Book 3, Chapter 15 - Acting Tyrannically

Zhao Jiuge stared at the figure behind the door. His face was smooth like jade and he only looked about 20 years old. He was wearing a gorgeous, light-blue robe, but there was a sense of sadness on his face. It had been almost six years and Mo Shouyi’s appearance had changed a bit, but Zhao Jiuge could still recognize him at a glance.

While Zhao Jiuge was looking at Mo Shouyi, he was also looking back at Zhao Jiuge. His eyes were filled with doubt while he stared at the smiling Zhao Jiuge.

Finally, after a while, Mo Shouyi shouted with some uncertainty, “You… You’re really Zhao Jiuge? You’re still alive?” His words were filled with shock and doubt.

“I haven’t seen you in a few years and you have become a lot more handsome. I also didn’t recognize you.” Zhao Jiuge patted Mo Shouyi’s shoulder. He felt very happy because he was able to meet an old friend after so many years.

“By the way, why are you shocked that I’m alive? What happened to the Mo mansion? Where did everyone else go?”

After being happy for a moment, Zhao Jiuge remembered what Mo Shuyi had said and asked all the questions he had.

Hearing this, Mo Shuyi’s smiling face suddenly froze and then his expression changed. He lowered his head, thinking about something. The look of worry and anxiety returned once more. His mouth moved like it was very difficult to talk about.

“What happened?”

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes shined, and he noticed that something was wrong with the Mo mansion. When he saw Mo Shouyi’s expression, he immediately realized that something had happened and that it was not simple.

Mo Shouyi’s expression calmed down a little and then he looked at Su Su. When he saw that beautiful face, he lost himself for a moment before regaining his composure. He helplessly said, “Come inside, we’ll talk. There are too many people outside.”

After Zhao Jiuge and Su Su entered the door, Mo Shouyi looked around outside first. When he didn’t notice anything, he quickly closed the two red doors.

The scenery inside the courtyard didn’t change much. The only difference was that it was no longer as lively as before. All those servants and soldiers were gone.

“Let’s go, there are only six or seven people left in the Mo family. Some died, some betrayed us, and the rest were dismissed by us.”

Mo Shouyi walked ahead toward the main hall. Although he spoke calmly, the situation was 100 times worse.

Zhao Jiuge’s brows furrowed and his killing intent arose. There were many doubts in his heart, but he didn’t ask any questions. He was going to ask everything at once. As for the reason, it was obvious: this had to be related to the Xiao family. In this region, aside from the behemoth that was Flowing Cloud Sect, no one could deal with the Mo family.

The eldest son of the Xiao family, Xiao Yun, was a disciple of the Flowing Cloud Sect, so they would naturally help their own. Zhao Jiuge’s expression didn’t change, but Su Su could tell that Zhao Jiuge intended to kill.

Mo Shouyi didn’t notice Zhao Jiuge’s change at all. Even with the resources from his family, he had only reached the late stage of the Spirit Transformation Realm. Zhao Jiuge had made up his mind: he was going to teach the Xiao family a lesson. If the Flowing Cloud Sect wanted to get involved, he wouldn’t mind dealing with them too.

When they arrived at the main hall, Zhao Jiuge’s gloomy expression disappeared because he saw three figures. These three figures were no strangers to him.

“Uncle Mo, Old Yao, Linger!”

The moment Zhao Jiuge stepped through the door, he shouted their names in excitement. If it wasn’t for Mo Longjie standing up for him, he could not have escaped the Xiao family. Back then, the Xiao family was like a behemoth to him, but now the situation was different from the past.

“Jiuge, why are you here?”

Mo Longjie was shocked to see Zhao Jiuge, but then he became very happy. Like Mo Shouyi, he didn’t think Zhao Jiuge was still alive. Back then, when Zheng Jie returned, he reported that Zhao Jiuge was killed by the Xiao family. That was Zhao Jiuge’s most difficult time, when he was hunted like a dog. If Mo Longjie hadn’t risked offending the Flowing Cloud Sect to help him, Zhao Jiuge wouldn't have been able to escape.

“I was ordered by my teacher to come out to train, so I immediately came to greet Uncle Mo.” Zhao Jiuge spoke with a smile. He felt grateful toward Mo Longjie from the bottom of his heart and intended to pay him back for all the kindness he had shown.

Mo Linger was almost 20 years old and had fully developed into a beauty. When she heard about Zhao Jiuge’s death, she was very sad. When she heard that Zhao Jiuge was alive, she was very excited and was about to rush up to hug him. However, when she saw Su Su, she immediately stopped and her expression became bleak. She was no longer a naive little girl. If Su Su could accompany Zhao Jiuge to train together, then their relationship was definitely not normal.

How could Zhao Jiuge not notice the change in Mo Linger’s expression? The more she acted like this, the more cautious he had to be. What’s more, Su Su was here, and he was afraid that there might be an accident that would be difficult to resolve.

