Book 3, Chapter 47 - Villa Master Han

Seeing that Zhao Jiuge didn’t react, Peng Bo became a bit anxious and couldn’t help but ask, “Such a good opportunity doesn’t come by often. How about it? Do you want to go together? We are not far from the Wind Mountain Villa.”

Zhao Jiuge naturally was going to go. After all, a spirit vein was beneficial to cultivation. Although it was only a rank-5 spirit vein, he was more concerned about what attribute this spirit vein contained.

Although a cultivator could only absorb one attribute when they tempered their body as their main attribute, it didn’t mean they couldn't absorb other attributes. Zhao Jiuge’s slaughter aura was one example. These attributes were a good way to improve one’s strength.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t speak, because he was pondering how a small force like this could have a rank-5 spirit vein and even dare to reveal it like this. Were they not afraid that someone would take it?

If it was abnormal, there had to be something wrong!

However, Zhao Jiuge was still going to take a look, even if there was only a glimmer of hope. He was on a journey to train and become stronger, it didn’t matter where he went. There was still time before they had to return to the sect.

After a moment of silence, Pei Su Su suddenly smiled. “You want him to go because of the powerful aura he revealed. You want to find a strong backing to rely on so that you have a better chance at getting one of those spots.”

Peng Bo’s expression went stiff for a moment and then he laughed. He looked at Pei Su Su and flattered her, “This must be a big sister-in-law. You are indeed smart. That is indeed my intent. You guys can treat going to the Wind Mountain Villa as a vacation.”

Pei Su Su pursed her lips. She had immediately seen through Peng Bo’s hidden intent. However, his mouth seemed to be smeared with honey, and his words caused Pei Su Su to chuckle.

Big sister-in-law. This made Pei Su Su very happy. Even so, she didn’t make a decision but instead looked at Zhao Jiuge with a look of inquiry. She had no interest in the spirit vein. Given her background, she could have as many spirit veins as she wanted, it was just that there weren’t many attributes that matched hers. She knew that Zhao Jiuge would not let go of any chance to enhance his strength.

Facing the thick-skinned Peng Bo, Zhao Jiuge felt a bit helpless. He knew that there was no ill intent and that he just wanted to go with them so he could have some backing at the Wind Mountain Villa.

He had already made up his mind, and seeing how happily Pei Su Su was smiling, he knew they had to go. He knew how much she loved to play around.

However, Zhao Jiuge still looked toward San Wu and inquired about his opinion. “San Wu, what about you? Do you want to go check out the Wind Mountain Villa and see what’s up with that rank-5 spirit vein?”

Hearing Zhao Jiuge suddenly talk to him, San Wu was startled. He wanted to reply, but his mouth was filled with cakes.

San Wu quickly chewed the cakes in his mouth. Zhao Jiuge couldn’t help but secretly laugh in his heart. Not only did San Wu look quite simple, he was also a foodie.

“I’ll go wherever you two go.”

After he finally swallowed all the food, San Wu barely managed to speak. It looked like he had almost choked on the cakes.

Zhao Jiuge nodded and then looked at Peng Bo. “We’ll go, but don’t expect too much. I won’t necessarily help you with anything.”

Hearing Zhao Jiuge finally agree, Peng Bo couldn’t help but be happy. He quickly said, “No problem. Big Brother doesn’t need to help me with anything, just accompany me to the Wind Mountain Villa.”

Peng Bo’s tone changed, and he took the opportunity to get closer to Zhao Jiuge. Although Zhao Jiuge had only released his aura for a moment, that pressure meant that Zhao Jiuge was at least at the Spirit Core Realm. Someone with that kind of cultivation could be considered an expert in the Yan Zhi Region.

While they were talking, the couple had left the tea stall. The direction of their departure was toward the Wind Mountain Villa.

Peng Bo turned and shouted at the stall, “Boss Lady, bring two more plates of osmanthus flower cake.” The cakes on Zhao Jiuge’s table had been swept clean by San Wu.

“All you do is eat. Look at all that flesh on your face. If you keep eating like that, you’re going to become fat.” Pei Su Su rolled her eyes.

After eating a plate of pastries, San Wu still felt like he hadn’t had enough. He licked the powder off his fingers and said, “I can’t eat something this delicious in the temple. What's wrong with eating a lot now?”

After he finished speaking, he nervously looked at Pei Su Su. Normally, he avoided her, and he seemed to have hesitated for a long time before deciding to speak out.

Looking at San Wu’s innocent and simple face, Pei Su Su felt the corner of her mouth twitch. She endured her urge to smile and turned her head to ignore him.

“Eat, eat, eat. Eat as much as you wish, I’ll pay.” Peng Bo waved his arm at the table he was sitting at. He said to the four women, “Little Moon, come and massage my big brother and sister-in-law's shoulders.”

