Book 3, Chapter 65 - Buddha Values All Life

Zhao Jiuge’s expression was grim and contained a layer of killing intent.

He put away his sword back into its sheath as he rushed forward. He had given up on using his sword art against Villa Master Han and decided to use his physical body instead!

Sanskrit chants echoed, golden lotuses turned.

The bright, golden light around Zhao Jiuge’s body became even more brilliant in contrast with the dark-green corpse energy and grey yin souls.

The smiling buddha seemed to be affected by the yin souls. It no longer looked peaceful and instead was filled with a sense of might.

The moment the golden light from his body touched the yin souls, the yin souls screamed and retreated. However, compared to all the yin souls being released, it was insignificant.

These yin souls retained their original appearances, but their expressions were varied. Fortunately, all the Corpse Summoning Flag could do was control them to self-destruct.

If they were controlled by a ghost cultivator, then the power of these hundred yin souls would be far more deadly than now. If that were the case, the four of them would not be a match at all and they would only be able to do their best to endure.

Simply put, corpse cultivators were better at controlling spirit corpses made from the corpses of cultivators. Ghost cultivators were better at using the souls of cultivators. Although they sound very similar, they are actually very different.

When Pei Su Su saw Zhao Jiuge’s determined expression, she felt a sense of joy and melancholy. However, she soon felt the powerful force coming from the Corpse Summoning Flag and her face filled with concern for Zhao Jiuge.

There was a hint of hesitation on her face, but it was quickly replaced by her concern for zhao Jiuge. The green lotus around her continued to rotate, but an even more powerful forge surged out from her. The power that surged out gave off a black light—it was the Black Flame Divine Art.

This spell was very powerful, but Pei Su Su always had some worries about it. In general, she never used this spell taught by her father before others.

The black light was profound and didn’t give off the coldness of corpse energy—it was much more terrifying. Pei Su Su’s idea was different from Zhao Jiuge’s. Rather than dealing with the yin souls, she was going to deal with Villa Master Han directly.

“Buddha values all life.”

After San Wu muttered these words, a large amount of light golden light scattered and surrounded the Corpse Summoning flag. Golden lotuses appeared everywhere. At first they were only buds, but soon they all bloomed.

Shortly after, figures appeared above each golden lotus. At first the figures were not clear, but after a few breaths of time, all the figures became much more clear. They were all figures of various buddhas.

These buddhas all had various expressions. Some were fierce, some were docile, some had their eyes closed, and some were peaceful.

As San Wu muttered, these figures became more and more clear. The grey aura from the yin souls gradually dissipated. It was as if they were being purified by the Buddhist light.

San Wu slowly closed his eyes. He was clearly a youth, but now he felt like an old monk in meditation.

The move he revealed showed that he was worthy of his late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation. His brows slowly furrowed as the golden light around him shined brighter. His originally pale face became even more pale; however, this was a sickly kind of pale.

San Wu seemed to notice that it was a bit tiresome, and his posture immediately changed. He threw the quaint Buddhist beads in his right hand into the air, where they floated. They floated above the Corpse Summoning Flag and emitted light onto it, surrounding the flag. The slowed down the release of yin souls, and the ones released were instantly purified by San Wu.

Yao Yufeng was shocked by San Wu and Pei Su Su’s actions. In particular, San Wu’s method was simply too amazing. It would be difficult for other cultivators at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm to do this, and not to mention San Wu was so young!

Even the strength Zhao Jiuge had displayed was well above his own. This made him feel a bit melancholy. He could only take out his life-linked sword and wave it. He didn’t have anything that was a natural counter to this yin aura, so this was all he could do. However, he was holding back because he hadn't shown his other hidden aces yet. He wanted to see what the other three could do.

The mournful yin souls on one side and the peaceful Buddhist figures on the other side formed a sharp contrast.

Zhao Jiuge had given up on using the sword art he was most proud of. The Sanskrit Divine Body and law body surrounded him. His palm was surrounded by golden light as he smashed down on top of Villa Master Han’s head.

On the other side, Pei Su Su’s black flame had already closed in. The black flame was like a bottomless pit that struck fear in people’s hearts.

The last thing that followed was Yao Lufeng’s wave-like sword art. Although it was not as good as Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su’s attacks, it was still much more amazing than what most people could dish out.

The three attacks arrived one after the other!

San Wu’s eyes were still closed and he continued to mutter while purifying the yin souls. His quaint Buddhist beads were still restraining the Corpse Summoning Flag.

