Book 3, Chapter 59 - Law Body

A soft sound echoed, and soon, it started coming from all around the valley. This sound was coming from underground.

Moments later, the earth began to crack, and the cracks gradually branched outwards. The sound became louder and louder as the spider web-like cracks spread even more. Finally, a terrifying scene unfolded. Arms began breaking out from the earth, followed by a body!

This movement caused the cultivators and the disciples from the Wind Mountain Villa to stop fighting. Their eyes were wide open while they watched this occur.

Soon, about 70 or 80 figures appeared around the valley. Every figure was at the late stage of the Foundation Realm. Their bodies were stiff, eyes hollow, skin dry, and clothes tattered. However, the fierce aura they gave off told everyone they were dangerous.

When Villa Master Han saw this, there was a hint of pride in his eyes, but this wasn’t much. Soon, 18 more ferocious auras at the Spirit Core Realm appeared. These spirit corpses were the fruit of all his efforts over the past decade, and with his current strength, this was all he could control. Anyone more and he would face backlash. If he wanted to control more, he would have to improve his strength first.

Not only were these 18 Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses powerful, they also looked different from the other corpses. Although they had lost their souls, they looked no different from living people.

Upon death, a cultivator’s soul would scatter, but a corpse cultivator could trap the earth soul inside the body, allowing it to retain its cultivation. The spirit corpse would lose its memories and life force. The corpse cultivator would then refine it using a special method to control it.

What was cruel about corpse cultivators was that the person that got refined would never be able to be reincarnated.

These hundred spirit corpses were a hundred lives! Most spirit corpses that could be mass produced stopped at the Spirit Core Realm. At the Nascent Soul Realm, one could easily escape by abandoning their body. However, there were exceptions; Nascent Soul Realm spirit corpses were rare but not impossible to find.

At the Soul Formation Realm, one’s soul could leave the body, so a corpse cultivator would be unable to refine them unless a rare coincidence occurred.

The rest of the spirit corpses beside the 18 spirit corpses at the Spirit Core Realm all more or less had some red earth on their bodies. This red earth was different from the common, yellow earth. It contained a hint of blood, which was a change brought on by a place of extreme yin.

This kind of place was suitable for nourishing spirit corpses. If enough time passed, the Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses could break through to the Nascent Soul Realm. This was also why Villa Master Han hesitated about using them earlier.

Only a few people were not shocked, while everyone else was completely stunned. Even the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa were shocked. While they were corpse cultivators, they had never refined spirit corpses themselves. They couldn’t help but shudder when they looked at these spirit corpses. These kinds of things were not seen often.

The black Corpse Summoning Flag swayed back and forth. Pei Su Su’s expression was gloomy. She knew Villa Master Han was controlling the spirit corpses, but she was already doing her best. He was no weaker than her and she couldn’t do anything to stop him.

“Not good, everyone be careful. This evil thing is about to take effect.”

San Wu was filled with anger when he saw the spirit corpses. He had always been a compassionate person, and when he thought about the process of refining the corpses, he released his spirit force without any hesitation.

He couldn’t be bothered with hiding his strength or explaining it to Zhao Jiuge, saving people was more important!

Under Villa Master Han’s control, the spirit corpses indiscriminately charged at both the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa and the cultivators who had come for the banquet, exuding a chilling aura. 

There were 18 Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses, and six of them were charging toward Zhao Jiuge. In order to save his second son, Villa Master Han was going all out.

The remaining 12 Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses went toward the remaining Spirit Core Realm cultivators. The rest of the spirit corpses went after the remaining cultivators, putting everyone else in danger. At this moment, no one dared to hide their aces anymore; they used them regardless of how much it pained their hearts.

The ground was littered with limbs from people that had died before, and the earth was dyed red from blood.

At this moment, lights were flickering from spirit force and treasures. Combined with the screams of people, the situation was very chaotic.

Peng Bo had never seen something like this before. Even though he was at the late stage of the Foundation Realm, he couldn’t use his full power at all. This was because his mind had not been trained enough. Fortunately, as the eldest son of the Peng family, he naturally had protective treasures on him. The four bodyguards he had brought with him had already died. Peng Bo could only frantically avoid danger in this chaos. The spirit corpses controlled by Villa Master Han closed in.

