Book 3, Chapter 66 - Taoist Yu Ci

After a few breaths of time, the small figure escaped from the dense spirit force.

Only now did everyone get a good look at the small figure and realize that it was Villa Master Han’s nascent soul. Although it looked very young, it was definitely Villa Master Han. Rather than a nascent soul, it was more like a corpse nascent soul at this point!

The small figure didn’t have the appearance of an ordinary nascent soul. Instead, its skin was somewhat black and was filled with corpse energy. It was filled with hatred and resentment.

Pei Su Su’s Black Flame Divine Art had completely destroyed Villa Master Han’s body, and only his nascent soul had escaped. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had the powerful body of a corpse cultivator, even his nascent soul would have likely been destroyed instantly by the black flame.

Without the control of Villa Master Han, the Corpse Summoning Flag naturally stopped and laid motionless on the ground.

However, San Wu didn’t move, and he continued to chant. The golden light around him remained. Although they had successfully stopped Villa Master Han, he still had to deal with the yin souls that had been released. This was still a very dangerous matter.

Those yin souls gradually calmed down under the influence of the buddhist light from San Wu. The grey light dimmed and they were slowly purified.

Yao Lufeng watched Villa Master Han’s nascent soul escape. He blinked a few times but didn’t give chase. He noticed that the other three weren't making a move, so he didn’t make a move either. After all, once someone tries to go in for the kill, a cultivator would become desperate and do anything. A cultivator would keep their most important items and techniques in their nascent soul.

Villa Master Han’s nascent soul looked back at the four of them with a viscous expression. He no longer had the ability to save his son. He didn’t even care about losing his body, all he wanted to do was escape to the cave not far away to get that senior to kill everyone here and save his son. He could always snatch another body later, and if the senior rewarded him for this mission, he could improve his strength even further.

Thinking about this, Villa Master Han escaped even faster, and the clothes the nascent soul was wearing shined brightly.

“Blockhead, how are you?”

Pei Su Su let out a cry after releasing the Black Flame Divine Art. She quickly arrived beside Zhao Jiuge and put her arms around him. Her face was filled with worry.

Earlier, Zhao Jiuge had fought bare-handed against Villa Master Han by relying on the Sanskrit Divine body. Fortunately, sword cultivators had powerful bodies, and he had his body further refined back in the sect. This had allowed him to stall the late stage Nascent Soul Realm Villa Master Han for a moment to allow Pei Su Su’s black flame to land.

Zhao Jiuge had been able to retreat on time, but the aftershock had still grazed him, and he had suffered from his exchange with Villa Master Han as well. At this moment, blood was flowing out from his nose and mouth and his face was pale. The golden light around him had disappeared and his aura was unstable.

Feeling the softness of Pei Su Su’s arms, Zhao Jiuge revealed a smile. Although he didn’t speak, he relaxed a bit. The danger was finally over. Even though Villa Master Han’s nascent soul had escaped, he wouldn’t be able to harm anyone for a while. It would take him a long time to recover from this.

The cultivators watching were all shocked when they saw Villa Master Han’s nascent soul escaping toward the cave to the southeast. They hadn’t expected the all-powerful Villa Master Han to be defeated by several youths. Most importantly, it looked like they were safe for now.

Seeing the drastic change in the situation, everyone's mood became better. In particular, Peng Bo returned to his cheerful old self and began talking to everyone around him, about how he knew Zhao Jiuge, Pei Su Su, and San Wu. He began talking about how they met, with the intention of boasting.

“Black Flame Divine Art and Buddha Values All Life. Interesting. I have a good idea about the identity of that little girl and the little monk. Coupled with a disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect and a Water Origin Cave disciple, Villa Master Han didn’t lose in vain.”

Yu Ci narrowed his eyes while he looked at Pei Su Su and San Wu. He was a bit shocked, but there was a smile on his face.

Yu Meng ignored her teacher’s words and curiously looked at Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su, who were like an immortal couple. Her mouth unknowingly curved up into a smile. Perhaps she was simply a romantic.

Unlike Yu Meng, Yu Luo had been very excited as he watched the battle. When he saw Villa Master Han’s nascent soul escape, he couldn’t help but shout, “Teacher, that corpse cultivator’s nascent soul is about to escape, are we not going to chase it?”

