Book 3, Chapter 22 - Negotiate

The storm of events was finally over. The crowd watching outside the Mo mansion, mortals and cultivators, scattered.

However, the talk about this storm was still going. The overbearing words left by the mysterious helper of the Mo family let them know that things were far from over.

They were spreading word of what they saw and were also waiting for the Xiao family’s reaction. The Xiao family had suppressed the Mo family for a few years and was about to push them out of the city. However, things had taken an unexpected turn.

Through these people, all the small forces near Dong Yang City heard of this matter. They rushed to Dong Yang City to see how this would end.

There were still traces of battle outside the Mo mansion, but the crowd had dispersed. Only the crazed Lei Lei still remained, not knowing where to go. Zhao Jiuge was too lazy to bother with him. Now that Lei Lei had lost his strength, he wouldn’t be able to harm people anymore. He got what he deserved.

After returning to the Mo mansion, the people of the Mo family were immersed in joy. The door to the Mo mansion could finally be opened, and they seemed to be venting all their pent-up frustration.

In particular, Old Yao and another old man from the Mo family were filled with tears. They had grown up in the Mo family, and nothing was better than being able to stay here.

Mo Linger and Mo Shouyi felt like they had just survived a disaster and were smiling. Only Mo Longjie had a forced smile—there was worry hidden in his eyes.

On the way back in, Zhao Jiuge suddenly asked, “Uncle Mo, can you still call back the people you dismissed back then?”

Mo Longjie pondered for a bit and said, “Most would come back; they were mostly people loyal to the Mo family. As for the rogue cultivators, they were forced by the Xiao family to remain neutral and not participate in the fight between the two families.”

“Then, Uncle Mo, you can recall those people. The Mo family should do what they did in the past.”

After he finished speaking, Zhao Jiuge took out 5,000 spirit stones, the Big Dipper Sword, and the Swimming Dragon Sword. Now that he had a life-linked flying sword, he didn’t need them anymore, and precious treasures were already very good for the Mo family.

The Mo family had been suppressed greatly by the Xiao family. They had lost many of their businesses, and even their auction house had been taken by the Xiao family. The Mo family no longer had any income and naturally couldn’t invite rogue cultivators to join them. They naturally had to provide spirit stones and spirit herbs as payment, or who was going to work for them?

Zhao Jiuge knew that the Mo family lacked these the most, but he only had this much right now. However, he would deal with this matter before he left. He would repay any kindness shown to him in folds. Not to mention, Mo Longjie had even saved his life back then.

Looking at the colorful spirit stones and two precious treasures, Mo Longjie was startled. He didn’t expect Zhao Jiuge to have such things to give him.

Seeing Mo Longjie not taking them, Zhao Jiuge said, “Uncle Mo, take this for now. I know this is a bit lacking. I'll find a method to fix this before I leave. Take these and gather the scattered forces of the Mo family. I’ll definitely resolve the issue with the Xiao family.”

“No, no, no… I didn’t mean that. I mean that, Jiuge, you shouldn’t worry about this matter anymore. If there is anything you and that girl Su Su need to do, you can leave now.” Mo Longjie shook his hand and quickly explained himself.

“If Uncle Mo is worried about the Flowing Cloud Sect, you don’t need to be afraid. Don’t forget my identity—I’m also from a sect.” Afterward, he forced the two precious treasures into Mo Longjie’s hands and put the spirit stones on the ground.

Feeling the fluctuations from the treasures in his hands, Mo Longjie eyes were filled with gratitude and his face was somewhat complicated. He was really worried about the Flowing Cloud Sect. After all, the Flowering Cloud Sect was not something his small Mo family could compare to. He wanted Zhao Jiuge and Su Su to leave to not get them involved. Although Zhao Jiuge had beaten the Xiao family today, there was still Xiao Yun. He was the key problem in all of this!

Zhao Jiuge didn’t care what Mo Longjie was thinking. He only cared about his heart, and as long as he didn’t violate the rules he had set for himself, he would do anything. If he really ignored this matter, it would naturally become an inner demon for him later. Fortunately, he had arrived in time to help with this matter. Otherwise, who knows what would’ve happened to the Mo family, especially Mo Linger.

From beginning to end, Su Su only had a silent smile on her face, whether Zhao Jiuge was fighting or talking with Mo Longjie. She gently looked at Zhao Jiuge and silently accompanied him. For her, as long as Zhao Jiuge was there, there was warmth.

A slightly angry squeaking sound came from Zhao Jiuge’s chest. A furry head smaller than a palm appeared—it was Little Black.

Little Black had a sleepy expression and angrily looked at Zhao Jiuge. He seemed to be blaming Zhao Jiuge for being too loud and waking him up. He was also childishly pulling at Zhao Jiuge's hair.

