Book 3, Chapter 20 - Kill Them As They Come

Xiao Zhan’s aura had withered like a dying, old dog. He forced himself to stand and not fall to the ground.

At this moment, he no longer felt any fear, like he had accepted his fate. He had a bitter expression on his face. He didn’t think such an unimportant youth from back then would grow to this level. Just a simple attack had damaged all the meridians in his body.

His nephew Xiao Yun wouldn’t be able to do this either. Fortunately, he had the precious treasure-grade armor his nephew had gotten him from the Flowing Cloud Sect. Otherwise, he would have died here.

Zhao Jiuge only coldly glanced at Xiao Zhan and wasn’t in a rush to kill. Zhao Jiuge didn’t consider them a threat at all.

When Lei Lei saw that the situation was not good, he intended to retreat. When he saw Old Cu and Xiao Zhan block Zhao Jiuge’s attack, he wanted to use this gap to escape.


Zhao Jiuge let out a soft snort. He originally didn’t have any killing intent toward this man of unknown origin. However, he shouldn’t have helped the Xiao family earlier.

When Zhao Jiuge saw the blue light around Lei Lei, the golden light around himself surged too. The Cold Underworld Sword hummed, but he didn’t use his flying sword.

He put his flying sword behind his back and his spirit force moved toward Lei Lei. The golden spirit force was like chains that were going to trap Lei Lei.

Feeling that violent and dangerous spirit force, Lei Lei became anxious. At the same time, he cursed in his heart. Originally, he came here to a place without strong cultivators so he could rely on the backing of the Xiao family to do as he wished. However, he only got to enjoy it for a few months before meeting a freak like Zhao Jiuge. Zhao Jiuge was even stronger than the geniuses back at his sect.

Lei Lei could no longer hesitate. The spirit force behind him was about to reach him and wrap around him.

Lei Lei clenched his teeth and decided to fight back. If he let this continue, not only would it not be easy to escape, he could be seriously injured.

The blue spirit force around him created a powerful wall to block the golden light from Zhao Jiuge. Using this time, Lei Lei took out a jade disk the size of his palm. It had a milky-white surface and light flowed along its surface.

When Lei Lei was ready to resist Zhao Jiuge’s attack, the blue spirit force and the golden spirit force interweaved together.

The collision created a thunderous rumble that echoed through the area. The sound frightened everyone watching. How could they remain calm during a battle between two Spirit Core Realm cultivators?

The thunderous rumble hadn’t dissipated yet when the crowd retreated in fear of getting caught in the shock wave.

“Who the hell are you!? Your spirit core is even stronger than mine and you have tempered your body in a spirit vein!”

When the spirit force fluctuations spread out, Lei Lei let out a cry in panic. Just from the collision, he felt a chill enter his body, and it was extremely overbearing. When he escaped from his sect, he hadn’t had time to temper his body in a spirit vein yet. However, he had a grade-5 spirit core, so his spirit core was much stronger than the average person’s.

The Heaven’s End Pavilion was a first-rate sect, they just didn’t have a Mahayana Realm cultivator to hold the fort. As an inner disciple of the sect, Lei Lei naturally knew more than most people.

“Let me go. I won’t get involved in the affair between you and the Xiao family.” After the proud Lei Lei exchanged moves with Zhao Jiuge, he had already seen how powerful Zhao Jiuge was. He already began to plan his retreat.

This made the dying Xiao Zhan crumble even more, and he was just one mouthful of blood away from death. Without the help of a Spirit Core Realm cultivator holding down the fort, their Xiao family would weaken greatly. They would only be able to rely on Xiao Yun.

“Let you go? When I let you go earlier, you didn’t, so now it's too late.”

Facing the begging Lei Lei, Zhao Jiuge didn’t back down. He could endure a lot of things, but he could not endure others having ideas about his woman. Lei Lei should have never lusted after Su Su.

Zhao Jiuge waved his sleeve and leaped forward to capture Lei Lei. At the same time, he said in a heavy voice, “You dared to have ideas about my woman!”

After Zhao Jiuge’s voice echoed, a layer of golden light surrounded his body—the Sanskrit Divine Body.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge having no intent of holding back, Lei Lei’s eyes were filled with madness. He let out a hysterical roar. “If that’s the game, then I’m going to make you suffer. You’ve forced me!”

When Lei Lei saw the strength and background Zhao Jiuge revealed, he was unwilling to get too involved. He wasn’t sure if he could win if they fought for real, and it would cost him a lot of treasures and the secrets he had been hiding. However, seeing that Zhao Jiuge wasn’t going to let him go, he had to go all out.

He held a jade disk in his right hand and dropped a drop of blood onto it from his left hand. A ripple spread across the surface and emitted a faint fluctuation.

