Book 3, Chapter 77 - Han Yanhua

When they arrived inside the mansion, Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but be charmed by what he saw. He didn’t expect a mansion in the suburbs to have such an ethereal and elegant atmosphere.

Flowers of four different colors were planted along the stone path, gently swaying in the wind. There were artificial lakes and boulders everywhere. The hallway formed by the surrounding walls was made of Purple Gold Wood, and it went around the entire Peng family mansion.

Walking through this place didn’t give the feeling of being in a courtyard. Instead, it felt like a place filled with the beauty of nature. Even Pei Su Su couldn’t help but praise the environment. It was indeed a place created by a master in formations like Peng Yang.

Soon, they entered an octagonal courtyard. This was where Peng Yang normally cultivated and studied formations.

Zhao Jiuge’s mouth opened slightly when he saw what was before him. It was a bamboo forest growing on a small hill, and there was a stream flowing beside the hill. As the wind blew by, the sound of the rustling bamboo combined with the sound of the stream, creating a charming atmosphere.

Although the bamboo forest before him wasn't large, Zhao Jiuge could sense the dense spiritual energy here. Those also weren’t normal bamboo, but a formation instead. Zhao Jiuge didn’t know much about formations, but he could guess that this was the spirit gathering formation that Peng Bo had bragged about.

Fortunately, Zhao Jiuge had read up about formations back at the sect and had gained some insight while cultivating with Elder Waning Moon. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to see that there was a formation here.

There was a small hut in the middle of the bamboo forest. It was built above the bamboo forest and was supported by some of the bamboos.

“What do you think? Is Young Hero Zhao satisfied with this place? No one will come here to disturb you. The doorway we just entered has an illusion formation, and without the proper entry method, no one can come in here.”

Seeing the shock on the faces of Zhao Jiuge and company, Peng Yang felt very proud. The Peng family mansion was built with his sweat and blood. He had turned it into a fortress, and ordinary cultivators wouldn't have the power to break in. 

Before Zhao Jiuge was able to say anything, Pei Su Su spoke out with a big smile on her face. “Yes, I like it a lot.” Zhao Jiuge just smiled and didn’t pretend to be polite. As long as Pei Su Su liked it, it was good enough for him.

This was the first time Pei Su Su had spoken up and the first time Peng Yang seriously looked at her. He didn’t dare to underestimate this young woman who was at the same cultivation level as him. Originally, he thought she was a fellow Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect member that had come out to train with Zhao Jiuge. However, seeing how the two of them looked at each other, how could he not see what was happening?

Peng Yang revealed a relieved expression and smiled. “As long as you like it, it's fine. You all must have consumed a lot of spirit force last night, so take a good rest. When evening arrives, I’ll send someone over to invite you to dinner.”

“Then I’ll trouble Old Peng.”

Zhao Jiuge nodded. He really needed a place to properly rest his body and also consolidate his cultivation.

Peng Jing and Peng Yang both nodded and smiled. Just as they turned to leave, a voice suddenly stopped them.

“Will there be anything delicious at dinner?”

After San Wu spoke, he saw everyone looking at him and revealed an innocent expression like he didn’t understand what was going on. He already had a harmless and simple face, and combined with this expression, it was just too much.

Pei Su Su was used to this after traveling together for a while. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes and mutter, “Good for nothing, only knows how to eat.”

Although her voice was soft, San Wu definitely heard it. After hearing this, he smiled, and instead of feeling ashamed, he felt proud.

Peng Yang laughed and quickly promised, “There is, there is, more than enough. We’ll take our leave now. We’ll naturally call you guys when night comes.” At the same time, he looked at the monk and secretly thought, “Similar people indeed gather together. Everyone with the Chief Head Disciple of Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect is a monster.”

After he finished speaking, Peng Jing and Peng Yang quickly left. While they were leaving, they were talking about something.

All of a sudden, Pei Su Su, Zhao Jiuge, and San Wu were the only ones left here.

Pei Su Su took the lead and started looking around the area, while Zhao Jiuge was eager to cultivate to recover his strength. Not to mention, he had suffered some big injuries.

The spiritual energy here was dense enough to detect it with the naked eye.

Movement suddenly came from Zhao Jiuge’s clothes. Zhao Jiuge looked down and saw Little Black, who had watery eyes and a hazy expression, peek out from his clothes.

