Book 3, Chapter 60 - Beginning a Slaughter

Zhao Jiuge had already noticed the sudden change. However, he had learned over the years that he had to remove all problems at the source. He could not show his enemies any mercy.

When he saw that Han Tianhu was about to fall, he could not let this excellent opportunity go, even if the situation was a complete mess.

The sudden eruption of a late stage Nascent Soul aura shocked Zhao Jiuge. When he noticed that it was from San Wu, he was startled but happy.

He was filled with many doubts and questions like Pei Su Su, but now was not the time to ask. First, they need to remove all these corpse cultivators.

However, the situation was somewhat bad, especially with the 18 Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses. Their bodies were so powerful that normal attacks had no effect on them. Fortunately, Villa Master Han couldn’t control them all, so his focus was on the 18 Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses. The rest just mindlessly attacked everyone based on their instinct to devour.

Han Tianhu was about to fall to Zhao Jiuge when he suddenly noticed six ferocious auras close in on him. Zhao Jiuge’s expression stiffened, but he gritted his teeth and continued to wave the Cold Underworld Sword at Han Tianhu.

However, he was not that arrogant. Although his body had been refined a few times, he didn’t believe he could resist the attacks of six Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses.

A brilliant, golden light surrounded his body—it was the Sanskrit Divine Body. This light was exactly the same as San Wu’s, only the color was a bit different.

“Jiuge, use your law body. These spirit corpses are filled with yin energy and are most afraid of the buddhist arts. The Sanskrit Divine Body you cultivate is a buddhist art.”

San Wu, who had rushed over when he noticed Zhao Jiuge was in danger, was closing in, but his anxious voice arrived before him.

Hearing this, Zhao Jiuge was startled because he didn’t know what the law body was. He looked at San Wu and was startled because the light around San Wu was basically the same as his. He was shocked at first, but then he was filled with joy. There was actually someone who cultivated the same thing as him.

Zhao Jiuge was even more curious about San Wu’s identity, and he didn’t care about San Wu’s purpose for following him. He wanted to know where the Sanskrit Divine Body came from and understand a bit more about Ye Wuyou, who had led him onto the path of cultivation. All he had was the name “Carefree Valley” and Ye Yuyou; there were no other clues. Although Jian Wuxian had told him that the Carefree Valley was a sect, he was not strong enough to go look for it.

Zhao Jiuge felt very grateful toward Ye Wuyou. If not for him, he wouldn't have embarked on the path of cultivation and wouldn't have achieved everything he had up until now. Although he didn’t have any interactions with Ye Wuyou aside from the time they met, he still considered Yu Wuyou his own teacher.

Zhao Jiuge had been keeping this matter hidden deep in his heart. This was one of the reasons he worked so hard to improve his strength. Only when he was strong enough could he solve these mysteries.

The excitement he felt caused his attacks to slow down a bit, and he almost let Han Tianhu escape.

“I don’t know what a law body is.”

Zhao Jiuge shouted back without turning his head. Although he had a vague idea that this law body had something to do with the Sanskrit Divine Body.

After he shouted, he didn’t dare to stop. He had prepared himself to take the blows from the six spirit corpses in order to kill Han Tianhu.

Han Tianhu’s clothes were completely torn into rags, and when he saw how desperately Zhao Jiuge was fighting, he became afraid.

“Father, save me!”

He had never encountered such a monstrous sword cultivator. In the past, he never considered cultivators at his level a threat. He could never have guessed that Zhao Jiuge’s sword energy would be as powerful as it was, and the cold energy within that could bypass his body’s defenses was a huge surprise. It was fine being hit by it once or twice, but after many hits, Han Tiahu was shocked to find that his sword spirit was affected by this cold energy. This spirit force moved slowly, and this naturally put him at even more of a disadvantage. He was about to collapse and die to Zhao Jiuge’s sword energy.

Han Tianhu’s miserable cry made Villa Master Han and Han Shaolong very anxious. Villa Master Han was ready to break free and save his second son. Even though he had sent the six spirit corpses, they had lost their earth souls, so although they were strong, they were not as nimble as living cultivators.

When Pei Su Su saw this, she suppressed her worry for Zhao Jiuge and went all out to keep Villa Master Han here. Pei Su Su thought, “Since you prevented me from saving that blockhead, you can forget about saving your son!”

