Book 3, Chapter 58 - 18 Spirit Corpses

“Hahaha, I'm Yao Lufeng from the Water Origin Cave. How could I miss out on such a passionate battle! I left the sect to train, but I didn’t expect to meet a disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect here!”

A hearty laugh echoed and then the cold-looking man in green named Yao Lufeng waved his life-linked sword. A ray of sword energy flew out to intercept Han Shaolong.

The protection light around Yao Lufeng disappeared, but the dark-green smoke couldn’t harm him at all. He had been hiding his strength. While he was also only at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm like Zhao Jiuge, his background was not simple and he naturally had many aces up his sleeve.

The Water Origin Cave was a first-rate sect, and Yao Lufeng was the Chief Head Disciple there. He was naturally extraordinary and was currently training for the Battle Competition. He had the same thought as Zhao Jiuge when he came here but hadn’t expected to find Villa Master Han’s ambitious scheme.

Originally, he wanted to just watch and find a way to escape. He was confident in escaping from Villa Master Han, no matter how many tricks Villa Master Han had. However, he was worried about the lives of everyone here, and while he was still pondering, Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su stepped out.

Even when he saw others step out first, he still reluctantly bided his time and waited. He saw Zhao Jiuge heroically fight against Han Tianhu. When Han Shaolong joined, he stopped hesitating and rushed out. They were all still young, and what young person wouldn't want to show off before so many people?

The sword energy he had released flew toward Han Shaolong. It split and surrounded Han Shalong like waves.

Han Shaolong was a corpse cultivator, so he wouldn’t be stopped so easily. Dark-green light covered his palm and he grabbed the sword energy. The sword energy dissipated and then the dark-green light around his palm also shattered.

Han Shaolong looked at the provocative Yao Lufeng with an ugly expression. Although he was not afraid of the cold man in green, he wouldn't be able to rescue Han Tianhu. At this moment, Han Shaolong felt a sense of unease because so many different foes had appeared. Fortunately, everything was still manageable, but still he hoped nothing outside their control would occur!

He took a deep breath. Since he couldn’t save his second brother right now, then he should eliminate the threat before him. His father would naturally do something about it.

Han Shaolong’s pupils shrank and spirit force erupted from his body. He faced off against Yao Lufeng, and their spirit force was even.

The white-haired old man looked at the outstanding Pei Su Su and then at Zhao Jiuge, who was filled with endless sword intent. Finally, he looked at Yao Lufeng, whose sword energy was like endless waves. He smiled and then glanced at San Wu.

“Look at the disciples from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect and the Water Origin Cave. Then look at the young woman and the little monk. You should know now that there is always someone  better than you. Don’t think you can be proud just because your talent is good. Real geniuses are tested through time. Sometimes, even if you’re more talented, your cultivation won’t necessarily be better than those that work harder. Which one of them isn’t a child of heaven? In particular, that young woman is simply heaven-defying. Yu Luo, not even your talent can match hers.”

The white-haired old man patiently lectured his two disciples. He was a rogue cultivator that had traveled the world and picked up two babies by coincidence. Although they had a teacher and disciple relationship, they were no different from parent and child.

They were only here because he had noticed a hidden danger, and he had hidden his strength before arriving because he was afraid of the mastermind escaping. Even with all the people around him dying, he had to endure until the mastermind made a move, then he would make his move.

Facing the cultivators dying beside him, the white-haired old man’s expression became even uglier. However, when he thought about how many more people would die if the mastermind wasn’t killed, he held back from making a move.

After Yu Luo heard his teacher’s words, he felt indignation. However, his teacher had always been very strict, so even though he felt this way, he didn’t dare to show it.

However, the girl in red named Yu Meng was very confused about why their master had said that the little monk was also as talented as them. She couldn’t feel any spirit force fluctuations from him at all. However, she had to admit that the three people currently battling indeed had great strength!

