Book 3, Chapter 13 - Promise

When Little Black saw Zhao Jiuge and Su Su leave, he finally calmed down and withdrew his gaze.

Then he slowly spat out a thumb nail-sized inner core that exuded a soft glow. Because it was not too bright, it was not that noticeable.

Little Black floated in the Holy Flame Spirit Spring and his inner core floated on the surface while he absorbed its essence.

The tan inner core slowly rotated, and a small part of the spring disappeared with every rotation. As the spring disappeared, the spirit force inside decreased.

The spring that Zhao Jiuge considered a broken pool contained a violent torrent of spirit force. A Holy Flame Spring contained two attributes: fire and ice. If you don’t devour the Holy Flame Fruit, you can’t absorb the spirit force and attribute in the spring.


Inside the valley.

A man and a woman slowly walked through the soft grass in the valley while smelling the fragrance in the air and enjoying the night wind. They watched the soft glow of the bright moon in the sky. Feeling the body temperature and heartbeat of the man she loved beside her, Su Su couldn’t help but feel happy. She secretly wished that it would always be like this.

No wonder so many people desperately tried to obtain immorality. If you could obtain immorality with your beloved, two of you would be able to be together for an eternity.

However, Su Su felt that if God gave her a choice, she would rather give up the chance to cultivate and obtain immortality. She just wanted to be together with Zhao Jiuge until they grew old and died.

A man and a woman strolled through the valley. Su Su had a smile on her face, thinking about various happy things in her mind. Zhao Jiuge had a complicated expression and his heart was filled with shame. He was filled with guilt and wondered how to talk about the matter with Ling Bo Re


“Su Su.”

Both of them spoke at the same time and broke the silence.

When they heard each other’s voices, both of them stopped talking together.

After this, Zhao Jiuge fell silent and Su Su started playing with her hair. After a while she said, “If you have something to say, then say it. You called me out because you wanted to tell me something. Once you’re done speaking, I’ll speak.”

At this moment, Zhao Jiuge became hesitant. “You speak first, my matter will take some time to explain.”

Then both of them became silent once more, but this time it didn’t last long. Su Su soon opened her seductive, red lips.

“Blockhead, can you promise me one thing?” She had spoken a bit slowly, as if it was really difficult to talk about it.

“Just tell me what it is. As long as I can do it, whether it's now or in the future, I’ll help you.”

Zhao Jiuge was a bit shocked. Su Su was different from her usual, lively self. What could cause her to be like this?

“If one day I do something that makes you unhappy, you have to forgive me. You missed our five-year agreement, and I don’t blame you, but you have to promise me this. I don’t know what you want to talk with me about, but it must be related to why you missed the agreement.” Su Su lowered her head and her voice was low. No one could see her true expression at this moment.

“What are you going to do that will make me unhappy?” Zhao Jiuge stared at Su Su, and his tone was a bit flirtatious.

However, Su Su didn’t look like she was joking and had a serious expression. “I’m afraid I’ll do something that will make you unhappy. Do you agree or not?”

“Okay, I promise.” Zhao Jiuge’s expression was also serious and solemn. He didn’t know why Su Su was like this, but he still agreed.

Hearing this, Su Su was like a child who had obtained their favorite toy. She had a happy and satisfied smile, though only she knew why she had said those words.

Then Su Su raised her head and looked at Zhao Jiuge. “You can say what you wanted to say.”

This instantly put Zhao Jiuge into an embarrassing situation. Then he gathered up his courage and loudly said, “In truth, I actually ignored the agreement and was carrying out a mission for the sect. During the mission, I was with a woman I fancied.”

Zhao Jiuge said all of this at once and didn’t even dare to breath loudly. He stared at Su Su and waited for her reaction.

However, her face was as calm as a lake without any ripples, only her eyelashes trembled slightly.

“In truth, I guessed something like this might have happened. However, I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t ask you about what happened. Since you’ve told me, then tell me about you and that woman.”

Her voice was calm, but it was not cold and she sounded like she normally did. However, Zhao Jiuge had listened carefully and heard her voice trembling. This indicated that Su Su was not as calm as she looked on the surface.

Zhao Jiuge’s heart was filled with guilt, and he didn’t dare to meet Su Su’s gaze.

He let out a sigh in his heart. Since he had already said what he needed to say, he didn’t mind explaining the whole situation. He told her about when he first met Ling Bo Re at the cold pool and then met her again at the Ten Thousand Dao Sect. Then on the mission to the Liu Province, where he saved her life, and finally his teacher going to the Hundred Flower Valley to propose the marriage for him.

