Book 3, Chapter 24 - Violent Spirit Wind

Xiao Yun laughed in anger. His yellow robe fluttered and a pale, yellow light shined around his body.

His aura erupted instantly. It has to be said that reaching this level of cultivation at his age was very good, especially with the Flowing Cloud Sect not even being a third-rate sect. Xiao Yun’s growth was not because of the Flowing Cloud Sect, but his own talent.

However, the next moment, cries of shock came from the crowd; even Xiao Yi was shocked. After Xiao Yun released his spirit force, it didn’t stop at the Spirit Core Realm but continued until it reached the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm.

That’s right, not long ago, his teacher spent a large amount of spirit stones to let him temper his body in a rank-4 spirit vein. He used this chance to break through to the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm and was able to successfully fuse the attribute into his spirit force.

The Flowing Cloud Sect was a small sect—how could they have something good like a spirit vein? Their most powerful combat force was only at the Nascent Soul Realm. Xiao Yun had amazing talent and had condensed a grade-6 spirit core. It was only because of this that his teacher had paid a great price to buy a spot from another sect so Xiao Yun could go inside a spirit vein to temper his body.

A grade-6 spirit core could even shine in a second-rate sect, and that was why Xiao Yun’s teacher was naturally willing to pay the price. After all, if this continued, Xiao Yun would definitely go further than the Nascent Soul Realm. This meant that Xiao Yun was the hope of the Flowing Cloud Sect. Under Xiao Yun’s leadership, the Flowing Cloud Sect would be able to rise even higher.

This was why he was still confident in dealing with Zhao Jiuge even after hearing that Lei Lei had lost to him. Even if he couldn’t win, they would still be equal. Besides, he still had the Flowing Cloud Sect behind him!

Seeing Xiao Yun’s aura rise, Zhao Jiuge said in a cold voice, “Before we fight, you all should pay the debt you need to pay.” His gaze directly swept toward Hei Yinzi. Of the three people that had killed Old Mo, Hei Yinzi was the only one still alive. As for the other members of the Xiao family, he wouldn’t forget about them.

Hei Yinzi felt a chill when Zhao Jiuge looked at him with a cold gaze, and at the same time, he felt a sense of danger.

Two soft sounds echoed and two fierce rays of silver sword energy flew toward Hei Yinzi.

Not only was Zhao Jiuge’s cultivation one realm higher than Hei Yinzi’s, his comprehension of the sword art was even more profound. His attack was not something Hei Yinzi could defend against in a rush.

“Young Master, save me!”

Hei Yinzi’s eyes cracked and he let out a miserable cry. He knew this was not an attack he could resist. With his Foundation Realm cultivation, he could bully some rogue cultivators, but when facing a powerful cultivator like Zhao Jiuge, he could only beg for mercy.

Hei Yinzi knew that even if he went all out, he wouldn't be able to deal with these two ordinary-looking rays of sword energy. He also didn’t have the time.

The two rays of sword energy hit Hei Yinzi’s neck and dantian. His foundation was destroyed and his head flew off. His eyes were still filled with panic—he died not knowing what had happened.

There was not a drop of blood flowing out from his neck; there was a thin layer of ice instead. His abdomen was turned into a bloody mess by the sword energy. There was no blood because everything was frozen over with a thin layer of ice.

This terrifying scene shocked the crowd and Xiao Yi. Zhao Jiuge was young, but he was very fierce and decisive.

Mo Longjie and Old Yao couldn’t help but feel emotional after Hei Yinzi died. Old Mo’s death was finally avenged. Even though the Xiao family was the mastermind, it was Zheng Jie, Old Cu, and Hei Yinzi who had done it. Even Mo Shouyi and Mo Linger felt a burst of joy. In recent years, the Mo family had been oppressed by the Xiao family too much, so they had all developed a deep hatred for the Xiao family.

“I think you’re seeking death!”

When Xiao Yun heard Hei Yinzi’s miserable cry, he realized that something was not good. Just when he wanted to save Hei Yunzi, he felt Hei Yunzi’s aura disappear. He was too late again. After being slapped in the face again and again by Zhao Jiuge, Xiao Yun was completely enraged. There was a flash of light in his hand.

A blue and white jade fan appeared in Xiao Yun’s hand. The Flowing Cloud Sect only had seven spirit treasures, and most of them were low-grade. Only when Xiao Yun reached the Spirit Core Realm did his teacher, the Flowing Cloud Sect’s sect master, reward him with one of them.

The jade fan gave off a faint glow. Xiao Yun’s gaze was sharp and his hands started moving. While he waved his hand, waves of light surrounded Zhao Jiuge.

Xiao Yi’s expression was gloomy due to Hei Yinzi’s death, but when he saw his eldest son’s performance, he couldn’t help but look proud. As long as his son was here, his Xiao family would be able to tower over Dong Yang City.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were filled with battle intent! The Cold Underworld Sword in his hand let out a passionate buzz.

Rays of sword energy were released by Zhao Jiuge. They quickly gathered together like a river of stars, making for a dazzling sight.

Moon Dance, Star River.

