Book 3, Chapter 64 - The Mastermind Behind the Scenes

The Corpse Summoning Flag continued to wave, and its movements were getting bigger and bigger. The black light coming from the flag was not clearly visible.

Pei Su Su’s aura became even more chaotic before the attacks of the desperate Villa Master Han. She still had some life-saving measures and spells she hadn't used yet.

Life-saving treasures naturally wouldn’t be used unless it was the last resort. Some were only one-time use items, while others required a huge price for each use. There were reasons why she hadn’t used her other spells. Although she was certain no one would recognize the black flame here, she wouldn’t use such a powerful spell where there were people watching. This was so she wouldn’t expose her identity.

A large amount of soft, golden light descended from the sky, accompanied by the sound of sanskrit chants. San Wu was shrouded by the silhouette of a smiling buddha, and he arrived next to Pei Su Su. The two of them faced off against Villa Master Han.

The green light and the golden light worked together to resist the violent corpse energy around Villa Master Han. This allowed Pei Su Su to breathe a sigh of relief. San Wu was very young and already had cultivation comparable to that of an old fellow like Villa Master Han. Perhaps others wouldn’t understand the significance of this, but Su Su and Zhao Jiuge did. This was a rare talent that one would only see every few thousand years. Even Zhao Jiuge’s sixth sister, Sha Sha, was a bit worse.

“Hmph, I’ll let you off until this matter is settled. You dared to hide your power and deceived this old lady.”

Seeing San Wu arrive beside her, Pei Su Su rolled her eyes with a fierce expression. She looked like a fierce female tiger.

San Wu’s left hand continued to turn the buddhist beads in his hands. His right hand wiped his bald head and he looked at Zhao Jiuge in the distance, thinking to himself, “If Zhao Jiuge heard this, he would misunderstand and think I did something to you!”

“This old fellow’s corpse energy has seeped into his bones, so be careful. His nascent soul hasn’t appeared yet either. Once it appears, it will definitely be a shocking sight.”

When Pei Su Su saw that San Wu was still a bit afraid of her even though his cultivation level was higher, she revealed a smile and forced the issue at hand.

San Wu nodded without a word. Although his expression was the same as before, from Pei Su Su’s point of view, he was very different. However, she didn’t care—she only cared about her blockhead.

The peaceful, golden light and the blue lotus purified a lot of the corpse energy. The two of them were able to temporarily suppress Villa Master Han.

At this moment, Yan Lufeng arrived beside San Wu with the pagoda in his left hand and his sword in his right hand.

Neither of them talked, but they all looked grimly at the black Corpse Summoning Flag waving in the air.

The moment Yao Lufeng arrived, he quickly said, “Quickly, stop this old thing. Once he releases the yin souls inside, the situation will be even worse than dealing with those spirit corpses. From the looks of it, the amount of yin souls inside isn't low.”

He wasn’t as strong as them in terms of cultivation, but with his late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivation and background, he would still be able to play a substantial role similar to Zhao Jiuge.

“Damn it, I don’t know where this old thing learned these methods. Not only is he cultivating such an evil art, he has also committed such inhumane crimes!”

Yao Lufeng got more and more angry as he spoke, and he couldn’t help but curse.

“It’s too late.”

San Wu was still as calm as before and shook his head. The Buddhist beads in his hands turned a little faster.

Yao Lufeng’s expression became cold and he looked at Villa Master Han again. The pagoda still in his left hand, the sword in his right hand moved. Waves of dazzling, water-blue sword energy shot out in waves toward Villa Master Han’s hands. He clearly wanted to interrupt Villa Master Han’s actions.


Villa Master Han’s eyes were bloodshot and he let out a cold snort, the wrinkles on his face moving as he did so. He was now holding the Corpse Summoning Flag with two hands and waved it at the rays of sword energy flying at him.

The black Soul Summoning Flag destroyed the water-blue sword energy on contact without any effort. There was not a scratch left on the Corpse Summoning Flag.

After seeing Yao Lufeng, Villa Master Han’s eyes become bloodshot. He had a fierce expression on his face as he said, “Little brat! Where did my son go? Give my son back now or I’ll make sure you won’t be able to reincarnate even if you die. I’ll make your soul surfer forever and refine your body into a spirit corpse.”

He was not worried about his eldest son being dead, because he could still vaguely feel his aura. It was as if his eldest son was being isolated by something. The most important thing was for him to figure out where his eldest son was.

“Hmph, your son is inside this pagoda, but he isn’t dead yet. If you let go of the Corpse Summoning Flag, I’ll let him out. Otherwise, if you’re too slow, his life will be in danger.”

Yao Lufeng raised the pagoda in his hand a bit higher for Villa Master Han to see and to threaten him to hand over the flag. He was worried that Villa Master Han would get emotional and suddenly release the yin souls.

