Book 3, Chapter 9 - You’re Like April

On Green Jade Mountain, on the day of the five-year agreement, Su Su bitterly waited into the night. When she still couldn’t see Zhao Jiuge, she soullessly returned. Although her heart was filled with suspicion and disappointment, she didn’t give up.

Her cultivation had increased rapidly, so there was no need to cultivate for a while. Since she was idle, she would come here at sunrise and leave at nightfall.

Every day, she stood at the top of Green Jade Mountain, enjoying the scenery while secretly wondering why Zhao Jiuge hadn’t come. Was he deliberately not coming? Had he forgotten? Or was there an accident? Her mood constantly shifted between feeling a sense of loss, worry, and tension.

Even she felt like doing this everyday was suffering. She made up her mind that she was going to wait for two more months before she headed toward the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to get news of him. Then she would find him personally and ask him why he had broken the agreement. Although she shouldn’t be allowed to do this—given her identity—it would be very dangerous. However, at her cultivation, she needed to experience the world in order to continue making breakthroughs. She believed that if she secretly ran away, her father wouldn't know.

On this day, Su Su was wearing a green dress while standing on the mountain, looking into the distance. She was still waiting for a certain person to appear.

She was idle and had nothing to do, so she looked at the green scenery of spring. This helped ease her troubled mind.

After a large part of a month, Su Su’s mood had calmed down a lot. Her face was calm like a calm and clear lake.

After six years, Su Su had changed from a lovely girl to a quiet and elegant woman. Her silk-like hair was coiled up by a turquoise jade hairpin, but most of her hair was still scattered over her shoulders. Her hair occasionally shifted and revealed her white neck.

Her beautiful figure had bloomed and her green dress made her temperament more elegant while outlining her curves. Although her chest wasn’t very big, it was enough for a handful.

The picturesque scenery made her mood a lot better.

The half-piece of jade that she was clenching suddenly shined brilliantly. This awakened Su Su, who was enjoying the scenery.

She looked at the half-piece of jade in her hand, but it took a while for her to react. She couldn’t help but be stunned, which was followed by joy and disbelief.

She quickly looked into the distance, and not far away was the figure of a young man who was looking back at her with a warm smile.

This caused Su Su’s eyes to turn red, and she cried from joy. Over the years, she had fantasized countless times about meeting Zhao Jiuge again.

However, when the moment really came, the thousands of words she prepared couldn’t compare his gaze.

Looking at Zhao Jiuge’s eyes, Su Su had never felt so happy. The suffering from cultivation and grievance she had buried in her heart over the last several years erupted forth as tears.

Zhao Jiuge, who she had dreamed about for so long, had unexpectedly appeared before her. Happiness had come too suddenly, and she was afraid it would be short-lived.

Her eyes were red and tears had built up. She no longer cared about the image she was supposed to maintain and rushed into Zhao Jiuge’s arms.

Feeling Su Su in his arms, Zhao Jiuge felt a lot of emotions. Mostly, it was a sense of warmth and contentment deep in his heart.

Su Su was sobbing in his arms. Zhao Jiuge didn’t comfort her but instead held her tightly.

Just like this, the two of them stood there and hugged each other in silence.

After a long time, Su Su left Zhao Jiuge’s warm embrace. She looked at the man she had worried about for so long with a tearful face.

A black robe and a quaint sword on his back. His face was no longer as naive and had matured a lot. Su Su was very satisfied with all of this.

Looking at Zhao Jiuge’s eyes, Su Su affectionationally asked, “Have you been well over the years?”

All these years of emotions and thousands of words condensed into this one question.

The resentment she felt for Zhao Jiuge for missing the agreement was thrown to the side when he appeared. Him coming here meant that he hadn’t forgotten about the agreement, and that he still had the other half of the jade.

Zhao Jiuge was startled for a moment before he slowly replied, “I’m fine, how about you?”

There were still two streams of tears on Su Su’s exquisite face. That bleak expression made Zhao Jiuge’s heart ache.

“I’m fine too.”

Su Su desperately nodded as if this was the only way to show Zhao Jiuge that she had been fine over the years. She didn’t talk about the various forms of suffering she had endured during her cultivation.

When the two of them met again, they were like two kids. They weren’t especially excited or had anything to say. Soon, both of them became silent.

After a while, Zhao Jiuge suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you ask me about why I didn’t arrive on time?”

Su Su shook her head, her expression containing an unspeakable sense of playful cuteness. “I don’t want to ask. You’re here, so it's fine. If you didn’t come, I was going to go to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to find you.”

The guilt in Zhao Jiuge’s heart became even stronger. He originally planned to tell Su Su about the matter with Ling Bo Re. However, he didn’t expect Su Su to not want to hear the reason at all. Zhao Jiuge felt like he should just find another chance to tell Su Su about it. After all, he felt like he was deceiving Su Su like this. He already felt a lot of guilt toward her.

