Book 3, Chapter 73 - Heading Directly East

After talking for a bit, the four of them left this valley on their flying swords.

Because Zhao Jiuge was injured, Pei Su Su carried Zhao Jiuge on her flying sword.

It was the complete opposite for Peng Bo and San Wu. It was Peng Bo riding his favorite flying sword carrying San Wu.

Peng Bo had a bitter expression on his face and felt like he had been wronged. He was only at the Foundation Realm and therefore couldn’t fly for a long period of time like Spirit Core Realm cultivators.

Moreover, his blade soaring skill was completely half-baked, yet he still had to carry someone. However, San Wu showed no intent of taking out his own treasure to play with. He just stared at Peng Bo as if it was natural and blinked.

Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su couldn't help but burst out in laughter when they saw this. If it wasn't for the fact that San Wu was at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, Peng Bo would have erupted in anger and cursed at San Wu's unfair actions.

The four figures disappeared on the two dazzling flying swords. Then the valley became quiet once more. Now that the land of extreme yin was destroyed, no one could nourish spirit corpses here anymore.

Everyone became tranquil once more, only the markings on the ground showed how brutal the battle here had been.

Pei Su Su's cultivation level was much higher than Peng Bo’s, so she flew behind him. Since the purpose was to stay a few days with his family, then he would naturally lead the way. She was happy to take it easy.

Feeling Zhao Jiuge's arm around her waist and the heat coming from his palm, she felt very happy. She had a big smile on her face while she softly chatted with Zhao Jiuge.

As they flew through the air, the gentle breeze caused Pei Su Su's hair to flutter in the wind. Zhao Jiuge seemed to enter a trance while looking at her.

Before them, San Wu and Peng Bo were arguing with each other. While excited, the flying sword Peng Bo was controlling began to sway. San Wu was calm, but Peng Bo was terrified. In the end, he promised San Wu some good food once they reached his home, and San Wu finally stopped talking. Peng Bo felt wronged but still had to compromise. However, he finally felt relief as San Wu was no longer talking.

The two flying swords flew across the sky, leaving a trail of spirit force that would slowly fade with time.

When they flew past the center of the Wind Mountain Villa, where the five-story pavilion was, they were shocked by the sight. It was a complete mess, like someone had come and raided the place. Even the surrounding buildings were damaged. It looked like someone had left in a hurry.

Zhao Jiuge couldn't help but sigh. The Wind Mountain Villa was so lovely the day before, but now it had been looted. Was the human heart always like this? The moment Villa Master Han fell, everything fell apart. None of the disciples had any intention of staying with Villa Master Han until the bitter end. However, he believed that they wouldn't be on the run for long.

The Peng family was located on the easternmost part of the Yan Zhi Region. Normally, it would take a whole month to walk there, but that time was two days with blade soaring.

Due to Peng Bo's weak cultivation, they had to make constant stops. Along the way, they saw cultivators in groups of three to five hunting down the escaping corpse cultivators.

At the start they could see them fighting the corpse cultivators. As time passed and the closer they got to the Peng family’s home, they could no longer see corpse cultivators. However, they still saw other cultivators swarming the area like locusts, looking for the corpse cultivators.

Looking at the situation, Zhao Jiuge thought that most of the corpse cultivators that had escaped had been wiped out. It looked like most of the local forces had come out for the hunt. It seemed that cultivators on the righteous path rather hated these corpse cultivators, or else they wouldn't have dispatched so many people.

At the same time, Zhao Jiuge couldn't help but sigh. No wonder one couldn't be lacking wealth, companions, spells, or land on the path of cultivation—it was even better to have a backing. All these cultivators out here had come from a sect or some other force. They had the inheritances and worked together, making it impossible for rogue cultivators to compete against them. No wonder it was a world of the strong preying on the weak. Ordinary rogue cultivators couldn't even hide fast enough, much less dare to mess with them.

However, this world didn’t run purely on strength. Just because someone had strength, that didn’t mean they could treat people like ants and begin killing indiscriminately. Eventually, people would band together to wipe such people out.

When Zhao Jiuge looked at the people hunting down the Wind Mountain Villa disciples that had escaped, the last worry in his heart disappeared. With so many people out hunting, those corpse cultivators wouldn’t be able to reverse the situation and this matter would end.