After he finished speaking, he calmly waited for Su Su’s reaction. In truth, both Ling Bo Re and Su Su were women who made his heart pound. He had long known about Su Su’s feelings for him. That was why he had more of a desire to conquer when facing the cold Ling Bo Re, like a moth flying into the fire.

Always restless for what you can’t obtain and not paying attention to what you knew was secured. Zhao Jiuge was a perfect example of this.

Ling Bo Re had rejected him, but his heart still panicked like a cat that smelled fish. As for Su Su, after learning of all this, it might be like trying to carry water with a bamboo basket.

At the start, Su Su was rather calm, but when she heard about Zhao Jiuge going to the Hundred Flower Valley to propose a marriage, her tears finally flowed down. She felt very wronged. She had been training hard all these years only thinking of him, but he was thinking of another woman.

At this moment, Su Su’s heart seemed to become an ice cave and she felt coldness spread over her. The years of love she had began to fade.

Zhao Jiuge could only watch Su Su’s sad expression. It took him a long time to finally say in a bleak tone, “I know I’m not a good person, and I don’t have the right to come and face you. I just want to tell you I’m sorry, and if you don’t want to see me again, I’ll leave with Little Black and never appear before you again.”

Ling Bo Re’s rejection and Su Su’s tears made Zhao Jiuge feel sorrowful, and he also began to reflect on his own behavior. At this moment, he just wanted to escape from there. Away from all the distractions in this word and the emotions so he could have some peace.

However, Su Su’s response was a soft cry. He could only awkwardly wait on the side.

After a long time, Su Su stopped sobbing and her emotions calmed down.

“If you can promise me something, I’ll forgive you.” Her voice contained a hint of coldness that was never there before. She was very proud and never cared about how other people looked at her. She had expressed her feelings openly to Zhao Jiuge but had gotten this in return. No matter how much she loved Zhao Jiuge, it was inevitable that she felt resentment.

While she was crying, she had thought about it a lot and came up with a good way to deal with the situation.

“I want to set three rules with you. First, no matter what the circumstances, you can’t leave me. Second, you can only love me. Third, you can’t think about Ling Bo Re. Can you do it? If you can’t, then consider the matter between us over. In the future, we will have no relationship with each other.”

After she finished speaking, Su Su stared coldly at Zhao Jiuge. There were still two lines of tears on her face that hadn't dried yet.

Zhao Jiuge’s expression changed slightly and he hesitated a bit. He didn’t feel like these three requirements were too excessive, but he still felt like it was a little awkward.

Feeling Su Su’s decisive gaze, Zhao Jiuge knew that if he showed any sign of rejection, she would immediately leave and he would never find her again.

Zhao Jiuge’s lips moved and he helplessly said, “I promise.”

“Seeing how reluctant you look, don't force yourself. Since you promised me, you have to do it. You have already betrayed me once; I hope there won’t be a second time. Or else you’ll know what I’ll do.” Su Su’s expression was cold while she put up a tough front.

Every word shook Zhao Jiuge’s heart. He took a deep breath and earnestly said, “Since I promised, I naturally won’t forget about this promise.”

After hearing his words and looking at his expression, Su Su’s expression eased a bit. “After we finish training, come visit my father with me.”

She didn’t know what reaction Zhao Jiuge would have once he met her father and learned of his identity. However, this couldn’t be helped, and it was something she would have to face head-on. Not to mention she had that promise from Zhao Jiuge, so she felt a bit at ease.

“Who is your father?”

Hearing Su Su say this, Zhao Jiuge became serious. He could tell that Su Su’s background was not simple, given how a powerful cultivator like Elder Yang called her a miss.

Su Su hesitated for a moment and decided to conceal it temporarily. “You will know when the time comes. My father’s last name is Pei.”

Zhao Jiuge thought for a long time and couldn’t think of any major figure named Pei. In the end, he decided not to think about it. However, he found it strange that Su Su was never willing to talk about her family affairs.

Looking at Su Su, Zhao Jiuge wasn’t sure if he should feel happiness or regret.

He stretched out his hand and gently wiped away the tears on Su Su’s cheeks. All the guilt in his heart turned into this gentle action.

Su Su let out a gentle snort but enjoyed Zhao Jiuge’s gentle touch.

Zhao Jiuge looked at Su Su’s beautiful face. There were still a few drops of tears on her eyelashes. The tear-stained face of a beauty made him feel a sense of pity.

Zhao Jiuge’s head moved forward with curious determination and occupied those seductive red lips before making past her teeth.

The two of them were no longer naive youths, but they wouldn’t do anything too excessive.

This kiss brought the two of them even closer. There was no barrier between them because of the matter with Ling Bo Re.

In the sky, the clouds gently floated by and blocked the moon. It was as if the moon was shy because of the intimate behavior.

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