Book 3, Chapter 76 - Little Black’s Change

“Chaodong, listen to Bo Er first.”

Peng Yang, who had his hands behind his back, suddenly waved his hand to stop Peng Chaodong from discipling Peng Bo. With a strange expression, he suddenly looked at Zhao Jiuge’s group of three and commanded his most beloved grandson to continue.

Peng Chaodong was reluctant to stop him and wanted to discipline this disobedient son a bit more. He had been worried all night and thought Peng Yang was protecting Peng Bo like before. Just when he was going to continue, he noticed that Peng Yang was still looking at the three youths, and his expression became strange as well. The thoughtful Peng Chaodong was startled for a moment.

His son’s sudden appearance allowed him to vent his anger, so he had forgotten about everything else. Seeing his father’s reaction, he suddenly thought of something. The news from last night mentioned a few dazzling youths; could these three youths be them?

In truth, Peng Chaodong and Peng Yang had the same thought. However, Peng Chaodong’s cultivation was lacking, so he couldn’t feel their auras, he could only guess. Peng Yang was 100% certain, which was why he wanted to let Peng Bo speak. He wondered how his baby grandson had gotten involved with these people and appeared together with them early in the morning. He even secretly wondered if his baby grandson had caused some trouble.

Peng Bo smugly stared back at Peng Chaodong and then walked up to his grandfather’s side. He pulled on Peng Yang’s sleeve and leaned over to Peng Yang’s ear to speak in secret.

After a few words from Peng Bo, Peng Yang’s calm expression immediately turned into shock. The corner of his mouth curved up into a big smile, and because of the excitement he felt, his face turned slightly red.

Not only Peng Yang, even Peng Jing, Peng Chaodong, and Zhang Jing were shocked. Although Peng Bo’s voice was soft and he was speaking directly into Peng Yang’s ear, they were all cultivators. Peng Bo didn’t deliberately hide it, and given how close they were, how could they not hear everything?

They could have never expected that three of the dazzling figures from the mess at the Wind Mountain Villa would appear early in the morning at the Peng family’s front door. From Peng Bo’s words he seemed to have a friendly relationship with them and had invited them to stay over for a few days. This made Peng Yang very excited.

What shocked them the most was the identity of the young man carrying the quaint sword—he was the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Not even the Peng family’s head would dare to offend this young man. The Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect was a holy land, and the Peng family was but a mere ant before them.

Due to excitement, Peng Yang’s body was trembling. He was already thinking about the future. If they could use this chance to get close to Zhao Jiuge, it could be very beneficial to the Peng family. At least it would be very helpful for when Peng Bo needed to take over the Peng family.

While thinking about this, Peng Yang walked down the step toward Zhao Jiuge and clasped his hands. Just because he was older, he didn’t act like an elder and instead lowered himself. He had a warm smile on his face as he said, “I’m happy that Young Hero Zhao has come to my Peng family today. We are really honored. I heard that Young Hero Zhao had a dazzling performance during that incident yesterday.”

Although Zhao Jiuge was only at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm, far weaker than the two elders here at the Nascent Soul Realm, his status was much higher. Peng Yang was a sly old fox and naturally didn’t mind saying a few words of flattery. Not to mention that from the news of what happened yesterday, Zhao Jiuge’s strength was much higher than what it seemed on the surface.

He had heard that even a senior at the Dao Origin Realm had appeared, and he regretted that he wasn’t able to be there himself. Although he felt regret, he also knew that there was no way that a Dao Origin Realm cultivator would come to his small Peng family. Even receiving an up and coming junior like Zhao Jiuge was already a great honor.

Peng Yang had become excited and his once calm mind started racing. After he learned of what happened yesterday, he felt that it was time for his Peng family to expand. He didn’t expect such a good opportunity to come today.

Even when Peng Jing arrived next to Peng Yang, she quietly watched and had a smile on her face. Peng Chaodong and Zhang Jing were filled with excitement and a bit of fear. The three youths before them had such prominent identities and were even stronger than them. Peng Chaodong no longer had the fierce expression he had when scolding his son. He stood behind Peng Yang and obediently waited for orders.

Zhang Jing watched everything with a smile. She thought that her son, who always caused her to worry, had finally done something good.

It had been several years since Zhao Jiuge left his village. At this point, he had experienced the good and bad sides of the world, and he was no longer that little boy who was bad with words, He calmly said, “Old Peng, you're too kind. I’m afraid we’ll have to trouble you for a little while. Due to yesterday’s battle, I suffered some injuries and need to borrow your home to recover for a few days.”

