Book 3, Chapter 25 - Message Jade Tube

The Yan Province, although it was only one province, was vast. All 13 of the provinces were the same.

In the Yan Province, the Hundred Flower Valley was naturally the overlord. However, given how large the area was, there would naturally be various sects.

In a small place like Dong Yang City, they might have never heard of the Hundred Flower Valley. The Flowing Cloud Sect only controlled the area within a few thousand kilometers of Dong Yang City. Past this area would be territories of other sects.

Their scope of activity was only this large, so they used things like message jades. They were only good for about a few hundred kilometers. They were usually used when one’s life was in danger or when facing an emergency, to tell someone your location.

Those larger sects would not use something as cheap as this. Message jades only took some cheap materials to make. A holy land like the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect would use the life lamps. When someone died, they would naturally be able to sense where.

Message jades were only used by smaller forces. A battle between powerful cultivators would end in an instant. By the time someone received the message and came to the rescue, the sender could have died countless times. This was why message jades were considered useless. 

The yellow and white jade tube was immediately activated by Xiao Yun, and it shined brightly.

A sharp and shrill alarm echoed across the sky and released a faint, yellow firework above Xiao Yun. It released a spirit force fluctuation that everyone within a few hundred kilometers could feel.

Xiao Yun relaxed a bit when he saw that the message jade was successful. The golden dragons had caused Xiao Yun to feel a sense of danger. He had always been cautious, and when he realized that Zhao Jiuge was not easy to deal with, he immediately called for help. He didn’t want to fight Zhao Jiuge to the death, because he had a bright future ahead of him. Even if he won, it would cost him a great price. Why bother when he could get the elders of the sect to help and easily defeat Zhao Jiuge?

The most powerful person in the Flowing Cloud Sect was the mid stage Nascent Soul Realm sect master. There were three elders at the Spirit Core Realm, and one of them was Xiao Yun’s senior brother, only his talent was limited. Including Xiao Yun, the Flowing Cloud Sect had four Spirit Core Realm cultivators and a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. This force was enough to rule the area within thousands of kilometers of Dong Yang City.

Seeing the two powerful golden dragons coming at him, Xiao Yun’s relaxed heart became tense once more. This sense of danger made him extremely unhappy, but he could only go all out.

The two golden dragons were reflected in his eyes and ripples appeared around the pale, yellow light around his body. The light continued to distort until the light protecting him broke.

Xiao Yun clenched his teeth and gripped the jade fan in his hand. He released as much of his spirit force as possible and turned it into chains to stop the two golden dragons.

But would he be able to resist the two golden dragons?

Heart-shaking dragon roars echoed through the air. The two golden dragons entangled with Xiao Yun became more and more faint. Zhao Jiuge knew that the spirit force inside the two golden dragons was almost exhausted and would have to recover.

Xiao Yun was not doing well either—he was bleeding from his mouth.

Finally, with a roar from Xiao Yun, he mercilessly slashed with the jade fan. The two golden dragons disappeared, their spirit force exhausted.

Xiao Yun was no longer as graceful and elegant as before. His robe was not torn apart, but it was a mess, along with his scattered, long hair.

Xiao Yun gently wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he stared at Zhao Jiuge. He was relatively calm on the surface, but his heart was trembling. This move was indeed powerful, and Zhao Jiuge hadn’t used this against Lei Lei. Perhaps Zhao Jiuge had something even more terrifying hidden.

While gasping for breath, Xiao Yun looked for traces of spirit force fluctuations in the distance. He was waiting for the three elders of the sect to arrive. One of them was his senior brother. He wasn’t sure who would come, but since he was the one who had sent out the message, they wouldn’t abandon him.

Xiao Yun had to stall. He had already sent out the message, so it was only a matter of time before reinforcements arrived. No matter how strong Zhao Jiuge was, he wouldn’t be able to escape once they arrived. The reason Xiao Yun was not flustered before was because both his teacher and all three elders were at the sect right now.

However, Zhao Jiuge was no fool. When Xiao Yun took out the message jade tube, Zhao Jiuge already knew Xiao Yun was calling for help from the Flowing Cloud sect. He had already obtained some information about the Flowing Cloud Sect from Mo Longjie and learned that they only had one Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. When Zhao Jiuge heard this, he became more confident. As long as the gap wasn’t too large, he could rely on his foundation to come and go as he pleased. Not to mention, he still had the three sword imprints that Elder Waning Moon had given him. Each was equal to the attack of a Dao Origin Realm cultivator.

Zhao Jiuge was not afraid of the Flowing Cloud Sect sending reinforcements over. He was just afraid that he couldn’t deal with Xiao Yun before the reinforcements arrived.

The golden light around his body rippled and two more dragon roars echoed. He released two more golden dragons. Zhao Jiuge could have released all four golden dragons at once, but he hadn’t done it.

The remaining two golden dragons flew toward Xiao Yun without hesitation. Only at this moment did Xiao Yun finally panic. There were still two more! Normally, this kind of powerful spell could only be used once because it consumed a large amount of spirit force. He didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to be able to use it again!

