Book 3, Chapter 70 - Bring to an End

These words shocked everyone here.

The onlookers curiously looked at Zhao Jiuge and wondered why a Dao Origin Realm cultivator would be interested in him. It had to be said that the person who shined mostly brilliantly was San Wu.

Pei Su Su was the person who was most shocked. Yu Ci had said he had a rough idea about their identities, which meant he knew about the Black Flame Divine Art and its origin.

Pei Su Su felt like she was struck by lightning and her body began to tremble. Her face turned a little pale and her eyes panicked. Yu Ci seemed to notice and just smiled at her silently. This seemed to cause Pei Su Su to relax for a bit for now.

Forget other people, even Zhao Jiuge was shocked. What did this mean? He didn’t know this senior at all. Yao Lufeng’s expression was a bit ugly. Now he knew why Zhao Jiuge was so special and received good will from Taoist Yu Ci.

When Yu Ci saw Zhao Jiuge’s confused expression, he didn’t explain anything. Instead, he smiled and asked, “What is your name?”

“This junior is a disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, Zhao Jiuge.”

Although Zhao Jiuge was a bit confused about this senior’s intent, he still answered honestly. Fortunately, it seemed that this senior was rather friendly and didn’t have any ill intent.

The surrounding people all listened in on the conversion. They were curious about Taoist Yu Ci’s identity, but they were also very curious about these powerful youths.

“Ah, you’re the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.”

Others may not know who Zhao Jiuge was and had only heard about the name of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, but Yao Lufeng was different. After the Seven Holy Land Exchange, the information about the Chief Head Disciples of the various holy lands had been spread across the Hua Xia Dynasty. Yao Lufeng was the Chief Head Disciple of the Water Origin Cave, so naturally he would know this information.

After hearing the name “Zhao Jiuge,” Yao Lufeng could not hold back the shock in his heart. The jealousy he felt disappeared. He was the Chief Head Disciple of the Water Origin Cave, a first-rate sect, so he naturally had his own pride. When he learned that Zhao Jiuge was from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he wanted to compete against Zhao Jiuge. After all, just being the disciple of a holy land made people look at you in awe.

When he found that Zhao Jiuge, who was at the same cultivation level as him but was much stronger, was the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, he felt a bit discouraged. Even though he was proud before the Chief Head Disciple of a holy land, he had no right to be proud. Although the Water Origin Cave was strong, they didn’t have a Mahayana Realm cultivator to hold the fort, so they naturally couldn’t compete with the holy lands.

At the present, Yao Lufeng gradually calmed down and took a profound look at Zhao Jiuge, but he didn’t say more. Although he was shocked, he didn’t reveal it and naturally didn’t try to act too friendly. Now he understood why Yu Ci was treating Zhao Jiuge so differently—it had to be related to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

San Wu’s expression was still calm. He already had an idea about Zhao Jiuge’s identity. It was because of certain reasons that he hadn’t revealed it when they were together.

The onlookers were the ones who were completely shocked. Although the Yin Zhi Region was very weak and didn’t have much information about the outside world, they weren’t without any knowledge. They naturally all knew the prestige of the seven holy lands. They had just learned that the young man in black was actually the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. They feared and admired Yu Ci’s strength, but it was different for Zhao Jiuge—it was more shocking and curious. Everyone knew that he wasn’t strong now, but as the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, his future was limitless. It was very likely that he would reach the Dao Origin Realm in the future.

“Hahaha, Zhao Jiuge is my brother. We came to the Wind Mountain Villa together. I led the way.

“Do you see that beautiful woman with a face like a blooming peach blossom? She is my big sister-in-law!

“And that… that… that little monk is also part of our group. Although he is very strong, he is very easy to talk to and, most importantly, he loves to eat.”

At this moment, Peng Bo looked a bit crazy and laughed in excitement. He never would’ve expected the people he had followed here to not only be powerful, but also have such high statuses. His heart was filled with joy. If he hadn’t shamelessly followed them, he wouldn't have gotten the chance to get on their good side today.

Peng Bo was already so excited, he couldn’t control himself. He kept pulling and shouting at the people around him.

The people around Peng Bo half believed him, ignored him, or thought he was a fool. Given his cultivation level, how could he possibly be friends with those people?

Hearing Yao Lufeng’s words, Taoist Yu Ci was a bit shocked. He calmed down and raised his brow toward Zhao Jiuge. “Who is your teacher? I didn’t expect you to be the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Your status isn’t low, which means your teacher isn’t ordinary either.”

