Book 3, Chapter 61 - Unmatched in This Generation

The silver moon formed by countless rays of sword energy surrounded Han Tianhu and turned his body into a mess. Flesh and blood flew everywhere.

After his life force disappeared, not even a trace of his body remained. His grey spirit core floated there for a moment before being shredded into nothing by the rays of sword energy.

After Zhao Jiuge determined that Han Tianhu was dead, he let out a sigh of relief.

Although not much time had passed, his battle with Han Tianhu had not been easy. He had used up nearly half of his spirit force, and this was given the fact that he had reached the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm and had a grade-8 spirit core. Had it been some ordinary person in his place, they wouldn't have been able to deal with Han Tianhu. Fortunately, Han Tianhu’s cultivation level was lower than Zhao Jiuge’s and he lacked combat experience. This allowed Zhao Jiuge to get the advantage. If Han Tianhu could have held on a bit longer, Zhao Jiuge might not have been able to kill him. Zhao Jiuge would not show any mercy to these evil-doers.

The situation was chaotic, with a mix of blood and body parts laying across the valley. The disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa were a bit better off, while the other cultivators were suffering. It often took many attacks to do any damage to the spirit corpses and more and more of them died to the spirit corpses.

Even the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa had gone crazy from the fighting. They were killing everyone around them, whether they were spirit corpses or cultivators. Their blue robes were covered in red and green blood.

This green blood wasn’t much for the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa. Although the blood contained corpse poison, they were also corpse cultivators and therefore were basically immune to it. However, the other cultivators were not so lucky. When the blood splattered on them, their flesh began to rot. Then a miserable cry would follow.

Zhao Jiuge had a complicated gaze when he looked around. He wanted to save them but didn’t know where to start.

The six golden dragons collided with the six spirit corpses. The two weaker spirit corpses were turned into piles of flesh, splattering  green blood everywhere.

Another male spirit corpse had its lower half destroyed, leaving its arms to still flail around. The remaining three spirit corpses had been nourished enough that they were much stronger, so they were only knocked away by San Wu. However, this stopped their attack and they were no longer a danger to Zhao Jiuge.

The corner of San Wu’s mouth twitched. If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted to quickly save Zhao Jiugem he wouldn't have used six golden dragons. Now he would have to spend several months nourishing them before he could use this ace again.

Spirit corpses were not afraid of spiritual attacks because they were dead and had no fear. Most importantly, after being nourished in a land of extreme yin, they were very powerful. The best way to deal with them was to use something that was extremely effective against them. 

After dealing with the six spirit corpses, San Wu muttered to himself, “Merciful Buddha!” before he arrived next to Zhao Jiuge.

“Jiuge, use your law body to attack these spirit corpses, we’ll go together. I fear if we take too long, all these cultivators who came to attend the birthday party will die. Let’s get rid of these spirit corpses, then we’ll deal with Villa Master Han. It looks like Su Su will have no problem stalling Villa Master Han for now.”

San Wu’s expression was serious. He looked at the dying cultivators and felt sorrow and anxiety.

“Okay, we have to cut that old thing into a thousand pieces later. He is simply too despicable.”

After Zhao Jiuge finished speaking, he rushed into the chaos. He had consumed a lot of spirit force in the previous battle, and maintaining the Sanskrit Divine Body and law body was consuming a steady stream of spirit force. However, he couldn’t concern himself with conserving his spirit force at this point.

As he moved, Dancing Moon, Star River moved with him. The Dancing Moon had been used up, but the Star River remained in the air!


Zhao Jiuge, with the Cold Underworld Sword in hand, quickly rushed forward with the smiling Buddha around him. The Star River descended into the crowd.

San Wu didn’t use the golden dragons again. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t at this point. It would take several months of nourishment for him to use them again.

San Wu stood straight and put his hands together. He maintained this position as he charged into the crowd. He was going to rush in and kill all the spirit corpses. The smiling Buddha followed him and soon he was near the crowd. At this moment, his posture suddenly changed, his right hand moved down, and then he swung upward, bringing up a surge of golden spirit force. The golden spirit force flew up into the air and then fell down on the spirit corpses. The golden spirit force gave off a peaceful aura and was the best way to deal with these evil beings.