Villa Master Han’s eyes narrowed and then he let out a roar. “You want me to hand over the Corpse Summoning Flag? Dream on!”

The Corpse Summoning Flag was not only his most powerful weapon, but also something he had spent years refining. He would never hand it over.

“Since you won’t let my son go, then you can die! I doubt that treasure can contain my son if there is no one to control it!”

While he was speaking, Villa Master Han had already begun to move, and dark-green smoke moved around his body. The Corpse Summoning Flag began to move and a burst of yin wind blew toward Yao Lufeng and company.

“Not good!”

After letting out a crazy shout, San Wu released a rich, golden spirit force that surrounded Villa Master Han. Yao Lufeng wasn’t willing to fall behind—he quickly waved his life-linked sword, and rays of blue sword energy followed.

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge was using his spirit force without regard for the danger of running dry. He used the Sanskrit Divine Body and eliminated the remaining Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses. The remaining Spirit Core Realm cultivators couldn’t help but look at Zhao Jiuge like he was a freak.

Zhao Jiuge then rushed to Pei Su Su’s side. When he arrived, he was still breathing hard, and his eyes were filled with concern. He asked Pei Su Su, “Are you alright?”

“I’m alright.”

Feeling the concern from Zhao Jiuge, Pei Su Su’s solemn expression softened. Her beautiful eyes were locked on Zhao Jiuge, and she unconsciously stroked his face.

Hearing Pei Su Su’s response, Zhao Jiuge let out a sigh of relief. After he determined that she wasn’t injured and it was just her breathing being a bit rough, he relaxed. Then he wrapped one of his arms around her waist. 

“Annoying. What do you think you are doing at a time like this?” Feeling that arm around her waist, Pei Su Su rolled her eyes. She carefully looked around and fortunately, Yao Lufeng and San Wu were concentrated on Villa Master Han.

Zhao Jiuge chuckled and didn’t speak. He held Pei Su Su in his arms and felt her heartbeat. Zhao Jiuge felt happy. Even his desire for strength seemed to weaken in the face of this tender moment.

Before they could enjoy this sweet and flirtatious atmosphere, both of them were awakened by a terrifying aura. They both looked at Villa Master Han in a daze.

San Wu and Yao Lufeng’s combined attack was able to repel the dark-green smoke. However, Villa Master Han was deeply worried about his son and had released the yin souls! These yin souls used to belong to those spirit corpses.

They only saw clouds of grey shadows that carried a cold and violent auras appear around the Corpse Summoning Flag.

“Jiuge use your Sanskrit Divine Body and your golden dragons. Everyone has to attack at once. Don’t let the yin souls enter your bodies or it's over!”

San Wu let out a loud roar. Right now, he couldn’t show any more mercy. These yin souls were filled with resentment and would cause terrible harm if they came into contact with anyone. If the person controlling them ordered them to self-destruct, your soul would be damaged even if you protected yourself.

There were quite a few cultivators left, and if those yin souls scattered, the consequences would be unimaginable. Everyone aside from the four of them, who had life protecting measures of some sort, would be slaughtered.

The yin souls all preserved their original appearances. When they appeared, the white-haired old man’s face became somewhat serious. He looked southeast and was a little anxious.

He couldn’t help but mutter, “Why isn’t he coming out? Four high-quality materials for spirit corpses are here and he is still unmoved? This isn’t like him. It has been ten years, his injuries should have almost recovered. This time, I won’t let him go.”

The battle began. It was very loud and flashy.

The surviving Spirit Core Realm cultivators gathered with everyone else and watched the battle that they were not qualified to intervene in.

It could be said that their fate was in the hands of Zhao Jiuge and company. If Zhao Jiuge and company failed, they wouldn’t be able to escape Villa Master Han’s palm.

They thought about taking advantage of the situation and escaping during the fierce battle, but then they thought about the spirit corpses. There might be other traps and formations in the region, so it was better to remain here. After everything that had happened, only 60 or 70 cultivators remained from the original hundred-plus. They were now all watching the incredible battle unfold before them.

“Everyone, if you have anything, use it now. If we don’t go all out against a late stage Nascent Soul Realm corpse cultivator, even if we can escape, those cultivators will certainly die.”

Zhao Jiuge frowned and spoke with a heavy tone. The smiling Buddha around his body was only able to slightly dissipate the yin aura.

A late stage Nascent Soul Realm corpse cultivator would become more dangerous the more they were pushed to the edge. If anything went wrong, they could easily die here. However, as disciples of orthodox sects, it was their duty to kill evil-doers like this. They had left their respective sects to train, and escaping at the first sign of danger was not something the strong would do!

After he finished speaking, Zhao Jiuge charged through the yin souls. The golden light around him seemed so insignificant in the faces of those yin souls. 

However, he charged forward fearlessly. This was this chance to be a man and protect Pei Su Su. So what if his cultivation was weaker? It wouldn’t stop his determination to protect his loved one!

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