Book 3, Chapter 80 - Happy Monk

When the women carrying the dragon bed stopped, a muffled sound came from the bed.

The woman inside let out one last moan and then her body went soft. The slender, white leg that had extended out from the curtain went soft and hung on the edge of the dragon bed.

After he shouted, the bald man immediately sat up, and the sound of clothes being put on came from the bed.

Pei Su Su raised her brows and angrily stared at the figure inside. She wanted to see what kind of person would dare to do something like this in broad daylight. She knew that he had to have some strength to make all these female cultivators surrender to him. However, she was not afraid. Ever since she was little, only she was allowed to bully others!

The bald man quickly put on some clothes and then a pair of white hands opened the curtain, revealing what was inside.

There was a soft, golden-red silk quilt messily laying on the bed. There was a tall and slender female cultivator lying naked on the quilt.

The woman’s goose-egg shaped face was still red from the previous action. She looked very tired and was laying on the soft quilt, resting. She didn’t seem to care that the curtain had been opened. Her chest was still heaving up and down from her rough breathing.

The owner of the hand that had opened up the white curtains was a bald monk!

This man was wearing a white lotus-flower coat and had a bald head. However, unlike San Wu, he had nine disciplinary scars on his head.

He had red lips and white teeth like San Wu but was a bit fat. Unlike San Wu’s simple expression, this fat monk’s eyes contained a hint of lust.

“Beautiful woman, I see that you have a good bone structure and talent for cultivation. How about you join me so we can enjoy the pleasures of close intimacy and exchange our yin and yang?”

The monk’s tone was very passionate, but his chest was exposed. He didn’t care and casually put on a monk robe around himself.


As soon as the monk spoke, Zhao Jiuge cursed in anger. His chest heaved up and down and he looked like he was ready to fight at any moment.

Pei Su Su was equally angry and gloomy. However, when she saw Zhao Jiuge’s reaction, she was very happy. A charming smile lit up her face and she wrapped her arm around Zhao Jiuge’s arm, waiting for him to make a move.

They finally understood why this man was doing such a thing in broad daylight and why the woman was so weak. It was obvious that during the act, she had lost too much spirit force and yin energy.

Duo cultivation was an actual cultivation method, not just a man and a woman having sex. It was a joyous thing where both would achieve a mutual harmony of yin and yang, which would help them improve their cultivation.

However, normal duo cultivation was very rare, and the cultivation method used by the man and woman had to be compatible. Although duo cultivation was an easy way to improve one’s cultivation, not many people could actually do it.

What this monk was doing was not duo cultivation at all. He was clearly taking the yin energy from this woman to nourish himself. Only he would get stronger, and he was harming the woman in the process. In a few years, she would lose all her cultivation due to the loss of yin energy and die.

It was due to the harsh and demanding nature of duo cultivation that evil people had created this method. They only harvested yin to nourish themselves, rather than reach a harmony of yin and yang.

This was why Zhao Jiuge was so angry. Not only did this monk dare to speak like that to Pei Su Su, he also felt sorrow for these women. These women had been clearly made into this monk’s cultivation furnaces.

Zhao Jiuge looked at the woman lying on the dragon bed who was very weak because of the monk. She clearly only had one or two years left to live.

“Hmph, a mere Spirit Core Realm cultivator dares to act out before me, the Happy Monk.”

The bald man called himself the Happy Monk, and he only glanced at Zhao Jiuge. When he felt that Zhao Jiuge was only at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, he spoke with disdain. Perhaps he was so used to doing what he wished that even when he spoke, he looked like he was looking down on everyone.

When Pei Su Su saw someone bullying Zhao Jiuge, she was very unhappy. Only she could bully her blockhead, and if anyone else wanted to, they would have to ask if she was willing to allow it or not!

As a woman, Pei Su Su was also very angry at this monk. It was obvious that all these women were being oppressed by this monk. Otherwise, who would be willing to continue this if they knew it was hurting them?

However, Pei Su Su didn’t even look directly at the Happy Monk and instead looked at San Wu, who was blushing at what he had seen. She cynically said, “San Wu, I didn’t think buddhist monks like you would be scum like this. Who knew that your kind could commit such evil deeds. You normally look harmless, but are you secretly like this also?”

