Book 3, Chapter 62 - Little Universe Pagoda

Yao Lufeng, who was entangled in a deadly battle with Han Shaolong, noticed the sudden change in the battle. When he saw the two golden figures, he was shocked. He didn’t expect San Wu and Zhao Jiuge to be so strong.

Zhao Jiuge was at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm like himself, but the combat power Zhao Jiuge revealed was nothing an ordinary cultivator at that level could display. Even though he was very proud of himself, he had to admit that Zhao Jiuge was very amazing!

This seemed to have affected his pride and caused the stalemate between Yao Lufeng and Han Shaolong to suddenly change.

San Wu was very compassionate, so he hadn’t killed the Wind Mountain Villa disciples. However, Zhao Jiuge was different—he had already experienced the darkness of the world. While he was kind, he would not show any mercy for those that had already made their way down the path of evil. If he let any of them live, no one could predict how many more innocent people would die.

Most of the Foundation Realm spirit corpses Zhao Jiuge passed by were destroyed by the smiling Buddha around him.

This was naturally thanks to Zhao Jiuge’s spiritual power. The moment the spirit corpses touched the light, they would erupt in black smoke. They would stop moving like fools and then fall stiff on the ground.

The Cold Underworld Sword in Zhao Jiuge’s hand was like the grim reaper’s scythe. Every time he swung, disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa fell.

San Wu’s situation was similar. In just a few breaths of time, the ferocious tide of spirit corpses and Wind Mountain Villa disciples fell.

The surviving cultivators gathered together, very grateful toward Zhao Jiuge and San Wu. They also admired Zhao Jiuge and San Wu. Very few people had the power to turn the tide like this.

At this moment, aside from the dozen or so Spirit Core Realm cultivators, the rest were finally able to sigh in relief and began watching Pei Su Su’s performance!

The only people that were still fighting were Pei Su Su, Yao Lufeng, and the remaining Spirit Core Realm cultivators. The remaining cultivators all gathered together and were watching the situation with their weapons ready.

The ground was filled with countless holes from when all the spirit corpses erupted from below. The dirt was mixed together with blood.

The ground was even more of a mess now after the chaotic battle. All the various attacks filled the area with signs of destruction. All the plants that were here before were completely gone.

“I can’t believe there were cultivators this powerful among us. They don’t look like people from our Yan Zhi Region.”

“Hmph, our Yan Zhi Region isn’t even worth a fart compared to the vast Hua Xia Dynasty. You’re just a frog at the bottom of the well. There are many talented people out there, unlike you, who is still only at the late stage of the Foundation Realm after cultivating for more than half your life.”

“Why are you excited about others being strong? It’s not your strength.”

A cultivator that had managed to survive rolled his eyes and spoke in anger. He was covered in blood, but it was unknown whose blood it was. However, from his tone, it didn’t seem like he was injured.

The other middle-aged man seemed to have some bruises on his body but wasn’t injured in any important spots. When he heard those words, he was too lazy to argue. He turned to look at the fierce battle not far away.

They weren’t the only two. The remaining 60 people gathered together to watch Pei Su Su, Zhao Jiuge, San Wu, and Yao Lufeng battle.

They didn’t even look at the remaining dozen Spirit Core Realm cultivators battling the spirit corpses, because it was not as exciting as watching those four.

The scarred burly man waved his large blade at the Spirit Core Realm spirit corpse before him. He managed to knock it back, but it didn’t seem to take much damage. He couldn’t help but curse, “Those bastards only know how to watch and aren’t coming here to help. What are these spirit corpses made of?! I cut them so many times, but they shrug it off like it's nothing.”

He didn’t even have time to take a breath when the spirit corpse he knocked away rushed at him again. His expression changed and he quickly greeted the spirit corpse with his blade.

Zhao Jiuge and San Wu had dealt with most of the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa and the spirit corpses by themselves.

