Book 3, Chapter 72 - Explaining is Covering Up

Seeing Zhao Jiuge still being supported by Pei Su Su, Taoist Yu Ci couldn't help but feel worried. He looked at Zhao Jiuge with eyes full of concern and asked, "Jiuge, your injuries aren't too serious, right?"

"Senior Yu Ci, I'm fine. I only need to rest for a day or two to recover. Now that this matter is settled, how about you return to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect with me and see my teacher? Junior Brother and Sister here can come and see the sect as well."

Zhao Jiuge was very respectful and sincere. It looked like he really wanted Daoist Yu Ci to come to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

Facing Zhao Jiuge's sincere invitation, Yu Luo let out an unconvinced snort. His intentions were unknown, but he looked at Zhao Jiuge with an unfriendly faze.

When Yu Meng saw Zhao Jiuge look at her, she immediately lowered her head. There was a faint hint of red on her cheeks.

How could Yu Ci not hear the sincerity in Zhao Jiuge’s voice? But he still shook his head. “Jiuge, I still have something to do. Your junior brother and sister need to form their spirit cores, and it's a big deal, as you know. Once that’s done, I’ll take the two of them to meet your teacher. After all, the earlier they form their spirit cores, the better. I have already delayed this matter in order to chase Ren Wuya, so I have to hurry. Fortunately, while traveling over the years, I know where I can find suitable spirit veins for them.”

Since Yu Ci said all this, Zhao Jiuge didn’t say any more. What’s more, he was also short on time; he had less than two years left, and he had to strive to reach the Nascent Soul Realm. On top of that, Yu Ci’s disciples’ cultivation was indeed an important matter.

Yu Ci turned toward his two disciples and somewhat sternly said, “Come greet your senior brother Zhao.”

Yu Meng still didn’t dare to look at Zhao Jiuge directly. Her voice was very low as she obediently said, “Greetings, Senior Brother.”

“Senior Brother Zhao.”

This somewhat helpless voice came from Yu Luo. He was not convinced by Zhao Jiuge’s strength, but he was helpless against his teacher’s stern voice. He didn’t dare to act out and could only utter those words.

Zhao Jiuge revealed a brilliant smile and nodded. This was the first time he had encountered this type of situation, so all he could do was smile. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do here, because back at the sect he was the youngest and was always the one others took care of. As for Yu Luo’s little mood, he didn’t mind at all. After all, in Zhao Jiuge’s eyes, Yu Luo was still just a little kid.

Just when Taoist Yu Ci was going to speak, Peng Bo, who was hiding behind Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su, suddenly peaked out and loudly said, “Senior Yu Ci, how about you rest at my place for a few days before leaving?”

This scared Zhao Jiuge, and he secretly broke out in cold sweat. He scolded Peng Bo in his heart. “This brat sure has nerve. He even dared to interrupt Senior Yu Ci. Does he not know any etiquette?”

Fortunately, Yu Ci didn’t seem to care or pay much attention to Peng Bo. He was startled at first and then just smiled. He looked at Zhao Jiuge and said, “If there is nothing else, we’ll take our leave first. If there is a chance, we’ll meet at the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect!”

Zhao Jiuge pursed his lips and nodded. The shy little girl Yu Meng even waved her hand at Zhao Jiuge.

This reminded Zhao Jiuge of his senior sister Fu Hongling, who also always wore a red dress. She was always so gentle, which made his heart feel warm.

“You must be Pei Songtao’s daughter. I haven’t heard about him or the others in recent years. That’s very good, I hope this continues, or else you know the consequences.”

Yu Ci suddenly said something to Pei Su Su that Zhao Jiuge didn’t understand. At the end, Yu Ci’s eyes turned toward where Ren Wuya had been destroyed.

Pei Su Su’s face turned pale and her heart seemed to skip a beat. She thought she had escaped calamity, but then Yu Ci suddenly said this to her. Just when she was about to face everything Yu Ci said, he left and disappeared with his two disciples.

Zhao Jiuge was a bit confused. Could it be that senior Yu Ci knew Pei Su Su’s father? In addition, who was Pei Su Su’s father, Pei Songtao?

After thinking for a long time, he couldn’t understand what Yu Ci meant. He couldn’t help but turn toward Pei Su Su and ask, “Su Su, do you know Senior Yu Ci?”

Pei Su Su hadn't recovered from the shock, and her back was covered in cold sweat. When Yu Ci brought up her father, she was prepared to tell Zhao Jiuge everything. However, in the end, Yu Ci just left it at that and gave her a meaningful glance.

Zhao Jiuge’s question had awakened her. Fortunately, her pale face wasn’t noticeable. She was still somewhat in a trance, and after hesitating for a moment, she calmed down. “He knows my father, but I don’t know him.”