Peng Bo had a flattering expression and continued to try to get on Zhao Jiuge’s good side. Even if Zhao Jiuge didn’t help him, just having him there would serve as a deterrent.

When he was at home, his father always said that he did nothing but cause trouble and never worked hard. He had secretly snuck out with a few people and wanted to take advantage of the Wind Mountain Villa’s master’s birthday to improve his strength. He didn’t want to rely on his family, he wanted to get back at his father and make his father look at him in a new light.

Shortly after, he found that the people going to the Wind Mountain Villa either traveled in groups or were powerful. He hadn’t even formed his core, so he wasn’t worth anything. He had coincidentally met Zhao Jiuge and hoped to travel with him. In the end, he actually succeeded in finding someone powerful to follow.

Pei Su Su helplessly said, “I don’t need it. We’ll leave soon.” The thing she was most interested in was viewing all the scenery with Zhao Jiuge.

Zhao Jiuge felt a bit restless and wanted to try it. When he saw those beautiful women, he felt his heart itch. He had never enjoyed something like this before. He couldn’t help but think that this rich young master really knew how to enjoy himself. From their exchange, he could tell that Peng Bo didn’t have any ill intent.

Pei Su Su seemed to see through Zhao Jiuge and immediately shouted at Peng Bo, “He also doesn't need it. Just enjoy it yourself.” At the same time, she glared at Zhao Jiuge.

Zhao Jiuge felt a bit helpless and his mouth twitched. He thought that traveling with a woman was indeed troublesome. This shout scared Peng Bo, and he immediately signaled the four women to leave. He was afraid of angering Pei Su su. He could tell that angering her and making her jealous was far worse than angering Zhao Jiuge.

“A female tiger!” San Wu muttered while looking at the ferocious Pei Su Su.

Although his voice was low, the table was very small and only had four people, so Pei Su Su naturally heard it.

“What did you say? Say it again, louder!” Pei Su Su stared at San Wu. Today, San Wu seemed a lot more brave.

Peng Bo looked at San Wu in shock and admiration. He didn’t expect this guy to be bold enough to say these words. Zhao Jiuge was also shocked and felt like laughing. He could only feel admiration for San Wu.

“A good thing shouldn’t be said twice, and I didn’t say anything.” San Wu copied Pei Su Su and rolled his eyes. He opened his hand that was covered in powder and looked all innocent.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid with me. I see you taking advantage of the situation more and more,” Pei Su Su said viciously, then she took a piece of cake from San Wu’s hand and mercilessly bit down.

“I learned it from you.” San Wu closed his hands and smiled. If not for the cake crumbs on the corner of his mouth, no one would know how much he had eaten.


Peng Bo and Zhao Jiuge could no longer endure it—they both burst out laughing. Peng Bo’s laughter was rather exaggerated—he was bent over while holding his stomach.


Pei Su Su slammed the table and glared at the two of them. She angrily said, “What’s there to laugh about? All of you, shut up. We are heading out!”

Zhao Jiuge and Peng Bo immediately stopped laughing, but their mouths twitched as they endured the urge to laugh.

After talking for a while, they had rested enough. Peng Bo left some money as payment and they got up to leave.

When leaving, Zhao Jiuge looked at the charming boss lady with a lingering gaze. He inevitably brought the wrath of Pei Su Su upon him, who pinched his side, causing his face to distort in pain.

Peng Bo left with Zhao Jiuge’s group, his guards and the four servants following him. He had brought them for his own enjoyment, but now he found them troublesome. However, when he saw that Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su didn’t mind, he relaxed a bit.

When they left, the old man looked at Zhao Jiuge’s back with a hint of interest.

The seven or eight disciples from the Golden Blade Sect took advantage of this to greedily stare at Pei Su Su. They were all talking about it.

“I fear the young man in black is at the Spirit Core Realm. That pressure he released almost made me breathless.”

“That’s for sure. From his appearance, he doesn’t seem to be from the Huang Region. He must be a local or a rogue cultivator passing by.”

“We originally came here with the hope of getting lucky to see if we can get in the rank-5 spirit vein, take advantage of the situation, and condense our spirit cores. It would be best if we could also absorb the attribute inside as well. However, looking at the present situation, it looks like we may not have a chance. There are already a lot of Spirit Core Realm cultivators, and there are so few spots.”

“Let’s see when the time comes. Everything depends on fate. If we really can’t get anything, then consider it a show. I have never seen such a beautiful woman before.”

After Zhao Jiuge’s group was gone, the disciples from the Golden Blade Sect talked amongs themselves.

The white-haired old man heard all of this, and his expression changed a little. He then left with his two disciples. It looked like he was also heading toward the Wind Mountain Villa.

It looked like the Wind Mountain Villa would be very lively.

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