Book 3, Chapter 54 - Land of Extreme Yin

“Everyone, can't you all rest for a while? Since the Wind Mountain Villa said they will lead everyone to the rank-5 spirit vein in the afternoon, they will naturally think of a solution if there aren't enough slots. What’s the use in fighting now? Save your energy for this afternoon. There are so many spirit fruits and spirit wines here, why not enjoy them until the time arrives?”

The white-haired old man said with a smile. Although he didn’t reveal any of his strength, he gave off a subtle sense of danger. This caused both sides to immediately stop.

“That’s right, that’s right. Everyone, sit down, and once the banquet is over we’ll head to the spirit vein. If you have the energy, then rest up and prepare for when you enter the spirit vein.”

The sweet woman from the couple echoed the white-haired old man’s words.

“Hmph, I'll let you three enjoy this banquet for now and wait until the afternoon to deal with you. As long as there are only 10 spots to enter the spirit vein, I’ll deal with the three of you first.”

The scarred, burly man gave up on making a move, but he still fiercely threatened the three young men.

After he finished speaking, he ignored their reactions and continued to drink spirit wine. The others were a bit unwilling, but since their big brother had sat down, they could only reluctantly sit down too. However, their gazes were filled with killing intent when they stared at the three young men.

Seeing the dispute quickly calm down, Zhao Jiuge, Pei Su Su, and even San Wu looked at the kind, white-haired old man. The aura the old man had revealed just now showed that he was not as simple as he looked. He was at their level or even higher. This birthday party had just become even more interesting.

Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su were simply waiting for the afternoon to arrive, so they sat down beside San Wu.

After sitting down, Pei Su Su smiled and teased Zhao Jiuge. “Blockhead, what if there is no spot for you in the afternoon?”

“As long as there really is a rank-5 spirit vein, I’ll need to enter no matter what. I have just entered the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm and need to consolidate my cultivation. I also want to see what attribute the spirit vein has and see if it's useful. I’ll beat up anyone who tries to stop me.”

Zhao Jiuge spoke without care. He was willing to do anything for strength. However, he wouldn't go down the evil path, and he wouldn’t betray his convictions for strength.

“I fear there is nothing this good for free in life. Don’t think too much about it. I bet the Wind Mountain Villa has some secret plan.”

San Wu shrugged, and after he finished speaking, he took a big bite out of the green spirit fruit in his hand.

The three of them didn’t notice that when the old man heard what San Wu said, he revealed a playful smile. Then his expression became calm once more and he began talking to his two disciples.

Time quickly passed, and the banquet was almost over. The pavilion was a mess and there was leftover food everywhere. Some food was even taken away, but the Wind Mountain Villa disciples didn’t care about this. 

Some people had drunk and eaten enough. They had taken the 100 spirit stones and were ready to leave. Many didn’t care about the spirit stones and wanted to see the so-called rank-5 spirit vein.

Soon, the people that were going to leave had gathered outside of the pavilion. There were a few dozen people, and they were all very weak. Most of them were at the Spirit Transformation Realm and only a few were at the Foundation Realm. Only these people would be greedy for 100 spirit stones.

Naturally, the amount of people that remained was still greater than those that left—almost 100 people. Most of them were at the Foundation Realm, hoping to test their luck to enter the Spirit Vein to condense their spirit cores. There were only a few people below the Foundation Realm here. Most of them were people who enjoyed a crowd or had come from a decent background.

Han Shaolong, Han Tianhu, and Han Zhibao had been waiting at the bottom of the pavilion. When the Spirit Core Realm cultivators came down, Han Shaolong immediately let Han Zhibao order the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa to lead the people down the mountain. They were waiting for their father to arrive to lead the rest of the people to the rank-5 spirit vein.

Soon, Han Zhibao brought more than two dozen Wind Mountain Villa disciples to lead the people that were leaving. All the disciples were carrying weapons and gave off an inexplicable killing intent.

Everyone watched these people disappear and didn’t dare to voice the confusion in their hearts. Why did Han Zhibao need to personally send them off with so many disciples? Just at this moment, the mysterious Villa Master Han appeared and surprised everyone with a hearty laugh.