That lovely appearance caused Su Su to laugh. Zhao Jiuge was speechless. Since absorbing the Holy Flame Spring, Little Black had been asleep. He wasn’t like a little monkey at all and was rather like a pig. He didn’t even wake up during the fight, but he was blaming Zhao Jiuge for waking he up now.

He seemed to have decided that sleeping in Zhao Jiuge’s clothes was not comfortable and immediately jumped toward Su Su. Su Su caught Little Black with her hands.

Little Black immediately revealed a look of comfort as he rubbed his head against Su Su and went back to sleep. This action almost caused Zhao Jiuge’s eyes to spew out fire.


Different from the joyous mood of the Mo family, on the other side of Dong Yang City, the Xiao family was shrouded in a tense atmosphere.

There were figures going in and out of a magnificent and wide courtyard. The entire courtyard was well guarded.

There was a plaque with the golden words “Xiao Mansion” hanging above the front doors.

There were a few figures sitting in a hall deep in the mansion. Most people were standing outside and didn’t dare to make a sound.

A majestic-looking middle aged man was sitting on the main seat in the hall. At this moment, his expression was gloomy. He was the Xiao family’s head, Xiao Yi.

Below him were two people, one being a handsome young man. He was Xiao Yi’s second son, Xiao Yu. Back then, he had battled against Zhao Jiuge, and he had reached the Spirit Transformation Realm. Right now, Xiao Yu had a reckless gaze in his eyes. He was filled with discontent.

The other had a body as thin as a twig and wrapped in a black robe. His eyes were sunken in, and even during the day, he gave off a gloomy aura. He was Hei Yinzi from the auction back then.

Aside from them, there were two more people standing inside the hall. One was a young scholar wearing green and holding a fan. This scholar looked young, but his body was huge. If not for his clothes, he wouldn’t look like a scholar at all, but a burly man!

There was also a young man in blood armor who didn’t dare to raise his head. He had just reported the latest news on the situation outside the Mo Mansion. He felt the pressure in the air and didn’t dare to move.

After a long time, Xiao Yi slowly said, “All of you, say what we should do. I didn’t think that boy would actually come back, nor that his strength would grow rapidly. Lei Lei was destroyed by him. Had I known this would happen, I would have done everything I could to kill him back then.”

Since Xiao Yi didn’t speak, no one dared to breathe. It was fine that Old Cu and Zheng Jie had died, but Xiao Zhan was seriously injured and Lei Lei’s cultivation had been destroyed. This made him very angry. A Spirit Core Realm cultivator could do as they wished in this area.

Although Xiao Yi’s words were calm, the might he gave off caused everyone to feel very nervous. No one dared to speak—they were afraid of saying something wrong at his dangerous moment.

“What? You all know how to act tough and bully people, but now that something has happened, you don’t even dare to let out a fart?” Xiao Yi looked at the silent hall. When he saw everyone avoid his gaze, his tone became more severe.

When something like happened, Xiao Zhan would normally come out and ease the situation. However, Xiao Zhan was seriously injured and was using spirit medicine to hang on to life. Naturally, no one dared to speak.

“Family Head, let us go to the Flowing Cloud Sect to get the Young Master. Zhao Jiuge has come back after his strength increased greatly. The issue is that we don’t know if he has anyone else to help him. For his strength to increase this rapidly, it means he either had a fortunate encounter or he has someone powerful to teach him.”

Seeing that no one had spoken up, the huge, scholarly young man finally gathered up the courage to speak.

Xiao Yi raised his brows. There was anger in his eyes.

“You mean for my Xiao family to go hide at the Flowing Cloud Sect? How would all the people in Dong Yang City look at my Xiao family!? They would say that my Xiao family can’t even handle one person! Can any random person be able to bully my Xiao Family? How could my Xiao family be able to take root in Dong Yang City?! Now everyone in Dong Yang City is waiting to see how we react!”

Xiao Yi’s sudden hysterical outburst caused the scholarly young man’s face to turn red, and he didn’t even dare to make a sound.

Hei Yinzi originally wanted to say something, but when he saw how angry Xiao Yi was, he closed his mouth. The Xiao family was not the same as before, and normally he was the first to stand out. However, the enemy was a Spirit Core Realm cultivator, and he was only at the Foundation Realm. Stepping out would only be jumping to his own death.

Only Xiao Yu remained steady. He didn’t hide the disdain he had for the people here and the soldiers of the Xiao family outside. His eyes were anxious, as if he was waiting for something.

After the Xiao family had discussed this topic for half a day to no result, a figure slowly appeared outside. When the people of the Xiao family saw this figure, they revealed looks of joy and respectfully opened a path.

When the people inside the hall saw the young man at the entrance, they were filled with joy.

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