Book 3, Chapter 79 - Flower Thief

“Father, why are you looking at me like that?”

When Zhao Jiuge was present, Peng Chaodong didn’t dare to act carelessly. Only now did he pick up a glass of wine and slowly enjoyed it. However, when he saw Peng Yang’s burning gaze on him, he couldn’t help but ask.

The moment Peng Chaodong spoke, Peng Yang frowned and said, “Are you really asking why? If you have time to eat, then get to work! Since he has agreed, take advantage of it.”

Peng Chaodong was originally confused, but now he completely understood what Peng Yang meant. At the same time, he remembered his father’s goal.

With the fall of the Wind Mountain Villa, the Peng family naturally wanted to expand their strength like everyone else. Zhao Jiuge being a guest of the Peng family was the best smokescreen. Zhao Jiuge’s fame must have already spread across the entire Yan Zhi Region.

Yesterday, Peng Chaodong had spread the news of Zhao Jiuge staying with them. This made many forces in the region fear the Peng family. They didn’t know what kind of relationship the Peng family had with Zhao Jiuge, and the Peng family was not weak either.

Peng Chaodong immediately left the pavilion to prepare some things. He also left a few commands for the servants.

Two days later, with a series of actions from the Peng family, they took over the land the Wind Mountain Villa once occupied. Peng Yang even directly placed two large formations there, making it obvious they were going all out.

Facing the Peng family’s actions, the remaining forces all kept silent. Everyone wanted what was left of the Wind Mountain Villa, but none had the courage to step in. They were afraid of taking the lead and enraging the other forces.

The Peng family took this opportunity and set down two large formations. They managed to seize this chance and also directly revealed their strength. Not only had their family’s two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, Peng Yang and Peng Jing, appeared, but a hidden third mid stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator that the Peng family supported also showed himself. The Peng family was afraid that the other forces would not accept this and an accident might happen, so they had Nascent Soul Realm cultivators oversee everything. All the other forces in the area could only remain silent.

Everyone knew that no one would dare to voice their opposition, because the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was still a guest at the Peng family mansion. The Peng family’s actions had the shadow of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect behind them. There were people who were not afraid of the Peng family, but everyone was afraid of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

Two days later.

After cultivating for a while, Zhao Jiuge’s injuries had recovered. They were ready to leave and head east toward the Huang Province.

At the entrance of the Peng mansion, Peng Yang and everyone looked very reluctant about Zhao Jiuge leaving. Although the Peng family was very busy, they still had to send Zhao Jiuge off.

“Jiuge, are you really not going to say a few more days?”

Peng Yang looked at the young man before him with a complicated expression. He knew that this young man had played a vital role in today’s matter. Without Zhao Jiuge’s reputation, this matter would not have ended so simply.

“No need. If fate allows it, we’ll naturally meet again. We’ll take our leave now.”

Zhao Jiuge had a faint smile on his face, and after he finished speaking, he left with Pei Su Su and San Wu. Everything that needed to be said had already been said yesterday, so Zhao Jiuge left very decisively.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to completely disappear, but the Peng family didn’t leave. They remained at the door of the mansion for a long time.

Peng Yang suddenly called out, “Bo Er.”


Peng Bo’s expression was a bit reluctant and ugly. When he mentioned that he wanted to train with Zhao Jiuge, he was severely reprimanded by Peng Yang.

“I know you want to go train with them, but you’re not strong enough. Even the small Yan Zhi Region is filled with danger, much less the outside world. You have to work hard, the future belongs to the young like you. You’re also expected to inherit the Peng family. Your father will grow old one day; what happens if something happens to you outside?”

There was no expression on Peng Yang’s face. He was still looking toward where Zhao Jiuge had gone.

Peng Bo knew that what Peng Yang was saying made sense, but he was young and yearned for the outside world. Perhaps traveling the world with someone famous like Zhao Jiuge would be very interesting.

After pondering about all this, all of his emotions turned into a nod. However, he was determined to work hard. Cultivating with Zhao Jiuge was now his goal.

“Let us go back inside. All of you must remember what Zhao Jiuge did for us. You all must never forget this kindness. In addition, Peng Bo, once you’re stronger, I’ll give you a big gift for you to bring to him at the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. This relationship must be maintained.”

Peng Yang spoke calmly, but he was planning everything carefully.

Peng Bo silently left with a nod. It was obvious that he was troubled and no longer had the playful nature he used to have.