This little fellow had been asleep ever since he devoured that inner core, and now he had finally awakened. Perhaps he had felt the amazing amount of spiritual energy here.

Even Pei Su Su, who was looking around, was very happy to see Little Black waking up. She quickly came to Zhao Jiuge’s side and looked at the lovely Little Black.

Little Black first peaked out with his head and looked around with a hazy expression. When he saw Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su, he cried out in joy.

As Little Black’s cultivation level had increased, he had gained some intelligence and his body had changed.

Last time was a change in his physical appearance, and this time it was a change in his aura. Zhao Jiuge noticed that Little Black’s aura was now at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm!

“You little thing, you devoured an inner core and then slept to have a breakthrough! I cultivated hard for months and I didn’t progress as fast as you!”

Zhao Jiuge stared at Little Black with envy. He couldn’t be blamed—he was still at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm and hadn't even reached the bottleneck yet.

Little Black was a bit too mysterious. He wondered what had happened to Little Black over the last five years. However, none of that was important. What he was most curious about was whether Little Black would be able to transform into a human when he reached the Nascent Soul Realm. Just thinking about it made Zhao Jiuge excited.

Facing Zhao Jiuge’s strange tone, Little Black first smiled and then jumped into Pei Su Su’s arms.

Zhao Jiuge was hit hard by this and decided to sit down next to the stream to cultivate. Looking at Zhao Jiuge’s helpless expression, Pei Su Su couldn’t stop laughing.

San Wu turned the buddhist beads in his hand. He seemed to remember something and smiled.

Then Pei Su Su and Little Black began playing around, while Zhao Jiuge closed his eyes to cultivate. He didn’t want to waste the abundant amount of spiritual energy here. Once he entered a state of cultivation, his body greedly absorbed the dense spiritual energy around him.

The surrounding spiritual energy surged into Zhao Jiuge’s body and made its way straight into the grade-8 spirit core inside his dantian. Then that spiritual energy was converted into spirit force by his cultivation method.

The damage he had suffered in his meridians slowly recovered as the spirit force nourished his body.

The grade-8 spirit core inside his body slowly turned and released a bluish-white halo. Every time it turned, it released spirit force into his body.

Zhao Jiuge felt a bit helpless when he looked at the spirit core inside his body. It looked like it still hadn't reached the state where a nascent soul would be formed. Could it be that the higher grade his spirit core, the more difficult it would be for a nascent soul to form? However, once he did form his nascent soul, he would be much stronger.

After thinking about it for a while, he gave up thinking about it. If he didn't have enough spirit force, then he would just gather more. He was certain that he would reach the Nascent Soul Realm one day. It was just a matter of whether he could get there before the Battle Competition or not!

Zhao Jiuge looked at the smiling buddha in his dantian. It was still just peacefully sitting there with the four golden dragons lazily coiled up at its side.

Zhao Jiuge felt a bit depressed. He didn’t know why he still couldn’t reach the Nascent Soul Realm. Once he did, he could condense his fifth golden dragon and he would be able to begin comprehending the fourth layer of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art. Right now, he could only wait until he broke through to the Nascent Soul Realm. However, he knew that he couldn’t rush this. If it was truly that easy, there wouldn’t be so many people who couldn’t even form a spirit core.

A thought suddenly flashed through Zhao Jiuge’s mind. When he saw the smiling buddha in his dantian, he thought of another way to improve his strength before he reached the Nascent Soul Realm. It was the Sanskrit Divine Body!

After devouring the two materials to temper his body, his physical body was getting stronger and stronger. The effects of those two herbs were gradually showing.

There were a total of three things that could help improve his body’s strength and benefit the Sanskrit Divine Body greatly. Not only would his physical enhancement become stronger, the law body would become a lot stronger too.

Now that he had used the Arhat Divine Fruit and the Seven-Colored Flowing Light Grass, there was only the Chilling Fire Flower left. Thinking about this, Zhao Jiuge felt his heart burn with desire!

However, the Chilling Fire Flower was no less rare than the other two. He was already extremely lucky to encounter a thousand-year-old Seven-Colored Flowing Light Grass; how could he expect to find a Chilling Fire Flower as well?

Zhao Jiuge immediately had an idea. Once they left this place and entered the Huang Province, they would head to some big cities. Once there, he would look for some premium auction houses to find information about the Chilling Fire Flower. Even if he lacked spirit stones, he would find a way to get one!

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