Book 3, Chapter 14 - The Mo Family’s Situation

After a long time, Su Su slightly pushed Zhao Jiuge away due to a sense of suffocation. Her beautiful face was completely red.

“Thick-skinned, shameless, immoral!”

Su Su let out a delicate cry and ruthlessly pinched Zhao Jiuge’s shoulder, causing his face to twist in pain.

“I’m shameless, so what!”

Zhao Jiuge laughed shamelessly. Although Su Su sounded angry, the joy in her eyes betrayed her inner thoughts. Seeing Su Su smile, Zhao Jiuge’s mood became better as well. When he saw Su Su’s sorrowful expression, he was panicking in his heart.

Su Su let out a cold snort and deliberately turned her head in anger. Zhao Jiuge wrapped his arm around Su Su’s shoulders to comfort her. Although she acted like this, she was very happy.

Little Black was still absorbing the Holy Flame Spring. Su Su and Zhao Jiuge sat on the grass and talked about the past while looking up at the stars. She snuggled up against Zhao Jiuge and her head leaned against his shoulder. Zhao Jiuge had his arm around Su Su.

After a while, Su Su suddenly sat up straight and looked seriously at Zhao Jiuge while she asked, “Blockhead, tell me what’s so good about Ling Bo Re. Don’t lie to me, you have to tell the truth!”

Zhao Jiuge was dumbfounded, and this question was not easy to answer. Su Su clearly felt some ill intent in that smile.

“Su Su, you told me not to think about Ling Bo Re. Why are you asking me this?” Zhao Jiuge felt like he was going to cry.

“I’m telling you to speak, so speak,” Su Su said in a determined tone.

Zhao Jiuge truthfully said, “To tell you the truth, I don’t know either. Just something that made my heart move.”

After he said those words, he felt some regret. Sure enough, the smile on Su Su’s face brightened and she said, “Then, what about me? What do you like about me? What do you feel about me?”

Hearing this, Zhao Jiuge felt like he was covered in cold sweat. He looked at the smiling Su Su and felt that she was more terrifying than a ferocious spirit beast.

“This… This… Su Su, look at how round the moon is today.” Zhao Jiuge didn’t know what to say and had to shift the topic.

Then, before Su Su would erupt, he got up to escape.

Sure enough, Su Su looked up and scolded, “The moon is covered by the clouds. Don’t try to change the topic, just answer me!”

With that, she quickly got up and chased after Zhao Jiuge. The two of them chased after each other, their laughter echoing through the valley.

They had been here for 17 days. While Little Black was absorbing the pool, Su Su and Zhao Jiuge waited in the valley. During this half-month, they had gotten closer, and when they were idle, they focused on their own cultivation.

When Zhao Jiuge felt a bit helpless, Little Black finally finished absorbing the spring. Zhao Jiuge still had to resolve the grievances at Dong Yang City.

The Holy Flame Flower had lost its luster and showed signs of wilting. The surrounding spring had disappeared completely, absorbed by Little Black.

Without the Holy Flame Spring and the Holy Flame Fruit, the only Holy Flame Flower had lost its value. In a few days, it would wither completely and disappear. A Holy Flame Flower would not grow here again.

When he heard the squeaking sound, Zhao Jiuge knew it was Little Black. Soon, Little Black appeared and rushed over to him. Because he was only palm-sized, his body was hidden in the grass. Zhao Jiuge noticed that after half a month, Little Black was a bit different from before. His fur was more shiny and his aura had solidified more.

“Little Black, are you done?”

Little Black immediately jumped onto Zhao Jiuge’s body. When he heard Zhao Jiuge’s question, he nodded. Little Black had already gained intelligence but couldn’t talk yet, so he could only respond with gestures. Once he reached the Nascent Soul Realm, he would be able to speak and slowly take human shape.

Zhao Jiuge stood up and looked around the valley. Thoughts floated through his head and then he slowly said, “Since you’re done, let us go. It’s time to pay them back for what happened back then.”

Su Su got up and followed him with a silent nod. After the emotional moment, she had become more gentle and was not as unruly as before.

She knew about what had happened to Zhao Jiuge at Dong Yang City. She first encountered Zhao Jiuge at Dong Yang City and followed him because she was curious about his Pi Xu Jade Token. She had secretly observed him during his time in the city, so she knew what had happened.

