Book 2, Chapter 252 - The Devil Sects Appears

The stalemate between the ethereal fire and the wind ended once Song Rujing erupted. After all, Song Rujing’s cultivation was much higher than Ye Aotian’s. In a competition of pure spirit force, Ye Aotian was at a disadvantage.

The milky-white ethereal fire began to rage and grow. The strands of silk-like spirit force began to crackle, and when Song Rujing released more spirit force, they began to melt. 

Ye Aotian’s expression was gloomy and he clenched his teeth. No matter how much spirit force he released, this continued, and sweat appeared on his forehead.

The dozen Ten Thousand Dao Sect disciples and three Great Barbarian Sect disciples had released their spirit force. Seeing that they were ready to launch an attack, Song Rujing didn’t care anymore and her full cultivation erupted.

Her pink skirt fluttered a few times and the ethereal fire shined like the burning sun.

The strands of spirit force surrounding the ethereal fire were completely melted and Ye Aotian’s aura withered. His face was pale and all his spirit force had been exhausted!

After dealing with Ye Aotian, Song Rujing couldn’t be bothered with him anymore. She saw that the more than dozen disciples on the other side were about to launch an attack. Aside from her big brother, the five disciples from the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect, including Zhao Jiuge, would suffer various degrees of injuries.

She closed her eyes for a moment before immediately opening them. A seven-colored light appeared before her chest, with purple being the brightest color. When the seven-colored light disappeared, a ⅔-meter-tall baby appeared before Song Rujing.

The baby had white and tender skin and its bare feet stepped on the void. Its whole body gave off a chubby feeling. It wore a red dudou.[1] It looked very cute, with its hair braided, and its face looked similar to Song Rujing’s. However, the baby’s eyes were not pure and instead bright, revealing a hint of annoyance.

Under normal circumstances, the nascent soul was a cultivator’s second life and would not be revealed so easily like one’s spirit core. However, the situation was critical, and she had to use her nascent soul to quickly resolve this issue. They were at the Ten Thousand Dao Sect, so she believed that no one would suddenly strike her nascent soul. She was also not happy about having to release her nascent soul, so she released all her anger on the Ten Thousand Dao Sect disciples.

When Zhao Jiuge saw this lively nascent soul, he couldn’t help but find it funny. It was only ⅔ of a meter tall and looked like a baby. He guessed that this was what Song Rujing looked like as a child, and most importantly, it was even wearing a red dudou.

Song Rujing seemed to have noticed Zhao Jiuge’s gaze, causing her to roll her eyes, and there was a hint of shyness on her face. Her hands formed more seals and two rays of light shined on the nascent soul.

Zhao Jiuge saw a bright armor appear around Song Rujing’s nascent soul, protecting it and also covering up the red dudou. Her chubby, little hand was holding a crystal-clear, green jade scepter.

Its bare, tender legs stepped on the void with two masses of purple spirit force under its feet. At this moment, the nascent soul went from cute to awe-inspiring. Zhao Jiuge was stunned. He knew that it was her nascent soul and that the purple spirit force was purple origin fire, while the armor and scepter were her life treasures.

What shocked Zhao Jiuge was the appearance of the two treasures, which showed that even among Nascent Soul Cultivators, Song Rujing was among the best. Only after reaching the Nascent Soul Realm could one refine a spirit treasure inside their purple palace and display its full power. More importantly, not only would it make the treasure stronger, it would allow their nascent soul to use it as well. Doing this would not only grant the cultivator a second life, it would also allow their nascent soul to display its full power!

Ye Aotian was only at the early stage of the Nascent Soul Realm and could only use a bit of his purple origin fire. At most, he could empower his life treasure, but he wasn’t able to allow his nascent soul to use it. Whereas Song Rujing could control her life treasure with her nascent soul and had reached a certain degree of harmonization.

Zhao Jiuge felt bitterness in his heart and enviously looked at Song Rujing’s nascent soul. He wondered when he would reach the Nascent Soul Realm and catch up to the geniuses from the other holy lands. Ling Bo Re must have reached the Nascent Soul Realm as well. Four to five years ago, she was already at the Spirit Core Realm, so she must have reached the Nascent Soul Realm already, and not just the early stage!