“My teacher is Head Teacher Jian Wuxian.”

Even now Zhao Jiuge could only hold the doubt in his heart and honestly answer Taoist Yu Ci’s questions. He thought that Taoist Yu Ci might have a deep relationship with the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

This caused another sensation to ripple through the crowd. Zhao Jiuge’s identity was rather amazing—he was the disciple of the Head Teacher of a holy land.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect your teacher to be that brat Jian Wuxian. I remember the last time I saw him over 100 years ago. Has your teacher reached the Dao Origin Realm?”

Yu Ci stroked his beard and spoke with a smile. This confused his two disciples. Their teacher was a rogue cultivator; how did he know the Head Teacher of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect?

Zhao Jiuge was puzzled. He raised his brow and asked, “Senior, you know my teacher?”

When he heard that the last time they met was over 100 years ago, his eyes twitched. It was such a long time ago, but time passed by very quickly for cultivators.

Yu Ci nodded with a smile and explained the situation.

Yu Ci was a rogue cultivator without a fixed location, and he was often traveling the world. He was a rogue cultivator at the Spirit Sea Realm, and from watching the waves in the ocean, he had gained an understanding of the sword to create the Yin and Yang Sword Art. Although he was a rogue cultivator, he was very talented in everything. However, he only loved the sword and had dedicated himself to the sword.

Through chance, Yu Ci had come across Elder Xu Jiahui when he was out to train. They were both obsessed with the swords and wished they had met each other earlier. Then they quickly became close friends.

Xu Jiahui was shocked by the sword art Yu Ci had created. Since Yu Ci had no home, he invited him to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to cultivate and become an elder.

However, Yu Ci was used to being lazy and didn’t want to be bound by a sect. He kindly rejected Xu Jiahui’s good will but still stayed in the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect for a while.

During this period of time, Yu Ci got to know Jian Wuxian and all the elders at the time who were around the same cultivation level as him. They were all people who loved the sword and were surprised by the sword art Yu Ci had created.

During that period of time, they formed a profound friendship. They all tried in vain to get Yu Ci to stay, and it had been over 100 years since he left.

For some people, not meeting in a long time was like an old wine—the flavor just gets stronger with time.

However, there were also people that would meet often but have no intention of getting close to each other. It was more like they were just dealing with each other. Yu Ci, Xue Yunfeng, Elder Xu Jiahui, and Jian Wuxian naturally belonged to the former.

After hearing Yu Ci’s story, Zhao Jiuge was surprised. He didn’t expect Yu Ci to have such a deep relationship with the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. No wonder Yu Ci’s gaze had become much more caring after he heard Zhao Jiuge was Jian Wuxian’s disciple.

Zhao Jiuge calmed his heart and said, “Senior Yu Ci, why haven’t you gone to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect in all these years?”

“When we split, we made an agreement to see who would break through to the Dao Origin Realm first. However, my talent was lacking and so I was slow to break through. Then I encountered the matter with Ren Wuya, which delayed matters for another 10 years. However, by a stroke of good fortune, I was able to make a breakthrough and also accept two disciples.”

Yu Ci shook his head as he recalled his past. At the end, a faint smile returned to his face.

“Now that Senior Yu Ci has broken through, you can visit the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect as a guest. I presume my teacher and them all miss you as well.” The caution on Zhao Jiuge’s face had disappeared and was replaced with a kind smile. He knew that anyone who had a relationship with his teacher was not simple, even though senior Yu Ci was a rogue cultivator. 

Zhao Jiuge thought Yu Ci would agree, but he shook his head instead. His eyes gradually turned cold and he mused, “Now is not the time. I still have to resolve this matter before me and then help my two disciples condense their spirit cores and temper their bodies. After I do all of that, I’ll certainly visit those old friends.”

Zhao Jiuge nodded and didn’t say more. Everyone had their own plans, and he naturally didn’t offer to allow Yu Ci’s disciples to temper themselves in the spirit vein in the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. Although it wouldn’t be hard with Yu Ci and Jian Wuxian’s relationship, Yu Ci likely had his own plans for his disciples.

After chatting for a while, Yu Ci left and walked toward the group of cultivators.

Pei Su Su was still supporting Zhao Jiuge, and San Wu’s expression was calm. Yao Lufeng had countless thoughts in his mind, but he didn’t dare to reveal any of them before Yu Ci.

Everyone silently watched Taoist Yu Ci. They wanted to know what he was going to do.

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