Book 3, Chapter 78 - Request to Stay

At night.

The Peng family was particularly lively. Although it wasn’t like a wedding, it was still very festive. It made outsiders wonder what was going on.

Zhao Jiuge was awakened from his cultivation by Pei Su Su. Peng Yang had personally come to invite the three of them to the family banquet.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t feel time pass at all while cultivating. It felt like he had just started and hadn't had enough, but he saw Peng Yang waiting there. He was already old and it wasn’t good to make him wait too long, so he quickly went to the banquet with Pei Su Su and San Wu.

San Wu and Pei Su Su had spent the day here in the bamboo forest. San Wu had spent the day cultivating quietly, but Pei Su Su couldn’t stay still. She had been playing around with Little Black, who had just woken up.

The moment he walked out of the bamboo forest, he saw that it was already late at night. However, there was no change at all inside the bamboo forest. This left Zhao Jiuge even more impressed with Peng Yang’s formation skills.

Along the way, Peng Yang was very respectful, which shocked Zhao Jiuge. Even though his identity was prominent, he was still only a Spirit Core Realm cultivator. It shouldn't be enough to make a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator act like this.

However, what Zhao Jiuge didn’t know was that the entire family had thoroughly interrogated Peng Bo during the day. They had made him carefully explain what had happened at the Wind Mountain Villa and how he had gotten close to Zhao Jiuge.

Peng Bo had spent half a day working hard to explain the situation, and the entire Peng family was somewhat sluggish afterward. They already had very high opinions of these three youths, but it turned out their opinions weren’t high enough. If what Peng Bo had said was true, then these three were strong enough to crush the Peng family if they didn't use their formations. The Peng family mansion was like an iron barrel, so as long as they didn't go out, no enemies would break in.

Everyone was silent for a moment before Peng Yang personally went to invite the three of them to join the family banquet.

When they sat down in the small pavilion next to the artificial lake to participate in the Peng family’s banquet, the entire Yan Zhi Region was going through a huge change. This was the biggest change in the Yan Zhi Region in the past thousand years.

News about the Wind Mountain Village had exploded. Last night, only the top forces in the area had learned about what happened. Then, once people were sent out by the local forces like locusts to hunt the corpse cultivators, the truth of what happened slowly spread to every corner of the region.

The scandal of the Wind Mountain Villa was revealed before everyone. Villa Master Han, who was very famous, turned out to be a corpse cultivator. This information triggered everyone’s disgust. The people that escaped from the Wind Mountain Villa were shunned by everyone.

The next shocking piece of information was the Spirit Sea Realm corpse cultivator and the appearance of a Dao Origin Realm cultivator. Dao Origin Realm cultivators were rare across the entire Huaxia Dynasty, so someone like that appearing here definitely caused a commotion.

The final matter was something for everyone to relish on. Zhao Jiuge, the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, was present too. His status was high enough to overshadow San Wu and Pei Su Su, who were much stronger. As for Yao Lufeng, there was nothing worth mentioning about him.

These matters were constantly talked about, and most people were just enjoying the show. The majority of the corpse cultivators had been killed, and none of them made it out of the Yan Zhi Region. Some felt like they had been backed into a corner and began killing innocent people in frustration. Fortunately, there weren’t too many casualties before they were stopped.

After less than two days, the storm caused by the Wind Mountain Villa slowly subsided. Although this matter had caused a great sensation to spread across the Yan Zhi Region, when looking at the Huaxia Dynasty as a whole, it was a stone falling into the ocean and setting off some ripples.

Peng mansion.

Although the sky was dark, the Peng mansion was brightly lit. The table at the pavilion by the artificial lake was filled with various low-grade spirit wines, fruits, and other foods.

Peng Yang, Peng Jing, and Peng Chaodong were sitting on the left side of the table, while Zhao Jiuge, Pei Su Su, and San Wu were seated on the other side.

After questioning Peng Bo this afternoon, the Peng family naturally didn’t dare to slack off in their treatment of these three youths. In particular, Peng Yang couldn’t wait to try to get closer to Zhao Jiuge. A close relationship with Zhao Jiuge would allow the Peng family to ascend overnight.

“Jiuge, you guys can stay here for a while. There is enough good food and drinks to go around.”

In order to get close to them, Peng Yang directly called Zhao Jiuge “Jiuge.” At the end of his words, he didn’t forget to look at San Wu. The price of holding these banquets every day would be nothing if he could get the three of them to stay.

Zhao Jiuge raised the wine glass and took a sip. He then smiled and explained, “Thanks, Old Peng. I originally thought I would have to bother Old Peng for several days, but after one afternoon of cultivation, most of my injuries have healed. Most importantly, I need to find a type of herb.”