At this moment, the six Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses arrived beside Han Tianhu. They were attempting to save him from Zhao Jiuge’s attack.

“Blockhead, be careful!

“Jiuge, behind you!”

Pei Su Su and San Wu’s anxious cries echoed in unison.

Pei Su Su was worried about Zhao Jiuge’s safety. She wanted to get rid of Villa Master Han to help Zhao Jiuge. However, when Villa Master Han noticed this, he was no longer anxious and instead blocked Pei Su Su. At this moment, the situation reversed. It was Pei Su Su who became anxious and Villa Master Han who was calm.

“Rou Er!’

A miserable cry echoed. It came from the couple. The cold-looking man was looking at the sweet woman next to him.

He was holding on to her as tightly as he could. A somewhat dried-up arm had pierced through her abdomen and was holding her spirit core.

Her life force immediately disappeared, and her face was filled with shock and fear. A Spirit Core Realm spirit corpse had appeared from nowhere and killed her.

The man beside her was filled with tears and sorrow. A moment later, he went crazy and his eyes turned red. He held the woman in one hand and his other hand swung his sword at the spirit corpse like crazy.

A crisp sound came from the spirit corpse and the sword hummed. The spirit corpse was extremely strong, so that strike only left a scratch on it. The spirit corpse with no intelligence instinctively kicked the man’s abdomen.

This chaos continued, and many cultivators were killed before they could react.

San Wu felt his head swell. The moment the spirit corpses appeared, so many people died. How could he not be angry?

His aura erupted, revealing his late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation. Being at such a high cultivation level at his age was simply too heaven-defying.

Only a few people noticed the change in San Wu. The situation was too chaotic for them to care about anything else.

A layer of golden light appeared around San Wu; it was no different from Zhao Jiuge’s Sanskrit Divine Body. The only difference was that the light was even more dense and powerful.

After casually knocking away the spirit corpse, San Wu immediately rushed toward Zhao Jiuge. Everyone was in danger and he couldn’t save everyone, so he chose to save Zhao Jiuge first. This was human nature.

The Foundation Realm spirit corpse was knocked into the ground, creating a large hole. However, the most shocking thing was after it was knocked down by San Wu, it didn’t get up. The golden light from San Wu caused green bubbles to erupt from the surface of the spirit corpse. The spirit corpses were extremely durable, yet one blow was able to defeat them.

Peng Bo looked at San Wu in disbelief. His mouth was so wide, he could swallow a watermelon.

He was already shocked by Zhao Jiuge’s heroic strength and Pei Su Su’s Nascent Soul Realm cultivation. Yet this normally harmless-looking San Wu was even stronger than Pei Su Su!

Peng Bo was completely dumbfounded this time.

What kind of freaks had he accompanied here? However, this made him a bit excited and proud. The grief of losing his servants lessened somewhat.

When Pei Su Su saw that San Wu was at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, she was shocked. She didn’t expect to be completely wrong about him and hadn’t noticed it this whole time. It didn’t matter what kind of unspeakable secrets San Wu held; when she saw him rushing to save Zhao Jiuge, she heaved a sigh of relief. 

“Hehe, I didn't expect two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators to appear, but it doesn’t matter. Both of you should prepare to be refined into spirit corpses.” Villa Master Han was happy instead of shocked. He waved the flag in his hand even more fiercely.

“Do you see it now? This is why they say there is always someone above you. This little monk is around your age, but his cultivation is two realms higher than yours. Are you still unconvinced, Yu Luo?”

Yu Ci was a bit shocked, but he didn’t forget to scold his disciple.

Yu Luo and Yu Meng were completely shocked. Yu Luo’s mouth was tightly pursed. This completely subverted his expectations.

Then Yu Ci looked at San Wu and began muttering to himself again.

“I could never have imagined such talented youths would appear in this generation. It seems we really are getting old. These four disciples are really good, their teachers are blessed. In particular, this little monk—I wonder which holy land he comes from.”

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