“Strength, strength.” Zhao Jiuge muttered to himself. Although his voice was low. Pei Su Su was able to hear him, and she couldn’t help but smile. However, Zhao Jiuge, who was behind her, wasn't able to see her brilliant smile.

Feeling the softness in his hand, Zhao Jiuge felt inexplicably satisfied and hugged Pei Su Su even tighter.

Sometimes, he wondered if his pursuit of strength was too selfish, but thinking about the person in his arms, he thought, “So what?” There were too many people he had to protect and too many things he had to do, and all those things required strength.

They had to stop a few times along the way due to Peng Bo’s cultivation. Fortunately, with Peng Bo and San Wu around, there was no shortage of laughter. San Wu’s talent and cultivation were rare even across the entire Hua Xia Dynasty. However, from Zhao Jiuge’s observation, San Wu never acted arrogantly. While Zhao Jiuge was confused as to why San Wu was hiding his strength and following him, Zhao Jiuge had a good impression of him.

It didn’t take long for the sky to become dark, and Peng Bo said that his home was only half an hour away. However, Zhao Jiuge was in no rush and said they should rest for the night and head over in the morning. Peng Bo found it strange that Zhao Jiuge didn’t want to rush for half an hour, but he didn’t make a fuss. He knew that although Zhao Jiuge was the weakest among the three, he was their leader. In particular, Pei Su Su always listened to Zhao Jiuge.

Once night arrived, the four of them found a good place to rest. Fortunately, they were surrounded by a dense forest and mountains, so there was no lack of good spots to rest in.

Occasionally, there were flashes of light from the cultivators chasing the corpse cultivators. Some of them even looked at Zhao Jiuge and company with unfriendly gazes before leaving. However, they were clearly not like those escaping corpse cultivators.

The cultivators didn’t stop their pursuit just because it was night. A bloody storm was set off across the Yan Zhi Region, but as time passed, this storm would settle.

The occasional flashes of light and sound made it impossible for them to rest in peace and cultivate.

After a while, Zhao Jiuge opened his eyes and looked at the night sky. He quietly said, “San Wu, you said you would give me an explanation once everything was settled. Since there is nothing to do right now, let’s talk about it.

San Wu was an absolute genius, and he was very young. However, this powerful San Wu looked harmless and had followed them around for several days. Zhao Jiuge was happy and scared at the same time that San Wu also knew the Sanskrit Divine Body. He was happy that he finally had another clue beside the Carefree Valley in regards to Ye Wuyou. He was afraid because the human heart was sinister. While San Wu looked kind, Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but wonder if San Wu had a hidden agenda. Also, the force behind San Wu had to be terrifying as well to have this kind of a genius.

Hearing this, the other three were a bit shocked. Pei Su Su was the most calm out of all of them. After all, no matter what happened, she was on Zhao Jiuge’s side.

Peng Bo originally planned to cultivate, but he opened his eyes instead. When he heard this, he seemed to understand what was going on but also understood nothing at all. He wasn’t sure about the relationship between Zhao Jiuge and San Wu, but now he knew why Zhao Jiuge had insisted on staying here for the night—it was more or less to hear this explanation.

The moment San Wu heard this, his expression became very strange.

San Wu’s originally calm expression first became startled and then it turned into a bitter grin. Finally, he looked at Zhao Jiuge with a sad expression and said, “I purposely avoided this topic, but you still remembered.”

After he finished speaking, he saw that Zhao Jiuge was still staring directly at him without any change in his expression.

Seeing this, San Wu became calm once more and shrugged. “Fine, I'll explain it to you. In fact, it's rather simple, and meeting you was a complete accident.”

“Speak, I’m listening. Just don’t lie to me.”

Zhao Jiuge was very calm and there wasn’t the slightest bit of emotion on his face. He couldn’t be blamed—he had to understand the situation. Zhao Jiuge was a thoughtful person, but he wouldn't allow others to lie to him. If the incident at the villa never happened, he would’ve still considered San Wu a good friend. If San Wu continued to deceive him, he intended to never interact with San Wu again.

Pei Su Su organized a few strands of her hair that were fluttering in the wind. She was curious about how San Wu would explain this.

She was also secretly on guard in case San Wu did something against Zhao Jiuge. Even if San Wu attacked, she wasn’t worried. Although he was at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, with her and Zhao Jiuge working together, San Wu wouldn't have an advantage.

Peng Bo felt the change in the atmosphere and no longer had a smile on his face. He quietly watched the situation unfold.

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