Hearing this, Peng Yang revealed a disappointed expression, but he didn’t immediately speak. He pondered for a while before he asked Zhao Jiuge, “What herb are you looking for? I can see whether I have the ability to get it for you.”

The reason he had pondered for a long time was because he wasn’t sure if he could afford such an herb. He knew that something the Chief Head Disciple of a holy land was looking for couldn’t be cheap. After weighing the pros and cons, he felt that it was worth having a deeper relationship with Zhao Jiuge. A better relationship was better than some item.

“Chilling Fire Flower.”

Zhao Jiuge didn’t pretend to be polite, and he knew what Peng Yang was thinking. However, he was hoping to find clues about where to find the Chilling Fire Flower. This was very important to him.

Peng Yang pondered for a while and then revealed a somewhat embarrassed expression because he had never even heard of it before.

“Don’t worry about it. This herb is so rare that even my sect doesn’t have any. I hope to get lucky looking for it during my training trip.”

Seeing Peng Yang’s expression, Zhao Jiuge smiled. He didn’t have much hope; at most he hoped to get some news on the Chilling Fire Flower.

“My Peng family really can’t help you with this, I have never even heard of it.”

Peng Yang revealed an apologetic smile and felt that it was regrettable that he couldn’t help Zhao Jiuge. Afterward, he began to ponder about something else.

“Old Peng, I’m a straightforward person and I’ll say it directly. I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t mind at all. I rather like Peng Bo, plus I won’t lose anything. I’ll just help things along and stay with the Peng family until the day after tomorrow. As for these two days, you guys can do whatever you want; it has nothing to do with me. People always aim for a higher place, it is human nature. How your Peng family wants to expand your power doesn’t matter to me.”

Zhao Jiuge put down the shining wine glass and spoke with Peng Yang with a smile that wasn’t a smile. After he finished speaking, he winked.

Peng Yang was a bit shocked by Zhao Jiuge’s sudden words. After carefully considering those words, he became ecstatic.

“Jiuge, if there is anything you need help with, my Peng family will obey. Even though I will die when my lifespan reaches its end, my son and grandson will still be here. Since they are here today, what I say naturally counts for them as well.”

Pang Yang let out a big breath, then he picked up a jade cup and raised a toast to Zhao Jiuge before drinking it all. It was obvious that Peng Yang was very happy.

“Big Brother, Big Sister-in-Law, are you guys going to leave the day after tomorrow? How about staying for a few more days?”

However, there was no joy on Peng Bo’s face. He was a bit reluctant to part.

After Peng Bo spoke, the atmosphere became silent.

Zhao Jiuge pursed his lips and smiled gently at Peng Bo. To tell the truth, he rather liked this good-for-nothing young master. Although he was a good-for-nothing young master, he was not a bad person and had a bottom line.

“Peng Bo, today’s separation is just preparing for a better reunion tomorrow. We’ll have another chance to meet in the future. Cultivate well. Your grandfather hopes to see the Peng family grow even stronger in your hands. If you face any difficulties in the future, you can come to find me at the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Since you’re willing to call me ‘big brother,’ then I certainly won’t sit idle if something happens.”

Hearing this, the people of the Peng family were all shocked, and even Peng Chaodong’s breathing became rough. Zhao Jiuge’s words were the equivalent of a promise to protect the Peng family. Behind Zhao Jiuge was the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, and while the Peng family wouldn’t bully others, if anything happened in the future, the Peng family would not be afraid of anyone. With these words, Peng Yang's last worries were gone.

Peng Bo let out a sigh and his expression became determined. He looked at Zhao Jiuge and sincerely said, “ Rest assured, Big Brother. I’ll do my best to cultivate. In the future, not only will I lead the Peng family to become even stronger, I’ll also find a dao partner as beautiful as my Big Sister-in-Law here once I have enough strength. We’ll travel the world like an immortal couple!”

Zhang Jing smiled while looking at her son. She found that her son seemed to have matured greatly overnight.

Pei Su Su didn’t roll her eyes at Peng Bo but instead smiled.


Zhao Jiuge raised his cup and toasted Peng Bo.

There weren’t many chance encounters in life, not to mention Zhao Jiuge didn’t mind building some friendly relations here and there.

San Wu ignored everyone. He didn’t drink any wine, but he buried his head in all the delicious food and wolfed everything down.

His bald head shone under the light from the lamps. He was like a special lantern emitting a bright light.

Peng Yang no longer had any worries, given how things turned out, and Peng Chaodong was very happy. Only Peng Bo was still a bit sad about Zhao Jiuge leaving so soon.

After chatting for a while, Zhao Jiuge, Pei Su Su, and San Wu returned to the bamboo forest to rest. The lively lakeside pavilion calmed down a bit.

Only a few people from the Peng family remained. Peng Yang could not hide the joy in his eyes as he stared at Peng Chaodong like he had something to say.

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