Zhang Jing and Peng Chaodong looked at each other and understood each other’s thoughts. It looked like their son had matured a lot on that trip.

The power struggle in the Yan Zhi Region continued, but it didn’t have anything to do with Zhao Jiuge. As long as all the corpse cultivators were wiped out, he didn’t care about the other stuff.

While the Peng family was still fighting for fame, Zhao Jiuge, San Wu, and Pei Su Su had set foot on the official road and were heading toward the border of the Huang Province.

Setting out on a new journey, Zhao Jiuge was filled with expectation. He wondered what kind of people he would encounter and if he would get any information about the Chilling Fire Flower.

Places with mountains had much less people. The area between the two provinces was surrounded by mountains and was completely deserted. Even though they had entered the Huang Province, there was no sign of any towns, not even a single village.

After two days of travel, they stopped at a stone monument on the side of the official road. The writing on the stone monument was weathered and there were many marks on the stone, indicating that it had been here for a long time.

Zhao Jiuge carefully examined the stone monument and could tell that the big, red letters clearly said “Huang Province.” This made Zhao Jiuge feel an inexplicable burst of joy, as if he was one step closer to the Chilling Fire Flower.

Pei Su Su was wearing a green robe. She wrapped her arms around Zhao Jiuge’s arm and said in a sweet voice, “This place is pretty nice, even though it's deserted. The further east we go, the less populated the area becomes.”

“It’s not bad. The more deserted a place, the more beautiful the scenery. But I believe it won’t be long before we encounter some cities so I can gather information about the Chilling Fire Flower.”

Zhao Jiuge enjoyed the comfort during peaceful times like this and enjoyed the softness around his arm. He thought that if there was no fighting or conflict, living everyday like this would be pretty good.

Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su walked in front while holding hands and San Wu walked behind them. His eyes narrowed as if he felt disdain while looking at the two of them acting all lovey-dovey like this.

Zhao Jiuge looked at the surrounding scenery with his arms around Pei Su Su. It was a different kind of feeling. Blade soaring was great, but walking around like this had its own charm.

The three of them silently walked along the official road. Neither Zhao Jiuge nor Pei Su Su spoke, both unwilling to break this somewhat lovely atmosphere.

Shortly after, the three of them couldn’t help but look forward because they felt people closing in. It was just a few, at least a dozen.

Shortly after, the three of them could feel a slight tremor from the ground, then they saw a cloud of dust making its way forward.

The three of them decided to stop and look to see who would appear in this rather remote place.

What Zhao Jiuge saw stunned him.

Not far away, there were more than 20 people, and they were all women. All of them were wearing white palace dresses, and they were all very tall and beautiful.

These women were all cultivators, but they weren’t very strong. They were at the Spirit Transformation and Foundation Realms.

The eight women in front were holding long poles with a canvas hanging across them. These eight women in white palaces dresses were actually holding up a dragon bed that was a few meters wide.

The dragon bed was round and was surrounded by a while curtain. Two figures could vaguely be seen through it.

There were a few very cold-looking women in the back. Their auras proved that they were much more powerful than the women in front.

The women holding the dragon bed were all cultivators, so they naturally didn’t care about the weight. What shocked Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su was that someone would walk down the road while carrying a bed.

Those women completely ignored Zhao Jiuge’s group and continued to walk forward.

Once they got close, Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su’s expressions changed once more. They could see that the dragon bed was shaking slightly.

Some moans were coming from the bed as well. Anyone who heard this sound would know exactly what was going on.

When they walked past Zhao Jiuge’s group, the movements from within the dragon bed became even louder.

Then a slender, white thigh protruded out from the white curtain around the dragon bed!

This caused San Wu to immediately close his eyes.It was impolite to look!

When Pei Su Su saw this, she revealed an angry smile. Even Zhao Jiuge found it rather absurd that someone would do this kind of thing in broad daylight.

Now that they were close, they could clearly see two naked figures through the thin curtain. The woman had a curvy figure, but the man seemed to be bald like San Wu.

Seeing this kind of thing in broad daylight, Pei Su Su couldn’t help but let out a cold snort.

Pei Su Su’s cold snort seemed to disrupt the two people inside, and the man glanced out.

The moment he looked outside, he was stunned and immediately made a sound.

“Wait a minute.”

Hearing this elegant voice, the 20 or so women all stopped.

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