When Villa Master Han saw one of his sons facing a dangerous situation while his other son was blocked by someone named Yao Lufeng, he couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Where had all these monsters come from? When he refined all the Spirit Core Realm cultivators before, he didn’t even have to do anything. His two sons and adopted son were more than enough. Now not only was there a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator who could match him, there were even two Spirit Core Realm cultivators who could resist the formation and suppress both his sons. This was enough to shock him!

At this point, he couldn’t afford to hold back his aces anymore. After he used the dark-green fire to block Pei Su Su’s attack, he immediately retreated.

He then activated the black Corpse Summoning Flag he had just pulled out. The pole immediately released a cold and dark light, while the flag itself began to move without any wind. Anyone who looked at it would feel a sense of evil.

The Corpse Summoning Flag was created with the lives of 99 cultivators. Not only did it require precious materials, the most precious thing was the earth souls of the 99 cultivators!

Villa Master Han had walked down the wrong path and focused his effort on this Corpse Summoning Flag. Not only could this flag summon spirit corpses to help attack, he could also use the earth souls inside it to strengthen his attacks. Just the yin aura it gave off was enough to force weaker cultivators to retreat.

Among the 99 cultivators, there was a total of 18 Spirit Core Realm cultivators. This was Villa Master Han’s biggest ace!

“Spirit corpse souls, listen to my order. Rise!”

Villa Master Han bit his finger and some essence blood spewed out onto the flag. The mysterious pattern on the flag began to move strangely.

Although the power of the Corpse Summoning Flag was amazing, there was a great price to using it. Just summoning the spirit corpses wasn’t too bad, but using the earth souls could cause him to suffer backlash.

When everything was done, Villa Master Han’s aura paused for a moment, but he soon recovered. However, his face was a little pale.

Villa Master Han had to guard against Pei Su Su’s attacks and control the spirit corpses at the same time. As a result, the Asura Subue Corpse Formation lost its source of spirit core and dissipated.

The dark-green light surrounding the area became faint and scattered. The cultivators that were still alive felt the pressure decreasing and let out sighs of relief. Out of the over 100 cultivators, only ¾ of them remained. Those who were weak had already died in the formation.

However, before they could exhale in relief, the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa that had surrounded them rushed toward them! Chaos ensued as lights flashed and killing intent filled the valley.

Villa Master Han saw this from the corner of his eye and sneered. He didn’t care that the formation was released. Forget the disciples from the Wind Mountain Villa, the real show was about to begin. It was enough to wipe out these cultivators, and it would be worth using his blood essence. Once all these cultivators were killed, he would capture this woman and refine her into a spirit corpse. Just thinking about this made Villa Master Han very excited, and he no longer cared about the blood essence he had to use.

The cultivators that had just let off a breath of relief began fighting the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa. Fortunately, the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa were mostly at the Foundation Realm, so they didn’t hold an absolute advantage over these cultivators.

They originally came to attend the banquet and then looked forward to seeing the rank-5 spirit vein. Who could have expected things to end up like this?

Under the leadership of the Spirit Core Realm cultivators, these cultivators were not at a disadvantage. Without the formation present, the Spirit Core Realm cultivators could easily defend against the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa.

The scarred, burly man sneered and waved his large blade at the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa. However, corpse cultivators had powerful bodies, and even with his superior cultivation, it took several strikes to kill one disciple from the Wind Mountain Villa.

Even more cultivators who came to the birthday celebration were killed in this chaos.

Yu Luo and Yu Meng held long, silver swords and resisted the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa beside their teacher; they were both at the late stage of the Foundation Realm. Yu Ci was a sword cultivator, or else he wouldn't have a relationship with the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect as a rogue cultivator. Both his disciples had naturally learned his sword art.

Although they were both very young and only at the late stage of the Foundation Realm, their cultivation had reached completion. They just needed spiritual energy to condense their spirit cores. They had come out with Yu Ci to hone their hearts and find a spirit vein to hopefully condense good spirit cores. After all, both of them were very talented.

Although they were very calm, their teacher’s expression was very ugly. He wasn’t watching the battle but looking below the valley.

The tide of this battle suddenly changed after Villa Master Han used the Corpse Summoning Flag.

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