When Song Rujing released her nascent soul, Zhao Jiuge was not the only one who was shocked. Song Yuansheng was anxious and angry at the same time. He was anxious about his little sister releasing her nascent soul. They were not supposed to release their nascent souls unless it was a life or death situation. Xu Zhu and Ye Aotian had gone too far, causing the situation to get more and more out of hand. If anything happened to his little sister, even though their Void Suspension Monastery had few people, they would have to attempt to break into the Ten Thousand Dao Sect! As for Jiang Fuding, he was merely someone dragged in to help and was not worth worrying about.

Ye Aotian and Jiang Fuding were shocked when Song Rujing released her nascent soul. One sighed in secret and wondered when he would have his own nascent soul. The other felt fortunate that he had gone after the disciple of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect instead.

Xu Zhu’s eyelid twitched and his pupils shrink. Song Rujing was crazy for using her nascent soul here. Not even he had the courage to do it, in fear of causing too much damage. Most importantly, when he saw her nascent soul wearing the armor and holding the jade sceptre, he knew that he was far weaker than her.

If this continued, his Ten Thousand Dao Sect disciples would be the ones to suffer. After all, there were only three Great Barbarin Sect disciples. He wanted to help them, but he was being delayed by Song Yuansheng. Now it was his turn to become anxious, and his expression changed greatly.

Although those dozen disciples looked fierce, he knew exactly how big the gap between each realm was. Even a dozen cultivators at the Spirit Core Realm were not necessarily a match for one person at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

He released his spirit force in full force and controlled the Wind Howl Beast to break free from Song Yuansheng. However, how could he break free so easily? Not only was Song Yuansheng at a higher cultivation level, he hadn’t gone all-out yet. Because Xu Zhu was so anxious, Song Yuansheng had almost broken through his defenses a few times.

Song Rujing’s nascent soul was already facing the dozen or so disciples on the other side.

More than a dozen figures used various attacks. They either used their spirit force, treasures, or their own spells. This all looked very powerful, but the lovely-looking nascent soul revealed a smile in disdain.

Purple fire filled the sky and instantly surrounded the more than a dozen disciples from the Ten Thousand Dao Sect and the Great Barbarian Sect.

This was clearly purple origin fire, but from its appearance, it was much stronger than Ye Aotian’s. When the fire spread out, the more than a dozen disciples were all shocked.

The purple aura below the nascent soul became even more intense, and Song Rujing waved her jade-like hand. When she waved her hand, the purple fire became even more fierce.


When the monstrous purple origin fire was going to devour those disciples, a slightly ancient voice echoed. It sounded like it was near and far at the same time.

The purple origin fire that could have injured those disciples disappeared like it never existed. The pressure it gave off disappeared without a trace as well.

Song Rujing’s nascent soul squinted and looked into the distance. The purple origin fire that could have seriously injured those disciples had disappeared completely, but, fortunately, she hadn’t suffered any injuries.

After being confused for a moment, her eyes revealed a look of relief. Her nascent soul returned to her body and she quietly looked into the distance.

The fighting at the other locations stopped as well because they noticed something was wrong and looked toward the source of the voice.

Ye Aotian stared viciously at Zhao Jiuge. Zhao Jiuge was not worried, because he knew that his teacher and Elder Dawn Wind had arrived. Fortunately, he hadn’t lost face for the sect, but he really had to thank Song Rujing.

The previously lively scene suddenly calmed down, and Xu Zhu felt a bit of regret. However, since nothing major had happened, there was no big problem.

As soon as those words echoed, more than 20 figures appeared in the air. They were the elders of the various holy lands. The person in front was Hei Changqing, and he was the one who had spoken.

The moment they arrived, they observed the situation and gained a general understanding of what had happened. Elder Dawn Wind looked over with a concerned gaze and found that his five disciples were all fine. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. If something had gone wrong, he wouldn't mind pretending to act crazy to get some revenge. 

They landed and arrived at the observation deck. The disciples withdrew their fierce auras and returned to their various elders.

“Xu Zhu, what is going on? Didn’t I tell you to bring the other disciples to enjoy the scenery? How did a fight start?”

Seeing that none of the other higher-ups were speaking and Hei Changqing had a gloomy expression, Daoist Fu Qing was forced to speak up. He looked at his own disciple, Xu Zhu, with a meaningful gaze.

1. It's kinda like a red little overall for babies. Can google like “红色肚兜 baby” to see what it looks like. Would recommend adding “baby” to avoid nsfw images. It’s very traditional clothing for babies in china.

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