On the other side of the battlefield, Han Shaolong wanted to save his second brother, but Yao Lufeng was not easy to deal with either. He was indeed worthy of being the Chief Head Disciple of the Water Origin Cave and was an even match for Han Shaolong. He was able to keep Hao Shaolong pinned down, and the battle intent in Yao Lufeng’s eyes became even stronger. He hadn’t had such a good battle in a long time, not to mention his opponent was a corpse cultivator this time.

After Zhao Jiuge activated the Sanskrit Divine Body, the Cold Underworld Sword in his hand let out a phoenix cry. He used Dancing Moon, Star River, the technique Elder Waning Moon had taught him.

The endless swords formed the Dancing Moon and the Star River, a powerful sight.

When Han Tianhu saw this, his eyes were filled with fear. He felt a tingling sensation under his skin and was nearly overcome with despair. Corpse cultivators had powerful bodies, and the spell had already made him feel such pain. He had a feeling that he wouldn't be able to resist this attack.

“Stupid, watch clearly, this is the law body. I have no idea how you learned the Sanskrit Divine Body, but you’ve really made a mess of that supreme spell.”

When San Wu heard Zhao Jiuge’s response, he was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, but seeing the six spirit corpses closing in on Zhao Jiuge, he felt helpless. He made a decision, and a phantom appeared around his body.

A dragon roar echoed and six life-like golden dragons appeared before San Wu.

The moment the six golden dragons appeared, they let out roars and coldly looked at their surroundings. Under San Wu’s command, they rushed toward the six spirit corpses. In order to save Zhao Jiuge, San Wu disregarded his spirit force consumption.

He didn’t stop there, however. A silhouette surrounded San Wu. Zhao Jiuge was no stranger to this shape—it was the smiling Buddha that appeared after he cultivated the Sanskrit Divine Body.

The moment the smiling Buddha appeared, the originally bloody and cold aura in the valley seemed to dissipate and became more peaceful.

The smiling Buddha with a gentle expression opened his eyes.

Golden lotuses appeared around San Wu and rotated around the smiling Buddha.

Dancing Moon, Star River and the six golden dragons released by San Wu were on top of Han Tianhu and the six spirit corpses almost at the same time. The Dancing Moon moved extremely fast and instantly arrived before Han Tianhu.

The feeling of danger looming toward Zhao Jiuge disappeared. This was because the six spirit corpses were being blocked by the six golden dragons, meaning he was no longer in danger.

Only now did Zhao Jiuge dare to look at San Wu, and he was completely shocked by what he saw. He wasn’t too shocked that San Wu knew about the Sanskrit Divine Body. What really blew his mind was that San Wu could release six golden dragons. He only had four golden dragons, and even though San Wu’s cultivation was one realm higher, he should only be able to summon five. This made Zhao Jiuge depressed and confused.

This wasn’t the end of it. When he saw the smiling Buddha around San Wu, he was even more shocked. He understood from San Wu’s words that this was the so-called law body.

He had no one to teach him and never knew about such a thing. Even the golden body was something he had figured out on his own. Zhao Jiuge had cultivated the Sanskrit Divine Sutra for six years, but the smiling Buddha had only appeared three times. He had never summoned it on his own, it only appeared when he was in danger.

“The Sanskrit Divine Body can not only enchant your body, it also allows you to fight in close combat. This silhouette is the law body, and it naturally counters this kind of evil aura. As for the tyrannical power of the golden dragons, I believe I don’t have to explain it. I’ll tell you about the rest later. Quickly release your law body so we can deal with these troublesome corpses. Otherwise, if all the cultivators here die, we will be in trouble too.”

San Wu quickly explained the important points when he noticed Zhao Jiuge’s shock and confusion. In truth, these spirit corpses were much more troublesome than what he had said; however, he didn’t have time to explain it all. He had to quickly get his point across because the longer they delayed, the more cultivators would die.

Zhao Jiuge immediately understood San Wu’s words. He still didn’t have a good understanding of the law body, but he had cultivated the Sanskrit Divine Body for many years. Even if he never ate pork, he had still seen a pig run.

After releasing his attack, Zhao Jiuge quickly listened to San Wu and released his law body, the smiling Buddha.

He didn’t expect the smiling Buddha to appear under his command and look exactly like the one around San Wu.

Zhao Jiuge felt a surge of joy. This was a new ace he could use. He had always wondered why the smiling Buddha only appeared when he was in danger. It turned out he had control over it!

In the blink of an eye, Dancing Moon, Star River and the six golden dragons landed on their targets.

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