However, after Pei Su Su used the black flame, San Wu’s eyes opened for a moment. He seemed to hold an intense dislike for this spell. He soon closed his eyes and maintained the spells he was using.

In the distance, the other cultivators looked at all of this in shock. Villa Master Han was surrounded by yin souls, while San Wu was surrounded by bright Buddhist light. Zhao Jiuge’s actions were extremely overbearing and Pei Su Su’s display was peerless. The strength they were witnessing not only completely eclipsed theirs, they had never seen anything like it before!

The Yan Zhi Region was just a small region in the intersection of the Yan Province and the Huang Province. The Huaxia Dynasty was simply too large; how could people like them compare to these geniuses? Ignoring San Wu and Pei Su Su, who were in the Nascent Soul Realm, they wouldn’t even be able to surpass Zhao Jiuge or Yao Lufeng, who were at the Spirit Core Ream.

At this moment, the attacks from both sides collided. They were curious about how this four-on-one battle would turn out. After all, their lives were in the hands of the four people battling. Just looking at those yin souls made them shiver; they couldn’t even imagine facing them.


Zhao Jiuge had the smiling buddha surrounding his body and a layer of golden light underneath that. He completely ignored the yin aura released by Villa Master Han as his palm mercilessly smashed down.

Villa Master Han was holding the Corpse Summoning Flag with one hand and continued to summon the yin souls from within. His other hand quickly blocked Zhao Jiuge’s blow.

Perhaps Villa Master Han was distracted, or perhaps he simply ignored Zhao Jiuge, but a thunderous rumble echoed. Villa Master Han remained standing, while the golden light around Zhao Jiuge dimmed a bit before recovering. It was clear that Zhao Jiuge had suffered a loss here, while nothing had happened to Villa Master Han.

At this moment, Yao Lufeng’s sword energy arrived before Pei Su Su’s black fire. Villa Master Han was filled with disdain. He let out a cold snort but didn’t show any sign of resisting. He was still focused on activating the Corpse Summoning Flag.

The rays of sword energy collided with Villa Master Han’s body. His dark-purple robe was torn apart, but his body was not injured at all.

Corpse cultivators had powerful physical bodies, plus he was a full realm stronger than Yao Lufeng. Even though Yao Lufeng was using a spirit treasure, he couldn’t do much. However, it was obvious that Villa Master Han had paused for a moment before recovering and his face had turned a little white. It seemed like this continuous consumption was taking a toll on him.

Villa Master Han had revealed disdain to all the attacks until now. However, when Pei Su Su’s black fire closed in, his eyes opened like he was facing a powerful enemy.

His second son was dead and he was worried about his eldest son, so there was a hint of madness in Villa Master Han’s eyes. He didn’t resist the black fire but accelerated his attempt to release the yin souls like he was crazy. He felt that this was the only way to cause damage to his enemies and force Yao Lufeng to release his eldest son.

However, he felt very bitter when he made this decision. He knew that even if he saved his eldest son, he might not be safe, and even if he lived, his cultivation level would drop drastically. He had never thought that he would fall due to his own arrogance after gaining all this power. If it had been anyone else, even if they were Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, he would not be afraid. Yet at this moment, the power-hungry Villa Master Han saw through it all. As long as he could rescue his son, nothing else mattered.

At this moment, there was a hint of tenderness within Villa Master Han. Even with how evil he had become, he still cared for his son.

The black fire was about to land on his body, but he still surged all his spirit force into the flag in his hand. Although the Buddhist bead was slowing the release of the yin souls, Villa Master Han still gave his all to release them. At this moment, he felt like this was the only thing he could do.

Villa Master Han’s pupils shrank as the black fire closed in and a thunderous rumble choed.

The black Corpse Summoning Flag lost the input of spirit force from its master and no longer shined. Instead, it was hit by the shock wave and slowly fell to the ground.

Villa Master Han’s entire body was turned into a bloody mess after being hit by this ordinary-looking black fire. Even the powerful body of a corpse cultivator had been reduced to this by the black fire—this showed just how powerful it was.

There was a huge hole around that area, and all the soil had flown into the air and scattered everywhere.

Now that the Corpse Summoning Flag had lost its owner, the yin souls were no longer released, and the cultivators watching couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

The light from the explosion hadn’t completely faded yet, but a small, fuzzy figure seemed like it was going to escape into the distance!

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