Happy Monk turned toward Pei Su Su and smiled. “This is a good cultivation furnace. Although not as good as you, she is still at the early stage of the Spirit Core Realm. Not to mention, using her in bed is just divine.”

At the very end, the Happy Monk revealed a lustful expression once more. He even used one hand to raise the chin of the woman in his arms.

“Bah! Flower thief! Watch this old lady break your third leg!”

Pei Su Su let out a roar and the sword in her hand moved. The aura around her erupted and her robe fluttered.

Hearing this, Zhao Jiuge laughed out loud. He liked how direct Pei Su Su was, it was very similar to him. Although she wasn’t very gentle, she didn’t scheme like other women. She didn’t hide anything, and she said whatever was on her mind.

“Take this!”

Seeing Pei Su Su making a move, the Happy Monk quickly threw the woman in his arm toward the cold-looking woman in the back.

Then his robe started fluttering and he took a step forward. He could be dismissive and feel disdain toward Zhao Jiuge, who was at the Spirit Core Realm. However, he wouldn’t dare to do the same against Pei Su Su, who was at the mid stage of the Nascent Soul Realm. Even though he had the skills, he didn’t take her lightly. He was an old fox, so how could he not understand this? Even when a tiger fights a rabbit, they go all out.

In a flash, the Happy Monk’s late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation erupted in full. Even Zhao Jiuge felt a slight tremble.

“I alone am enough.”

When Pei Su Su saw that Zhao Jiuge was about to make a move, she stopped him. Her exquisite face was filled with anger; it was almost as if the words “This aunty is very angry and the consequence of angering me is great!” were written on her face.

Hearing this, Zhao Jiuge stopped, but his expression was a bit bleak and he felt a bit down. He had said that he was going to protect her in the future, but she was a step ahead still.

Zhao Jiuge pursed his slightly dried lips. His eyes were filled with determination while he watched everything unfold before him. He didn’t know why he still couldn’t reach the Nascent Soul Realm. Soon, the distance between him and the others would become even greater! Forget about crushing the geniuses of the other holy lands, even the top disciples of some of the first-rate sects could surpass him. If this continued, he would have no hope at the Battle Competition in one and half years.

The red on San Wu’s face had disappeared, but there was anger behind his calm gaze.

When the Happy Monk’s cultivation erupted, a pink spirit force appeared around him. The Happy Monk’s cultivation method was called the Joyous Joining Enlightenment Method. It was a duo cultivation method that relied on harvesting the yin to nourish the yang. While it was not a particularly evil method, the woman involved would eventually be hurt. The majority of people that cultivated this were shameless perverts.

The spirit force created by this cultivation method naturally contained some hallucinatory effects. The Happy Monk had also been blessed with luck and found a rank-5 spirit vein. Although the spirit vein wasn’t very good, the attribute was compatible with his cultivation method.

The moment the Happy Monk attacked, he released his pink spirit force. This light looked ordinary, but the moment someone was hit by it, they would enter a trance. The duration of the trance differed depending on the person’s cultivation level and attribute.

The Happy Monk was as confident as he was because of his attribute. Over the years, his cultivation had improved rapidly from all the women he used. They naturally ended up dead after their cultivation and yin energy were exhausted.


Pei Su Su held her word in her right hand and moved it rapidly. Rays of sword energy smashed down like a waterfall.

The turquoise-colored sword energy smashed into the pink spirit force, and although Pei Su Su’s cultivation was weaker, she held the upper hand. The pink spirit force scattered and slowly dissipated.

Sometimes, cultivation level wasn’t everything. The difference in cultivation level could be made up with treasures, spells, and the density of your own spirit force. That’s why those with better backgrounds were much stronger.

Pei Su Su’s family was not weak, and she had at least seven spirit treasures, not including the life-saving treasures. Her cultivation method was also not something ordinary people could comprehend. On the surface, her cultivation level was lower, but her spirit force was so domineering that even the Happy Monk couldn’t compare.

Just one move caused the Happy Monk’s expression to change. This trick had always worked very well, and many female cultivators lost to this move before having their yin energy taken. Even those at the Nascent Soul Realm would be tricked if they were careless, but it had no effect on Pei Su Su.

However, the Happy Monk’s expression only changed slightly. This wasn’t enough for him to be afraid. He would never allow such a good prize escape now. Not only would she make an excellent cultivation furnace for him, given her beauty and temperament, even a one night stand would be worth it.

Most importantly, he had reached the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm, so these weaker cultivators were no use to him. The only reason he continued to do this was to satisfy his own lust.

He saw Pei Su Su as his hope to reach the Soul Formation Realm. Although he knew that this rose was covered in thorns, he wouldn’t let such a good opportunity go. As long as he could improve his strength, he was willing to do anything.

The Happy Monk let out a cold snort and waved his white sleeves before taking out a string of buddhist beads. Different from San Wu’s buddhist beads, these were blood-red. Their effects were unknown, but it was obvious it was an evil item.

The moment the Happy Monk took out these beads, he began to chant. As he chanted, the blood-red beads seemed to come to life and exuded light. As time passed, the light became even stronger. It felt like the beads would fly out of his hand if the Happy Monk wasn’t holding them right.

Pei Su Su raised her brows and there was a flash of light in her beautiful eyes. She ignored the beads and continued to swing the sword in her hand. She was going to break through with sheer force. She had already noticed that the beads required some kind of spell and that the more the Happy Monk chanted, the more powerful it would become.

Pei Su Su would naturally not give the Happy Monk a chance to build up the spell. She didn’t target the beads but aimed for the Happy Monk directly instead. She released a ray of sword energy that charged toward the Happy Monk like a dragon. If she hit him, it would stop his chanting, and naturally the beads would be useless.

The turquoise-colored sword energy flew toward the Happy Monk, but this time he didn't release anything to protect himself, because he was chanting the spell.

However, just when the ray of sword energy was going to land on the Happy Monk, his eyes suddenly narrowed and shined.

The rays of sword energy from Pei Su Su let out a soft sound when they were only a meter or so away from the Happy Monk and then scattered.

There seemed to be an invisible light curtain surrounding him. Seeing Pei Su Su frustrated, the Happy Monk revealed a smile and turned the beads in his hands even faster.

The buddhist beads began to release their aura, and the blood-red light they emitted was particularly dazzling. Every turn from the Happy Monk made the light even stronger.

Pei Su Su was startled. She didn’t know what had happened, but she quickly figured out that it had something to do with the beads. At first she thought it was only an offensive treasure because its power increased with every turn. However, from the looks of it, it turned out to be an offensive and defensive treasure. Only now was its true aura showing itself, and it turned out to be a spirit treasure. It was also a spirit treasure that had been refined by Happy Monk’s purple origin fire.


Pei Su Su let out an unconvinced snort. She was not angry that the sword energy had been blocked. If one wasn’t enough, she would just send another.

Just when Pei Su Su was about to attack, the Happy Monk was also ready to make a move. The moment he made a move, it created shocking spirit force fluctuations.

The Happy Monk threw the blood-red buddhist beads into the air, where they started floating. They emitted red light that became more and more intense, and it was about to surround Pei Su Su.

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