Su Su suddenly began to talk. She hadn’t even wiped the tears from her face when she asked, “I heard that you have been doing well in the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect and that you even became the Chief Head Disciple. You’re even the direct disciple of the Head Teacher. Should I call you Head Teacher Zhao in the future?”

Su Su was smiling, but her eyes were filled with worry. The more prominent Zhao Jiuge’s identity was, the more difficult it would be for them to be together. Originally, she wanted to bring Zhao Jiuge back with her, but he had refused. This was fine, but who could’ve expected him to shock the world and become the Chief Head Disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect?

Zhao Jiuge was a bit embarrassed by Su Su’s quip and scratched his hair.

Zhao Jiuge’s embarrassed expression made Su Su laugh.

“Silly blockhead, why haven’t you changed after all these years? Still a block of wood.”

Su Su laughed while hugging her stomach and then affectionately hugged Zhao Jiuge’s arm. She was not embarrassed or hesitant at all.

Feeling the softness on his arm, Zhao Jiuge felt a bit uncomfortable. Before he told Su Su about the matter with Ling Bo Re, he would feel like he was cheating on Su Su. Also, the relationship between them hadn’t progressed this fast. Zhao Jiuge’s heart was still not clear of his own emotions yet.

However, Zhao Jiuge was attracted by Su Su’s charming smile. The vibrant spring seemed to be overshadowed by Su Su’s smile.

Zhao Jiuge thought to himself, “You’re like April—your smile lights up the world.” [1]

“Blockhead, are you going to have to go back right away?”

Su Su blinked and stared at Zhao Jiuge. She was a bit nerious. It was as if she was afraid that Zhao Jiuge would leave immediately.

Zhao Jiuge answered truthfully, “I came out here to train and will head back in two years.”

Su Su suddenly smiled happily as if she thought of something and then immediately said, “How about I accompany you during your training? I just happen to have to train as well during these two years.”

Zhao Jiuge frowned slightly for a moment and agreed. Two people were better than one, and there would be someone to talk to.

Seeing Zhao Jiuge agree, Su Su smiled even wider and pulled Zhao Jiuge’s arm. “Blockhead, I’ll take you to see Xiaotian. Then we’ll greet Grandpa Yang before heading out.”

Before this, Su Su had sensed that there were three figures watching from the mountain not far away, and her father’s sect was not far from here.

In the distance was the grey-robed Elder Yang, the blood-robed Xue Wuxing, and Zhao Xiaotian, who had already grown a lot.

Zhao Xiaotian was a little excited to meet the big brother that had changed his life. If not for Zhao Jiuge, his life would never have changed like this.

Xiu Wuxing’s expression was a little dark. He had already seen Zhao Jiuge. Originally, he was angry and wanted to teach Zhao Jiuge a lesson. However, when he saw Su Su hugging him and how close they looked, he quickly abandoned the idea.

The most hurtful thing was not your beloved woman saying cold things to you, but your beloved woman being affectionate to another man before you.

When Xue Wuxing saw Su Su rush to hug Zhao Jiuge with watery eyes, he had completely given up on her. He was someone who could let go.

Originally, when he said he was going to kill Zhao Jiuge, he was just venting his anger. He was a smart man. Now that he knew that the person Su Su really loved was Zhao Jiuge, why would he still do such a thing? He would have to be a complete idiot. True love was allowing your loved one to be happy and not make them suffer just because you couldn’t have them. 

Although Xue Wuxing had given up, he still couldn’t stand them being intimate. He could only leave so he wouldn’t have to watch them.

“Elder Yang, I still have matters to deal with, so I’ll take my leave first.

After Xue Wuxing finished speaking, he left like he was running away, because he saw Su Su head over. He didn’t want to meet Zhao Jiuge face to face, as he might not be able to control his anger.

Elder Yang was still expressionless and nodded. He watched Xue Wuxing leave and secretly sighed in pity. In truth, if Su Su could end up together with Xue Wuxing, it would be a good ending, but in the end it was Su Su’s choice.

Shortly after Xue Wuxing left, Su Su pulled Zhao Jiuge before Elder Yang and Zhao Xiaotian.

Seeing Elder Yang, Zhao Jiuge was shocked and quickly respectfully said hello. He still remembered the divine strength this old man had revealed back then.

Then he saw the teenager beside Elder Yang. Zhao Jiuge squinted, and after a while, he was in shock. Zhao Xiaotian’s change was even greater than his own.

“Xiaotian, you’re already at the Spirit Core Realm?”

This situation shocked Zhao Jiuge even more. Back then, Zhao Jiuge had named this beggar child, and because he was worried, he had Su Su take him home. Not only had he embarked on the path of cultivation, but his cultivation speed was not worse than his own!

1. It’s a chinese poem that talks about the various aspects of April and relates it to love. It’s called 你是人间四月天 if anyone wants to look it up themselves.

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