Although Yu Leng and Yu Meng were striking at the spirit corpses and disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa, they never left their teacher Yu Ci’s side.

A vacuum quickly appeared around the three of them. There were no more spirit corpses or disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa that came forward.

They heard the miserable screams and watched the tragic scene of cultivators dying. The two children were still too young and couldn’t bear it. Yu Meng saw a cultivator being bitten to death, and his whole body was covered in green bubbles. She felt a burst of sympathy in her heart.

“Teacher, why don’t you make a move and save them? Forget these corpse cultivators and disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa, not even that Villa Master Han is your match.”

Yu Meng shook her teacher’s arm and begged him.

The white-haired old man’s expression was gloomy and he looked at the surrounding situation with a complicated expression. He wanted to make a move and save these innocent cultivators.

However, he had come here with a purpose. The biggest danger here was not the corpse cultivators here, but the injured old fellow hiding below. If he made a move and caused that old fellow to escape, then catching him again would not be so easy. Even more people would die.

“Let’s wait.”

Yu Ci faintly replied and didn’t explain too much. He felt emotional but quickly calmed down. After reaching his cultivation level, his heart was clear and he naturally knew what he wanted. His mind wouldn’t change due to some simple words.

Hearing this from her teacher, Yu Meng no longer begged him to help. However, her strikes toward those spirit corpses became even more fierce.

Yu Ci felt that she was quite emotional and couldn’t bear it. After pondering a bit, he pointed to the southwest and said, “Look at those two, they will deal with this problem.”

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge and San Wu erupted, the golden light around them as dazzling as the sun! 

The Star River directly landed in the crowd, most of them landing on the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa. Very few targeted the spirit corpses.

The moment those fierce rays of sword energy landed on the disciples, they were turned into a bloody mess. Their bodies were torn apart by the sword energy. With Zhao Jiuge’s current cultivation and his sword, his attacks could compare to those of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Although these disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa were corpse cultivators and had powerful bodies, they were still only Foundation Realm cultivators.

When the rays of sword energy landed on the spirit corpses, the result was very different—they were merely knocked back. Although marks were left on them, they didn’t suffer much damage. After a brief moment of pause they continue to attack the surrounding cultivators.

Zhao Jiuge’s sword intent continued to improve as time passed, and he had a certain amount of control over his sword energy. However, he still couldn’t figure out the fourth layer of the sword art.

On the other side, San Wu charged into the crowd and utilized his substantial physical power. He quickly darted through the crowd like a fish.

The spirit corpses and disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa he passed by were all hit by his Sanskrit Divine Palm. However, for some reason the result was completely different depending if he hit one of the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa or a spirit corpse.

The golden light contained Buddhist power, so the moment a spirit corpse was hit by it, it would emit black smoke. The thick, black smoke contained a burst of yin energy, and the spirit corpses would stop moving soon after being hit. They would fall to the ground and begin to rot.

When the golden light landed on the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa, they were all sent flying and coughed out blood. However, they didn’t die, they just lost their ability to fight.

The moment Zhao Jiuge and San Wu made their move, the chaotic scene calmed down. The cultivators who had come to attend the birthday banquet were able to let out a collective sigh of relief. This valley was suddenly not so crowded.

Many cultivators were still struggling to stay alive when their opponents suddenly disappeared. They were stunned for a while before they figured out what was happening.

Peng Bo’s eyes were filled with passion as he looked at the two brothers he had followed here. He secretly wondered when he would have such power. He was particularly envious of how handsome Zhao Jiuge looked while wielding that flying sword!

The tense atmosphere relaxed a bit. The cultivators who were no longer in danger looked at Zhao Jiuge and San Wu with hopeful gazes. They seemed to have seen a chance to live through this crisis from these people.

Most of the people in the valley were watching these two geniuses moving through the battlefield!

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