At the end, Pei Su Su purposely closed in on San Wu with a smile.

San Wu was startled by Pei Su Su’s words. His face was already red from seeing the naked woman, and now his face was even redder.

“Still looking? Are you not afraid of calluses growing in your eyes? You’re a little kid whose hair hasn’t even grown yet and you’re thinking of such things.”

When Pei Su Su saw that San Wu was lost for words, she mercilessly continued. She completely ignored the smiling Happy Monk.

“You… You… You’re speaking nonsense!”

Seeing Pei Su Su being so unreasonable, San Wu felt that if he continued to remain silent, he would indeed be like what she was describing. He felt like he had to refute but didn’t know what to say.

Since there were good people, then naturally there were bad people. Even among buddhist monks, there were those that would do whatever it took to improve their cultivation. San Wu came from a good background and was not someone this Happy Monk could compare to. However, he couldn’t withstand the mockery from Pei Su Su.

This Happy Monk was an evil cultivator even though he was an buddhist monk. Not only did he not abstain from women, he instead took advantage of them to improve his cultivation.

“With a feisty woman. You better come onto my dragon bed and enjoy it. Otherwise, you’ll know the consequences.”

Facing Pei Su Su’s anger, the Happy Monk was not affected and instead smiled. The more he looked at Pei Su Su, the stronger his desire became. He seemed to be thinking of something obscene, which caused his breathing to become rough.

After the Happy Monk finished uttering those explicit words, his throat moved, making it obvious how excited he was.

Pei Su Su laughed in anger, but it has to be said that she was very beautiful. She was wearing a simple, green robe wrapped around her beautiful figure and had blue silk cloth casually draped across her shoulders. Her exquisite face looked so delicate that it seemed like it could break the moment someone breathed on her.

“What happens if I don’t?”

Pei Su Su had a charming smile, but the anger in her eyes could not be hidden. Her mid-stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation slowly leaked out. Just now, she confirmed that this Happy Monk was only at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

“I didn’t notice you had such strength. This is good, I’ll be able to nourish myself. This kind of top quality cultivation furnace is rare.”

Feeling the aura that erupted from Pei Su Su, the Happy Monk could no longer hide his ugly thoughts. He licked his slips and swallowed.

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll let you know the consequences. Once I take you, I’ll let you enjoy the feeling of pain and pleasure. As for the two of you, there is no need for you guys to be alive;  you two can go die.”

The Happy Monk’s tone suddenly changed and he let out a roar. He then released his full cultivation.

The Happy Monk had many different types of women, whether they were demonic, charming, pure, or petite, but this was the first time he had met someone with Pei Su Su’s temperament and cultivation.

He was secretly glad that he had decided to come out today. He had come across such a wonderful cultivation furnace, and now he was completely overtaken by his lust.

San Wu’s face was still somewhat red. It wasn’t certain if he was red from being angered by Pei Su Su’s words or from the shocking scene he had seen on the bed. While Pei Su Su and the Happy Monk were ready to fight, he was pondering about something.

“Die yourself!”

Zhao Jiuge could no longer contain the anger in his heart. He took out the Cold Underworld Sword and released a ray of sword energy toward the dragon bed the Happy Monk was on.

Life or death is unimportant. If you’re unconvinced, then let’s fight.

Zhao Jiuge already disliked the Happy Monk, plus he had humiliated Pei Su Su multiple times. If those insults had been hurled at him, Zhao Jiuge wouldn't be so angry but he wouldn’t allow anyone to humiliate Pei Su Su. What’s more, they wouldn't have to worry about killing someone like this. Instead, he would be doing everyone a favor by getting rid of such an evil person.


The ray of silver sword energy split the dragon bed in half.

The eight women carrying the bed didn’t suffer any harm; they only felt the weight they were carrying disappear. The dragon bed that was split in half fell to the ground.

The Happy Monk didn’t suffer any injuries and was already dressed. He wrapped the goose-egg faced woman with the golden red silk quilt and carried her.

The difference in cultivation levels could not be made up with speed. There was a whole realm between Zhao Jiuge and Happy Monk. A late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivator was obviously no match for someone at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

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