“Haha, I’ve made everyone wait. I went to prepare something. It’s getting late, so let us head to the spirit vein my Wind Mountain Villa found.”

Before the people from the crowd could react, the cold man in green who was carrying an extraordinary-looking sword on his back asked Villa Master Han, “Villa Master Han, what attribute does this spirit vein contain? Where is it? Is it far from there?”

This cold man at the late stage of the Spirit Core Realm seemed to be indifferent about everything beside the spirit vein.

The moment he asked this question, everyone stopped talking and focused on him. They also cared about this topic, and even if they didn’t have a chance to enter, it would still be good to gain some knowledge.

Villa Master Han’s smiling face froze for a bit, but he soon recovered. His eyes turned and said, “You’ll all know once you’re there. I promise you all will be satisfied. The reason my Wind Mountain Villa is being so generous is to form a good relationship with everyone. If you ever become successful, I hope you won’t forget this kindness.”

Master Villa Han’s words immediately dispelled many people’s doubts.

“Let’s go, the spirit vein isn’t far away. Everyone, come with me.”

Master Villa Han seemed a bit excited. The long-awaited moment had finally arrived. In order to prevent other people from noticing, he waved hand and purple light surrounded his body. He disappeared and reappeared in the sky, his late stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation on full display. At the Nascent Soul Realm, one could fly for a short period of time without the need of flying swords or other objects. After entering the Soul Formation Realm, one could fly for tens of thousands of kilometers without resting, and the speed also improved greatly. That’s why Elder Waning Moon could travel from the Xuan Province to the Liu Province in just one day.

Everyone was riding various different treasures to fly, and almost everyone that stayed was at least at the Foundation Realm. The few at the Spirit Transformation Realm that stayed had already made friends at the banquet, so they had someone to take them. 

Seeing the situation, Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su looked at each other. In order not to expose Pei Su Su’s strength, both of them took out their flying swords. Zhao Jiuge even pulled San Wu onto his flying sword.

The white-haired old man also hesitated for a bit before taking out a slender flying sword and taking both his disciples. His disciples were still too young and weren’t strong enough to fly on their own.

In a flash, various colors of light illuminated the pavilion. The different colors from the various treasures mixed together. However, all the light quickly disappeared without a trace.

Almost 100 figures flew through the sky like a dense cloud of locusts, leaving a rainbow trail.

Han Zhibao felt the shocking aura from the other side of the mountain and finally relaxed a bit. He let out a grin filled with ill intent.

The group of rogue cultivators that had followed Han Zhibao looked at the spectacle in the sky and felt a bit of sourness in their hearts. They felt envious, all secretly wondering when they could reach the Foundation Realm and have their own treasures to fly through the sky with!

However, just as this sense of frustration filled their hearts, it was replaced by the excitement brought by the 100 spirit stones on their hands. With these spirit stones, as long as they worked hard, they would be able to improve their strength and would no longer need to envy others.

After walking for a while, someone noticed that something was wrong and immediately called it out.

“We are going the wrong way. This is different from the path we took to come up the mountain!”

After someone said this, the scattered rogue cultivators immediately looked around and noticed that something was indeed wrong.

“Just follow me and it will be fine. There are a total of three paths up the mountain.”

Han Zhibao smiled faintly and explained the situation. Hearing this, everyone felt that it was reasonable and continued to think about their own matters.

The mountain the Wind Mountain Villa was on was not by itself, but was connected to other mountains. The path they were taking changed and was going deep into another nearby mountain. Villa Master Han had taken the other group toward another mountain that was connected to the Wind Mountain Villa.

After walking for a while, some of the more thoughtful rogue cultivators noticed that something was wrong. The surrounding trees became more dense, and it didn’t look like they were going down the mountain, but deeper into it.

The dozens of disciples that came  with Han Zhibao had vaguely surrounded these weak rogue cultivators.

A skinny young man filled with fear shouted, “Everyone, stop. There is something strange. Where do you want to take us? This is not the path down the mountain!”

The moment this man shouted, everyone here, whether it was the rogue cultivators or the disciples from the Wind Mountain Villa, stopped.

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