Zhao Jiuge nodded and didn’t think about the issue with her answer. While he was very thoughtful, he was not on guard against Pei Su Su at all.

San Wu looked at Zhao Jiuge and then at Pei Su Su before he returned to just ignoring everything while his hand turned the buddist beads.

He already had a little speculation about Pei Su Su’s identity, and what Taoist Yu Ci had said had confirmed his speculation. There was a deep sense of fear in San Wu’s eyes. He wouldn’t interfere in matters between Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su. Even though he knew, he wouldn't carelessly say it.

“Big Brother, Big Sister-in-Law, San Wu, let's go to my home.”

Peng Bo was naturally a carefree person, and he didn’t care that Taoist Yu Ci had completely ignored him. He shrugged his shoulders and asked the three people before him. He felt that Taoist Yu Ci was too far above him and that it was much easier to get closer to Zhao Jiuge’s group. Thinking about this, Peng Bo couldn’t help but smile. If his father knew he had been able to get close to people like this, his father wouldn't scold him like before. Perhaps when he brought them back, his father would be shocked!

“What do you guys think? Should we go to rest for a few days at his place, or directly head eastward?”

Zhao Jiuge didn’t make the decision but instead looked at Pei Su Su and San Wu. Feeling a sense of softness from Pei Su Su, he moved a bit closer to her. San Wu saw this and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. The corner of his mouth twitched.

“Don’t look at me. I have said before that I’ll follow your decision. I’ll give you the explanation I owe when night comes. You can rest assured that I’m not a bad person and that I have no intention of harming you.”

After San Wu finished speaking, he copied Peng Bo and shrugged. He then opened his hands, showing a sign of helplessness.

Zhao Jiuge nodded and didn’t object. San Wu must have kept his strength hidden for a reason, and it was probably a long story. It couldn’t be explained in just a few words, so there was no rush to talk about it now.

Zhao Jiuge, San Wu, and Peng Bo all looked toward Pei Su Su, waiting for her decision. Peng Bo was very anxious because if he couldn’t bring them back, he would have to suffer his father’s wrath for losing his four bodyguards. After all, four Foundation Realm cultivators were a big deal for the Peng family. However, if he could bring them back, then not only would his father not blame him, he would be very happy. This would be a good way to raise the prestige of the Peng family.

They were the most dazzling people in this matter, and the news of what had happened here would spread across the region by tomorrow. If others knew these people had stayed for a few days at the Peng family’s home, everyone would wonder what relationship they had with the Peng family. Although Peng Bo had been mostly a good-for-nothing, he still was somewhat knowledgeable about worldly affairs, considering how much his father lectured him.

Pei Su Su was still immersed in the shock from before. This matter had become an inner demon for her. She struggled to decide if she should tell Zhao Jiuge everything herself. If he found out about it on his own, the situation might take a downturn.

She was afraid that once Zhao Jiuge learned the truth, he would leave her. After contemplating for a while, she decided to follow her heart—she needed to tell Zhao Jiuge the truth and also take Zhao Jiuge to meet her father. However, she would have to wait until Zhao Jiuge finished his training trip. There were almost two years left; she would need to find a suitable opportunity during that time to tell Zhao Jiuge everything.

Pei Su Su remained silent and seemed to be wondering about something. This made Peng Bo very anxious, and he quickly said, “Big Sister-in-Law, how about going to my home to rest for a few days since Big Brother is injured? If you head directly east, you will almost reach my home before you enter the Huang Province anyways.”

Peng Bo’s question awakened Pei Su Su. After making a decision, her heart wasn’t so heavy anymore. She suddenly smiled and said, “Fine, we’ll rest at your house for a few days. However I know exactly what your intentions are, you little brat.”

Peng Bo just chuckled. As long as they were willing to stay at his home for a few days, nothing else really mattered.

Zhao Jiuge silently watched this and couldn’t help but smile. After being together for a few days, he knew that this good-for-nothing young master didn’t really have any schemes and that his thoughts were clearly expressed on his face. In short, Zhao Jiuge had a good impression of him and didn’t mind following Peng Bo’s little plan.

Pei Su Su turned toward Zhao Jiuge and asked, “Blockhead, are you sure there is nothing wrong with your injury?”

“I’m fine.”

Seeing Pei Su Su’s eyes filled with concern, Zhao Jiuge grinned and sighed in his heart. He was not a fool—every time it involved Pei Su Su’s identity and family, she became very evasive. Given what had just happened, he naturally knew something was up.

However, when he saw Pei Su Su’s concern for him, he was content. He knew exactly how she always treated him, and since she didn’t want to explain, he was happy to play the fool. He believed that when the time came, she would explain it to him clearly.

No matter what happened, he would not disappoint this beautiful woman before him. He could not forget the bleak and sorrowful expression Su Su had that night.

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