Old Yao was still the same as before. His hair was still white and his wrinkles revealed his age. He was the one who had refined the Blue Spirit Pill, and looking at how much the youth had changed, he silently nodded.

After a simple greeting, Mo Lingjie began to look at Zhao Jiuge and Su Su.

Zhao Jiuge’s hair was still tied up by a single piece of black cloth, and his black robe added a noble and ethereal temperament to him.

His youthful face had matured a lot more. Most importantly, he could not detect Zhao Jiuge’s cultivation, but he could feel the powerful spirit force Zhao Jiuge could control.

Then he looked at the woman beside Zhao Jiuge. Even as a father, he couldn’t help but admit that she was much better than his daughter, Mo Linger.

Mo Longjie had always considered Zhao Jiuge a junior. It was obvious that the relationship between them was not normal, so he smiled and said, “Jiuge you haven’t introduced her yet.”

“Oh, this is my friend. Pei Su Su.” Facing Uncle Mo’s teasing smile, Zhao Jiuge felt a bit embarrassed and gave a simple introduction. 

“Greetings, Uncle Mo.”

Facing Mo Lingsu’s gaze, Su Su called him ‘Uncle Mo,’ copying Zhao Jiuge.

This made Mo Longjie’s smile become even wider. However, Mo Linger’s expression became a bit ugly.

Mo Shouyi’s mood was mixed. He was very happy to see Zhao Jiuge, but he seemed to be hiding something in his heart.

While everyone was smiling, Zhao Jiuge could feel a hint of anxiety from everyone.

“Uncle Mo, I didn’t ask Shouyi earlier, but what happened to the Mo mansion? Could it be related to the Xiao family?”

Zhao Jiuge directly asked the question as he stared at Mo Longjie. He wanted to see how much Mo Longjie’s expression would change.

Sure enough, when Mo Longjie heard this, the smile on his face faded and he became gloomy. He raised his brows and said, “Jiuge, this matter is not related to you. Tomorrow, before the sun rises, you need to leave the city with your friend, Shouyi, and Linger. Go as far as possible. Old Yao and I will buy time for you guys. You really shouldn’t have come back at this time. The entire Dong Yang City is under the watch of the Xiao family. I fear they already know that you have returned.”

After seeing Mo Longjie’s worried look, Zhao Jiuge smiled. “Uncle Mo, just tell me what happened, I can resolve it. Don’t forget, I also have a teacher and a sect now.”

Mo Shouyi’s eyes shined brightly. A sect was a powerful backing they could rely on. Just the Flowing Cloud Sect was a behemoth for them. They didn’t dare to imagine what Zhao Jiuge’s sect was like.

Mo Longjie’s expression changed, but he didn’t completely believe Zhao Jiuge’s words. After all, Zhao Jiuge was too young, and no matter how much his cultivation had improved, he couldn’t be too strong. The Xiao family was not like the past; otherwise, they would not have fallen to such a state, even after he reached the early stage of the Spirit Core Realm.

“The matter is a bit complicated, but if you want to know, I’ll tell you. However, you have to leave early tomorrow. We have been planning to do leave, but now that you and your friend have arrived, you two need to leave as well.” Mo Longjie’s expression was serious.

“First, tell me what happened, Uncle Mo.”

Zhao Jiuge didn’t argue with Mo Longjie on this topic. The most important thing for him was to figure out what had happened! It was impossible for him to leave—he had come to settle the grievances before. If he didn’t, he wouldn't be able to rest easy. However, he felt a bit worried. How had the situation become so grievous?

Then Mo Longjie finally began explaining what had happened, and it began after Zhao Jiuge had escaped!

Back then, Mo Longjie held Xiao Yun’s senior brother back and Zhao Jiuge was able to use this chance to escape.

The Xiao family was stopped and Zhao Jiuge was hunted by a group of hunters from the Xiao family. He barely managed to escape and then encountered Su Su at the unmarked graveyard.

At that time, Mo Longjie had sent Zheng Jie to help Zhao Jiuge, but when he came back, Zheng Jie said Zhao Jiuge was killed by the Xiao family.

The Mo family had managed to obtain the Blue Spirit Grass and then beat the Xiao family in the competition. Later, there was also a grudge against the Flowing Cloud Sect. The two sides were also like oil and vinegar. Zheng Jie’s lie about Zhao Jiuge’s death made Mo Longjie even more furious.

From that day onward, the two families began to fight constantly, and there was a series of disputes. The Xiao family had help from the Flowing Cloud Sect, so they naturally held the upper hand.

“Wait, there is something wrong.”

Su Su suddenly interrupted Mong Lingjie. Back then, Su Su had secretly followed Zhao Jiuge when he fled from Dong Yang City, so she knew exactly what had happened. Originally, she didn’t feel like anything was wrong, but once she heard Mo Lingjie’s story, there was doubt in her heart.

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