Book 3, Chapter 63 - Crazed Action

Villa Master Han had always pursued strength, and when he saw that powerful senior who walked the path of a corpse cultivator, he became even more crazy for strength.

Now he was cruel and killed without hesitation to turn people into spirit corpses. However, he was the opposite toward his sons. He hadn’t lost his affection for his sons as his cultivation grew, and after their mother died, he doted on them even more.

He thought that this matter would be a bit troublesome, but he never expected so many twists and turns. He had already planned for the rewards he was going to get from that senior. Once he made a breakthrough, he was going to think of ways to improve his two sons’ cultivation as well.

However, now that one of his sons had died and the other had disappeared, his dream was completely broken. Only now did he realize that before his family bonds, strength was insignificant. He no longer thought about completing the task that senior had given him, and he didn’t care about the consequences of not completing that task.

He was not just the Villa Master of the Wind Mountain Villa, he was also a father. One of his sons was dead, so even if he had to give up his old life, he was going to save his eldest son. Right now, nothing was more important than his son’s life.

Villa Master Han’s eyes turned red, overflowing with madness.

He raised the Corpse Summoning Flag above his head and began waving it. The corpse core inside his body released corpse energy like crazy. However, this time the energy was a brilliant purplish-green.

This was not the end—Villa Master Han’s actions sped up. He was going to risk serious injuries to himself in order to break free from Pei Su Su’s entanglement.

The dangerous Corpse Summoning Flag waved in the air and rings of black spirit runes appeared, making loud noises.

Green light continued to erupt from Pei Su Su, but her expression became more and more serious. Even for her, facing a corpse cultivator with a higher cultivation level and going all out was rough. However, she did her best to resist Villa Master Han’s onslaught.

Pei Su Su’s beautiful eyes helplessly watched the Corpse Summoning Flag wave. She was struggling just to hold Villa Master Han off, and she could not afford any spare energy to stop the Corpse Summoning flag.

Her slender hand pulled out the green hairpin from her silk-like hair, causing her hair to scatter across her shoulders. She calmly dropped the hair pin and ripples spread before her, blocking Villa Master Han’s crazed attack.

However, the Corpse Summoning Flag continued to howl as Villa Master Han waved it back and forth.

Not only could this Corpse Summoning flag control those spirit corpses, it was filled with hundreds of earth souls. Each of those earth souls were filled with yin energy, and if they were released, it would result in another bloodbath.

The Corpse Summoning Flag was Villa Master’s life-linked treasure, and it had been nourished by his nascent soul for many years. Once its full power was released, it would be extraordinary. 

When Zhao Jiuge and San Wu finished off the remaining Foundation Realm Spirit Corpses and disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa, they sensed Yao Lufeng’s actions. They both felt that the Water Origin Cave was really amazing for refining this kind of treasure.

Among all types of treasures, armors were the most precious, followed by flying swords. There was another type of treasure that was equally as precious but was simply too rare. It was unlike armor, but almost everyone wanted to get one.

That was a space-type of treasure like this. Whether it was used to trap people or for defense, they were all invaluable. And these types of treasures would never be low-quality.

When they felt Han Shaolong disappear after being surrounded by the golden, copper light, they were very shocked. They didn’t know exactly what had happened, but they had some idea.

Zhao Jiuge and San Wu saw doubt in each other's eyes. If they were to face Yao Lufeng and were trapped inside, they didn't know how they would fare.

The movement of the Corpse Summoning Flag shocked them out of their daze. They had relaxed for a moment because the situation had stabilized, but they quickly tensed up again.

“Not good. Villa Master Han is going to release the souls inside the Corpse Summoning Flag. If those earth souls are released, the situation will immediately change for the worse!”

San Wu’s tone was anxious and he was constantly turning the buddhist beads in his hand.

Zhao Jiuge looked over and his hand holding the Cold Underworld Sword moved. He looked at the beautiful figure whose hair was fluttering lightly in the wind. Zhao Jiuge wanted to head over and help because Villa Master Han was going a little crazy right now. He was worried about Pei Su Su’s safety.

