Book 3, Chapter 8 - Keeping An Agreement

After Ling Bo Re heard Hua Lingsu’s words, her eyes turned red. She stubbornly closed her beautiful eyes and only her eyelashes trembled. Even though her eyes were wet, she stubbornly refused to let her tears fall.

One of the most difficult things in life was being in love and not being able to say it.

During the trip to the Liu Province, when he blocked that fatal blow, it left a deep mark in Ling Bo Re’s heart. However, because she only wanted to pursue immorality, and taking into account her teacher’s feelings, she could only cut it off and not think about it.

She thought she would be able to fool others and bear the burden in her heart alone. However, the teacher who had raised her was able to instantly see through her. She felt wronged in her heart and she tightly held Hua Lingsu’s hands while tears gathered in her eyes. The normally noble and cold Ling Bo Re was like a child that had lost their toy, sad and helpless.

Zhao Jiuge had no idea about what was happening between Ling Bo Re and her teacher. If he had known Ling Bo Re did care about him, he wouldn't have acted like he did.

When leaving, he passed the picturesque sea of flowers again. However, due to the change in his mood, it had become tasteless to him.

The hope in his heart was destroyed. Although he felt sullen, he still loved Ling Bo Re, but his love was not returned.

He felt like this was a mess, so he decided not to think about it. If there was fate between them, they would naturally end up together. If there was no fate, then no matter how much he forced it, it would be pointless.

The most important thing right now was to improve his own strength. After all, once he had strength, he would be able to pursue his own ideals and explore this endlessly fascinating world.

There was also the matter of Su Su and Bai Qingqing, which gave him a headache. He didn’t know how to face the lively Su Su, who had cried during their separation, or Bai Qingqing, who he had promised to travel the 13 provinces with.

Love was a difficult thing to understand, and he was no different. Since the marriage proposal failed, it was time for his training. The first thing he had to do was head to Green Jade Mountain and fulfill that promise he had missed.

Although the failure of the marriage proposal was within reason, how it went was unexpected. Zhao Jiuge looked at the Hundred Flower Valley and revealed a self-deprecating smile. He looked at the smile and thought that even sadness was another kind of beauty. As long as he worked hard, the future would definitely bloom.


Hundred Flower Valley.

After the three of them left, they weren’t in a hurry to leave and stood outside. Jian Wuxian had not calmed down yet. The matter with Hua Lingsu had already been a sore spot for him, but he had pretended like it was nothing over the years.

After a long time, Jian Wuxian let out a sigh. “Jiuge, Teacher has harmed you. Otherwise, you would’ve had a chance to be together with Ling Bo Re.”

Two different people had said the same thing. It could only be fate making a fool out of people.

Jian Wuxian was not his usual self and seemed to have endless words to say. He wanted to spew out all the things that had been buried deep in his heart for all these years. He didn’t care that Xu Jiahui and Zhao Jiuge were here, nor what their reaction was. He talked about what happened between him and Hua Lingsu back then.

It turned out that many years ago, before Jian Wuxian and Hua Lingsu were the masters of their respective sects, when they were still direct disciples, they met during their training. They fell in love and this relationship lasted for many years.

When the two of them told their teachers of this matter, Jian Wuxian’s teacher strongly opposed it. His teacher had less than 100 years of lifespan left and was ready to pass the position of Head Teacher to Jian Wuxian.

If he wasn’t going to accept the position of Head Teacher, it wouldn’t matter who he became dao partners with. However, at the time, Jian Wuxie was too impulsive and Jian Wuxuan was too young, so the task fell on Jian Wuxian. If he were to become the Head Teacher, he naturally couldn’t be the dao partner of a direct disciple of the Hundred Flower Valley because when it came to the interests of the sect, how would he be able make a decision?

Back then, Jian Wuxian naturally didn’t want to become the Head Teacher of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect. He would rather have beauty than the world. However, he was helpless against his teacher, who used emotions to move his heart and then reason to make him understand. His teacher said that he was going to die soon and forced him to agree unless he wanted his teacher to die with regrets.

Jian Wuxian had no other choice but to accept, thinking that he would explain the situation to Hua Lingsu in the future. After all, nothing was set, and once he found the right person to pass the position of Head Teacher to, it wouldn’t be too late then for them to become dao partners.

However, it seemed that Hua Lingsu’s teacher, the Shadowless Old Lady, had the same thoughts as Jian Wuxian’s teacher when she learned of this. She didn’t agree with them being together but didn’t use force. Instead, she immediately passed the position of Valley Master to Hua Lingsu. She also told Hua Lingsu that Jian Wuxian’s teacher had forced Jian Wuxian to choose between being the Head Teacher or Hua Lingsu and in the end he chose the position of Head Teacher.

The Shadowless Old Lady’s deliberate concealment resulted in this misunderstanding lasting for over 100 years. Hua Lingsu, whose heart was dead, only learned the truth of this matter when they met again after 100 years. However, at that point, both of them had knots in their hearts and neither had the courage to take another step forward. As a result, things evolved to this point.

Elder Xu Jiahu had some understanding of this matter, but he didn’t expect the actual situation to be like this.

