Book 2, Chapter 251 - Stop!

“Xu Zhu, you dare!?”

Seeing the chaotic situation, Song Yuansheng finally could not endure it anymore. When he saw Ye Aotian and Xu Zhu team up against his little sister, Song Yuansheng let out a roar.

Seeing Xu Zhu ignore him, Song Yuansheng also became angry. Originally, he didn’t intend to intervene. Although his little sister had, he just treated it as a small fight. However, now Xu Zhu’s group of three had teamed up together to attack his little sister, and the dozen or so disciples behind them were ready to make a move. This was clearly not a small fight anymore. He didn’t care about the feud between the sects, as long as nothing happened to his little sister. If she lost even a strand of her hair, not only would his teacher teach him a lesson, those old fellows back at the sect would make him lose at least one layer of skin.

A ray of ghostly-blue light suddenly appeared. Song Yuansheng pulled out the flying sword on his back and a ray of blue sword energy flew toward the spirit beast silhouette that was a bird that wasn’t a bird. Then his left hand reached toward the void and a ball of spirit force appeared. He threw it toward the four-legged spirit beast silhouette with the human face.

Song Yuansheng’s daoist robe fluttered without any wind and the aura of a mid stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator erupted. Xu Zhu was shocked—he hadn’t expected Song Yuansheng to also be at the Nascent Soul Realm. Although he was weaker than his little sister, he was still stronger than Xu Zhu. The Void Suspension Sect was indeed mysterious.

Jiang Fuding and Zhao Jiuge were the first two to collide. Jiang Fuding rushed forward with the dark light covering his body. His clothes had expanded and he held two Black Wolf Tooth Clubs in his hands while he fearlessly charged forward.

Zhao Jiuge was covered in a bright, golden light like he was wearing golden armor, and his palm shined extra bright. He had a peaceful aura about him as he fearlessly rushed toward Jiang Fuding.

Both of them were using body-refining spells, but who will come out on top?

The two of them finally collided. At first there was a deafening sound, and the entire observation deck trembled like it was going to collapse. Then both of them backed off.

Zhao Jiuge had directly used his Sanskrit Divine Palm against Jiang Fuding’s two Black Wolf Tooth Clubs. The heads of the clubs were covered in spikes and were very large.

On contact, the golden light around Zhao Jiuge’s body dissipated and the dense, golden light around his palms faded. His hands were bloody messes, and even with the Sanskrit Divine Body, they were still injured.

After the initial collision, Zhao Jiuge was forced back several steps, while Jiang Fuding had only retreated three steps. Jiang Fuding looked at Zhao Jiuge with a complicated gaze. He had only retreated three steps, so it looked like he held the advantage. However, only he knew that he had lost that clash.

The dim light around his body dissipated, revealing his original body. His clothes were somewhat damaged, but he looked unharmed. However, that was only on the surface due to his powerful body. His insides were a mess. His blood was raging inside his body, and he wouldn’t be able to use spirit for a short period of time.

Although Zhao Jiuge looked worse on the surface, he was final internally. Jiang Fuding had lost completely, which was why he had a complicated gaze. He had his spirit treasure and was competing with the body-refining spell he was proficient in, yet he had lost to the bare-handed Zhao Jiuge. How could he not feel aggrieved by this?

On the other side, after taking out the blue and white fan, Ye Aotian’s aura became more fierce. His blue and white jade fan was his life treasure named the Unfettered World.

Normally, spirit treasures were not fierce and couldn’t display this much strength, but his Unfettered World was different. He had reached the Nascent Soul Realm and had refined it inside his purple palace, so the power of his life treasure had been increased several fold.

Ye Aotian looked rather graceful with the fan in hand, but Song Rujing looked at him with disdain. She pouted and raised her hand. She then pointed at the void before her once more, but this time she didn’t draw a circle.

With this, the little girl’s expression became serious, and a moment later, she withdrew her hand. A point of white light appeared where she had pointed, and it grew until it was the size of a fist. Taking a closer look, it turned out to be a ball of milky-white fire!

Song Rujin flicked her fingers and then this ball of milky white fire flew toward Ye Aotian.

This sudden change shocked Ye Aotian, and when he saw what was flying toward him, he shouted, “Ethereal fire!”

Ethereal Fire was different from the Daoist’s Three Senses True Fire and the Buudhist’s Buddha Karma Fire. It was purely formed from cultivation. Like many other fires produced naturally or through cultivation, they all had their own characteristics, and their power was extraordinary.

Ye Aotian didn’t think this little girl would be this strong and so well-versed. However, he didn’t know that the Void Suspension Monastery [1] Although it was a monastery, they didn’t just focus on daoist spells. Their inheritance involved sword arts, Daoist spells, and even Buddhist studies. That was why they didn’t seek many disciples, because the legacy of the Void Suspension Monastery was too broad. Only a very talented disciple would be able to comprehend it all.