Dense layers of cracks seemed to appear on the surface of the jade disk after the blood drop fell onto it. The disk buzzed and trembled, but Lei Lei had a tight grip on it.

Lei Lei’s action caused lines to appear in the sky. If you looked closely, you would notice that the blue and white lines in the sky looked exactly like the jade disk in Lei Lei’s hand.

The surrounding people, including Mo Longjie and Old Yao, were filled with excitement. They had never seen this kind of battle before. Even though Mo Longjie was also a Spirit Core Realm cultivator, his foundation couldn’t compare to Zhao Jiuge and Lei Lei’s, who came from powerful sects.

In the square outside the Mo Mansion were the bodies of the dead Old Cu and Zheng Jie, along with the seriously injured Xiao Zhan. The only other two remaining were the golden Zhao Jiuge and the tense Lei Lei.

“Hehe, spirit formation. I didn’t expect you to have this.”

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes shined brightly and he finally showed a hint of interest. Although Lei Lei couldn’t compare to the talented Zhou Hongyong, being able to create a spirit formation so fast with the help of an item was already very good for average people.

No wonder Lei Lei hadn’t made a move—he must have been taking time to prepare this just in case. From the look of the spirit formation, its power wasn’t bad, and that jade disk had to be a valuable treasure.

“Hmph, you have some knowledge. Now you know to be afraid, but I’ll say the same words back to you. It’s too late!”

Lei Lei’s eyes revealed a smug expression and his words were sharp. Even a rabbit would bite when cornered, let alone a person. In Lei Lei’s view, it was already very good that he was willing to not get involved, but this Zhao Jiuge still wanted to force him to stay. Therefore, he was willing to waste this precious spirit disk along with his spirit force to teach this Zhao Jiuge a lesson.

A smile appeared on Zhao Jiuge’s cold face. He ignored Lei Lei’s words. The Sanskrit Divine Body was already pushed to its limit.

When Lei Lei saw Zhao Jiuge still charging at him after he revealed his spirit formation, his pupils shrank. Being able to get this far showed that he was not a fool; he knew that Zhao Jiuge must have some kind of a plan.

“Hmph, since you want to die, then don’t blame me for granting your wish.” After Lei Lei finished speaking, he injected all his spirit force inside the jade disk.

The floating spirit formation shined brightly and became extremely cold. The silhouette became more corporeal as well.

The sudden change just happened to trap Zhao Jiuge. Lei Lei revealed a cruel smile and increased the amount of spirit force he injected into the formation.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were filled with powerful battle intent. When he fought against the three Foundation Realm enemies, he didn’t even have to try at all. Now that he had finally met a strong opponent, he felt the urge to fight.

The next moment, Zhao Jiuge’s movement shocked everyone once more. Zhao Jiuge didn’t use any special method, but the simplest and most violent method possible. He relied on the Sanskrit Divine Body and directly collided with the spirit formation!

Both his hands were covered in a layer of golden light. Zhao Jiuge raised his hands and smashed toward the powerful blue and white light.

There was a thunderous rumble that echoed for a long time. The sound gradually became softer until it faded.

The crowd watching could clearly feel the ground shake. However, only the ground at the center of the impact cracked; the people watching were too far to suffer any damage.

Lei Lei’s eyes revealed a ferocious light. Although the spirit formation hadn’t suffered much damage, that one attack from Zhao Jiuge had consumed a lot of his spirit force. He gritted his teeth and continued to inject spirit force into the formation. The blue and white jade disk started to change.

“Come again!”

Zhao Jiuge was excited and was addicted to this feeling. Although his full powered attack hadn’t broken the spirit formation, he loved this feeling. The golden light around his hands dimmed, but with a thought, he injected more spirit force back into his hand, restoring the golden glow. He moved once more and rushed toward the spirit formation shrouding him.

Another thunderous rumble echoed. This caused everyone watching to swallow hard. This was simply a very violent confrontation! Even the people of the Mo family couldn’t help but watch in excitement.

From the beginning until now, only Su Su remained calm the entire time. She was very satisfied to be together with Zhao Jiuge, and in her heart, they would be together forever. However, who could say what the future held?

After the light from the collision dissipated, everyone could see a distortion appear on the blue and white spirit formation. It recovered quickly, but it was much dimmer than before.

Lei Lei couldn’t help but become angry from embarrassment. He cursed at how violent Zhao Jiuge was. Not only was his sword art powerful, his body was so strong as well. He didn’t think such a freak could exist!

Although body cultivation was generally strong, it also had very harsh conditions. No matter what, everything was fair and had its own advantages and disadvantages. That was why, on the path of cultivation, there was always a chance.

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