Zhao Jiuge could only sigh and feel sorry for his teacher.

After spitting out the matter buried in his heart for so many years, Jian Wuxian felt a bit better. He slowly returned to his usual self, carrying the prestige of the Head Teacher of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect.

Perhaps because he saw Zhao Jiuge feeling regret for him, or perhaps because he was worried that Zhao Jiuge was traumatized by this marriage proposal, he smiled and said, “You should go and have a good workout. Forget about marriage for now. As long as you have the strength and still wish to be together with Ling Bo Re, I believe you two will be together. Your teacher here hasn’t given up yet either. Once you guys grow up and I can step down from this position, I can pursue my own happiness. Right now, my burden is too heavy and I have to think about the sect. I can’t bring my personal feelings in and bring unnecessary trouble for the sect.”

Those words made Zhao Jiuge understand a lot. It looked like being the Head Teacher of a holy land was not as glorious as it seemed. He had a lot of unknown troubles that others didn't know about.

As for being traumatized? It wouldn’t affect Zhao Jiuge that deeply. Even if he was affected, it would just be transformed into motivation for him. His heart was determined and he would strive to improve his cultivation so he could protect his loved ones, right the wrongs in the world, and kill all the evil-doers in the world. Not even the sky collapsing could change his goal.

Zhao Jiuge’s lips moved and then he looked at the unfamiliar surroundings. He furrowed and asked, “Teacher, do I head out here?”

“What? Did your courage decrease after leaving the sect by yourself?” Jian Wuxian said while looking into the distance with his hands behind his back.

“That’s not true. Teacher should I go now?”

Zhao Jiuge looked at Xu Jiahui and found that even this normally playful elder was serious. It looked like training was no small matter. Before, he was eager to go on his training trip and see the world, but now that it was time, he was a bit reluctant. He remembered life back at the sect. Perhaps because of how he grew up, he was a bit reliant on the warm atmosphere in the sect.

“Go, don’t waste time. Remember, you must come back in two years. At that time, it will be time for you to participate in the Battle Competition. Those harsh words you said back in the Hundred Flower Valley must be achieved by yourself.” After he finished speaking, Jian Wuxian’s mouth curved up into a smile.

“After heading out, you have to be careful. It's easy to lose your life. You teacher and I will wait at the sect for your return in two years.”

This was the first time Zhao Jiuge had seen Xu Jiahui with such a serious expression, but the warmth on his face made Zhao Jiuge smile.

Zhao Jiuge’s eyes were filled with determination. He waved his hand and smiled. “Then, I’ll take my leave. Teacher, Elder Xu, goodbye. Wait for me to return in two years, I definitely won’t let you two down.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately turned and left without waiting for them to react. He was not used to expressing himself, so he was not good at saying goodbyes.

He didn’t even turn his head before he walked toward the mountains. He didn’t blade soar and instead was thinking about things. As for where he was, he had taken a look at the map before leaving the sect, so he wouldn’t make any mistakes.

However, he was thinking about whether he should return to the village where he grew up first. See the old man’s grave and then head to the mountains to see if Little Black was still there. Then he would go to the city of Dong Yang to get revenge for being hunted like a dog.

Or if he should first go to Green Jade Mountain to honor the agreement he had missed. Although he had missed the agreed-upon meeting time, he would feel uneasy if he didn’t go. He wasn’t sure if she would still be there, but he had to go and find her to honor the agreement. Zhao Jiuge had unknowingly found that he owed others far too much and that some promises might not be possible in his lifetime.

The city of Dong Yang and the village he had grown up in were in the Yan Province, which was the jurisdiction of the Hundred Flower Valley, so it wouldn’t take long for him to rush there. Green Jade Mountain was in a nearby province. If he went there first, he would have to take a detour and waste a lot of time.

He struggled for a moment before making a decision. He would go to Green Jade Mountain first. Even if it caused delays, he didn’t care. Perhaps she was still waiting for him even though he had missed the agreed-upon time.

The earlier he went to find her, the lower the chance of missing her and causing another regret.

In particular, after hearing his teacher’s story, he realized that there were some people he had to cherish. Once he missed the chance, there wouldn’t be a second one.

On the highest mountain near the Hundred Flower Valley, Elder Xu Jiahui and Jian Wuxian stood there and watched the youth leaving under the sunset.

Even though Zhao Jiuge was Jian Wuxian’s disciple and had a high status, he still had to go out to train. It was the rule of the sect, so everyone had to participate.

Perhaps Zhao Jiuge’s cultivation would improve, or perhaps he would fall during this training. However, this was not something he could help Zhao Jiuge with.

Whether Zhao Jiuge would soar into the sky or have his life lamp be extinguished, it would all depend on him. Although training was difficult, it was also a great opportunity.

After a long time, the youth’s back disappeared from their gazes and Jian Wuxian confided, “If he can return from the training trip and lead the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect to shine in the Battle Competition, I’ll pass the position of Head Teacher to him.”

Hearing this, Xu Jiahui was shocked. These words would cause a sensation to spread across the entire sect.

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