San Wu seemed to have seen through Zhao Jiuge’s inner thoughts and faintly said, “You go help those Spirit Core Realm cultivators deal with those spirit corpses first, then come help. I’ll go first. After all, my cultivation method is good against these evil things. Also, my cultivation is stronger, so it would be more effective.”


Zhao Jiuge didn’t say much, and his handsome face was filled with killing intent. Normally, it was a woman who was protected by a man, but he was weaker than Su Su by a whole realm and constantly relied on her protection. This made him feel uncomfortable, and he was determined to reach the Nascent Soul Realm during this trip. Not only because of this matter, but also because the Battle Competition was less than two years away.

After Zhao Jiuge nodded, he charged toward the remaining seven Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses. Out of the 18 Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses, 11 had been killed, more than half of them destroyed by San Wu.

Two of the Spirit Core Realm cultivators that followed the scarred, burly man had died. Even among the three young men who dressed the same, one of them had been torn apart by two spirit corpses.

The most tragic person was undoubtedly the man in black who had lost his dao partner. His madness was no different from Villa Master Han’s. His lover was dead and he felt like life was meaningless. He thought about the time they had spent together and how they had supported each other to reach this point. He felt the warmth in his heart and smiled.

A spirit corpse’s roar broke his fantasy. When he thought about how his lover had died, he chased that spirit corpse like crazy. However, the spirit corpse’s body was too strong and he couldn’t do much against it. When he realized he couldn’t even get revenge for his lover, he actually released his own spirit core.

His spirit core was only the size of a soybean and exuded a soft light. He pulled the spirit corpse closer and chose to self-destruct to take the spirit corpse with him.

The explosion of his spirit core created a thunderous rumble and sent dirt flying in all directions.

There was nothing left of his body, and even the spirit corpse had ben torn into pieces. Only an arm from the spirit corpse remained.

Love looks complicated, but in reality, it is very simple.

This man had used his actions to prove to the surrounding cultivators what love was, what his love was.

Since they couldn’t be together and couldn’t ascend to immortality together, then let them die together. Let them reincarnate so they could continue this unfinished fate together.

Zhao Jiuge was a bit moved, but there was nothing he could do. What he could do was quickly destroy these seven remaining spirit corpses so that there would be no more deaths among the surviving cultivators.

However, he felt a bit confused. If Pei Su Su died, what decision would he make? Thinking about this, Zhao Jiuge’s urge to improve his strength became even stronger. He naturally didn’t know what to do in that kind of situation. He could only quickly improve his strength so he could protect the people he wanted to protect!

On the other side, after Yao Lufeng captured Han Shaolong inside the pagoda, he looked over at the flag in Villa Master Han’s hands. His expression was serious and he made the same decision as San Wu. He rushed toward Pei Su Su to stop Villa Master Han’s madness-driven actions.

San Wu and Yao Lufeng quickly released golden spirit force and blue spirit force respectively. Pei Su Su’s situation was getting worse and worse, and her aura was becoming messy.

Zhao Jiuge arrived next to the Spirit Core Realm cultivators. The scarred, burly man’s eyes were filled with sorrow because two of his brothers had died. Zhao Jiuge was worried about Pei Su Su’s safety, so he did not waste time talking to these people. However, his hands didn’t stop, and he continued to launch lethal attacks at the spirit corpses.

“This is getting more and more interesting. I want to see how far these juniors can go.”

The white-haired old man excitedly watched the Corpse Summoning Flag and the figures fighting. He showed no sign of making a move or worrying about the dangers from the earth souls being released.

After watching for a while, Yu Ci looked toward the cave to the southeast and muttered to himself, “That old fellow should almost be at his limit. After all, these children will be good nourishment for him to recover from his injuries.”

After he finished speaking, there was a flash of killing intent in Yu Ci’s kind eyes.

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