Although there were over 100 spirit corpses and disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa, numbers sometimes don't matter when faced with strength. A one-realm gap meant one person could easily deal with a large group of lower realm cultivators. Not to mention Zhao Jiuge and San Wu used Buddhist spells, which were extremely effective against spirit corpses. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have fared any better than the other cultivators. They would’ve had to rely on their superior cultivation to beat down these tough spirit corpses, and they wouldn’t be as efficient as they had been.

A victor was finally decided between Yao Lufeng and Han Shaolong.

Yao Lufeng was the Chief Head Disciple of the Water Origin Cave and was a proud person. The Water Origin Cave was a first-rate sect, so when he left to train, he naturally would have powerful treasures and some life-saving measures.

He had watched Zhao Jiuge and San Wu steal the limelight and knew Zhao Jiuge was from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect due to the sword art he was using. He was the Chief Head Disciple of his sect, so he naturally wanted to compete against a disciple from a holy land. He then saw that all the other cultivators were watching them and no longer held back.

While he was battling against Han Shaolong, he took out a top-quality spirit treasure.

Endless streams of sword energy pressured down on Han Shaolong and prevented the dark-green corpse energy from getting close to Yao Lufeng. 

The treasure was a copper-colored pagoda, and it had a total of nine floors. It was only about ⅔ of a meter tall and was much smaller than a real pagoda. However, it looked very life-like, with windowsills and every other detail. There was a layer of light shining around the pagoda.

Yao Lufeng’s left hand held the pagoda and his right hand held his flying sword.

This pagoda was called the Little Universe Pagoda. Although it was a top-quality treasure, its power was much closer to an immortal treasure. It was a replica of the Water Origin Cave’s immortal treasure, the Universe Pagoda. The pagoda looked simple, but the interior of the nine stories had a formation carved inside that could trap anyone that was sucked into it.

Both treasures had the same effect: capturing the enemy. However, the Little Universe Pagoda in Yao Lufeng’s hand had too many restrictions, so it consumed a large amount of spirit stones to use and the time was limited. Most importantly, it wasn’t perfect and therefore many accidents could happen.

However, even so, this Little Universe Pagoda was extremely precious. If it weren’t enough to keep Yao Lufeng safe during his training, the sect wouldn't have given it to him. After being stimulated by Zhao Jiuge’s actions, he couldn’t care about much else and just wanted to make a splash. Fortunately, Han Shaolong was only at the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm. He could easily suppress Han Shaolong with his cultivation alone and so it wouldn’t cost too many spirit stones.

Yao Lufeng’s gaze suddenly became sharp and he pushed Han Shaolong back once more, then he began to chant. When Han Shaolong closed in once more, Yao Lufeng tossed the pagoda above his head.

Large amounts of golden, copper light erupted from the pagoda and surrounded Han Shaolong. It immediately pulled Han Shaolong inside this light. This golden, copper light gave off a mysterious aura. One could see complicated spirit patterns gathering inside.

The next instant, Han Shaolong, who was surrounded by dense, dark-green corpse energy, disappeared. He was absorbed by the small pagoda. It's difficult to imagine how it happened or how he was pulled into such a small pagoda. As for what it was like inside, only Yao Lufeng knew.

After trapping Han Shaolong inside the Little Universe Tower, one could see a trace of heartache on Yao Lufeng’s face. It would at least be another six months before it gathered enough spirit force for him to use again. However, it had done its job, and it was such a shocking scene that everyone watching was silent.

At this moment, Yao Lufeng noticed everyone’s expressions and his mouth curved up into a proud smile. The heartache he felt completely disappeared.

However, at this moment, Villa Master Han became somewhat crazy. His second son’s life aura had extinguished and his eldest son’s aura had suddenly disappeared. He only had two sons, so how could he not be angry? Not to mention most of the spirit corpses he had refined had been destroyed and countless disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa had been killed or injured. Forget about finishing the task that senior had entrusted him with, it would be great for him to be able to settle this mess.

Villa Master Han suppressed the anger in his heart and calmed himself. At the next moment, he made a crazy move!

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