Looking at the milky-white ethereal fire, Ye Aotian felt some dread but was not too afraid. Although his cultivation was much lower than Song Rujing’s, he was still at the Nascent Soul Realm, so he was confident he would not lose to this little girl too badly. As long as he could hold her back for a bit, it was enough, and with his status and treasures, he was confident.

“First movement, wind and cloud rises!”

As Ye Aotian shouted, he waved the fan in his hand and strands of silk-like, golden spirit force appeared in the air.  

“Second wave, mountains and rivers appear.”

His voice became louder and his spirit force became more violent; it now contained an unstoppable aura.

“Third swing, heaven and earth alarmed!”

These last words were filled with power, and the strands of silk-like spirit force began to vibrate violently. A powerful wind suddenly blew by, creating an oppressive pressure.

At this moment, the milky-white ethereal fire drifting toward Ye Aotian was surrounded by the faint, golden spirit force. The golden spirit force was like a tornado that trapped the eternal fire.

This confrontation was a contest of pure spirit force. The winner would be determined by whose spirit force was stronger.

The ethereal fire flickered like it could be blown out at any moment. It looked like a flower stubbornly struggling in a storm.

Ye Aotian clenched his teeth. No matter how much spirit force he released, that ethereal fire that looked like it was about to go out would not disappear.

On the side, Zhao Jiuge noticed how relaxed Song Rujing was and couldn’t help but wonder why all these little girls were so powerful. If there was a chance, he really had to introduce Sha Sha to her. It would be good if they could compete to see who was stronger.

Song Rujing was still very calm while facing Ye Aotian, who was going all-out to stop the ethereal fire. She was in no rush and had a smile on her face like she was teasing Ye Aotian.

“No matter how fierce your offensive is, I still stand. What can you do about it?”

Song Rujing knew how terrifying the spirit force consumption was when using a spell, so she had decided to deal with Ye Aotian like this. Soon, Ye Aotian would run out of spirit force and lose the ability to fight. As for her, she could sustain this effortlessly, so why bother launching fierce attacks? This was much simpler and more fun.

She had already seen her big brother make a move. When she saw Song Yuansheng make a move, her mouth curved up into a cunning smile like a little fox. It was clear that everything was within her expectations.

Unlike the relaxed Song Rujing, Song Yuansheng was worried about the safety of his little sister, so he didn’t hold back at all. He directly launched a powerful sword strike. The swordy energy flew toward the bird-like spirit beast silhouette, profound and mysterious. There was nothing fancy about it, but Xu Zhu watched in horror as the sword energy directly split the bird-like spirit beast silhouette in half.

Xu Zhu had used his own spirit force to condense the two spirit force silhouettes using a beast-taming spell he had gotten from the sect. It was not the most amazing spell, but it was more than enough to deal with most opponents. He didn’t expect to lose a silhouette in just one strike. Unfortunately, he had encountered the Void Suspension Monastery’s Song Yuansheng.


After losing connection to one of the spirit beast silhouettes, Xu Zhu lost his composure and let out a roar. The more than a dozen disciples belonging to the Great Barbarian Sect and the Ten Thousand Dao Sect moved.

Although he had lost some spirit force, what he cared more about was the spirit beast blood essence he had used to summon them. Every time he summoned them, he had to consume his own spirit force, along with some of the spirit beasts' blood essence.

Where the blood essence came from determined what spirit beast was summoned. He had just summoned the Heaven Soaring Eagle and then it was destroyed—how could he not be angry?

After he roared, he focused on the remaining spirit beast silhouette to prevent it from being destroyed by Song Yuansheng.

With one thought, the four-legged spirit beast let out a roar and raised its two front legs. It used its body to resist Song Yuangsheng’s attack and was unscathed!

Although its spirit force was not as good as the sword energy, its power could not be underestimated. This caused Song Yuansheng to become serious, and he carefully observed this Wind Howl Beast.

There were battles everywhere, and no winners had been decided yet. Flashes of various colors of spirit force filled the area.

However, with Xu Zhu’s order, the more than a dozen disciples joined in the fray to break this impasse. Soon, the stalemate would end.

Feeling the Ten Thousand Dao Sect and the Great Barbarian Sect disciples move, Song Rujing frowned and an unhappy expression appeared on her face. A cold intent actually spread out from her body.

It looked like Song Rujing was going to make a move during this critical moment and actually go all-out!

Ling Bo Re’s eyes revealed a hint of anticipation while she watched Song Rujing.

She was the only one who had observed it and was the only one who understood that this little girl was definitely the strongest one here. Not even she was a match for this little girl, and what Song Rujing had revealed before was just the surface. This was just the beginning!

1. Decided to change from sect to monastery due to how it's explained here. Usually, there are a bunch of words that end with these sect names that don't really mean anything, and sect is just a good catch-all. However, in this case, it’s important, so I’m making the change.

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