After learning this from Waning Moon, Zhao Jiuge was becoming more and more proficient with this spell. His understanding of the sword had also increased a lot since he learned it. Now that he had mastery over the first three layers, the power of this spell had increased greatly.

Over 100 rays of silver sword energy appeared between Zhao Jiuge and Xiao Yun. Xiao Yun’s eyelids moved slightly, but his expression didn’t change much.

Then Xiao Yun raised his thigh and spread his legs. His body was slightly hunched and the jade fan in his right hand waved from left to right. With this action, Xiao Yun’s center of gravity shifted to his right leg and his left leg extended out.

Faint, golden light continued to appear with the movement of the fan. However, the spirit force was somewhat different this time. The faint, golden light immediately gathered when it appeared, and it gathered extremely fast. This was clearly a spell!

At this moment, Xiao Yun’s eyes were burning with passion—he was excited as well. Now that he was facing someone at the same cultivation level, he was filled with battle intent. This was Autumn Maple Whirling Air.

Zhao Jiuge took the lead and the rays of silver sword energy smashed down toward Xiao Yun like a river of stars.

Xiao Yun’s eyes were filled with disdain and he let out a soft snort.

The faint, golden light immediately shattered into specks of light. However, a moment later, these faint, golden specks of light moved like fallen maple leaves. They spun faster and faster and then directly flew up to meet the rain of silver sword energy.

A series of rumbles echoed. In truth, there were countless rumbles, but the overlapping sounds made it sound like there were only a few.

Fortunately, the collision was only in the air, so it didn’t cause any damage to the buildings on the ground. The people that had missed Zhao Jiuge’s battle against Lei Lei were able to see this and were all satisfied by the visual stimulation!

The moment the two spirit forces collided, Zhao Jiuge’s expression changed somewhat. His attack had been destroyed by Xiao Yun’s spirit force and there was still some residual power charging at him!

Even with his current strength, creating over 100 rays of sword energy had consumed a lot of spirit force. Most importantly, Xiao Yun’s spirit force contained an attribute.

Xiao Yun seemed to notice Zhao Jiuge’s shock and sneered, his eyes filled with pride.

He had been taken to a first-rate sect in the Yan Province by his teacher. It cost a large amount of spirit stones to get a slot to enter the rank-4 spirit vein there to temper his body. He met his teacher’s expectations and successfully broke through to the mid stage of the Foundation Realm, obtaining the attribute inside, the Violent Spirit Wind attribute.

The Flow Cloud Tactic focused on speed, and when coupled with the spell and this attribute, Xiao Yun’s strength took a qualitative leap. This caused Zhao Jiuge to suffer a small loss because he was careless.

Zhao Jiuge’s expression was a bit ugly while he looked at the faint, golden light flying toward him. This Xiao Yun was indeed tricky to deal with; no wonder his teacher had told him that he could not be careless. Although he was from a holy land, there were still rare geniuses from small sects that weren’t much worse than him.

Zhao Jiuge had already lost in testing moves against Xiao Yun. He still had his own cold attribute and sword slaughter aura, but he understood that neither could deal a substantial blow to Xiao Yun.

Dragon roars echoed and ripples of golden light floated in the sky.

Two golden dragons directly appeared before Zhao Jiuge. Although Zhao Jiuge had nurtured four golden dragons, he didn’t want to waste his spirit force. Fighting was a matter of managing his spirit force, and he didn’t want to use up all his spirit force. Not to mention, two golden dragons were more than enough to deal with Xiao Yun.

The moment the two golden dragons appeared, the crowd was shocked. When had they seen such a magical scene? Forget the mortals, even the rogue cultivators hadn’t seen something like this before. Originally, they thought Xiao Yun was going to win for sure, not to mention he still had the Flowing Cloud Sect behind him. However, when they saw Zhao Jiuge’s endless foundation, their minds began to change.

The two golden dragons coiled together and charged toward the faint, golden light. The remaining faint golden light was immediately crushed by one tail swipe and then the two dragons rushed toward Xiao Yun.

Only at this moment did Xiao Yun’s expression change. He didn’t hesitate and immediately reacted.

A layer of faint, golden light surrounded Xiao Yun’s body like armor. He released his full power to resist this attack. Looking at the two life-like golden dragons, Xiao Yun felt a sense of danger. Although they weren’t corporeal, he knew that if he didn’t properly defend himself, he would lose his life.

Everyone watching felt like their hearts were being tightly gripped by giant hands. They would all be very tense until they knew the result. Only Su Su remained calm from the beginning.

The faint, golden light wasn’t able to stop the two golden dragons at all. However, after resisting for a bit of time, the two golden dragons became dimmer.

Feeling the spirit force shield he had created being destroyed, Xiao Yun’s pupils shrank. At this range, he felt his skin tingle, so he didn’t hesitate to take out a jade tube.

This jade tube was yellow and white. It was about the size of a thumb and gave off a faint glow.

Zhao Jiuge was a bit shocked when Xiao Yun took out a jade tube that didn’t have much spirit force inside it. This was not a treasure to defend against the golden dragons, but a message jade tube!

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