Zhao Jiuge was someone who always paid people back for any kindness they showed him and also someone who would always get his revenge. He still remembered the shame the Xiao family had brought him when they hunted him like an animal when he first started cultivating. There was also Xiao Yun, who was in the Flowing Cloud Sect.

One of the purposes of returning to Dong Yang City was to see the Mo family and then get revenge from Xiao Yi and his eldest son!

Fortunately, they weren’t far from Dong Yang city and would arrive in about a day!

After waiting here for half a month, Zhao Jiuge rushed toward Dong Yang City. This was his first target for the training trip. Once he resolved the grievances in Dong Yang City, he would walk through the towns and villages all the way east and then north before circling back to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect after two years to participate in the Battle Competition.

The two flying swords flew through the sky. After Little Black absorbed the entire Holy Flame Spiring, he had fallen into deep slumber. His palm-sized body was nested up against Zhao Jiuge’s clothes, sleeping.

Along the way, Zhao Jiuge and Su Su flew side by side. They didn’t fly very fast and were talking and laughing along the way. Whenever Su Su brought up that question from that night, Zhao Jiuge would immediately close his mouth, and Su Su never got tired of teasing him.

The time it took for them to get to Dong Yang City was a lot faster than Zhao Jiuge had expected. It only took them about half a day to arrive.

When the sun was about to set, Dong Yang City had appeared before them as a small dot. They could see the sun set over Dong Yang City.

Zhao Jiuge had come outside a few times after entering the sect. He had seen the vast mountains and rivers of the Huaxia Dynasty, along with magnificent cities. He wasn’t shocked by Dong Yang City like the first time he came here.

Once they were a certain distance from Dong Yang City, they stopped. They didn’t want to fly into the city and shock the mortals living there.

Su Su’s eyes were filled with warmth. This was where she had met Zhao Jiuge. If they hadn’t met here, they wouldn't have the relationship they had now.

The two of them put away their flying swords and walked to the city. Dong Yang City was still as quaint as before, but the youth from back then was no longer so easily bullied!

Zhao Jiuge looked at Little Black, who was still sleeping in his clothes, and held Su Su’s hand while they walked into the city. He was going to get revenge for what happened back then.

When Zhao Jiuge and Su Su entered the city, they attracted a lot of attention. They each had an ethereal temperament, which attracted a lot of attention. Not to mention, Zhao Jiuge was handsome, while Su Su was a beauty.

When Zhao Jiuge looked at the bustling and lively Dong Yang City, he couldn’t help but sigh. He thought about how weak he was back then and how he was hunted like a dog by a small family!

Zhao Jiuge’s insight was much better than before and he had even been to a few of the holy lands. He was even the Chief Head Disciple of a holy land for this generation!

Even though it was about to be nightfall, Dong Yang City was still as lively as ever. The streets were filled with people and noise. Perhaps due to the increase in his cultivation, the way he was feeling now was very different from last time.

He grabbed Su Su’s soft hand and wanted to take her to walk through the city a bit. However, it was getting late, so they went straight for the Mo mansion.

When they arrived at the door of the Mo mansion, there wasn’t much change. However, the big, red lanterns had a thick layer of dust over them and the black-armored guards were not there.

Just standing at the entrance of the Mo mansion, Zhao Jiuge felt a sense of depression from it. It was still early, yet the Mo mansion’s door was already closed.

Zhao Jiuge and Su Su looked at each other and both felt like something was strange. It looked like there was something wrong with the Mo mansion.

The two of them quickly walked up the steps. While their attention was on the Mo mansion, they didn’t notice two figures sneakily observing them from the corner. When they walked up the steps, one of the figures immediately left.

Zhao Jiuge picked up the ring and knocked on the door.

There was no reaction from inside. Zhao Jiuge frowned. Could there be no one home? Was the entire Mo mansion empty?

Zhao Jiuge didn’t believe this and continued to knock on the door. When he thought there was really no one here, a vigilant voice rang out.


Zhao Jiuge was startled and joy appeared in his eyes. He shouted, “Is Uncle Mo Longjie here?”

The man at the door obviously hesitated and didn’t speak for a long time. Finally, he asked, “Who are you!?”

“It’s me, Zhao Jiuge.”

The man behind the door fell into a brief moment of silence.

A muffled sound echoed and the red door slowly opened. Once the door was completely open, a slender figure appeared.

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