Yu Ci revealed a mysterious smile and shook his head. “No need. The mastermind has finally appeared, so it's time for your teacher to show off. Although the new generation will replace the old, we seniors can’t always let the youngsters take the spotlight.”

The unpleasant feeling that had built up from before instantly disappeared after his teacher spoke in such a childish manner.

His eyes were filled with expectation. His teacher hadn’t made a move in almost 10 years. Now he could finally see his teacher’s strength again!

When everyone thought Villa Master’s Han’s nascent soul was about to flee, a black fog suddenly appeared and blocked his path.

This sudden change shocked everyone, and they couldn’t help but look over.

When Villa Master Han saw this black fog, he was shocked, but then he seemed to remember something. His panic changed into joy.

The rapidly escaping nascent soul suddenly stopped and looked excitedly at the black fog. He happily said, “Senior, are you finally able to come out? Does that mean you have recovered? Please save my son. There are four excellent spirit corpse materials ready. Senior will be able to produce some powerful spirit corpses with them.”

The moment Villa Master Han saw this black fog, he remembered when he first met this senior more than 10 years ago. When they first met, it was like this as well, and he had never seen what this senior looked like. He originally wanted to head to the bottom of the cave to ask for help, but since the senior had come out by his own accord, he must have recovered early!

“I can see that there are four excellect materials here. Fortunately, I was able to recover the last bit of my injuries on my own. Otherwise, if I had to depend on trash like you, who knows when I’d recover.”

A muffled and hoarse voice came out from the fog.

“Yes, yes, yes, I'm trash. Senior, I have done so much for you over the years, so please help me save my son. I have lost my body and no longer have the ability to do anything.”

Facing the hoarse voice, Villa Master Han panicked. Although there was no anger in the senior’s voice, this made him even more nervous. Given the current situation, he didn’t expect any rewards, he just wanted to save his eldest son. He planned to escape from this mess and find a place to recover his body. That’s why he had sincerely and fearfully pleaded with this black fog.

“Hmph, even you know you are trash. Since you admit you are trash, then you are useless to me.”

A cold snort came from the black fog and then the surrounding temperature seemed to lower a few degrees. Villa Master Han could only watch a hand reach out from the black fog. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t escape.

Villa Master Han was shocked and angry at the same time. He was shocked because he vaguely knew what his end was going to be. He was angry because he had worked so hard for this senior over the years, and now that his value was gone, this senior was going to kill him. This made him feel very bitter.

Everyone watched as the big hand pulled the nascent soul into the black fog.


His miserable scream echoed for only a few seconds before it stopped. Although one couldn’t see inside the fog, it was easy to imagine what had happened inside.

The cultivators here all looked at each other. They didn’t know what had happened. Who was this person and why had this person killed Villa Master Han? The only thing they were certain about was that Villa Master Han was dead. A powerhouse of the region, Villa Master Han, had fallen!

Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su were shocked. They didn’t know who this stranger was, but they knew that since Villa Master Han called him “senior,” he had to be even stronger than Villa Master Han.

Zhao Jiuge’s brows furrowed deeply and he became worried. They had just resolved one matter and yet another one had popped up!

San Wu stopped chanting as well and opened his eyes to look at the black fog.

Yao Fufeng’s body was tense and his face was filled with horror. When he saw the black fog, he was ready to use his treasure to escape. Just from one look, he could tell how terrifying the person inside was. Right now he didn’t care about his face or fame. After all, his own life was his top priority!

However, when Yao Lufeng was preparing to use one of the treasures his sect had given him before he left to train, he heard a voice. It was this voice that made him hesitate, and he temporarily dispelled the idea of escaping.

“Hehe, it's been almost 10 years since I last saw you, but you’re still the same. You treat human life like ants, slaughter as you please.”

Yu Ci spoke with a faint smile and slowly walked out from the crowd. His smile was like someone reuniting with an old friend. His disciples Yu Luo and Yu Meng followed one step behind him.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the white-haired old man with a look of doubt. Back at the tea stall, he didn’t notice much, but once they arrived at the Wind Mountain Villa, he noticed that something was off. Now he just wondered if this would cause the situation to turn or make things worse.

The cultivators that were grouped together were already shocked by the appearance of the black, and when they saw the white-haired old man walk toward the black fog, they became even more confused.

Yu Meng’s face turned a bit red from all the people staring at her.

As for Yu Luo, he followed his teacher with his chest out and head up. He seemed very proud of having a teacher like this.

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