It was difficult enough to deal with the previous two, and now he had to deal with two more. Xiao Yun’s eyes almost cracked and he began withdrawing all of his spirit force to protect himself.

Autumn Maple Whirling Air!

He used his spell once more. The sky was filled with faint, golden light that floated like maple leaves, and they tried to surround the two golden dragons.

This was not the end. After Xiao Yun used this move, he released more faint, golden light that turned into four golden chains. He was planning to tie down the two golden dragons and then surround his body with spirit force.

After doing all of this, Xiao Yun coldly watched and silently waited for the arrival of the two golden dragons.

Zhao Jiuge didn’t remain idle—he had already sensed two figures quickly flying over here. He had to deal with Xiao Yun before they arrived.

“Everyone, attack at once!”

Seeing his son suffering, Xiao Yi ignored the fact that he was only at the Foundation Realm and cried out for the Xiao family’s soldiers to attack Zhao Jiuge together.

Hearing this, the 30 or so Xiao family soldiers in blood-colored armor were all about to attack.

Seeing Xiao Yi wanting to interrupt the fight between Zhao Jiuge and Xiao Yun, Mo Longjie waved the Big Dipper Sword Zhao Jiuge had given him and released a ray of spirit force. It immediately blasted the area before the Xiao family, sending debris smashing into them. Their auras immediately weakened and they were seriously injured.

Xiao Yi’s expression froze. He was very angry. He knew this was a warning from Mo Longjie. If he made another move, the people behind him might all be killed. He couldn’t do anything, because they had no more Spirit Core Realm cultivators on their side.

At this moment, the fight between Zhao Jiuge and Xiao Yun reached a critical moment. The two golden dragons were about to break through Xiao Yun’s defense.

The dragons’ tails swept forward and destroyed the large amount of faint, golden ight. Then the dragons directly smashed into the chains blocking their path. However, this consumed a lot of spirit force, so they were much dimmer than before

Seeing the golden dragons before him, Xiao Yun’s pupils shrank. He saw the opportunity and moved quickly. He wrapped his jade fan with spirit force and then the tip of the fan glided across the bodies of the golden dragons.

The two golden dragons finally dissipated into specks of light. Before Xiao Yun could relax, Zhao Jiuge had already appeared before him!

Zhao Jiuge raised the Cold Underworld Sword and directly slashed down on Xiao Yun’s head. In a rush, Xiao Yun released a surge of spirit force containing the Violent Spirit Wind attribute. 

Bright, golden light and faint, golden light collided. When the cold and wind attributes collided, there was a huge gap between the two. One came from a rank-2 spirit vein, while the other came from a rank-4 spirit vein. Zhao Jiuge was using his full force and Xiao Yun was caught off guard.

Xiao Yun was sent flying and coughed out a large mouthful of blood. There was even some frozen blood mixed in! This was because he had been injured by Zhao Jiuge’s spirit force.

After that strike, Zhao Jiuge kicked off with one leg and followed after Xiao Yun. This strike would be enough to end Xiao Yun’s life.

Old Yao and Mo Lingjie were both trembling. It was unknown if they were feeling excitement or fear. They feared that if Xiao Yun died, the Flowing Cloud Sect wouldn't let this go.

“Yun Er!”

A miserable roar came from Xiao Yi’s mouth. At this moment, Xiao Yi looked like he had aged many years. He knew that his son was about to die, but he couldn’t do anything but watch. At this moment, his mind was blank.

“Big Brother!”

Xiao Yu was somewhat angry and anxious, and his eyes were about to pop out. He had never expected the big brother who he always idolized to be beaten and killed.

The expressions of the onlookers all changed. The Mo family really had invited a monster back. Not only had he killed several of Xiao family’s Foundation Realm cultivators, not even Lei Lei and Xiao Yun were his match.

Although the Xiao family was used to being arrogant, when they saw Xiao Yun about fall, they couldn’t help but feel nervous. However, they wondered why Zhao Jiuge was still so vicious even though everyone knew of Xiao Yun’s identity. Was he not afraid of the Flowing Cloud Sect’s revenge?

They were not Zhao Jiuge, so they didn’t know what he was thinking.

Hearing Xiao Yi and Xiao Yu’s miserable cries, Zhao Jiuge didn’t show any mercy at all. Instead, he felt a wave of disgust.

“Your son is a son, but someone else’s daughter is not a daughter?

“When your son is like this, you know how to be sad and angry. So why did you treat Mo Linger like that when the Mo family fell?

“If you don’t want to be treated like this, don’t treat others like this.

“Since you can feel like this, what were you thinking about when your Xiao family bullied others?”

When Zhao Jiuge thought of all of this, he felt a surge of anger in his chest! At the same time, the sword in his hand slash toward Xiao Yun without any hesitation.

Use the sword in your to kill those that should be killed! This was the voice in Zhao Jiuge’s heart.

“You dare!?”


Just at this moment, when Zhao Jiuge was about to finish Xiao Yun, two voices echoed from the sky. One was old and the other was heavy.

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