Hearing that Zhao Jiuge was going to stay for a few days, the smile on Peng Yang’s face became so wide that little wrinkles appeared on his face. Zhao Jiuge didn’t have to do anything. Just the fact that the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect had stayed at their house would give the Peng family great fame.

At this moment, Peng Bo immediately turned and stretched out his hand to welcome them into the mansion. He had a smile on his face as he said, “Haha, although my Peng family isn’t a great place, it has its charms. Since Young Hero Zhao wants to recover, then how about I let you use the small bamboo forest where I usually cultivate?”

Peng Yang didn’t care about the details right now, he just wanted to invite them in. Later on, he would ask about the details of what happened and how his grandson had managed to become friends with them. The information that had spread out last night was not detailed as most of the people passing it on were not there. Peng Bo also couldn’t go into detail before the guests, so he deliberately didn’t ask anything.

“Don’t reject it, it’s a small matter.”

Seeing Zhao Jiuge open his mouth to politely reject him, Peng Yang revealed a reproachful look and stopped him.

From beginning to end, Pei Su Su and San Wu had smiled without saying a word. Peng Yang didn’t mind them but also didn’t ignore them. Neither side pointed out the obvious; the three of them knew what Peng Yang had in mind but didn’t care. They were happy to go along with the flow and help. They were only going to stay a few days here before heading out.

Then Peng Jing led the way personally and Peng Yang walked beside Zhao Jiuge, with Pei Su Su and San Wu following them, into the Peng family mansion. Peng Chaodong and Zhang Jin were left there.

When Peng Yang walked past Peng Chaodong, Peng Yang glanced at him and Peng Chaodong immediately understood.

Soon, everyone entered the Peng family mansion, only Peng Chaodong and his wife didn’t follow.

Seeing everyone disappear from his gaze, Peng Chaodong’s expression changed and he excitedly turned toward his wife. “Quickly go prepare some good food and spirit wine for dinner tonight. I’m going to head out and spread the news that the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect is staying with my Peng family. The Peng family will be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to become famous in the Yan Zhi Region!”

Zhang Jing nodded with a smile and went inside the mansion, her purple dress swaying gently.

The smile on Peng Chaodong’s face slowly disappeared and his brows slowly furrowed as if he was thinking about something. Finally, determination filled his eyes as he made a decision. He walked toward the guards in black armor and shouted, “Chen He!”

After Peng Chaodong shouted, a burly man about seven or eight steps away answered, “What orders does the family head have?”

As Peng Yang’s cultivation level increased, he spent more time cultivating and studying formations. Naturally, he no longer could be bothered with the trivial affairs of managing the Peng family and had passed the position of family head to Peng Chaodong. Once Peng Bo formed his spirit core, Peng Chaodong would naturally pass the position of family head to Peng Bo and focus on his own cultivation.

This was the inheritance of a family; they had to have enough strength to ensure that the inheritance could continue generation after generation. It was like how every force had some hidden power and a few old monsters.

The burly man named Chen He was wearing a thick, black chestplate and had a layer of soft armor covering his limbs. His armor occasionally released spirit force fluctuations. It was only a magic treasure armor, but it was still valuable and could save his life in a pinch.

Chen He’s face had distinct features and he gave off a calm aura. Although he was only at the early stage of the Spirit Core Realm, he gave off the feeling that he was an immovable mountain.

“Quickly gather a team and head out to exterminate the remaining members of the Wind Mountain Villa. Kill them as soon as you find them.”

Peng Chaodong’s eyes were filled with killing intent. Those corpse cultivators were simply too diabolical. He hated them to the core. Most importantly, if the Peng family wanted to rise up in this storm, they would have to wipe out the Mountain Wind Villa completely. Many of the other forces had the same idea.

“Family Head, I understand.”

After he finished speaking, Chen He immediately turned around and went to select people to follow him. The Peng family was rich, so aside from their own guards, there were many rogue cultivators in their ranks.

Chen He was the leader of the Peng family’s forces.

Just a moment ago, the entrance to the Peng family mansion was very lively, but now only seven or eight guards were there, motionlessly guarding the entrance.

As time passed, the sun slowly rose higher into the sky, but the sun was not yet as dazzling as it would be at noon.

Peng Chaodong was standing at the entrance of the Peng family mansion and was staring at the rising sun. Shortly after, he broke into a big smile. He believed that the Peng family would be able to increase their ranking in the Yan Zhi Region.

After enjoying this thought for a moment, Peng Chaodong immediately left and began ordering the people of the Peng family to spread the news that the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, who was a dazzling figure during the incident yesterday, was staying with his Peng family.

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